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Sr. Business Analyst | Scrum Master | Agile Team Lead Resume

Carlstadt, NJ


  • Sr. Business Analyst | Agile Scrum Master | Team Lead
  • An astute professional with over 11 years of experience in IT as Business Analyst, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, MIS Reporting, Marketing BI Analyst and Agile Scrum Master.
  • Experienced in multiple business domains ranging from Retail Corporation, Consumer Packaged Goods Distributor (CPG), Hospitality, Industrial Engineering and Courier Service Industry with the ability to learn new technologies and apply best practices efficiently.
  • A Certified Scrum Master (CSM) with experience in facilitating Agile Scrum Ceremonies: Daily Scrum Call, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective; Scrum Events: Backlog Grooming, Story - Point Estimation and Managed Scrum Artifacts: Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Iterative Product Increment and Burn-down Chart.
  • Act as a Confidential in mentoring the team to adapt and practice Core Principles of Agile-Scrum Methodology.
  • Experienced in SDLC Agile-Scrum, Kanban and Waterfall methodologies in both On/Off shore models.
  • Carry strong Project Management skills including Project Planning, Budgeting, Costing, Project Monitoring, Controlling, Risk-Management, Stakeholder Analysis, Change Management, Exception Management, Disaster Recovery Management, Project Closure etc. Experienced working with Capital Budgeted, Operational Expenditure, In-house and COTSS Projects in developing diverse E-commerce and client-server applications.
  • Skilled to perform in Cross-Functional and Projectized Org. Structures and possess excellent caliber to perform in Weak, Strong and Balanced Matrix work environments.
  • Expert in conducting stake holder meetings to analyze, elicit and validate business requirements through interviews, brainstorming sessions, workshops and by prototyping business model.
  • Elicited Artifacts in Waterfall Projects from Scope, Vision, BRD, PRD, FSD, SRS, HLD, GUI Prototypes, Non-Functional, Data Requirements, Glossary, References, Business Process Modelling, Use Case Specifications, UML Diagram, Test Cases, Project Plan, Gantt Chart, RACI Matrix and Risk Register.
  • Extensively used JIRA, Rally, HPQC (ALM) and Mantis SDLC Management Tools to track progression.
  • Proficient in liaising with Business Owners, Product Owners, Subject Matter Experts, Users, Architect, DB Analyst, UI & Backend-Developers, QA Testers, Operation and Deployment Team during all phases of SDLC.
  • Facilitated JAD sessions with PO, Architect, SME and technical team to breakdown work flow complexity.
  • Tracked (RTM) Requirement Traceability Matrix with multiple test cases to ensure Product Quality.
  • Performed (UAT) Acceptance Testing with Business Steering Committee and deploy codes for configuration.
  • Functioned as Team Lead, POP, Product Manager and Tester in few operational expenditure projects.
  • Equipped with various analytical capabilities, techniques, tasks and activities guided through BABOK.
  • Self-motivated, proactive team player with good leadership qualities and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent Communication, Presentation and Managerial Skills with strong orientation towards collaborating team work with an ability to earn trust and respect in challenging and high-pressure work environment.


Hardware | Operating System: Windows, UNIX.

Middleware | Server Database: SAP, Oracle 9i/10g/11i, MS-SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 R2

SDLC Management Tools: Jira, Rally, HPQC (ALM), Mantis CMS, MS-Project.

Application Tools: Salesforce CRM, Crystal Reports, Citrix-GoToMeeting, Cisco-WebEx, MS-Office Suite, Excel, Word, Visio, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Outlook, SOAPUI, Postman REST, Balsamiq, Mockup Screens, Moqups.

Data Modeling Tools: CA ER-Win 7.1, MS Visio.

Business Intelligence Tools: SAP-BI BEx Query Designer, BO 6.5, MS-BI ETL Data Tools (SSIS-AS-RS).

Business Analytics Tools: IBM-Tealeaf CX, Google Analytics.

Development Tools: C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual Fox Pro, MS SQL.


Sr. Business Analyst | Scrum Master | Agile Team Lead

Confidential, Carlstadt, NJ


  • Perform as Scrum Master/Sr. Business Analyst managing a team size of 10; work on bi-weekly sprint calendar.
  • Involved in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) throughout the project life cycle.
  • Worked closely with Product Owner to develop, maintain and groom Product Backlog. Optimized release plan.
  • Act as Servant Leader by facilitating time-boxed Agile Scrum Ceremonies: Daily Scrum Call, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective Meeting; Scrum Events: Backlog Grooming, Story-Point Estimation; Scrum Artifacts: Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Product Increment and Burn-down Chart.
  • Confidential, Mentor and Lead the team adapting & practicing core agile principles, tools and techniques.
  • Guide teams through ‘Forming, Norming, Storming and Performing’ stages to reach high performance level.
  • Resolved conflicts and removed impediments that interferes the team’s ability to deliver desired sprint goals.
  • Ensure to practice FDD, Continuous Integration, TDD and ATDD technique, prioritizing business value and deliver iterative product increment. Perform sprint hardening sessions to assess and improvise product quality.
  • Sized User Stories estimating story points by playing poker cards with modified Fibonacci series.
  • Managed requirement churn analyzing change impact, case severity and prioritized needs to next sprint.
  • Used JIRA as the Life Cycle Management Tool to maintain transparency in iteration progress within the team.
  • Facilitated Demo with PO & Business Steering Committee for potential feedback and take inputs on defects. Track and correct defects cross-functionally taking required corrective measures and define the state as ‘Done’.
  • Maintained Sprint Metrics Chart on a spread-sheet to record team Performance on Functionality & Quality of the iterative increment for the team to self-assess areas of improvement; a KPI for Sprint Retrospective meeting.
  • Consistently seek opportunities to nurture team efficiency to gradually evolve a self-organized team.
  • Performed the role of a Sr. Business Analyst assisting the team tracking prerequisites to construct User Stories in the Product Backlog; Drove the Story Review Meetings deriving a clear Acceptance Criteria and spike-up for business cases with testable units. Follow the model of INVEST when constructing User Stories.
  • Extensively performed GAP Analysis, Data Analysis, Data Requirement Analysis and Data Mapping techniques.
  • Developed and provided walk-throughs of User Stories, Use Cases, Mock Ups and Activity Diagrams to dev-team.
  • Conduct one on one meeting with SMEs, Architect, DB-Analyst, UI/Backend Developers and QA Analyst to break down work flow complexity and to remove any cross functional team impediments. Off-topic ideas and inputs are put in parking lot list and reviewed later for discussion.

Environment: Agile, Jira, HP ALM, Window10, Visual Studio.Net, SQL, MS Dynamics, MS-Office, Mockup Screens.

Sr. Business Analyst | Scrum Master



  • Performed the role of Scrum Master and Sr. Business Analyst managing 2 teams of size 8 in each.
  • Facilitated meetings with PO and SMEs from Sales, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Supply Chain, Logistics, HRM and Production to understand business process and identify requirements. Performed GAP-SWOT-DPP analysis.
  • Constructed a 6-24 months product roadmap considering business value, feasibility and optimize release plan.
  • Developed User Stories to meet ‘INVEST’ model that is Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Sized Appropriately and Testable; and then were tasked into the product backlog using JIRA as the SDLC tool.
  • Facilitated meetings for Daily Scrum Calls, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective; Backlog Grooming and Story-Point Evaluation. Analyze impact and case severity for churns and task it to next sprint.
  • Initiated Daily Stand-up calls and updated work status: task completed, in progress and impediments (if any).
  • Handled multiple Scrum teams and represented them during Scrum of Scrums meetings held with management.
  • Developed UML Use Case and Activity Diagrams using MS-Visio to visually represent skeptical and functional requirements. Used UML BPMN notations in developing models to accurately represent business process re-engineering and workflows to clearly communicate them to the stakeholders and technical team.
  • Facilitated JAD sessions with DB Analyst, Architect, SME and Technical Team to meet critical enhancements.
  • Assist QA on developing test plan, test case and test report for all functional developments.
  • Facilitated Sprint Review meeting to inspect increment and revised product backlog for next sprint.
  • Facilitated Sprint Retrospective meeting to analyze sprint success factors, failures and areas of improvement.
  • Facilitated (UAT) User Acceptance Testing with Business Owners prior and deploy codes for configuration.
  • Develop training materials for end-users and conduct training sessions on specific feature enhancements.
  • SAP Modules Handled: CRM, Sales and Distribution (SD), Controlling, Material Management (MM), Inventory, Human Resource (HRM), Financial Accounting, Fleet Management and (PP) Production.
  • Used Salesforce CRM cloud application tool to pull customer accounts details: network, plan, request and task.
  • Used SOAP UI to test and validate contents from Web-Service APIs during maintenance of Web-SOA.
  • Used IBM Tealeaf CX web analytics tool to capture, analyze and improve browser experience.
  • Used Google Analytics to monitor the traffic channels-Organic Search, Direct, Paid Ads, Social Media.
  • Expert in MS-PowerPoint with Excel links for tables & graphs for automated quick dash board presentations.
  • Expert in MS-Excel & Visio for calculations, charts, diagrams and shared using MS-SharePoint.
  • Extensively Used MS-Outlook Calendar to schedule team meetings slots and maintain task planner.

Environment: Agile, Jira, Window7, Visual Studio.Net, MS-Office, Citrix-GoToMeeting, Mockup Screens, SOAPUI, SAP NetWeaver 7.0, SAP-BI BEx Suite, SAP-BO, Salesforce CRM, Crystal Reports, IBM-Tealeaf CX, Google Analytics.

Business System Analyst



  • Interviewed the client business steering committee at the discovery phase to identify the mission needs.
  • Documented RFI, RFP and RFQ for business correspondence with client during the contract & service period.
  • Conducted stakeholder analysis, ROI analysis and roll out estimates, time plan and project deadlines.
  • Assisted the application development team and the Project Manager on developing Project Plan and activity breakdown structure using MS-Project by tasking activity Scope, Resource and Time. Developed Gantt chart to follow-up execution deadlines and RACIs Matrix for approver’s list. Maintained Risk Registers.
  • Referred Scope Documents and interviewed client SMEs to document requirements and elicit Artifacts.
  • Developed BRD, FSD, HLD, GUI Prototype, Data and Non-Functional Requirements on new feature.
  • Coordinated with Architect Lead for complex work flow diagrams. Used UML Diagrams such as Use Case Diagrams, Object Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams multiple Use-Case Scenarios.
  • Drafted Non-Functional requirements such as Availability, Accessibility, Extensibility, Supportability Security, Scalability, Usability, Reliability, Interoperability, Maintainability and Stability of the application.
  • Performed data mining technique to detect relevant patterns in a database from historical data.
  • Facilitated JAD sessions with Business Owner, Architect, Dev and QA during the designing phase to structure (SOA) Service Oriented Architecture to meet transaction requirements. Avoid Gold Plating requirements.
  • Liaise with QA on developing Test Cases, Test Plans and (RTM) Requirement Traceability Matrix to ensure the developed feature complies with business requirements eliminating Scope Creep.
  • Accompanied QA on Integration and Regression testing. Performed UAT with Business Owners.
  • Co-ordinated with the Configuration team to integrate developed built and validated codes for deployment.
  • Extensively used Mantis CMS (Content Management System) application tool to manage web contents from API that client may seek on their web portal and for any other issues identified by the client that requires a quick fix.
  • Used SQL Queries to access customer database from SQL tables to validate end to end performance.

Environment: Waterfall, Windows XP, Rally, Mantis CMS, MS Dynamics ERP, Oracle 9i/10g/11i, SQL Server, MS Visio, MS Project, MS Office, Mockup Screen, Requisite Pro, MS SQL-SSIS/BI.

Business Analyst



  • Closely interacted with SMEs: Users, Technicians, Plant Supervisors and Floor Managers to understand machine specification, work time, maintenance interval, service records, OEM recommendations and inventory details.
  • Assisted Project Manager on developing Work Break Down chart on MS-Project by activity, task and resource.
  • Mapped data, conducted Gap Analysis and identified AS-IS and TO-BE conditions for new feature enhancements.
  • Developed BRD, FSD, HLD and GUI Artifacts to submit the Project Package for Client Approval.
  • Developed UI Prototype using Mockup Screen and UML Context Diagram using MS-Visio.
  • Developed Use Case Scenarios for all functional requirements and developed Test Cases for the same.
  • Facilitated JAD sessions with Architect, DB Analyst, Developer and QA team to crack complex data work flows.
  • Review Gantt chart and Project Plan by activity, tasks and time to eliminate impediments (if any).
  • Coordinated with the QA Team for System Integration Testing and Regression Testing.
  • Performed Client Demo post integrating each business unit. Involved in UAT 3rd Party Integration Certifications.
  • Deployed the codes to configuration team, conducted smoke test and released to production server.
  • Created MS-SSIS package application to integrate data on backend SQL database.
  • Executed basic SQL queries to access sales and inventory records on SQL Server 2005 SP4 DBMS.
  • As agreed to Business Owners, created dashboard reports that justified the efficiency of new system in releasing automated supplier purchases orders resulting over 35% increase in profitability and minimized loss of business.
  • Developed blueprint of successful roll-outs for Knowledge Management and Value Portal.
  • Identified training needs and conduct training for the project team on in-market retail trends.

Environment: Waterfall, HPQC, Windows XP, Visual Studio .Net, SQL Server 2005 SP4 DBMS, MS Office, MS Visio.

Business Analyst



  • Closely interacted with client Stake Holders and Project Manager throughout defining the scope of the project.
  • Interviewed, Analyzed, Gathered and Validated requirements with all pre-requisites required to elicit Artifacts.
  • Developed requirement artifacts: BRD, FSD, HLD, Use Cases and Business Process Modelling Notation.
  • Used MS-Visio and CA ER-win to develop UML Use Case, Sequence and Activity Diagrams and process modelling.
  • Performed data mapping and conducted GAP analysis to determine the AS-IS and TO-BE conditions.
  • Coordinated with the Off-Site Technical Team during the development and testing phase using Cisco-WebEx to eliminate Scope Creep or Gold Plating requirements. Assisted PM on updating project Risk Register.
  • Interacted with the users to clarify queries raised by the off-site technical team during the development phase.
  • Developed Test Plan with multiple Test Cases and reviewed Test Results against RTM to ensure product quality.
  • Tracked defects. Verified and Validated Bug fixes. Analyzed Functional Specifications as a part of Integration Testing and Regression Testing. Received Sign-off mail from QA on Staging and facilitated client UAT session.
  • Conducted product demo with the client for feedback and released to configure production server.

Environment: Waterfall, Windows, HPQC, SQL Server 2000, Toad, MS Office, WebEx, CA ER-win 7.1, SharePoint.

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