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Senior Ba/jr Pm Resume

Richardson, TX


Business professional able achieve business objectives of Senior Management utilizing collaborative methods. Adept at mentoring and developing others. A dedicated professional with experience in progressive and dynamic environments.


MS OFFICE 2013 (Intermediate): Basic SQL, Excel, Word, Publisher, Access, PPT, MS Project 2007 & 2013, Visio, Skype

OTHER SYSTEMS: Oracle SQL, Lexis, MEUPS, Reverse data searches, BOA pfs, Salesforce

FINANCIAL SYSTEMS: MMIS Interchange, LMA/LMP, WPT, Homesaver, iPortal, Stewart, MSP, AS400, Commercial Lending platforms (CLX/Fusion Banking)

TRACKING SYSTEMS: iTrace, Project Workbook, rLink, ALM, Salesforce, SharePoint, CCW, Invoice Management, LPSD, CSX, QC Tracking Database



Senior BA/Jr PM

  • Researched, analyzed, validated, mapped, and documented various business requirements while reaching out to cross functional teams to identify process flows and gaps. Held meetings with product, operations, and other modules/functional areas to clarify business functional needs and interaction against the RFP document and system capabilities.
  • Worked with team to prepare for Requirements Validations (RV) Sessions with the client including cheat sheets, walkthrough structure. Created the Business Design Document (BDD) incorporating use cases and Detailed Design Document (DSD) from information provided by TFAL, cross functional teams, legacy resources like PWB. Held meetings as needed to work through gaps between legacy and modular modernization. Documented, researched, tracked, and obtained responses for various action item.
  • Worked with Test Team Lead and Operations SME to utilize and set up use cases for testing; reviewed final drafts of the test plan documentation; and project future expectations per iteration releases in this Agile environment.
  • Facilitated cross functional team communication for CMS MECT/MITA Certification requirements mapping for stage 2.
  • Communicated Project discrepancies to PMO, TFAL, and Product. Escalated issues via appropriate hierarchy. Implemented and maintained various Action Item tracking lists for the TPL team.
  • Reviewed the Master Project Plan (MPP) and filled in the step task details; created a step timeline with Milestones and Dependencies for Deep Dive Stage 2. Notified Master Planner PM of discrepancies, issues, and missing data. Determined need and timing for additional BA resource.


Senior BA

  • Engaged in requirements gathering definition, Construction (Panel and Report documentation), Testing and Defect resolution, monitoring, and occasional revalidation.
  • Confidential design and construction walkthrough: provided limited feedback for development team; assisted with rLink up dates for panels, error edits, worked with developers to revalidate and resolve defects.
  • Scheduled, facilitated, and attended meetings with internal and/or state department as it pertained to the objectives of the financial system. Record meeting minutes and action items when needed.
  • Executed basic Oracle ¬SQL queries for research; facilitated action item tracking during meetings; created spreadsheets of basic code from database tables to facilitate data collection from the client.
  • Designed spreadsheet to gather Security role profiles from the client and access for configuration in MEUPS.
  • Research various issues; assisted TFAL with fund code elements and fiscal string; assisted other documentation and other areas when needed.
  • Used ALM Test Plan/Test Lab to assign and execute test cases/steps to validate panels, reports, and processes. Verified, and wrote ALM defects for developer re - review when validation failed.
  • Verified panels and reports against rLink technical documentation and fields; clarified discrepancies; worked with developer and area BA to update rlink when needed.
  • Assisted with UAT and SIT Testing; Entered data via panels to validate various aspects of reports; worked with TFAL and developers to verify processes and test creation for defect resolution.

Confidential, Richardson, TX


  • MISYS (purchased CCS): 01/15-03/15
  • Scheduled and facilitated meetings with client, intermediary project sponsor, and development team to obtain business process functional to develop and configure core/product commercial lending platforms.
  • Managed SDLC Project Tracking with action item lists; clarified client Needs; Obtained Requirements; Created Templates, SER, Change Requests.
  • Regression testing; Requirements testing; UAT; Defect Tracking and resolution using Jira and a few into Salesforce; Release Schedule coordination and promotion into test environments and production.
  • Wrote Business Rules; Basic SQL Queries; Software Configuration; Local Database Creation; Regression Testing. Configured workflow, matrix loan approval parameters, and security roles.
  • Short Term Projects from start to post go live (CLX/Fusion Banking) system. Provided internal and external training with clients,
  • Created and facilitated Process Documentation; Data Mapping (Excel).
  • Develop Project Charter; define scope; governance; steering committee; Stakeholder Register; and Plan communication; Stakeholder buyin.
  • Quality management paths; HR management; Procurement Management with pricing and cost estimate, Risk Log with responses, Gantt Chart/WBS and duration of activities in MS 2007, milestones & critical path; version control; schedule development; document control; Quantitative or Qualitative Risk Analysis.
  • Manage communication and stakeholder involvement; coordinate activities with project team/s; Quality Control Checks; Change requests; project management updates presented in MS Visio, Power Point, & primarily Excel; appropriate tools; work performance reports; issue log.
  • Change log; requirements documentation & traceability matrix; document updates; baseline comparison; validate scope; control costs; schedule; quality; communication via checklists; deliverables verified.
  • Obtain acceptance; close contracts; outstanding receivables & payables; send closing communication; documentation location; handoff stored documentation and ongoing servicing if applicable to appropriate personnel.

Confidential,Plano, TX

Sr. BA

  • UAT testing for Inline Controls of the automated letter process: state matrix breach requirements, imaging, mailing requirements, verify mailing address, parties noticed, etc...
  • Weekly status and stakeholder meetings noting concerns, updates, review of primarily in Excel for reporting Quality and risk from a percentage of automated letters selected per state and evaluated against state matrix requirements.
  • Development of Control plans and attention to detail; Special projects (small) as needed by other departments; Identify and report risk on process flow primarily for Breach solicitations department.
  • Business evaluation of underwriting systems and methodology. Data Compliance of mortgage origination documents for Radian, MGIC, Genworth claims; Review of BOA pfs for core documents; reasons for default; and payments; Reporting and updates for senior management primarily in Excel.
  • Developed and articulated persuasive arguments in response for letters of intent to rescind Mortgage Insurance coverage for attorneys.
  • Utilized Lexis, Data Verify, Real Quest, Stream, Secretary of State Website, reverse data searches to support claims. Comments to Counsel for red flags. sary (SFO, HFI, FNMA, and FHLMC for GSE & non-GSE loans). Use of LMA/LMP, WPT, Homesaver, iPortal, Stewart, Urban.
  • Auditing and Remediation of disputed system files for QA & Underwriting and/or Process Support; Utilized Federal regulations for analyzing HAMP loans including DTI, PITIA, after Mod PITIA..
  • Verified accuracy and calculation with the use of LMA/LMP, WPT, Homesaver, iPortal, Stewart, Urban. Documents under review 1003, paystubs, bank statements, tax documents, credit report, relevant federal and state guidelines.

Confidential,Dallas, TX

Operations PM: Mortgage - Aerotek Contract

  • Played a key role with senior management in various departments to resolve system production issues for Loss Mitigation, foreclosures, bankruptcy. Assisted Analyst, QC with Loss Mitigation documents, Inline control suggestions. Reviewed HAMP, PIF, and other loan types for WAMU & CHASE loans.
  • Assigned Business Analysts Loans, analyzed productivity reports in Excel, facilitated team meetings, evaluated training and process methodology and allocated team resources to appropriate analysts and managers.
  • Mentored Business Analysts in the use of LPSD (filing intercoms, reading invoices, Bankruptcies, etc.), CCW, Vendorscape, DRI, Agent (Solomon), DDCH, Invoice Management, and other systems. Acted as a subject matter expert in training QC, managers, and analysts.
  • Engaged in Process Improvements and Created & tested Recon Database Comment templates to expedite production and QC.
  • Managed communication and supervised the training for 70+ contract employees and later the retention and productivity of 35 contract analysts. Work performance, project management, reporting documentation.

Sr. QA BA: Mortgage


  • Reviewed the current system for each loan level loss, analyze and determine responsible functional group & loss reason code for process breakdown (Foreclosures, Ch7 & Ch13 bankruptcy, Loss Mitigation) and reported in Excel.
  • QC’d, Analyzed, & Reconciled PIF, loss mitigation, bankruptcy, and foreclosed loans for WAMU & Chase.
  • Trained, mentored, and assisted BA’s to use post QC functions for WAMU & Closed loans. Researched data in MSP, Lender Live, DRI, Vendorscape, iVault, LPSD.
  • Reviewed principal balance reduction requests on loan for overcapitalized loan modifications.
  • Reviewed claims package detail of expenses process presented to the investor for reimbursement vs. actual funds received. Otherwise created requests for supporting documents from third parties (attorney, vendor bill back, internal settlements, etc…)
  • Determined non-recoverable corp. adv. balances to reclassify to reserves. Reviewed net corp. adv. Gain or loss vs. all funds received from investor and third parties with existing balances in escrow &/or suspense.
  • Validated borrower charges per loan modification and foreclosure quotes and pursuant to PSA and State Guidelines and created check requests for refunds with supporting documents. Reviewed LPS and MSP servicing system corp. adv.


Project or Event Manager/Coordinator volunteer

  • Organized various events for 120+ singles, located venues, and facilitated developmental meetings with other activity groups; Selected and developed team volunteers.
  • Negotiated and Priced Functions, managed funds, negotiate with and paid vendors, submitted total expenditures to manager for review and audit purposes.
  • Assisted with the review and addition of new members and terminations of others. Marketed company to increase engagement of member participation.
  • Procurement Management with pricing and cost estimate to managed Contracts with various 3rd party contractors; duration of activities, schedule development and control; Tracking.
  • Manage communication; coordinate activities with team members; control costs; schedule.
  • Close contracts; outstanding receivables & payables and send closing communication.

Confidential,Dallas, TX

Sr. BA

  • Used business analysis to complete software test activities.
  • Used management evaluation, time, & reporting software.
  • Initially trained analyst programs and processes for the reconciliation of cash & asset transactions on Titan (Custody) & Chase, Spectra, Bloomberg, Aces, Excel, Asset Recon database, & follow-up on CSX cases.
  • Technological adjustments (suggestions implemented) which increased efficiency up to 80% for asset/stock reconciliation; cost cutting strategies of $80,000+ per year for the teams phone systems. Additional cost savings of $600,000+ per year for ink cartridges, paper, storage, and mail.
  • Security Master Data Exp type program; Evaluated and recommended specific job functions and projects for individuals and management personnel based upon skill set & JPM recon project needs.
  • Met 10:00am, 12:00pm, & 2:00pm deadlines for reconciliation of investment funds while enhancing quality for audit trails.
  • Escalated pertinent issues to internal service providers, various management levels, and team members to resolve cash & asset breaks.
  • Engaged in professional leadership development activities and seminars, pursued special projects, contributed to team development.
  • Trained offshore team on new HUB processes to facilitate JPM Reconciliation department movement to Manila and Mumbai; timesheet; evaluations.

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