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Technical Analyst Lead Resume

Richland, MI


Hands - on IT Manager for small and mid-size organizations needing to expand their current systems, networks, and structure to support their growth. Implementing Windows Networks and programming in various languages to develop hardware and software solutions to integrate and enhance business processes.


Strong Project Management multifaceted experience in a divergence environment. Previous environment included: Windows Server 2008/2012, Microsoft SQL server 2008 R2 (with SQL Server Reporting Services - SSRS), Exchange 2007, ISA/TMG server, Cisco Wireless Access Points, ~175 Confidential running XP to Windows 8, Microsoft Office 2013/2010/2003 , Progress Databases, VB.net, Syteline (ERP Application), & html.


Confidential, Richland, MI

Technical Analyst Lead


  • Manage all aspects of software development - 2 developers - 1 in Richland Michigan, 1 in Ohio.
  • Support 4 remote sites.
  • Lead Developer on the .Net side of business. Major projects include:
  • F2 Picker and F2 Put away - used by materials handlers to pull parts for the supermarkets and deliver them to the cells for just-in-time assembly. Reduced quality issues for mispicked to almost zero and reduced footsteps by material handlers by 25%. Saved approximately 2 hours per material handler per shift per day.
  • Stop and Seek - A safety project for immediate notification of supervisors, EHS and plant supervisors for any safety related transactions. Messages sent to email, cell phones, and beepers (a number of our sites have limited cell service so on-site beeper transmitters were purchased).
  • BOM break down - Since our mainframe does not have the ability to explode a BOM to sub-sub components, this allows engineers to easily view the exploded BOM and obsolete parts easier. Save an engineer approximately 4 hours a day from the manual method. Also easily displays where else that part is used to help obsoleting parts and reducing inventory.
  • Clientele - Developed our CRM application to track customer contacts. Directly sends information to our mainframe and pulls information like orders, parts, shipments, customers, replacement parts, etc. Send follow-up data for customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Day By the Hour - Used for tracking production in cells and calculating employee averages, PPH, FPY and schedule attainment.
  • Lead Time Compression - Used to track statistical information by customer, part, value stream, and distribution method.
  • Lab Import - Used to interface with lab equipment to our sql server to data retrieval. Currently they create around 100M worth of text file data a day. This tool imported the data, summarized and created human readable data from the big data.
  • Tool used to calculate the Free Trade Agreement compliance based on BOM and standard costs. Calculates percentage of components that fall within the legal bounds and classifies them accordingly. Also calculates if the finished good complies with ‘Made in America’, ‘American Made’, and other standards.
  • New Part Add Dashboard and integration tool - Dashboard to display where new parts are in the process and track timeline of completion. Pulls information from our Lotus (IBM) Notes databases and displays it in a user friendly web page.
  • PhConnent Integration - Used to scape information to and from various Parker web sites.
  • Parker Configuration Tool - One of two developers responsible for Confidential . Used to custom design cylinders and generate CAD data easily. Integrates into PhConnect to add parts to orders. Mostly Javascript with a sql backend. Mainly support and add functionality. Originally written by a group of developers in the Eastern Block countries.
  • PO Hot List - Tool used to inform sheeting of ‘Hot’ items and notifies planners when receipts are made.
  • PTS - Parker Tracking System - Used to label our products in compliance with corporate guidelines. We were the first group outside of the developing division to use it. Assisted a dozen different division on how to integrate their systems with PTS system.
  • Rubbertree - Used to display parts, data, prices & discounts, replacement parts and other information. Since the electronic tool went into effect, we have cut our customer service group by 1/3 and our applications group by 10%. Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Sealevel Relay - Used for our Same-Day Cylinder process. Turns an Ethernet POE relay on via a software app to notify people that an order has arrived and to deal with it immediately. Turns on Andon lights and notifies people if progress is not done on a job. Getting ready to install RFID tags to track progress through the plant.
  • Wip-2-Stock - Used to WIP receipt our products and print shipping documents immediately to allow our shipping personal to reduce picking time. Integrates with Kewill, our UPS, FedEx, and LTL providers.
  • My personal goal this last year, was to optimize and automate business practices to enhance productivity. My goal was to achieve a 2000 man hour improvement. From July 2016 to date achieved over 5,000 man hour reduction through optimization.
  • Worked with the cobol developers to real time data transfer over the MqConduit from Parker’s Mainframe to our Sql/.Net side of business.
  • Assist in end user support.
  • Assist in Lotus Notes development.
  • Work with outside developers to support business systems.
  • Manage all aspects of SSIS and SSRS packages.

Confidential, Portage, MI

Director of Information Systems


  • Implemented and maintain ERP system (Syteline by Info)
  • Augmented ERP system with hundreds of customizations for lean business processing.
  • Designed and created fab monitoring system to monitor production on 50+ machines in real time
  • Designed and created a fab bin system to material tracking
  • Created company portal as an information repository. Tracks customer complaints, ISO documents, business process flows, continuous improves, sales vs. sales forecasts, quote tracking, training, etc. (Similar to MS SharePoint).
  • Created Quote Model
  • Business Process Streamlining / LEAN initiatives
  • Setup and manage AD, Exchange, MS SQL, ISA / TMG
  • Developed training materials for computer classes (ERP, MS Office, Portal, etc.).
  • Implemented Sunbelt Vipre for virus/malware/spyware protection
  • Support all commonly used software in the organization (Microsoft Office, Open Office, Symix, FAS Accounting, Snag-it, Allen-Bradley RS-Logic Controller software (for presses, punches, anodize hoist line, etc). Answer IT related questions about Autocad.
  • Documented computer systems and standardized IT procedures
  • Manage Maintenance Work Order Program (PMC). Wrote programs to integrate with internal systems.
  • Implemented barcoding technologies for inventory control and Shop Order processing. Including custom labels for most of our customers integrated directly into our ERP system.
  • Implemented and administer a VOIP Shortel phone system.
  • Bowers Manufacturing Website changes

Confidential, Kalamazoo, MI

IS Manager - Systems Analyst - Network administrator


  • Managed Confidential ’s Novell Network
  • Managed NT servers running Lotus Notes
  • Developed applications in Lotus Notes.
  • Designed and developed ERP software
  • Managed Cisco switches for off-site warehouses
  • ISO 9002 Core Team member. Responsibilities included writing software to aid in ISO Certification and implementation. Also served as ISO Auditor. Performed monthly audits.
  • Purchase agent for computer equipment for domestic and international locations.
  • Network Support (hardware and software) in the UK office, as well as a production office in Texas. Both offices are running software from Kalamazoo office.
  • Worked with our UK Managing Directors to design, layout, construct, and implement Confidential ’s networks.
  • Determined Goals and Budget for department and ensured that those goals are met within budget.
  • Oversee and program Nortel phone system.
  • Project leader for Confidential project.
  • Developed training materials for quarterly classes.


Systems Integrator and software designer


  • Integrated Confidential Natural Voice Recognition Software at Confidential
  • Designed Confidential Natural Voice Recognition system for Confidential
  • Designer and primary programmer for Confidential - Hospital Management software
  • Has multi-lingual, multi-culture features.
  • Integrates with some x-ray equipment and some lab equipment to directly feed into the web site.
  • Comply with Confidential standards. Another group is working on building a phone app to integrate with the database.
  • Project Manager for all installs and upgrades.

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