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Gmti Analyst/exploitation Tool Evaluator Resume


  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • ArcGIS
  • FalconView
  • Raster Roam
  • Web Access Retrieval Portal (WARP)
  • SeaWatch
  • ERDAS Imagine
  • DotMatrix, ISR Forensics Tool, MOVINT Client
  • Remote View
  • Google Earth
  • RDOTS, MARS, Atlantis, Geospatial Warehouse
  • SAR Workbench
  • Comet
  • ENVI


  • Geospatial Intelligence Specialist
  • GMTI Analyst (Fused Intel Production)
  • EO/IR NIIRS Certified Analyst
  • Spectral Imagery Analyst Space - based Collections
  • Manager Present Oral/Written Briefings


GMTI Analyst/Exploitation Tool Evaluator



  • Establish user requirements, evaluate system utility, determine usability and conduct software testing on emerging motion intelligence, SIGINT and activity based (ABI) technologies developed within Innovision.
  • Key subject expert for Confidential ’s Analyst Workshops and User Engagements, and active in greater community through the GMTI Community of Practice (COP) conferences and working groups to improve tasking, collection, processing, analysis and metrics.
  • Liaison for Confidential to military and industry partners to build strategic relationships with corporations and different Services to gather technical concepts and user inputs while aiding in the development, transition and transfer of Confidential ’s advanced technologies.
  • Worked with scientists and engineers to refine modes, processing and exploitation algorithms to extract maximum utility from national and Service radar collection systems, focused on denied area and “hard target” problems.

Imagery Analyst /Collection Manager



  • Provided technical and collections expertise to direct overhead, airborne and commercial imagery collection in support of national activities and time critical operations as a Data Collections Manager for Confidential ’s Image Quality and Utility (NIQU) program.
  • Prepared collection strategies for all AGI data collection, investigated AGI related technologies, provided responses to relevant intelligence and technical issues, and coordinated with senior staff for implementation of advance algorithms.
  • Tiger Team participation to address Commercial Imagery Exploitation issues and discrepancies, performing numerous Return to Operations (RTO)/Return to Missions (RTM) “Quick-look” Assessments.
  • Contributed to NIIRS evolution through expert inputs to NEF, and calibration and evaluation testing of EO/IR systems.
  • Ensured that image processing was consistently performing within required parameters on collected imagery, and that the derived products were being correctly disseminated to the appropriate image libraries.
  • Tested Confidential tool performance against the Product Quality Operational Criteria, and assessed their usability and interoperability.
  • Assisted in planning, coordination, development, implementation, and execution of a comprehensive Product Quality Assurance (PQA) program to address system development, transition and operations; including operational concepts and procedures.

Geospatial Intelligence Specialist/Cartographer



  • Applied technical expertise to analyze and integrate commercial and Government hyper-spectral (HSI) and multi-spectral imagery (MSI) to produce meaningful geospatial intelligence in support of III Marine Expeditionary Forces operations. Expertise is rooted in formal training in spectral imagery processing and exploitation for both commercial and military applications.
  • Managed geospatial product requests resulting in the dissemination of hundreds of maps, charts and related terrain, hydrology and feature products. Worked as part of a team to develop a vector database that more efficiently supported production for II MEF.
  • Performed precision ground control survey operations to provide positional data for various weapons delivery and C3 systems.
  • Trained subordinates on GIS systems, tested new GIS software, and recommended upgrades and modifications to tool developers.

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