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Business Analyst/project Leader Resume



  • 11+ years of versatile experience as a strong Business Analyst, Development Lead, Project Manager, and Quality Assurance Specialist.
  • 6 years in Insurance P&C.
  • 4 years in banking.
  • 1 year in Capital Markets.
  • Solid experience in leading, designing, developing, deploying and managing software projects thru out SDLC cycle.
  • Consistent track record of success with global insurance, financial and banking clients.
  • Experienced in the Business Analysis, Project Coordination, Lead Development, and Production Support, Application Lead. System Test: Test Strategy, Test Plan, Scenarios Matrix, Use Cases, Conditions.


  • Excellent in project management methodologies, planning, scheduling methods, and tools.
  • Expert in leading enterprise software solution projects.
  • Excellent in managing, mentoring, and coaching team members.
  • Strong documentation and reporting skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal, collaboration, and problem solving skills.


  • Mainframe Tools: TSO/ISPF, FileAid, AbendAid, QMF, XRef, MQSeries.
  • Databases: DB2,IMSDB,VSAM,QSAM,ISAM.
  • GUI: SOAP, XML Spy, MS EXCEL, MS Project, VISIO, Power Point.
  • DB2 Tools: DB2 Connect, QMF, Stored Procedure.
  • Data Modeling: Rational Rose, UML,ERD, Erwin.
  • Project Management Tools : MS Project, MS Project Server, PWA, WMT.
  • Version Control: MCS Endevor, PVCS.
  • Languages: Micro Focus COBOL, SQL, VS-COBOL II, COBOL, JCL, Easytrieve.
  • Methodologies: SDLC (Business Requirement, Impact Analysis, Conceptual Design, Proof of Concept, Detailed Design, Unit Testing, Acceptance Testing, Implementation) Project Planning and Tracking.
  • Internet Technologies: XML, HTML, Adobe Acrobat.
  • Testing Tools: Micro Focus Express, CA Intertest, Expeditor, Test Director, Quality Center, QTP.
  • Operating Systems: MVS, Z-OS, Windows NT/2000/XP/98.


Confidential, Hartford, 12/10 –Present

Blanket Coverage for Property Insurance

Business Analyst/Project Leader (Mentoring a Team of 11)

  • Managing the project as per PMI standards, right from assisting in the development of Project Charter to closure of the project.
  • Identifying and defining the scope of the project.
  • Preparation of activity lists.
  • Earned Value Management using Microsoft Project Server.
  • Cost estimation and budgeting the project.
  • Quality Planning, monitoring and controlling the quality.
  • Acquiring work force, train and manage project team members.
  • Project status and performance reporting.
  • Risk Planning, identifying and monitoring risks.
  • Coordinate with Sponsor, for the approvals of change controls.
  • Monitor and coordinate the scope verification process.
  • Track the schedule and cost of the project thru Project Work Authorization.
  • Coordinate the closure of the project and the knowledge transfer to maintenance team.
  • Coordinated with Offshore and Onshore team for implementation and testing.
  • Follow Scrum, Agile methodologies throughout the Software life cycle.
  • Post production warranty support.

01/10 – 11/10 Enterprise Services

BA/Application Lead (Mentoring a Team of 7)

  • Implementation of $ 1 Million Public Protection Class SOA.
  • Cost estimation and budgeting the project.
  • Tracking the schedules. Generation of address specific Public Protection Class for HIG using COBOL and DB2 Stored Procedure.
  • Planned the concept of integrating the mainframe applications and mid-tier system which involves JAVA and Web Logic.
  • Conceptual design, Prepare estimates of man hours, Approval from project sponsors.
  • Prepare project plan, High Level Design, involving multiple systems, Database Changes, Determine addition of Packs from IBM to incorporate the change.
  • Coordinate with Web Logic team, business.
  • Worked with Senior Business Analyst, DB2 DBAs, and QA Managers.
  • Developed Proof of Concept.
  • Prepare Risk Analysis and Back out Plan.
  • Coordinated with Offshore and Onshore team for implementation and testing.
  • Follow Scrum, Agile methodologies, SameTime messaging throughout the Software life cycle.
  • Post production support and leading the knowledge transfer to maintenance team.


  • Mentored the developers to build COBOL-DB2 stored procedure which queries Large ISO tables and gets the iterated values.
  • Used Global Temp tables which are dynamically created per session and stays only for that particular session. Hence for every session a new set of global temp tables are created, processed and purged automatically.
  • By this we are able to REUSE same component which can handle multiple applications.
  • Did a Proof of Concept, Implemented, Tested and Successfully Elevated to production.
  • Tracking the schedules and time lines.
  • Project delivered on time within the approved estimates.

03/09- 12/09 Confidential

- Senior Business Analyst

  • Requirement gathering from the business customers.
  • Preparation of Functional Specification Document.
  • Preparation of Test plan.
  • Coordination with QA team and the development team of the project.
  • HIG has extended its umbrella coverage from 15 million Dollars to 25 Million coverage.
  • It’s a huge expansion project involved complete change of the existing system.
  • Prepared the Impact analysis on various HIG system.
  • Worked closely with developers during implementation integration testing.
  • It involved major changes to the system which is built in Cobol and IMS DB.
  • Worked with QA to make sure the test scenarios are mapped with Business Requirement Document.

07/08-02/09 Confidential – Technical Business Analyst

  • Requirement gathering from the business customers.
  • Preparation of Functional Specification Document.
  • Preparation of Test plan.
  • Coordination with QA team and the development team of the project.
  • Integrate MQueue, IMS Switching and COBOL.
  • By this project business customers gets the complete report of transaction history viz, quote, Request issue, Pre-Qual edit, failed quote, submitted, MVR, Driver, Underwriter decisions.
  • Enhancement of the nightly job which sends 9 report file to Information Management team.
  • Lead the development team to make the minor and major changes to the risk score system.
  • Conducted the daily status meeting and tracked the progress.
  • Created the new JCLs for the night job, which executes COBOL module and pickups the daily transaction data from the MQueue, process it and sends 9 report files to the IM team by FTP.
  • Performed as SME to the feedback loop process for other project.
  • Warranty and Production Support assistance for the Risk score Feedback loop.

01/08- 07/08 Confidential – Business Analyst

  • Created high Level Design document for the workers comp for the state of West Virginia.
  • This has impact on all transaction from Quote, New Business, endorsement, cancellation and reinstatement, Renewal and renewal update and automated jobs and reports.
  • Mentored the Mainframe COBOL and IMS developers in On-site and Offshore.
  • Lead the mainframe COBOL development team to make the required major changes to the Commercial lines automation system.
  • Conducted the daily status meeting and tracked the progress.
  • By this project my team was able to deliver the defect free workers compensation coverage to the state of WV.
  • Did it in 3 phases without impacting the business and without any production fallout.
  • Conducted the daily status meeting and tracked the progress reported the progress to higher management.
  • Warranty and Production Support assistance for the Workers compensation.

3/07 – 12/09 Confidential, Malvern, PA

Systems Test Specialist – QA Lead

N372 Outside funds

  • Vanguard Financial Services implements new capital market products to its system.
  • Vanguard had contracted SunGard IT Services, to send the daily outside funds to verify the federal law compliance.
  • The system is built in Java using the Oracle database.
  • The data has to be sent SunGard in its format to get it evaluated to federal compliance.
  • Prepared Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Scenario matrix mapped to business requirement, Test conditions and test data.
  • Mentored the testing team of 5 for its quality and schedule.
  • Used PVCS tracker to track the testing efforts.
  • Quality Center for defect Tracking
  • Conducted meetings with all stake holders for Test Strategy review, Test Plan review, and Test data output review.

P061 Redemption fee – QA-Lead

  • NYSE and Vanguard had agreed to charge the redemption fee for the customers who frequently exchange funds.
  • Analyzed the business and prepared the test scenario matrix, test cases and test data preparation.
  • As part of test execution, ran various forms of withdrawals and termination transactions in Java applications.
  • Ensured the redemption fee is charged for the withdrawal and termination which had purchase of NYSE funds within a specific fee-able period. Also ensured that fee is not charged for the certain exemptions.
  • Prepared Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Scenario matrix mapped to business requirement, Test conditions and test data.
  • Mentored the testing team of 5 for its quality and schedule.
  • Used PVCS tracker to track the testing efforts.
  • Quality Center for defect Tracking.
  • Conducted meetings with all stake holders for Test Strategy review, Test Plan review, and Test data output review.

6/06 – 11/06 Confidential, Chicago, IL - Module Lead

  • Responsible for the Support, Maintenance and Enhancements activities of the Life & health applications of Agility - CICA.
  • This application is built in COBOL, Assembler, DB2 and JCL.
  • Also handled service request which come as call from the onshore team.
  • They are like, high, medium and low priority tickets.
  • Ensuring prompt solutions to the production tickets, aligned with Service Level Agreement.
  • Providing temporary fix to the problem.
  • Ensuring the permanent fix to the production.
  • Coding, testing the functional changes of the said applications into the CICA system which goes as developmental work.
  • Leading the developers on service requests and enhancement tasks.
  • Tracking the tickets in SMS and made sure, they are aligned with SLAs.

03/05 – 05/06 Confidential, Manila, Philippines

Product Application Test Team of ESDS - Test Lead

  • The AQUILA-3 project introduces few products for the small and medium business to the Customer system.
  • System is built in COBOL, JCL,VSAM andDB2.
  • Data Center of Excellence (DCoE) process will format the new SBI file containing the SMB product data to be fed into the Customer SBI process.
  • This triggers the update of the multiple customer tables.
  • It is my responsibility to test the complete system from the input flow of data to the Database update.

Alternative Format

  • This project provides a means of retrieving the Customer Care Code fields on the DB2 table on Customer System, to be written to the Card production file and Pin Mailer files.
  • It will read a parameter file to determine if it is processing the merged Card Production file or the PIN Mailer file.
  • Process the input file reading each record to use the card number (or sort code and account number) to retrieve the customer identifier from the different tables.
  • With that value it goes and checks the customer master table and writes output file based on the retrieval. I have been the point of Contact.

Employee Indicator

  • The project is to test the regular process to cross reference SAP/HR data to customer data and apply/remove employee markers as appropriate on staff, ex-staff.
  • The project is to locate the write customer info from VSAM file and update the markers in the DB2 tables.


  • Prepare Test Plan as per requirement document.
  • Prepare test Scenarios as per Design Documents.
  • Verification of the Input files compatibility to the system.
  • Produce Test Approach Documents.
  • Preparation of Test Plan.
  • Test data preparation.
  • Mentoring the testers on System Testing.
  • Report and raise the defects if found during the test.
  • Prepare and execute the product tests to ensure that all components work correctly during the integration and the application meets all the functional requirements metrics.
  • Ensure that all problems/defects are logged for future analysis and tracking.
  • Ascertain that the priorities of fixes are in synch with the test execution schedule requirements.
  • Ensure that all application components have been validated, signed-off and ready to be transitioned.
  • Assist the test lead in estimating the testing impact of Work Requests submitted for consideration.
  • Develop test scripts, test conditions, and expected results for one or more test plans, including product.
  • Develop and maintain testing standards and procedures.
  • Execute test scripts.
  • Record problems and issues in accordance with the team’s problem and issue management plans.
  • Validate product fixes.
  • Inform the test lead about any issues that may affect the schedule, budget, or quality of the product or the testing process.
  • Work with the programmer to develop common test data.
  • Preparation of Test Closure Memo Document.
  • Preparation of Testing Score Card Document.

12/03 – 02/05 Confidential, Hartford, CT – Senior Developer

Under Property & Casualty (P&C) Division

  • The ongoing maintenance of the to-be system in terms of coverage determinants, rate methods, rate tables, rate determinants, etc. is made to improve the speed to market of rating changes and rate filings for the end user community.
  • Harvested the Rules from the existing system, formed mid-way design.
  • Coded the new modules according to the design and technical specs.
  • Built using the COBOL, CICS, DB2, and JCL.
  • Created new batch jobs related to Speed To Market.
  • Testing of Business Rules, Codes, PDB Testing.
  • Database compare of Production and the new system.
  • Prepared Unit test plan, Unit Testing, Regression Testing.

Field Validator

  • This project is to make a tool for all type of common validations happens in online programs. For any development or maintenance program screen field validations are done in the application programs. This tool eliminates the cumbersome validations like Date field validations, data type checking, value range checking and so on. Programmers can concentrate only on functionality logic alone.
  • Analysis, Designing Low Level Design.
  • Coding, Debugging and Peer review.
  • Preparation of Test Cases, Test Plans.
  • Unit Testing.

03/ 01 to 11/03 Confidential. - Programmer


  • The Housing loan System (HLS) supports the input, validation, processing and maintenance of home loans at the Central Bank of Australia (CBA).
  • The Home loan system is composed of an overnight batch component and a daily online system.
  • The batch components process all monetary transactions that occurred during the day overnight. There are approximately over 70 batch programs in HLS- 70% Cobol II and 30% Cobol/Assembler.
  • Non-monetary changes are handled by the online system.
  • The online component is made up of approximately 250 CICS/Cobol Tran codes.
  • Coded the application for Loan Approval, Fee calculation, Interest Calculations.
  • Did Peer Reviews, Unit Testing and Assembly test.

Viridian Advantage System

  • The Off-shore team did the design, development and maintenance of the Viridian system. This system is to build a single account called Umbrella Account by putting one or more DDs (Demand Deposit) /HEF (Home Equity Facility) or VIRIDIAN LINE OF CREDIT account. The main advantage to have an umbrella account is to increase the credit limit of the accounts holders. By the use of this system, accessibility to all accounts in once possession is made effective.
  • The system is built with high usage of COBOL, CICS, and JCL. The file system used is VSAM.
  • Built batch programs for report generation.
  • The configuration Management tool used in this project is ENDEVOR.
  • Unit and Integration testing.


  • Masters in Computer Applications - MADRAS University – 2000-India
  • Bachelors in Commerce - MADRAS University – 1997-India


  • PMP Exam Prep Boot Camp classroom training.
  • IBM Data Stage trained.
  • Mercury QTP trained by HP.


  • IBM certified DB2 UDB Professional


  • Project Management Institute (PMI)


  • “Most Valuable Performer” award from Accenture, US.
  • ‘Set the Bar’ award for high quality delivered from Barclays, UK.
  • Outstanding Performer Award from The Hartford, CT.

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