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Sr. Business Systems Analyst Resume

Santa Clara, CA


  • IT professional with 9+ years of experience in understanding Application Development, Manual/Automation Testing, Process Improvement, Requirement gathering and elicitation. As a Business Systems Analyst, worked closely with business users, developers, and subject matter experts through all phases of the SDLC.
  • Worked in the industry using SDLC methodologies like Waterfall, Agile - Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall-Scrum Hybrid
  • Experienced in using techniques for requirement elicitation such as Brainstorming, JAD sessions, Observations, Job shadowing, one on one interviews, prototyping, and requirements/document analysis
  • As an Internal Auditor advising departments like HR/Training, IT, Support, Admin, and Operations & Delivery on Process Improvement, and continuous improvement methods based on ISO 9001, 27001 and CMMI 3.0 standards.
  • Extensive experience in working with cross functional teams to understand the growth of team in the organization
  • Conducted Training sessions for Development and QA teams the in understanding processes of the organization
  • Knowledge and experience in performing GAP Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Feasibility Study, Root Cause Analysis, SWOT Analysis and Impact Analysis for planning and execution of business decisions
  • Worked with SMEs' to understand Key Performance Indicators (KPIs'), and Service Level Agreements (SLA)'s
  • Skilled in conducting Internal Audits to streamline the Organizational Policies, Procedures, and Processes
  • Industry domain experience in Financial Budgeting, Portfolio Management, Asset Allocation Mortgage, Risk Management, Credit Risk including Credit default risk, Concentration risk and Country risk, Market Risk, Capital Markets, Banking, Reconciliation, Broker-Dealer operations, Payment Processing, Risk Scoring, Commodity Trading, Forex trading, Deal Life Cycle, deal structure, Collateral, Limits Management and Performance Measurement.Good understanding of Forex Trading, Tick Databases, and limit orders
  • Knowledge of Dodd Frank Regulation, SOX, FINRA, CFTC, SEC compliance-Integration and in Equities, Fixed Income (Bonds, Convertibles, T-Notes, T-Bonds), Derivatives (Options, Futures, Forwards, Swaps), Money Market Instruments (T-Bills, Commercial Paper), Mutual Funds, Hedge funds
  • Facilitated various Scrum ceremonies- Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective, Daily Scrum, and Backlog Grooming to improve the team's performance while focusing towards a Sprint Goal
  • Excellent Business writing skills in BRD, FRD/FSD, Technical Specifications document, SRS and process flows using UML diagrams such as use cases, activity, sequence, and data flow diagrams in Business Process Modeling.
  • Conducted detailed discussions with Clients on Phones/WebEx to gather the requirements and get approvals
  • Documented and Conveyed the Business Rules, Alert/Error messages, potential exceptions, Cross - site scripting injection attack (XSS) prevention methods and best practices
  • Encouraged the development team to follow best practices -Naming Conventions, version control, better exception handling, unit testing, error/exception logging and comment writing in web.config and in the Functions/Methods
  • Designed Mockup's/Wireframe for the requirements to get a visual understanding of the application under development, provided Functional/Technical Consulting for the application with a holistic view
  • Cultivated experience in working with web services using WSDL, SOAP, REST, JSON under various architectures - Three-Tier Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with knowledge of Micro services, Dockers.
  • Extensive experience in building applications in Excel and Access using VBA, writing complex PLSQL/SQL queries used in generating reports and web application development in C#. NET, VB.NET, MVC, R-Lang and Crystal Reports
  • Detailed understanding of application development in Microsoft Access and Excel, VB.Net, C#. Net, Asp.Net, Entity Framework, Forms, and Desktop applications. Attention to detail in understanding the aesthetics of the GUI
  • Participated extensively in User Acceptance Testing, Black-Box, Smoke, Sanity, Load/Stress, Unit, Regression, End-to-End, and Integration testing.
  • Knowledge of Database concepts including Data Warehousing, Dimensional modeling, Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), Data Marts, OLAP operations: Drill-Down, Roll-Up, Slicing and Dicing.
  • Designed and implemented SQL queries & Stored Procedures using joins, unions, group by/order by and aggregate functions to extract data for timely reporting and Validation
  • Experience with working in Test Driven Development (TDD),and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) environments.
  • Experienced in documenting Web-services/API's manually in MS Application and using markdown language/editors


Sr. Business Systems Analyst

Confidential - Santa Clara, CA


  • Involved in project implementation in agile methodology to facilitate on time task completion in the Sprints
  • Analyzed and Documented the Approved Requirements List (ARL), Business Requirements Document (BRD)
  • Conducted meetings for the Design and Development teams to come up with Functional and Technical Specs
  • Assisted the Product Owner in writing clear and concise user stories and provided detailed task description
  • Organized and contributed to user-story workshop for the team to write user stories based on ARL and BRD
  • Involved in Backlog Refinement meeting to prioritize & estimate the PB based on the requirements and team, used techniques - MoSCoW, KANO Model, Value Stream Mapping, and Business - Technical value to prioritize
  • Interacted with Financial Analysts to understand Fundamental analysis, Financial models to calculate Expected Return, Market Risk and Portfolio Risk of the portfolio to be used in Analytical tools.
  • Contributed to the planning meetings using techniques estimation techniques like Planning Poker, T-Shirt sizing
  • Attached diagrams, documents, links and comments to the tasks for the developers to implement the story
  • Created Mockup screens and Wireframes Vision for the team to create forms and views for the application, worked Closely with the clients to gather requirements and scheduled timely meetings and discussions
  • Good Understanding of Application Development in MVC and distributed code in Model, Views and Controller.
  • Suggested the implementation of Entity Framework to design Data Access Layer to access the data in Database
  • Involved in Technical Discussions to provide Functional Specifications and Compliance perspective to the team
  • Created schemas to perform CRUD operations for Credit Card Information of the clients paying claim amount
  • Assisted the team in documenting the WCF Web Services for SOAP/ XML in Swagger to enhance reusability
  • Created SQL Queries and Stored Procedures using SELECT and JOIN for Portfolio Drill Downs to pull data.
  • Worked on service oriented architecture (SOA), REST and FIX Protocols; API documentation for JSON messages in a multi- tier architecture; content management using TFS.
  • Executed Stored Procedures using Test Parameters/ Test Data in DB to determine if the outputs are correct
  • Worked with the Product Owner and the Development team in managing the Technical Debt
  • Created Test- Suites and Test Cases/Scenarios for the on-going and upcoming Sprints with the help of QA and test the end-end functionality of the application after integration of modules and planned demo sessions
  • Involved in product release documentation for the project activities at regular intervals for review & feedback

Environment: Visual Studio, ASP.NET, C#, MVC, Razor, WCF, SQL Server, JQuery, Team Foundation Server, IIS, .Net Framework 4.0, Visual source safe, CSS, HP QC

Business Systems Analyst

Confidential - Des Moines, IA


  • Understood the existing system by understanding Trade Flow on Test Environment to perform GAP analysis and documented the results in as-is and to-be categories to generate the business requirements from the clients
  • Identified and Documented the list of approved changes/ enhancement from the client in ARL, facilitated series of meetings/discussions with the teams involved in the flow of data into the existing system
  • Conducted JAD, Interview sessions and floated surveys and questionnaires to elicit the requirements
  • Drafted Business Requirement Document (BRD), Functional Specification Document (FSD) and Systems Requirements Specification (SRS) with the help of multiple teams involved in the enhancement of the system
  • Conducted planned demo meetings with client over Phone/WebEx along with the Project Manager and SME's
  • Create Mockup's for Forms, check flows, SSRS reports for the developers to implement the functionality and get the approvals of the Wireframes/ Mockup's from the Client over emails and scheduled virtual meetings
  • Gathered and Maintained formulae used in the business logic to add equity evaluation methods- comparable
  • Used Salesforce CRM extensively to create/manage leads to make sure the SSO would fit to the existing system and communicated our requirements clearly to the Sales force Implementation partner for efficient migration
  • Act as point of contact to the developers and assisted them in understanding Sales force API's documentation
  • Involved in the Domain Discussions to give systems perspective in cutting down the compliance check workflow
  • Created XSD's for the newly added forms data that accommodated the securities and equities and good understanding of OAuth 2.0, SSL/HTTPS, restricted IP access and FIX data transfers to facilitate the trade
  • Good understanding of IPO, Bonds, Equities, and the Trade Flow from initiation, execution and settlement. Assisted development team in creating a Dashboard with analysis of historical data
  • Basic understanding of Tick Database which captures real time market data and provides history to the traders
  • Suggested Themes and intuitive blotter views and reports for the traders replacing the existing Mechanical GUI, provide the functional aspect of system in having all the form events covered in the newly added requirements
  • Documented XML and JSON schema for the API's/Web services consumed by the Order Management System
  • Was involved in the creating Test Plan, Test Scenario and Test Cases to provide a holistic view of the system
  • Initiated training sessions for the team as per the requirements, as and when requested by the Project Manager
  • Gather Test Data from the clients to test the Forms and Reports for data flow using happy path scenarios
  • Good understanding of application development in AJAX, MVC and ASP. NET and Hybrid environment
  • Ensured the team addresses the Cross-site Scripting (XSS) injection attacks by enforcing OWSAP practices
  • Used markdown in Caret to document the XML and JSON requests and responses from the Web Services
  • Used SQL scripts/queries extensively for data verification at the backend as per the requirements
  • Create Logical and Conceptual data flow diagrams for the system under development
  • Contribute to the discussions and understand the flow of Data from ETM to OMS and Database
  • Ensured critical trade data is encrypted as PCI-DSS compliance before CRUD operations are performed on SQL also ensured the SSRS reports built by the development team are as per the client requirements
  • Actively monitor tasks and efforts on VSTS, perform Testing (UAT) assisted in Systems Integration Testing (SIT) and route the test cases to test suite making sure the Requirements ID's for BRD, FRD and SRS match

Environment: Scrum, Visio, VSTS, SQL Server 2016, SSRS, Visual Studio 2016, MS Office suite, SharePoint, Selenium

Business Analyst

Confidential - Smithfield, RI


  • Involved in all levels of Application Life Cycle Development, provided value added services with development teams and clients, facilitated product development through functional consulting and managing complex tasks
  • Participated in Workshops with SME's and multiple teams for systems understanding & requirement gathering
  • Analyzed the gathered requirement and reviewed Application Specification Document (ASD)
  • Created use cases, use case diagrams, activity diagrams to get the Business user's perspective of the application
  • Designed Wireframes and Mockup screens for the developers to build multiple Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Forms, Custom Controls, User Controls and suggested Master Page themes
  • Created XML Schema Definition (XSD) for developers to extract that data to be fed in the forms and to communicate between the DAL and other business components using Stored Procedures and LINQ
  • Used Team Foundation Server effectively for Team build, Version Control, Data Collection and Reporting
  • Documented Messages in the Business Terminology to display alerts, error messages, exceptions to the users
  • SQL Probing to check validity of existing data within the databases and to protect the systems from SQL Injection Attacks. Ensured crucial data elements alone pulled data from the DB for PCI-DSS compliance
  • Contributed to the Test Planning meetings in creating Test Scenarios, Test Cases and suggesting suitable tools
  • Tested end to end flow of data, web form links& click -events in the application after integration of modules
  • Understand Financial Statement Analysis for long term Capital Investment clients and convert them to understandable Software Requirement.
  • Gathered the Test Data from the Clients and was involved in the Unit and Integration testing
  • Analyzed code coverage using Visual Studio to determine the code covered by unit tests to avoid redundancy
  • Worked with the developers to fix / approve the Bugs initiated by Quality Assurance team in Bug Life Cycle
  • Ensured the Development team follows coding standards and standard practices during Development
  • Created documents for standardizing naming conventions for all the modules/controls in the application
  • Ensured data is encrypted as PCI-DSS compliance before CRUD operations are performed on SQL also ensured the Appraisal, Sold Securities, Transaction Activities etc reports built are as per the client requirements
  • Performed Technical Writing for the team in documenting the API's requests and responses clearly
  • Worked on the ETL reporting module in generating data source list and using complex SQL queries for reports
  • Environment: .Net Framework 4.0, MS Visual Studio, C#, ADO.NET, WPF, XAML, WCF, LINQ, SQL Server, HPQC, JIRA, Informatica

Business Analyst

Confidential - Charlotte, NC


  • Documented/Contributed to GAP analysis with the Project Manager in planning the system transition
  • Conducted JAD sessions and interviews with SME's &stakeholders to elicit the requirements for the system
  • Studied organization-project, processes, policies and procedures to get a detailed understanding of the project. Analyzed, modified and validated Business Requirements (BRD) and Systems Requirements (SRS)
  • Created Use Cases and Designed UML diagrams like Use Case, Activity and Sequence using MS Visio
  • Monitored, Managed and Tracked requirements using HP ALM throughout Application/Project Life-Cycle
  • Collaborated with the QA team to design and develop Test Plan and Test Scenarios and Cases, involved in ETL testing process in validating the data, reviewing data dictionaries and in test data preparation
  • Analyzed Market trends by performing Data Analysis on R using Python libraries and regression score models
  • Involved in creating conceptual/ logical ER diagrams and design DB Schemas for in developing the DW
  • Identified and Integrated various data sources like OLTP and Flat files to the OLAP using Informatica and performed Data Verification, Validity and Normalization in maintaining the accuracy and effectiveness of data
  • Generated periodic reports using Tableau and Excel for the management to make effective business decisions
  • Construct PL/SQL Joins, Views, procedures queries to test and fetch the data from in-house OLTP DB's
  • Performed Data Mining and constructed SQL queries to find correlation and patterns in existing data, used Tableau in generating effective reporting to provide BI using various matrices critical to decision making
  • Assisted the team in preparation of the training modules, provided steps/tutorials to generate reports
  • Environment: Waterfall, MS Office, Tableau, Informatica, R, MS Visio, MS Project, HP ALM, Wireframes, Mock-Up Screens, SQL Server, SharePoint, GAP Analysis, UML, UAT testing.

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