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Senior Business Systems Analyst Resume

Richfield, MN


  • Experienced Business Systems Analyst with over 8 years of experience in Supply Chain, Retail, and E - Commerce sector with the in-depth understanding of Omni-channel, B2B and B2C processes.
  • Extensive working knowledge and expertise in all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), traditional waterfall, Spiral and agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe 4.0) and Waterfall-scrum hybrid.
  • Extensive experience of working with and integrating various retail systems such as Order Management System (OMS), Inventory systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Point of Sale (POS) systems.
  • Well versed with various e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify and SAP Hybris, and POS systems such as Shopify POS, Vend POS and Raymark POS.
  • Expertise in Procure to Pay (P2P), Order to Cash (O2C), Oracle Inventory, Purchasing, Payables, Bill of Materials (BOM), Collaborative Planning and Work in Process.
  • Adept in eliciting business requirements with techniques such as Brainstorming, JAD sessions, Observations, Requirements Workshops, One on one interviews, Prototyping, Requirements, and Document Analysis.
  • Experience in conducting and documenting the business analysis techniques like GAP Analysis, Impact Analysis, Root-Cause Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Feasibility Study, ROI Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Technical Risk, Business Risk Analysis, and Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
  • Expertise in creating Work Breakdown Structure to define and group project’s discrete elements using MS Project and achieving the milestones by tracking schedules and evaluating the impact of changes
  • Well versed in capturing and converting User Requirements, Stakeholder needs into Business Requirements Document (BRD), Functional Specification Document (FSD), Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) and Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM), and RACI matrix (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed)
  • Experience in handling change request management, effectively implemented change by performing both Business Impact Analysis and Technical Impact Analysis of the change in the scope of the project
  • Prepared and analyzed UML diagrams like Use-case Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, and Data Flow Diagrams using MS Visio to analyze and design structure, behavior, and interactions in the system design.
  • Expertise in creating GUI , mock-up screens and wireframes using Mock-up screens, MS Visio and Balsamiq.
  • Designed and implemented SQL queries and stored procedures using joins, unions, outer joins, group by, order by and aggregate functions to extract data from databases (Oracle, SQL Server ) for timely reporting, validation
  • Performed DDL (Data Defining Language), DML (Data Manipulation Language) and DQL (Data Query Language) operations to Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) the data in the database for data manipulation, data calculations, and data analysis.
  • Strong knowledge of implementing Databases, Data Table Structures, Data marts, Data Analysis, Data Integration, Data Modeling, Schemas and OLAP operations viz. Slice, Dice, Pivot, Roll-up , and Drill-down.
  • Extensive knowledge in the extraction of data from source systems, transformation and load process (ETL) for a Data Warehouse using Informatica and gave technical support in the use of Informatica for testing .
  • Proficient in creating Data Modeling, E-R Model, and Dimensional Model in the form of entities and relationships to capture the user requirements properly in the underlying database.
  • Skilled in working with different web services such as RESTful Web Services, SOAP Web Services.
  • Strong and concrete understanding of web service concepts like HTML, CSS, WSDL, WADL, SOAP, UDDI, REST, JSON, Parsers - SAX, DOM under various architectures like Three-Tier Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Microservices Architecture (MSA)
  • Involved in scripting business logic in the web methods of the web services and documenting the Web Service Level Agreement (WSLA) document using Extensible Markup Language (XML) to serve as a contract between the front-end and the back-end team for efficient building of application, resolve ambiguities & speedup design
  • Experienced in API testing using Postman to check if the API's are returning the data in JSON, XML format as defined in the API documentation and required by workflow
  • Extensive knowledge of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CICD) using Jenkins and Bamboo
  • Expertise in designing Test Cases, Test Plans and assisted Testers and QA’s to develop Test Scripts and Test Scenarios to perform Black-box Testing, Functional Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing, Load & Security Testing and Defects Logging using JIRA .
  • Defined Acceptance Criteria for user stories for User Acceptance Testing using Cucumber
  • Worked in Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) environments.
  • Worked with SMEs to understand Key Performance Indicators (KPIs’), and Service Level Agreements (SLA)’s .
  • Business Process analysis and Expertise in drafting, delivering well-written Standard Operating Procedures(SOP)
  • Experience in working closely with Project Stakeholders, SMEs and Technical Teams to establish the technical vision and analyze tradeoffs between usability and performance.


Waterfall, Spiral, AgileScrum, Kanban, Waterfall: Scrum Hybrid, XP

AtlassianJIRA, Rally, HP: ALM and Version One

Project Management Tools: MS Project, Confluence, MS SharePoint Server

MS Visio, Mock: up Screens, Balsamiq, Lucid Charts

Testing Tools: HP QC, Selenium, Load Runner, Cucumber, Swagger, Postman, SOAP UI

ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center 8.x/9.x, SSIS


Reporting Tools: Tableau Desktop, MS office suite, Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics

Languages: C, SQL, JSON, XML, HTML, Python.

Databases: MySQL Server 2012, Oracle.

Data Warehousing: Data Modeling, Data Marts, OLTP, OLAP, Data Dimensions, Schemas

Business Skills: Process Modeling, Change Management, GAP Analysis, Impact Analysis, Risk Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis, SWOT Analysis, JAD Sessions

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 10, LINUX, UNIX


Senior Business Systems Analyst

Confidential, Richfield, MN


  • Interviewed Subject Matter Experts and performed extensive Document Reviews to develop a thorough understanding of business processes & analyzed the supply chain to aid Business Processes Improvement(BPI)
  • Performed Document Analysis to understand the AS-IS process and collaborated with the team to design the TO-BE process based on the gathered requirements
  • Proactively involved in maintaining the requirements traceability and communicating any changes to these requirements to different business groups and programmers.
  • Worked closely with the Product Owner and stakeholders to understand business initiatives, develop product vision, create a roadmap and release plan for the project.
  • Constantly worked with Business stakeholders to manage and accommodate their Just in time (JIT) requirements.
  • Actively assisted the product owner in Prioritizing the Product Backlog as per the maximum business value along with proactively working on grooming User Stories in planning activities using INVEST criteria
  • Participated in SCRUM meetings (Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective and Backlog Grooming) and worked closely with the Subject Matter Experts and the Product Owner
  • Worked closely with the technical team to convert the functional requirements into technical specifications
  • Helped in ascertaining which features met the Definition of Done (DoD) using the acceptance criteria.
  • Designed Prototypes, Graphical User Interface (GUI) and User Interface (UI) mock-ups using Balsamiq tool.
  • Performed CRUD operations on SQL & stored procedures using SELECT & JOIN for portfolio drill downs to pull data
  • Actively involved in reading data from varied file types, created standard and ad-hoc reports using SQL, generating delimited files and SQL script to load data into SQL tables.
  • Facilitated meetings with Salesforce Admin, Developers and Architect and determined the data that should be integrated into Salesforce platform, as it was used for powerful data integration of Order Management Systems, Inventory and Catalog Systems with an easy to use graphical data mapping interface and reduced integration time.
  • Leverage knowledge of Batch Integration process by making REST’s Bulk API calls from the application to the API to upload the data and Lightning Bolt to fetch the data from Salesforce
  • Created API documentation using Swagger and communicated it with the developers to serve as a contract.
  • Assisted creation of Test Cases, Test Plans, Test Scenarios, and updated Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)
  • Conducted User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and actively participated and facilitated testing of the system during Smoke Testing, Integration Testing, Black Box Testing and Regression Testing with the help of QA Team.
  • Assisted testing team in UI testing using Selenium and documented the defects in the Jira.
  • Conducted data accuracy analysis & supported stakeholders for decision-making and Tableau generated report.
  • Authored progress and completion reports and submitted to program manager, business owner on a weekly basis

Environment: Scrum, Java, HTML/CSS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, JQuery, SQL, Informatica Power Center, Web Services, SOA, Bulk API, REST, MS Office, JIRA, Tableau, Oracle Data Miner

Senior Business Systems Analyst

Confidential, Framingham, MA


  • Understood and analyzed current order management process to be able to predict the impact of decisions or actions on the system and enterprise.
  • Performed GAP Analysis by understanding the AS-IS business process and TO-BE business process and created business process model and notation (BPMN).
  • Conducted JAD sessions with the committee of Subject Matter Experts (SME's) from various business areas to obtain domain level information, interviewing and asking detailed questions and carefully recording the requirements that can be reviewed and understood by both business & technical team.
  • Drafted the Business requirements document (BRD), Functional Specifications (FSD), Software Requirement Specifications (SRS), Use Case Specifications, Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM).
  • Created mockups for forms, check flows, and SSRS reports for the developers to implement the functionality.
  • Developed advanced SQL queries to extract, manipulate, and/or calculate information to fulfill data and reporting requirements including identifying the tables and columns from which data is extracted
  • Used SQL tools to run SQL queries and validate the data loaded into the Confidential tables and check for data quality and ensure the data loaded suffices the requirements of the stakeholders
  • Used Salesforce CRM extensively to create/manage leads to make sure the SSO would fit the existing system and communicated our requirements clearly to the Salesforce implementation partner for efficient migration.
  • Created Data Dictionary to map & create the source to Confidential mappings & served as reference for development
  • Responsible for REST API testing using Postman tool and acted as a point of contact to the developers and assisted them in understanding Salesforce API’s documentation
  • Documented XML schema for the APIs/Web services consumed by the order management system.
  • Involved in creating test plan, test scenario and test cases in Cucumber to provide a system holistic view
  • Conducted User acceptance test (UAT) and communicated the results to the development team.
  • Gathered test data from the clients to test the forms and reports for data flow using happy path scenarios.
  • Analyzed data contained by the databases using Structured Query Language (SQL and PL/SQL) and

Tableau to confirm data accuracy and integrity of various reports.

Environment: Scrum, MS Office, MS Project, Share Point, Mock-Up Screens, Magento, Raymark POS, Web Services, SOAP, SOA, HTML, XML, Java, jScript/jQuery, API, Web Methods, SOAP, WSDL, Tableau

Business Systems Analyst

Confidential, Menomonee Falls, WI


  • Understood the AS-IS and TO-BE system with proposed features while performing GAP Analysis.
  • Assisted Product owner in conducting Product Backlog Grooming sessions and analyzing market needs.
  • Resolved Impediments within the development team, identified and resolved external impediments by communicating with the member of external teams to achieve sprint goal and ensure scrum process is followed.
  • Allocated task and tracked issues using Rally. Also, managed user stories and the RTM during the project duration.
  • Wrote User Stories and led Planning Poker game to estimate stories during Sprint Planning and Backlog Grooming meetings. Collaborated with the PO to prioritize User Stories as per the maximum business value
  • Created Use Case document by specifying actors, normal flow, alternative flows for all use cases.
  • Requirements are organized by practicing UML approach and grouped into business processes, business rules, information needs and ensured that critical requirements were not missed.
  • Worked closely with both the development and testing team to clarify the system’s technical requirements.
  • Assisted the development team during the design, build and test phase of the system to crystallize the business requirements when needed.
  • Assisted Lead Architect in creating Dimensional Model to ensure that the historical data is properly stored in the data marts and the requirements are properly captured by the data marts.
  • Extensively used SQL queries to test the integrity of data by querying the database system.
  • Coordinated with the other business analysts and assisted in Data modeling, Data mapping and Data extraction and Integration in the data mart by using Informatica Power center from the legacy systems.
  • Managed the testing process of the application with the client and vendor resources. Documented test scripts/cases, tracking and managing resolutions of issues, executing test scripts and documenting results.
  • Received updates related to critical open defects and worked with QA managers to have these defects closed before the Confidential release of the projects.

Environment: Scrum, Rally, UML, MS Visio, MS Project, MySQL, Tableau, PL/SQL, MS Office, Data Migration, Informatica Power center, MS SQL database, PowerPoint and Excel

Supply Chain Business Analyst

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Participated in the Kickoff meeting of the project with Business Lead, Project Manager, and Project Coordinator
  • Created Business Requirements Document (BRD), Functional Requirements Document (FRD), Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) and documented the Meeting minutes
  • Documented the business requirements in Use cases, created Use case process models and process mapping using MS - Visio and generated workflow processes.
  • Created and baselined Use case document for the development and testing teams to track the activities with the business scenarios for each sprint
  • Leverage extensive knowledge of inventory to support the preparation of quotes, development of sales orders, and generation of detailed invoices. The Interface between Shipping and customers concerning clearance items, shipping rates, fulfillment of backorders, and on orders with special restrictions and handling requirements.
  • Was involved in discussions with the developers and Architects and assisted them in understanding the business requirements and to answer any of their business questions.
  • Used SQL to extract and collect data to generate reports using BI tools such as Tableau
  • Worked with Data Migration team by providing Business Requirements for migrating the data
  • Lead, develop and implement the planning system improvements to maintain optimal inventories throughout the global supply chain. Served as a liaison between the SME's and User experience team.
  • Conducted meetings with User experience team on getting the approval for the created screens
  • Involved in designing a process to Sign Off Business deliverables including Use cases, Business Rules, wire-frames and detail requirements
  • Hosted the meetings and discussions with Task management and correspondence team to provide the gathered business requirements from SME's and to work around for not feasible requirements
  • Documented XML schema for the APIs/Web services consumed by the order management system.
  • Involved in meetings with the Interfacing team to provide the requirements which affect the other subdomains
  • Participated in System Test reviews and suggested changes or missing test scenarios to be included in the list, development design reviews and usability studies
  • Presented Weekly Status Report to the manager and client.

Environment: Waterfall-Scrum Hybrid, Tableau, SQL Server, UML, MS Excel, MS Word, MS - Visio.

Business Systems Analyst



  • Performed Gap Analysis to identify the deficiencies of the current business systems and to identify the requirements for the change in the system to analyze the As-Is and To-Be to generate business requirements.
  • Facilitated JAD Sessions, Interviews sessions and Survey/Questionnaire to elicit requirements with stakeholders, business users and SME’s for understanding requirements.
  • Planned and worked with the online marketing team to develop direct-to-customer initiatives.
  • Responsible for requirements gathering, analysis, detailed process flow design, user acceptance testing and rollout of new & modified feature functionality deployed on the E-commerce website applications.
  • Drafted Business Requirement Document (BRD) for the specific business requirements and Functional Specification Document (FSD) capture the functional requirements better understand the domain and system.
  • Worked on several EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and MDM (Master Data Management) projects for Data Movement, within and outside the Confidential Applications Network.
  • Used MS Visio for Process Modeling and Business Process flow diagrams - Use Case Diagrams, Activity Diagrams
  • Participated in the Change Approval Board (CAB) meeting for any changes in the business requirements.
  • Assisted the testing team in developing the Test Plan, Test Conditions, and Test Cases based on business requirements and technical specifications in UAT through HP Quality Center
  • Used Tableau for data reporting, studying the trends, data patterns and for data forecasting.
  • Assisted in defining implementation and deployment tasks for the new platform as per the requirements.

Environment: Waterfall-Scrum Hybrid, UML, Java, XML, SOAP, SharePoint, MS Visio, MS Project, Quality Centre.

Junior Business Analyst



  • Conducted one-on-one interview sessions and JAD sessions with the users to understand their requirements and identify key challenges.
  • Met end users to develop GAP analysis document to address business processes such as reservations, issue resolution, security management and change control.
  • Developed mockup screens and prototypes to better understand user requirements using Lucid Charts
  • Extensively used the UML methodology to create various use case diagrams and created Business Requirements Document (BRD) and Functional Requirements Document (FRD)
  • Analyzed Business Requirements from Black Box testing perspective. Reviewed Test Strategy, Test Plans to ensure that test cases reflect user needs for functional, user interface, performance, usability and security requirements
  • Facilitated User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with the stakeholders and the business users.
  • Used Tableau for data reporting, studying the trends, data patterns and for data forecasting.
  • Conducted training sessions for the end users to help them transition to the new system.

Environment: - Waterfall, UML, SQL Server, MS Office, MS Project, DB2, SQL

Junior Business Analyst



  • Created Business Requirement Document (BRD), Test Plan, and Test Case documents
  • Worked requirement gathering, requirements documentation and requirements management
  • Responsible for identifying, evaluating, analyzing existing processes and proposing new solutions after acceptance from business users
  • Strong knowledge of QA testing phases: Functional, Integration, Performance, and Quality Metrics
  • Prepared monthly reports and ad hoc reports on QA results in a timely fashion
  • Performed functional, regression and performance testing in User Acceptance Test (UAT) environment and approval of the application

Environment: Waterfall, HTML, SQL, Microsoft Suite, SQL Server, MS Project

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