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Sr. Business Systems Analyst Resume



  • Highly motivated and result oriented Business systems analyst with 8 years of experience in business analysis working in a wide range of IT projects in investment management, wealth management sectors of Finance and banking with a proven track record of working in successful enhancements projects, new initiative projects by being a part of the complete project lifecycle ranging from project ideation up until the project is live in the market.
  • Experience working in various phase of the Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC) including traditional methodologies like Waterfall, Spiral and Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Scrum - Waterfall Hybrid, Kanban, Extreme Programming, and Scaled Agile Framework (4.0).
  • Experience in Capital Markets, Investment management, Money markets, Derivatives, Fixed Income Instruments, Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk, Bonds, Trading Cycle, Hedge Funds, Swaps.
  • Sound knowledge of Dodd-Frank regulation, SOX, FINRA, IFRS, SEC compliance-Integration and in equities, fixed income (bonds, T-Bonds), derivatives, mutual funds and hedge funds.
  • Expertise in performing GAP analysis (AS-IS and TO-BE), Cost-Benefit Analysis, Feasibility Study, Root Cause Analysis, SWOT Analysis & Impact Analysis for planning and execution of business decisions.
  • Conducted and facilitated Requirements Gathering Activities to garner requirements using diverse elicitation techniques like JAD Sessions, Brainstorming, One on One Interviews, Requirement Workshops, Focus Groups.
  • Acted as a liaison between the technical teams and the business stakeholders with an ability to communicate technical information to non-technical stakeholder and mentored teams on business value-oriented conflict resolution.
  • Adept in drafting high-level documents like Business Requirement Document BRD, Functional Requirement Document (FRD) and Functional Specification Document (FSD), technical specifications document and elaborated documents such as SRS and process flows using UML diagrams in Business Process Modeling.
  • Collaborated on creating Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) using MS Project, tracking schedules and milestones.
  • Proficient in creating UML Modelling such as Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, and Use Case Diagrams, Process Workflow Diagrams, Class Diagrams using MS Visio.
  • Well versed in creating and designing Prototypes, Wire-Frames and Mock-Up Screens to visualize Graphical User Interface (GUI) using tools like Balsamiq, Mock-Ups, Lucid Charts.
  • Profound knowledge in preparing Technical, Manuals, Training Modules and documenting the Release Notes.
  • Facilitated Change Management/ Requirement Churn and Defect Management by performing both Business Impact Analysis and Technical Impact Analysis process across the entire SDLC process.
  • Proficient in working with project managers to create software change control & managing vendor relationship.
  • Designed and executed complex SQL queries to create stored procedures, joins, unions, group by/order by and aggregate functions to extract data from different sources with timely validation and reports.
  • Performed and executed DDL (Data Defining Language), DML (Data Manipulation Language) and DQL (Data Query Language) to perform CRUD operations - Create, Read, Update and Delete, Patch the data.
  • Extensive implementation knowledge of handling Databases, Data Table Structures, Schemas, Data Marts and OLAP Operations such as Roll-Up, Drill-Down, Slice, Dice, and Pivot.
  • Co-ordinated with IT architects and assisted in creating current and target state enterprise data architectures.
  • Strong knowledge of ETL Process, Source to Target Mapping Process, Data-Migration and Data-Governance Processes with good experience in documenting business and technical metadata.
  • Proficient in working with web services using HTML, WSDL, SOAP, REST, JSON under various architectures N-tier architecture, service-oriented architecture (SOA) for efficient information transfer and mapping.
  • Experienced in API Testing using Postman and SoapUI to check the API’s interact correctly with the data in JSON, XML format as defined in the API documentation using SWAGGER.
  • Developed and assisted team members in creating test plans, test cases and assisted Testers and QAs’ to develop test Scripts and test scenarios in both manual and automation test environment to perform user acceptance testing, black-box, smoke, sanity, load/stress, unit, regression, end-to-end, and integration testing using HP ALM
  • Sound understanding of internet protocol suites related to web-based applications such as HTTP/HTTPS, FTPS.
  • Worked in Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) environments, where I have developed test cases in given-when-then format (Gherkins format) using Cucumber and Jenkins.
  • Thorough understanding of Business Intelligence (BI) and experience in creating interactive, analytical dashboards using Tableau, MS BI and Microsoft Excel for Data Analysis and generating data reports as requested by the Business Users and different Departments.


SDLC Methodologies: Waterfall, Scrum, Custom- Agile /Waterfall- Scrum Hybrid

Business Skills: Process Modeling, Change Management, GAP Analysis, Impact Analysis, Risk Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis, SWOT Analysis, JAD Sessions.

Requirements, Project Management.: Atlassian-JIRA, Rally, Atlassian Confluence, HP-ALM, MS Project, MS SharePoint Server, MS Office

Testing, Modeling and Web services: HPALM, Selenium, Cucumber, Postman, MS Visio, Draw.io, Google Drawings, Balsamiq, SOAP, REST, XML, JSON

Development IDE, Reporting Tools: SQL Management Studio, Eclipse, PowerShell, SSAS, Tableau

Languages: JavaScript, HTML, PowerShell, CSS, SQL, UML

Data Warehousing: Data modeling, data marts, OLTP, OLAP, Data Dimensions, Schemas

Databases/ETL: MySQL Server, Oracle, SQL Server Management Studio, Informatica Power Center 8.x/9.x, SSIS

Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10, MAC OS, UNIX, LINUX


Sr. Business Systems Analyst

Confidential, NJ


  • Conducted JAD Sessions and interview sessions and floated surveys and questionnaires to elicit the requirements.
  • Performed GAP Analysis, Risk Analysis, and COST-BENEFIT Analysis to understand Trade Flow for the AS-IS and TO-BE Process and generate the Business Requirements from the clients in Agile Environment (SCRUM).
  • Facilitated meetings with the Management, Investment Managers, Portfolio Managers, Quant Analysts and other stakeholders for analysis and gathered Pre-Requisites for the Project.
  • Created a Macro Document incorporating components of the Business Requirement Document (BRD), and System Requirement Specification (SRS) incorporating business, functional, non-functional, data, and GUI Requirements.
  • Was involved in the Domain Discussions to give systems perspective regarding PCI-DSS, SEC, IFRS, SOX Act compliance check workflow and facilitated compliance reporting system through web services and reporting teams to get pre and post-trade compliance approved.
  • Identified and documented the list of approved changes/enhancement from the client, facilitated a series of meetings/discussions with the teams involved in the flow of data into the existing system.
  • Suggested effective themes and intuitive blotter views and reports for the traders replacing the existing mechanical GUI and provided the functional aspect of the system for all the form events covered in the newly added requirements.
  • Assisted the Product owner to identify, size and split Epics into User Stories by adhering to the INVEST criteria.
  • Assisted the Product Owner to efficiently reprioritize and groom the product backlog for maximizing business value or return on Investment (ROI) on the development effort based on the MoSCoW technique.
  • Created Use Cases and UML Diagrams such as Use Case Diagrams, Activity Diagram and Sequence Diagrams using MS-Visio.
  • Created mockups for forms by using Balsamiq, check flows report for the developers to implement the functionality and got the approvals of the wireframes/ mockups from the client over emails and scheduled virtual meetings and performed job shadowing with traders to understand order entry and compliance workflows.
  • Customized Requirement Management, Requirement Traceability Matrix, Issue Tracking, Defect Management and Work Allocation using tools like JIRA.
  • Created, Organized and collaborated the teams for meeting notes, emails presentations and documentation by using Confluence.
  • Used SQL scripts/queries like joins, Group by, views and Stored procedures extensively for data verification at the backend as per the requirements.
  • Involved in designing and developing Data Models and Data Marts that support the BI Data Warehouse. Performed reverse engineering to finalize the source systems and assisted in extracting the data into ODS.
  • Prepared Source to Target data mapping Specification Document and validated the data fields and data types and assisted the ETL developer to prepare the ETL routines to conduct the ETL process using Informatica.
  • Created and managed leads to make sure the SSO would fit the existing system and communicated our requirements clearly to the implementation partner for efficient migration.
  • Tested and Analyzed domain-specific API’s while conducting the Interface analysis, to interpret the data formats in their WSDL/WADL for a thorough understanding of business requirements and supported integration of compliance REST API’s with Business Rules Engine using Postman.
  • Acted as point of contact between the API developers and testers in identifying and documenting the API’s workflow and documented XML and JSON schema using Swagger which was consumed by the order management system.
  • Assisted the QA team for developing the test plans, test cases and test scenarios for Systems Integration Testing (SIT), Regression Testing, White Box Testing, Black Box Testing, Sanity Testing, Smoke Testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in both manual and automation test environment to execute the testing process.
  • Actively monitor tasks and efforts on GITHUB and route the test cases to test suite making sure the requirements IDs for BRD, FRD, and SRS match.
  • Worked with Tableau for reporting and analyzing the portfolio performance and fixed income analytics such as Asset Allocation, Cash Flows, Profit and Loss of Hedge.

Environment: Agile-Scrum, Java J2EE, Oracle ESB, MS Visio, MS-Project, Balsamiq, REST, Postman, MS Office Suite, JIRA, Bloomberg B-Pipe, Confluence, MS SQL Server, Swagger, GitHub, Tableau, Informatica.

Sr. Business Systems Analyst, Brookfield, WI



  • Performed requirement gathering & analysis by actively soliciting, analyzing and negotiating customer requirements and prepared the requirements specification document for the application using MS Word.
  • Identified opportunities for business process improvement through various meetings with business users and developers and initiated efforts to make improvements.
  • Conducted JAD Sessions to allow different stakeholders to communicate their perspectives with each other, resolve any issues and come to an agreement quickly.
  • Coordinated and controlled Change Request for the clients by conducting Impact and Cost-Benefit Analysis, prioritizing and mitigating changes and prepared Change Request Form to provide details of Change Request.
  • Created UML activity diagrams and sequence diagrams to analyze the requirements and recommend solutions.
  • Prepared scenarios, Use Cases & UML State Diagram for scenarios using MS Visio
  • Assisted the technical team in translating application functionality into the application architecture.
  • Constructed PL/SQL joins, views, Stored procedures queries to test and fetch the data from in-house OLTP DB’s
  • Performed data mining and constructed SQL queries to find correlation and patterns in existing data, used Tableau in generating effective reporting to provide BI using various matrices critical to decision making.
  • Was involved in creating conceptual/logical ER diagrams and design DB schemas for in developing the DW.
  • Conducted Data Profiling activities such as Data Clean-Up and Data-Scrubbing to improve Data-Quality and generated the entire Data-Governance Policies to ensure compliance with external Government regulations.
  • Assisted in ensuring the Data Integrity by performing Data Normalization and employed ETL to map data and integrate data from different sources to Targets enterprise data marts using Informatica Power Center.
  • Assisted Architects and the team to build Data Hub with Bus Architecture and Enterprise Data Warehouse using STAR Schema with individual data marts to address the area of interest.
  • Identified and integrated various data sources like OLTP and flat files to the OLAP using Informatica and performed data verification, validity, and normalization in maintaining the accuracy and effectiveness of data.
  • Clarified QA team issues and reviewed test plans and test scripts developed by QA team to make sure that all requirements will be covered in scripts and tested properly.
  • Facilitated the QA Test Execution by assigning test cases to the QA Test Plan in various builds and assign test cases to the testers and assisted the QAT in Functional, performance, regression testing and black box testing UAT process and logged tickets for bugs using HP ALM.
  • Participated in Data Validation processes with QAT by developing spreadsheets with the data from the reports by QAs. Organized meetings to discuss outstanding issues with QA and developers and wrote test scripts for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and documented Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) using IBM Requisite Pro.
  • Involved in web services using JSON for creating documents based on business information using REST API
  • Used Tableau for report generation of the data to be analyzed from the data warehouse and data marts for the management to make effective business decisions

Environment: Waterfall, MS Office, Java/J2EE, HTML, CSS, Tableau, Informatica, MS Visio, MS Project, HP ALM, Wireframes, Mock-Up Screens, MS SQL Server, SharePoint, MS OFFICE, gap analysis, UAT, IBM Requisite Pro, REST.

Sr Business Systems Analyst, Boston, MA



  • Conducted one to one interview with Portfolio Manager to gather Business Requirements and was involved in the documentation of Business Requirement Documents .
  • Conducted JAD Sessions to present several prototypes and to elicit missing requir ements in the models for sign-off
  • Assisted the Project Manager in setting realistic Project expectations and in evaluating the impact of changes on the organization and planned accordingly and conducted Project related presentations .
  • Used UML , for gathering requirements, created Use Case Diagrams , and Use Case Specification document and closely worked with developers to make sure that they understood the Use Cases .
  • Developed strategic partnerships with the Business units to develop a solid knowledge base of the Business line , including the Business Plan, Products , and Process .
  • Translated the Business needs into System Requirements , communicating with the Business on a broader scale and with an in-depth view .
  • Converted various SQL statements into stored procedures thereby reducing the Number of database accesses and developed & executed several Optimized queries on this data by testing Performance & Accuracy QA Testing and Report / Data Validation.
  • Used Confluence for managing documents and for hosting websites which were used to access shared workspaces and documents and assisted the team in repository management and collaboration.
  • Performed API testing using Postman and REST to check if the APIs are returning the data in JSON, XML format as defined in the API documentation using Swagger and required by the workflow.
  • Developed reports including line and pie charts, trend analysis and sub-reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) .
  • Worked on both manual testing and automated testing to perform Regression Testing, White-Box Testing, and Black-Box Testing.
  • Developed the Test Plan, Test Conditions and Test Cases to be used in testing based on Business requirements, technical specifications and/or product knowledge plans and evaluated testing results for each potential release build using HP ALM.
  • Responsible for identifying and documenting business rules, created detailed Use Case for conducting User Acceptance Tests and d esigned Requirements Traceability Matrix to help the stakeholders trace the requirements.
  • Was involved in Product Release Documentation for the project at regular intervals for review and feedback.
  • Develop User Manuals and Training Manuals as per Project Specifications and timelines.

Environment: Scrum-Waterfall Hybrid, MS BI SSRS, MS Visio, MS Project, Mock-Up Screens, MS OFFICE, HP ALM, MS SQL Server 2012, Linux, Confluence

Sr. Business Systems Analyst, Charlotte, NC



  • Organized and conducted JAD Sessions and conducted the weekly sessions from requirement gathering to the sign-off of the application after testing.
  • Analyzed the business processes in-depth of the project by interacting with stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and performed GAP Analysis by understanding the AS-IS Process and the TO-BE Process in Agile-SCRUM environment.
  • Assisted the Project Manager to draft a Project Plan that included Project Schedules, Milestones, Work-Breakdown Structures using MS-Project & submitted Weekly reports about the progress of the project at PM.
  • Documented high level documents such as Business Requirement Document (BRD), System Requirement Specifications (SRS), Use Case Documents.
  • Identified all necessary Business Use Cases from requirements, created UML Diagrams including Use Cases Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Class Diagrams and web Page Mock-Ups using Microsoft Visio and Microsoft FrontPage
  • Decomposed the scope from the BRD into user stories by conducting a story writing session along with the Product Owner & the Scrum Master defining the Acceptance Criteria and Definition of Done to deliver PSPI
  • Extensively used complex SQL Queries such as joins, stored procedures, group by and views for data analysis to create and document reporting requirements by specifying inclusion and exclusion criteria, business rules.
  • Extensively used Visual Basic to create Macros to make Data Migration Testing more useful and compared results from the legacy databases to the new database
  • Understood the Data requirements and accordingly assisted Data Architect in designing the OLAP Cube for analysis. Integrated the various OLTP to the OLAP using SSIS as an ETL Tool, SSRS as the Reporting Tool and SSAS for analysis.
  • Performed User Acceptance Testing (UAT), developing and maintaining quality procedures, and ensure that appropriate documentation is in place. Assisted in Black-Box, Regression, and Functional Testing.
  • Worked with Technical and design teams for feeding requirement for the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in preparing the HLD and LLD.
  • Documented the WSDL, SOAP, REST web services using Swagger and performed the web API Testing Using Soap UI and Postman.
  • Created Reports and sub-reports with drill down, drill through and formatted the reports using the Global Variables expressions and functions and used tableau for interactive visualization of data.

Environment: Agile-scrum, MSBI (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), MS SQL Data-Base, SQL Server Management Studio, MS Visio, MS Front Office, MS SharePoint, Azure, HP Quality Center, JIRA, MS Project, HTML, IIS Server, SOA, SOAP, XML, JSON, MS-OFFICE

Jr Business Analyst/Manual Tester



  • As a Business Analyst, I acted as a primary liaison between Business & the development team throughout SDLC. Involved in complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with Scrum methodology- requirements gathering, conceptual design, analysis, high and low-level detailed design, development, system testing.
  • Draft and maintain business requirements and align them with functional and technical requirements. Involved with the creation of UML diagrams such as activity and sequence diagrams by using MS Visio.
  • Conducted user interviews and JAD sessions to gather and analyze requirements. Conducted GAP analysis to document requirements for existing system enhancements.
  • Created business requirements document and functional requirements document after gathering both functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Implemented Web Services to update the information displayed in the browser and to authenticate the current users to ensure security and information sharing.
  • Assisted the QA team in manual testing in performing Functional testing, Unit testing, Integration Testing, and User Acceptance Testing by setting up the test environment.
  • Involved in system interactive testing and helped testers in understanding the business and the design specifications.
  • Worked with the offshore development team during the testing and implementation phase.
  • Assisted the testing team in writing Test Cases, Test Scripts, Test Scenario and Test Suites and implemented them accordingly

Environment: Scrum, HTML, CSS, MS Office Suite, MS SQL, MS-Visio, JIRA, MS Project.

QA Manual Tester



  • Interacted with BA and Developers in Requirement Analysis , Design Reviews, Testing and documentation for application developed in an agile environment.
  • Developed and executed test cases based on the business requirement document .
  • Performed all type of Manual testing in Functional, performance, regression, Stress testing black box testing and user acceptance testing.
  • Used Quick Test Pro for testing the compatibility of the application with different platforms and added multiple checkpoints in the testing of GUI by inserting checkpoints in Quick Test Pro scripts for single or multiple objects and text.
  • Performed backend testing with SQL for data validation and data Integrity.
  • Used Quality Center to house all test documentation and report/track all.

Environment: Agile-Scrum, Quick Test Pro, MS Office Suite, MS Project, MS-Visio, Oracle 9i

QA Manual Tester



  • Reviewed Business requirement Documen t, IT Design documents , Functional Requirement Documents and prepared Test Plans which involved various Test Cases for all assigned modules and created Strategy documents.
  • Developed a Defects Tracking Log for the SharePoint Site to track defects while testing.
  • Involved in UAT testing , SIT Testing , Regression Testing and Functional testing and report daily update and managed Offshore teams.
  • Created Release note in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), setup/link Test Lab with release cycle , executed test cases and recorded results in ALM .
  • Wrote Structure Query Language (SQL) queries to check proper data population in an application table and for data verification to perform Backend Testing against MySQL Database .
  • Interact with Developers and Business Analysts to perform various types of testing throughout the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) and Bug Life Cycle (BLC).

Environment: Waterfall, Manual Testing, HP ALM, Bugzilla, MySQL, Microsoft Excel.

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