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Business Analyst Resume

Trenton, NJ


  • 7 years experience industry experience as Business Analyst with solid understanding of Business Requirement gathering, Business Process flow and Business Process Modeling
  • Strong Knowledge of SDLC, RUP, Scrum methodology and project life cycle
  • Experience in Secondary Mortgage Market, Mortgage Backed Securities, Debt Securities, Financing Structures, Retail Banking and Investment Banking
  • Experience in Data warehouse, ETL- Extraction/Transformation/Loading, Data Analysis, Data migration, Data preparation, Graphical Presentation, Statistical Analysis, Reporting, Validation and Documentation.
  • Strong background in various Data Modeling tools such as ERWIN, ER STUDIO, MS VISIO
  • Experience with Data warehouse applications using Oracle, MS SQL Server on windows and UNIX platforms.
  • Conduct Joint application design (JAD) sessions and interviews, written correspondence, reports, implementation requirements, project status reports, oral presentations and email, to keep executive staff and team members apprised of goals, project status, and resolving issues and conflicts
  • Experience in conducting GAP analysis, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), SWOT analysis, Cost benefit analysis and ROI analysis.
  • Experience working with business users to analyze and document Business Requirements and System Requirement Specifications (SRS)
  • Strong knowledge of UML, RUP, Rational Rose, RequisitePro, DOORs, and Clearcase
  • Proficient in creating Use Cases, Sequence Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams, and Activity Diagrams.
  • Risk Analysis, Securities and their valuation, Asset Management- risks and returns
  • Strong knowledge retrieving, staging and analyzing data using TOAD for various databases.
  • Strong knowledge of Business Intelligence, and Business Architecture
  • Provided production assistance after project implementation
  • Excellent Team player to work in conjunction with other testers, developers and other team members in validation and testing complex scenarios and projects and in the maintenance of Quality Standards in Projects
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills. Experience working with business users as well as senior management


Confidential, 04/2011 – 02/2012

Trenton, New Jersey

Business Analyst

Description: Users currently use two separatme systems to view images of RFG business documents. Image Web is the application that accesses images from the MetLife platform. Fetch is application that accesses images from the Metlife platform. Each viewer utilizes a different version of Metlife’s IDM Viewer. Users requiring access to images across RFG must have both applications loaded on their desktop, which may cause Metlife library conflicts and lead to perceived application outages. The Global Imaging and Document Services team is seeing increasing numbers of production support issues related to these problems. This project enables the development a new web viewer (GENERIC VIEWER) for the users of Image Web and Fetch. This will resolve the current user issues and will eliminate the need to the Imaging and Desktop Support teams to provide desktop client support. This will also eliminate the need for the Global Imaging and Document Services team to distribute a new viewer to users’ desktop as part of the Metlife Integration project.


  • Was responsible for creating and reviewing Business Requirements (BRD), Functional Requirement Specifications (FRS), project schedules, documentation and test plans.
  • Designed the business requirement collection approach based on the project scope and SDLC Methodology.
  • Conducted feasibility studies & Impact analysis, Cost/Benefit Analysis, Gap Analysis and Risk Analysis
  • Conducted interviews with key business users to collect requirement and business process information pertaining to Global Imaging and Data services (GIDS)
  • Developed business process models in RUP to document existing and future business processes.
  • Designed GUI and Navigation flows for the generic viewer facing the end user using MS power point, visio and balsamiq.
  • Performed extensive requirement analysis including data analysis and gap analysis on the RFG processes.
  • Designed and developed project document templates based on SDLC methodology.
  • Comprehensively work with requirement gathering for Enterprise reporting system using RequisitePro.
  • Designed and developed all Use Cases and UML models using MS Visio. Developed Sequence Diagrams, OOD using UML.
  • Create Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) to depict the source-to-Target Mapping and Data Lineage Analysis.
  • Identify source systems, their connectivity, related tables and fields and ensure data suitably for mapping.
  • Used TOAD to connect the database and ran SQL queries to view data and analyse data for business requirement
  • Developed requirement reports for day-to-day retail banking needs for opening account, online baking using RequisitePro.
  • Prepared and executed test cases for Navigational test, Functionality testing and GUI testing using Test Director.
  • Used Doors to understand the impact of changing a requirement and decide whether to include it in the current project and to define the traceability across the entire project lifecycle.
  • Trained various users on Doors, which enabled them to submit, review and approve changes within the document.
  • Played a key role in the planning, testing, and implementation of system enhancements and conversions.
  • Functioned as the primary liaison between the business line, operations, and the technical areas throughout the project cycle.
  • Partnered with the technical areas in the research and resolution of system and process problems.
  • Designed and implemented basic SQL queries for QA testing and report / data validation.
  • Analyzed research on operational procedures and methods and recommend changes for improvement – with an emphasis on automation and efficiency.
  • As necessary assisted with the process of identifying and recommending vendors, and assisted with the vendor relationship.
  • Performing Black Box testing to validate and verify the requirements captured in the (BRD).

Environment: MS SQL Server, SharePoint, Data Warehousing, GUI design, Web-interfaces:ASP (Jscript/VBScript), OLE DB, ActiveX, Utilities: VB, VBA, Tools: Rational Requisite Pro and MS VISIO, Testing tools: Quick Test Director, TOAD

Confidential, NY 01/2010 – 02/2011

Cleveland, OH

Business Analyst

Description: MSDW is one of the leading brokerage firms in the market, which provides financial services to a large number of customers. This project addresses various functionalities like consolidation of the interest rates for various funds, brokerage accounts, and introduction of new investment sweep option. This project ensures the maximum coverage for the investors based on “multiple banks” FDIC insurance


  • Gathered requirements conceptualized into Business Requirements specifications. Authored BRD and functional requirements specifications.
  • Functioned as the primary liaison between the Business and the Technical teams and resolved any functional issues for the Technical team.
  • Used MS Project to follow up the progress of the development team and provided Status Reports every week on the progress of the Project to the higher management.
  • Created Use-Cases and Business Use-Case Model after accessing the status and scope of the project and understanding the business processes.
  • Integrated RequisitePro with Rational Rose to provide all teams visibility and maintain traceability among requirements, Use cases and Change requests.
  • Managed all the requirements in RequisitePro, making requirements available to all team members.
  • Created requirements analysis and design phase artifacts using Rational RequisitePro.
  • Used Rational Rose to create Use case, Activity, Sequence and Collaboration diagrams.
  • Wrote SQL extracts, conditioned and cleansed data for producing reporting metrics.
  • Prepared screenshot (GUI) using Visio
  • Interacting with various cross-functional teams on building business use cases and understanding expenses and revenue stream
  • Interacting with the developers to report and correct bugs.
  • Used Rational ClearCase to track changes to multiple artifacts by versioning artifacts, associating requirements specific change requests to streamline the defect/change tracking process.
  • Developed the Test Plans and Test Cases for the Unit Testing, System Testing and User Acceptance Testing based on the functional requirements. Involved in system and regression testing of the entire product to bring the performance at par with the new set parameters.
  • Prepared the User’s Manual and trained the users

Environment: MS SQL Server, SharePoint, Data Warehousing, GUI design, Web-interfaces: ASP (Jscript/VBScript), MS Project, Utilities: VB, VBA, Tools: Rational Requisite Pro and MS VISIO, Testing tools: Quick Test Pro 8.0, Load Runner 8.0, Quality Center 8.0.

Confidential, 02/2008 – 11/2008


Business Analyst

Description: The client's existing legacy data management system did not allow for easy or efficient data access. The data, once entered and stored, could not be viewed or reused by any other customer units in the organization. The client wanted a more accessible and comprehensive view of its customer portfolio - a 360-degree viewing ability which would enable it to create and capitalize on increased sales opportunities. The aim was to use this new IT architecture to enhance existing customer relationships as well as be in a position to provide better service to new customers.


  • Was responsible for creating and reviewing business requirements, functional specifications, project schedules, documentation and test plans.
  • Worked with production staff to identify and map detailed current processes, identify gaps and failure points, perform root cause analysis and develop functional requirements that supported overall strategy, goals and objectives.
  • Assisted the Project Manager in setting realistic project expectations, in evaluating the impact of changes on the organization and plans accordingly, and conducted project related presentations.
  • Acted as a liaison between the technical staff and the users (staff and management), also responsible for communications between Project Team and other related department.
  • Lead client facilitation meetings to gather Requirements (Inception phase), there after assisted tech leads in Analysis & Design approach using UML & Rational Unified Process
  • Conducting user interviews at both in-house and client locations, gathering and analyzing requirements using RequisitePro – RUP
  • Documented meeting minutes and archived it using ClearCase
  • Designed and developed project document templates based on SDLC methodology
  • Analyze and design Use Case diagrams, Class diagrams, sequence diagrams, and Visio to depict process flows and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Developed requirement reports for day-to-day trading management needs for opening new accounts, using RequisitePro.
  • Used and wrote SQL queries to access the data needed for analysis. Created reports using MS Access and Excel for requirement and issue tracking.
  • Laid out business structure to manage change control process using Rational ClearQuest
  • Assisted QA manager to develop test plan and test case
  • Provided business support to conduct User Acceptance Test (UAT)
  • Conducted benchmarking activities to identify the best practices.
  • Participated in the logical and physical design sessions and developed design documents.
  • Created test cases and scenarios for Unit, Regression, Integration as well as Back-end, GUI and Black box testing. Defects found in the application are entered in Quality Center.

Environment: MS Windows XP, MS Office 2003, Rational Suite (Rose, Requisite Pro, Clear Quest), SQL Server 2005/2000, Oracle 9i/10g, HP (Quality Center 9.2, Quick Test Professional 8.2/9.2).

Confidential, 07/2007 -01/2008

New York

Business Analysis

Description: The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY (Guardian) is the fourth largest mutual life insurance company in the United States. It provides diversified financial solutions, including life insurance, disability income insurance, retirement services, employee benefits, and investments. With the economic downturn that began in 2008, Guardian decided that it had to focus on its overall business operations in general and its ability to manage its information resources in particular. The organization linked IT operations with business strategy and defined formal enterprise application architecture.


  • Responsible for coordinating JAD sessions with business users to analyze loan application lifecycle, gather and define the key performance indicators, document and present the requirements specifications.
  • Identified constraints in the existing mechanism and designing solution to overcome constraints.
  • Responsible for understanding business rules that drive system logic.
  • Defined project milestones, schedules, monitoring progress using MS Project and updating plans as required.
  • Initiated Use Case Analysis, which provided the framework for potential use case deliverables and their inter relationships, and allow for maximizing software reuse.
  • Created Use Cases using UML and managed the entire functional requirements life cycle using Rational Unified Process, Requisite Pro.
  • Created Process Work flows, Functional Specifications, and responsible for preparing Software Requirement Specifications (SRS), Functional Specification Document (FSD).
  • Created and managed project templates, Use Case project templates, requirement types and trace-ability relationships in Requisite Pro.
  • Responsible for creating business flow diagrams (using MS-Visio)
  • Worked with the Business Intelligence to profile the data for data accuracy. Used SQL to access the data base for analysis
  • Extensive experience with User acceptance testing (UAT), System testing, Integration testing and build verification testing.
  • Involved in configuration management, version control and change management using Rational Clear Case and Rational Clear Quest

Environment: MS Windows XP, MS Office 2003, MS Project, Rational Suite 2003/2001 (Rose, Requisite Pro, Clear Quest), SQL Server 2005/2000, Oracle 9i/10g, HP (Quality Center 9.2, Quick Test Professional 8.2/9.2).

Confidential, 12/2005 – 03/2006

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Business Analyst

Description: Canadia Bank PLC is the largest independent commercial banks in Cambodia. The project was to build an Enterprise Reporting System to support the portfolio management and performance analysis of the credit card business with various reward offerings. The whole application processes were comprised of ETL process for transactional data, filter process to identify valid transactions, calculation process for transaction and reward fee calculation, data integration into the Data Warehousing System. The end user interface was a web based reporting system to provide business intelligence capability to asset manager.


  • Served as a liaison between business team and the project team by assisting the business in identifying, understanding, and documenting their business needs
  • Collected and documented business processes as well as business rules
  • Participated in the identification, understanding, and documentation of business requirements, including the applications capable of supporting those requirements
  • Translated the business needs into system requirements, communicating with the business on a non-technical level, and with the System Analyst on a more technical level
  • Collaborated with development architect and the business to develop both high-level and detailed application architecture to meet the business needs
  • Performed gap and data analysis of the existing legacy system and provided recommendations for the new system. Created Test Cases and performed User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with business users and end users to ensure proper functionality and usability of the system.
  • Documented and delivered Functional Specification Document to the project team
  • Assist the PM in setting realistic project expectations and in evaluating the impact of changes on the organization and plans accordingly
  • Provided technical assistance in identifying, evaluating, and developing systems and procedures that are cost effective and meet business requirements
  • Developed test scenarios and implemented test plan providing key input in working with users in defining project and system requirements
  • Conducted User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Conducted project related presentations

Environment: HTML, Java, MS Windows 2000, MS Office 2003, Rational Suite 2003/2001, Windows NT, Load Runner and Test Director.

Confidential, 05/2005 – 11/2005

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Business Analyst

Description: The project involved designing and developing a web-based auto loan application for in-house users in the bank. My primary responsibility was to design the web-based form after interviewing various business users. I assisted the Project Manager in conducting GAP analysis and SWOT analysis. I also documented the requirements in order to create Use-Cases.


  • Gathered requirements by interviewing the various business units involved.
  • Created and developed new functionality in the application to meet automobile loan needs.
  • Designed and developed use cases, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, and OOD using UML. Gathered and documented business requirements.
  • Analyzed existing systems logic difficulties and revised them as the needed.
  • Established a business analysis methodology around the RUP (Rational Unified Process).
  • Assisted in building a business analysis process model using Rational Rose and Visio.
  • Collaborated with the Project Manager to organize training material and write user manuals.

Environment: HTML, Java, MS Windows 2000, MS Office 2003, Rational Suite 2003/2001, Windows NT, Load Runner and Test Director.


Business Analyst Tools: Rational Requisite Pro, Rational ClearQuest, Rational Rose, Microsoft Office Suite – Visio, MS. Project, DOORS, Share point Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/2000/XP, Vista, Window 7 Databases: Microsoft Access, Oracle 8i, MySQL, MS SQL Server Version Control Tool: Rational Clear Case, PVCS version manager. Test tools: Quick Test Professional (QTP), Quality Center, Test Director, Clear Quest Software Application Tools: TOAD Issue Management, SODA, Rational Clear case, TOAD, File Aid, DB Artisan Rapid SQL, TWS Manager, Ultra Edit, Microsoft Outlook, Test Director


MBA- Global Management and Project Management

Bachelor of Economic Information

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