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Data Analyst Resume


Master of Science in Informatics May, 2012

Bachelor of Management in Management and Information System (MIS) June, 2010

Bachelor of Economics in Finance June, 2010

Technical Skills

Languages: Visual Basic (proficient), C (prior experience), C++ (expert), Delphi (proficient), PHP (proficient), Python (proficient), SQL query(proficient), Java(prior experience), HTML (proficient) Software: Visual Studio C++, Eclipse, Oracle Discoverer, SAS, R, Weka, Spider Crawler, Wing IDE Systems: Windows, Linux, UNIX, MS-DOS, Mac OS

Research Experience

Graduate Research Assistant in Computerized Predictive and Distraction01/2012-06/2012

  • Reconstructed the project website, decrease 50% error data entry.
  • Increased 3.5% accuracy by implementing algorithm based on data mining SVM model
  • Rebuild the website database based on MySQL
  • Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature Mobile Application Research 05/2011-12/2011

    • Designed and built the UCOL website using PHP
    • Participated in the mobile application design
    • Be responsible for biweekly group meeting
    • Build a Predictive Model for Bankruptcy 09/2007-04/2008

      • Transferred raw data into readable format for SAS, improved 5% data utilization rate
      • Analyzed the data with SAS prediction module combined with linear regression

      Work Experience

      Date Analyst for Office of Statewide Clinical Education Programs 05/2011-05/2012

      • Created datasets, forms, reports, and routine data products from relational data bases as requested by supervisor using Oracle 10g.
      • Designed the architecture of the OSCEP database.
      • Performed technical process documentation as required by OSCEP staff.
      • Monitored data entry/retrieval systems.
      • Assisted in design and development of small application programs in Discoverer.
      • Developed, tested, and debugged routines/programs.

      Leadership Experience

      Website Director of Marketing Association 08/2008-02/2009

      • Trained 10 members in marketing association for computer procedures and HTML language.
      • Supervised and managed a team of 6 people to build the marketing association official website, which is the first student association website in Wuhan University of Technology
      • Led members with different major to work together, motivated them to build the website. Operated the team with the interpersonal skill
      • Negotiated with other association presidents to affirm them the function of the website

      Project Experience

      Crawling High-Quality Pages through URL Ordering 02/2012-05/2012

      • Composed an ACM format paper personally, based on Larry Page’s PageRank algorithm. Using spider crawler created by Professor Pant Gautamto crawl the URL links based on the www.uiowa.edu website, calculated the PageRank by a personal created Java package and got back links information from Google API.From 500 out URLs, it shows by using best-first crawler we can get high quality pages very fast. Using PageRank and breath-first ordering we can crawling high-quality pages more efficiently than other ways

      C++ project for Small Bank Institution System 10/2011-12/2011

      • Led a group of 3 graduate students to finish a Small Bank teller-client system. The system could open and maintain customer accounts and print the reports on the current account status. It could also add new customer and account. It could add transactions to account in both individually and batches. Automatically balance the accounts in the end of the month based on system time. The system could offer checking, saving and loan account and charged over withdrawal fee when needed. It’s a very robust and no error occurred when testing by Visual Studio C++

      Predicting Red Wine Quality Based on Linear Regression 08/2011-12/2011

      • Led a group of 4 members to build a linear model for predicting Portugal vinhoverde red wine. Trimmed the raw data and did attribute selection. From R, using the BIC backward criterion to select the initial model. Using vif value to judge if interactions are needed in our model. Using the HosmerLemeshow goodness of fit to test if the logistic model is good enough

      Catering Services Business Process Analyst and Database Design 08/2011-12/2010

      • Collaborated with 2 other graduate students to successfully finish a catering services database design. After thoroughly study and discuss, we created E-R model at first and based on this we built the database using MySQL and uploaded it to the Computer Science server. The database could insert, delete and update instances, and could satisfy 3NF

      Warehouse and Logistics Management System Design 09/2008-03/2009

      • Led a group of 4 members to build a functional warehouse and logistics management system using Delphi. Based on the warehouse inventory, the system could add, delete and update items by hands or automatically and could add new items. It could do simple calculation and update new result in the database. If one of the items in the inventory used up or smaller than the threshold the system would alarm. The system responded accurately and stably under various test conditions


      National Computer Rank ExaminationCertification (Band 3) 2008

      • Certification for professional knowledge of Information Management Technology, master of software engineering, the basic principles and methods of database, familiar with the methods and techniques of computer information systems development. Every year only top 15% in China can receive this certification.

      National Computer Rank Examination Certification(Band 2) 2007

      • Certification for professional knowledge of using C in programming and debugging programs.Every year only top 30% in China can receive this certification

      Excellent League Member of school 2008

      • Awarded for academic excellence and league member in the school, only 5% of students in school can receive this recognition achievement

      Scholarship for “THREE GOODS” Student in the school 2007

      • Good in study, attitude and health. GPA achieved the honor standing and ranked in the top 10% in the School of Management

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