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Sr Business Analyst Resume

Rbc, NY


  • 8+ years of professional experience as Business Analyst with concrete understanding of business analysis, requirement gathering, business process flow, and data analysis in capital markets
  • Solid experience in working with diverse users’ groups across front, middle, and back office teams within equity, fixed income, derivatives, compliance, and risk management teams
  • Comprehensive understanding of financial instruments like Equities, Fixed Income products like corporate bonds, municipal bonds, agency securities - MBS, ABS, CMO, CDO, and derivatives - Options, Futures, Forwards, credit derivatives - credit default swaps (CDS), swaps, money market instruments - Repos, Reverse Repos, secured financing, financial risks, and risk calculation measures
  • Hands-on exposure with Risk Management models - default probability (PD), Loss Given Default (LGD), Exposure-at-Default, Regulatory Capital, Worst Case Default Rate (WCDR), Correlation, Economic Capital, Potential Future Exposure (PFE)
  • In-depth knowledge of risk parameters & valuation models - value-at-risk (VaR), CVAR, Expected Shortfall, duration (modified, macaulay, effective), convexity, yield, and yield-to-maturity (YTM)
  • Strongly knowledgeable in different types of risks - market risk, credit risk, interest rate risk, counter-party risk, liquidity risk, operational risk, inflation risk, and systematic risk
  • Strong understanding of financial compliance regulations framework - CCAR, Liquidity Stress Testing, Regulatory Reporting, Dodd Frank (Volcker Rule, Title VII), EMIR, and BASEL (I, II, III) framework
  • Excellent understanding of financial protocols, messaging networks & formats - FIX, XML, FpML, SWIFT
  • Expertise in implementing several SDLC methodologies for application development like Agile SCRUM, Waterfall, Agile XP, RAD, and RUP
  • Hands-on experience in documenting business requirements in BRD, transforming requirements into functional specifications and documenting FSD; built training manuals & user guides
  • Proven expertise in performing data mapping - identifying data source, data target, and transformation rules to setup the ETL process
  • Solid experience in writing complex SQL Queries for generating various ad-hoc custom reports, data validations, data analysis, and extracting data across multiple databases including Oracle 11g, SQL Server
  • Well versed in designing system using UML - use case diagrams, written use cases, business workflows, process flows, dataflow diagrams, activity diagrams, wireframes, screen mock-ups, GUI designs, swim lane diagrams, and sequence diagrams, using MS Visio / Rational Rose
  • Strong experience in performing project management tasks - maintaining project plan, managing status updates, allocating tasks, follow-ups, and ensuring the project meets the strategic goals
  • Proficient in performing GAP analysis to document AS-IS and TO-BE business processes
  • Strong experience conducting JAD sessions for streamlined development, requirements review, conflict resolution, and design sessions
  • Expertise in assisting database administrators (DBAs) in conducting data modeling, defining entity relationships, database dependencies, and data attributes in the entity relationship (ER) diagram
  • Solid experience in assisting QA team for documenting master test plan, test cases, and test scripts
  • Expertise in performing different testing types - functional testing, integration testing, system testing, performance testing, load testing, GUI testing, stress testing, regression testing, and sanity testing
  • Proficient in defect tracking lifecycle management by identifying & logging defects, assigning defects, coordinating with development team in fixing defects, and generating defect summary reports
  • Adept in creating requirement traceability matrix (RTM) - tracking business requirements against test cases; ensuring project initiatives meet the expected deliverables
  • Hands-on experience in facilitating UAT by identifying test group, building test schedules, and coordinating with business users & technical teams to resolve open issues


Languages: SQL, HTML, XML, JAVA, Python, C, C++, MATLAB, VB WINDOWS 98/2000/Vista/XP/ 2007/2008/2010, Unix

Databases: Oracle 11g, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MY SQL, PL/SQL, Management Studio

BI Reporting: OBIEE, Tableau, MS Excel, Cognos, SSRS, BO

PM Tools: MS Project, MS SharePoint

Testing Tools: QualityCenter (QC), QTP, JIRA

BA Expertise: MS Visio, UML, Bloomberg, PeopleSoft, Reuters, Rational Rose, Confluence, Intex, Polypaths


Confidential, RBC, NY

Sr Business Analyst


  • Extensively analyzed the VaR data for one-day VaR, ten-day VaR and stress VaR to make sure there are no discrepancies in the results
  • Monitored the backtesting reports and ensured the smooth running and execution of the daily jobs related to it
  • Worked with the development and support teams to make sure the daily jobs executed as per the requirement
  • Extensively worked with the team to generate the quarterly stress analysis numbers
  • Analyzed and developed the logical algorithms to be implemented by the development teams as per the user requirements
  • Examined and reported the data issues to the data and development teams for the development and support issues
  • Worked with the QA team to validate the issues and code fixes that are being implemented for the next development cycle
  • Collected requirement from the business users to be implemented into logical solutions for the team
  • Managed the daily scrum calls for analyzing the impediments, planning the next day development activity and making sure the project is on track
  • Continuously monitored the logical implementation and successful execution of the software solutions as per the business requirements
  • Coordinated with different stakeholders from requirement gathering to implementation of the requirements
  • Delegated and prioritized tasks as per the business requirements

Environment: Advance MS Excel, MS Visio, SQL Server 2012, Windows 7, UML, MS Access, Quality Center, MS Office, MS Project, JIRA, Confluence, Excel VBA, Intex, Bloomberg, Polypaths

Confidential, NY

Lead CCAR Business Systems Analyst / Data Analyst


  • Manually reviewed CCAR positional stress testing numbers against the system generated automated numbers
  • Involved with the Market Risk Team and exposed to various concepts like VaR, SVaR, CVaR and risk not in VaR (RNIV)
  • Detailed analysis of stress testing numbers with the collaboration of Risk Managers to ensure accurate and timely submission of Fed Reports
  • Extensively worked with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Risk Managers to understand regulatory reporting requirements
  • Worked primarily 14Q and 14A schedules for their accurate data submission
  • Exposed and versed on various CCAR concepts like loss given default (LGD), probability of default (PD) and exposure at default (EAD) for the analysis of GMS Stress testing numbers
  • Analyzed various data issues including sourcing and reconciliation issues in 14Q and 14A reports
  • Worked with risk managers and the data teams to ensure error free reporting
  • Involved in daily stand-ups for issue tracking, project progress and issue resolution
  • Worked closely with project manager to keep track of the status of project and draft strategies for the future releases; managed schedules, deadlines, and resources for the project using MS Project
  • Assisted the data team in the process of extracting the raw data from various data sources and loading the data into the target data warehouse as per the system defined mapping
  • Performed data mapping activities for input-output fields for various external data sources
  • Liaised between the data team and the business team along with the business owners/SMEs in coordinating the issue resolution and mitigation process
  • Responsible for creating daily status report and tracking the progress of the project at every stage by creating Traceability Matrix
  • Identified various risks and dependencies and ensured smooth functioning of the project
  • Wrote SQL queries for the data validation and integration analysis for the underlying database
  • Worked on Tableau for the data analysis of the reports for the CCAR submission

Environment: MS Excel, MS Visio, SQL Server, Tableau, Windows 7, UML, PL/SQL, MS Access, Quality Center, MS Office, MS Project, MS SharePoint, Management Studio

Confidential, NY

Senior Business Analyst


  • Led daily status meetings, sprint planning meetings, sprint review meetings, retrospective meetings, and monthly sprints as per AGILE SCRUM software development methodology
  • Assisted scrum master in developing project plan, documenting project charter, creating project milestones, allocating project resources and monitoring the project status
  • Performed detailed GAP analysis to have better understanding of differences between existing and future system
  • Conducted various project management responsibilities such as building project plan, resource management, release scheduling, maintaining issue log, and generating status reports
  • Identified application actors, drafted user stories, worked closely with Product Owners to maintain Product Backlog, managed Sprint Backlog, and managed Scrum calls & daily meetings
  • Acted as liaison between technology team, clients, SMEs to establish requirements and determine user needs
  • Performed requirements analysis by conducting JAD sessions participated by the SME, business users, and technical team to identify cross-functional implications and fixing the discrepancies
  • Assisted ETL team in development processes for extraction of raw data from data sources, transforming data into a normalized format, and loading data into targeted data warehouse as per defined data mapping
  • Modeled various UML diagrams, which included use cases, business process flows, swim lane diagrams, activity diagrams, dataflows, user interface design, swim-lane diagram; created and designed screen mock-ups & wireframes
  • Worked closely with the development lead and system architects to prepare Graphical User Interface (GUI) design and system specifications for different reports
  • Assisted in creation of aggregation engine to capture inputs from various databases to generate reports for fed
  • Designed ARB, which allows users to create different assumptions for particular scenario
  • Assisted Data Modeling team to create Entity-Relationship diagram - design conceptual, logical, physical data models
  • Extensively performed SQL queries for data retrieval, data validation, data analysis, and report generation
  • Collaborated with the QA team in development of test plan, test cases, and test scripts and participated in Functional testing, Performance Testing, Stress Testing, Integration testing, System testing, Black-box testing, GUI testing, Regression testing, and Smoke testing
  • Involved in managing defect lifecycle - conducting daily defect tracking meeting, reporting and reviewing the defects, assigning the open defects to developers, and re-testing the fixed defects
  • Developed Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM), linking each business requirement and related functional specification to subsequent test cases
  • Successfully conducted UAT with business users to verify the system’s behavior consistency with requirements
  • Was key in the tracking and sign off of the risk report generation

Environment: JIRA, MS Office, MS Visio, MS SharePoint, Oracle 11g, SQL, Java, Cognos, Agile Scrum, UML, Confluence, PL/SQL, MS Project, MS Access, QTP, Quality Center

Confidential, NC

Sr Business System Analyst


  • Prepared list of questionnaire and interviewed SMEs & business users to collect & analyze business requirements; documented requirements in BRD and specifications in Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) document
  • Piloted daily scrum, stand-up calls, and actively involved in sprint planning in project as per Agile Methodology
  • Offered extensive assistance to the Project Manager in developing the project plan, project scope, project charter, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), network diagrams, project milestones, and monitoring & controlling the project
  • Performed detailed GAP Analysis on the legacy system with the proposed system by working in close proximity with key business and technical stakeholders within the front/back office
  • Performed data mapping to complete data integration process identifying the data source, destinations, data relationships, and the business rules
  • Contributed in setting up static and market data sources to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data into the database
  • Performed SQL queries for data extraction, data reconciliation, data cleansing, and generating ad-hoc reports
  • Documented system design, process workflow, and system architecture using UML diagrams such as, Use case diagrams, Activity diagrams, Class diagrams, State Diagrams, Collaboration diagrams, Sequence diagrams, Component diagrams, screen mock-ups, wire frames, and Dataflow diagrams
  • Designed Collateral Management Dashboard using wireframes / prototypes in prolonged discussions with operations
  • Built interfaces with contract management system, trade management system, reconciliations, portfolio accounting
  • Acted as a liaison between the business users and the technical team to ensure project progress, resolve discrepancies, and coordinate resources
  • Arranged JAD sessions with the QA team, Developers, end users, and stakeholders to prioritize requirements, analyze & verify the functionalities against the user requirements for completeness & feasibility, and to evaluate system development time & cost
  • Assisted the Data modeling team to create Entity Relationship (E-R) diagrams to identify database entities, relationships among the entities, data attributes, and integrity constraints
  • Collaborated with testing team in development of test plan, test cases, and test scripts to carry out Functional testing, Integration testing, Performance testing, System testing, Smoke testing, Regression testing, and GUI testing
  • Obtained signoff from clients after successfully implementing UAT process (creating UAT schedules, testing guidelines, managing feedback, follow-up, and resolving open issues)
  • Managed the defect tracking lifecycle by logging new defects - analyzing, prioritizing, and tracking defects
  • Developed Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) to monitor the status of requirements through its bi-directional association with the test cases & deliverables

Environment: MS Project, JIRA, MS Visio, Bloomberg, Reuters, Quality Center, HTML, XML, Tableau, SQL Server Management Studio, COGNOS, MS Access, MS Excel, RequisitePro, QTP, Java/J2EE

Confidential, DE

Lead Business Analyst


  • Executed tasks and developed artifacts following the principles of Agile software development methodology
  • Assisted the project manager in development of project plan, project scope, project charter, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and monitoring of the project progress
  • Designed dashboard for Credit Risk Team to view the summary of credit risk attributable to various risk portfolio
  • Wrote interface specifications for propagation of risk metrics to Front Office system where it can be used for tracking and updates of credit limit of the facility
  • Was essential in ensuring regulatory requirements are met while calculating economic capital in stressed scenarios
  • Widely used SQL queries for back-end database testing and data validation within the ETL process
  • Authored data mapping document identifying data source, target, business rules, as it proved vital to ETL developer
  • Participated in setting up the static and market data sources from Bloomberg across staging, data extraction, data transformation, and warranted perfect data load into data marts
  • Worked with reference data team and position data team to integrate the backend database tables to UI
  • Wrote logic and was actively involved in the design phase with the developers
  • Helped in data reconciliation issues faced by tech team while trying to get downstream data from multiple systems
  • Performed Data Quality Analysis for identification of Key Data Elements and Risk Drivers to be used as model inputs
  • Conceptualized use cases, activity diagrams, swim-lane diagrams, and data flow diagrams using MS Visio to imply the process flow and pin-point to any blocks in the system
  • Wrote use cases for calculation of loss given defaults (LGD), probability of defaults (PDs), Exposure at defaults (EAD)
  • Executed GAP analysis by interviewing the portfolio analysts, portfolio managers, risk managers and steered the business analysis team in preparing the GAP analysis document
  • Facilitated JAD sessions involving the SME, business users, and technical team to perform requirements analysis to identify and resolve project discrepancies
  • Assisted database modelers by providing guidance during the transition from business data to database design
  • Documented test plan, test cases, test scripts and performed functional testing, system, integration and performance testing
  • Jointly worked with the testing team in validating the EAD, LGD, PD and regulatory capital calculations reported by the system developed by the technical team
  • Tracked and logged in software defects in the defect-tracking tool and proactively communicated the logged in issue(s) with designated developers and other responsible project team members
  • Created Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) linking the business requirements with the corresponding functional specification(s), and parallel test cases
  • Formulated test protocols and coordinated user acceptance testing (UAT) in the implementation of the trade management system within the validated environment
  • Implemented performance measures as a part of the validation and risk calculations for the middle office

Environment: Agile, MS Visio, Clear Case, UML, MS Project, MS Office, MS Access, QTP, Java/J2EE, HTML, JIRA

Confidential, IL

Systems Analyst


  • Followed Waterfall model throughout the project and ensured all artifacts are in compliance with SDLC guidelines
  • Conduct analysis on Trading Lifecycle in front-office to middle office systems and documented with diagrams
  • Interviewed end users to gather & document business requirements and specifications in BRD and FSD respectively
  • Assisted the project manager in developing the project plan, project scope, allocating project resources, and documenting project artifacts in MS Project
  • Liaised between front office and middle office teams to communicate the functionalities of the project and made sure the requirements were met
  • Identified Use cases from the Functional requirements and wrote Use Case Specifications and created business process workflow diagrams (Activity diagrams, Sequence diagrams)
  • Wrote uses cases for calculation of various market risk metric such as VAR, CVAR and Expected Shortfall
  • Prepared and analyzed AS IS and TO BE in the existing architecture and performed Gap Analysis
  • Collected business requirements from business users and participated in the JAD sessions to reach out to project stakeholders (end users, SME, developers, system architects), and performed requirements analysis
  • Generated a wide range of customized reports & charts using Business Objects aimed at enabling the clients, analysts, & portfolio managers to opt for the right strategies & to make accurate investment decisions
  • Asserted development of smooth functioning financial models as well as accuracy in data mining algorithms
  • Developed data mapping spreadsheet to help the ETL team in loading the transformed data into the target database after extracting data from multiple data sources
  • Performed SQL queries in order to extract data, analyze and validate data integrity, and to generate user reports
  • Collaborated with Data modelers and system architects by creating Entity Relationship (ER) diagrams using ERwin
  • Coordinated with the developers and the middle office users to validate the data obtained from the reports
  • Assisted the QA team in planning, and developing test cases, test scripts, and performed Functional testing, Integration testing, and System testing
  • Validated VAR calculations getting generated from the report and involved in designing use cases with QA team
  • Tracked & logged defects in defect-tracking tool during course of project in order to speed-up system development
  • Created user manuals and provided training to business users as part of the change management process

Environment: MS Project, MS Visio, SQL Server, Java, XML, HTML, UAT, QTP, UML, Requisite Pro, J2EE, Quality Center, MS Access, Rational Rose

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