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Senior Business Analyst / Bi Reporting Developer Resume

New York, NY


  • Detail - oriented, highly motivated BUSINESS ANALYST/ APPLICATIONS DELIVERY CONSULTANT with 12+ years of successful experience in designing and managing business process solutions to support strategic business objectives.
  • Keen problem-solving skills evidenced by the development of efficient and effective business process designs, technical architecture, data models and concise requirements documentation.
  • Adept at implementation and change management processes and procedures enabling the development of streamlined systems and solutions.
  • Seasoned professional noted as an effective communicator who can interface and motivate end-users, technical teams, and professionals at all levels.
  • Astute strategic understanding of enterprise systems, client/server technologies, and business operations
  • Experience in Object-Oriented design and development
  • Empirical knowledge of all system development life cycle phases and a structured approach to project management; accurately author end-user technical documentation and artifacts, training guides, test plans
  • Proven ability to acquire knowledge rapidly and to apply new technologies for process management
  • Functional knowledge of corporate and management reporting and analysis, planning & forecasting cycles; GAAP and regulatory accounting and reporting; liaison with management, analysts and audit teams


  • $MM Project Management *Team Leadership
  • Process Management & Design *Risk Assessment/Management
  • Release and Change Management *Database Architecture (Relational/Multidimensional)
  • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) *Security (Groups, Roles, Provisions, Permissions)
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) *Data Architecture/Transformation/Conversion


Modeling/Graphical Design: MS Visio, CA ERwin

Data Transformation/Mapping/Management: DRM, FDM, ODI

DBMS/Programming/Query: Oracle DB, SAP, BW SQL, PL/SQL, Access, Toad, VB

BI/Reporting Applications: OBIEE, Smartview, Essbase, HFM, Planning, EPMA

BI/Reporting Applications cont.: SAS, Workday

Change Management Tools: DOORS, ALM, Remedy, JIRA


Confidential, New York, NY



  • Serve as technical consultant to the PM; assist in Project Planning, develop management presentations and status reports
  • Liaison with business and technical leads to gather the CCAR requirements; SDLC artifact development and management
  • Lead developer of BI Reports; HFR, Smartview, OBIEE, TM1
  • Train business users and UAT testers with Smartview and HFR concepts, ad hoc analysis, POVs
  • Data analysis: data model, definition, naming, maps, transformations, process flows, diagrams
  • Participate in the development and design of the DRM hierarchies, metadata and property sets to feed Hyperion Planning

Technical Environment: Complex, high-volume analytics, modeling and application development

Business Environment: Understanding of GAAP, Corporate Finance and CCAR; interact with senior management, financial analysts and external auditors

Applications: Hyperion Planning, FDM, Hyperion Reporting, Essbase, Smartview, Axiom, Cognos/TMI, Tableau, Business Objects, Business Warehouse, Access, VBA, Java, SQL

Confidential, Germantown, MD

BI Reporting and User Training


  • Gather reporting requirements, prototype reports and train Users in ad hoc analysis; report development
  • Design and build canned Hyperion Reports and Smartview ad hoc analysis, VBA/Smartview automation
  • Lead UAT Testing: Strategy, plan, test scripts, execution and reporting; testing evidence and artifacts

Technical Environment: Implementation of new Enterprise systems, reporting prototypes; design and build of analytics

Business Environment: Understanding of GAAP and Corporate Finance

Applications: Hyperion Planning, FDM, Hyperion Reporting, Essbase, Smartview, Axiom, Business Objects, Business Warehouse, Access, VBA, Java

Confidential, McLean, VA



  • Update calc scripts, validation rules, business rules and the Essbase outline structures that provide data for multiple Hyperion Planning & Reporting applications: Mortgage-backed Securities, Capital Markets and Structured Products among others
  • Partner with Business Leads to gather requirements for Workday Phase II: Financial Management; roles and responsibilities, reporting inventory, business processes, security design
  • Partner with Corporate analysts to gather requirements for application changes for Corporate Reporting and close cycle; 10K, accompanying notes and disclosures; monthly management reporting and distribution
  • Develop the technical documentation, diagrams, business process flows related to restructuring
  • Assist data providers with issues pertaining to data loads, updates, maps and controls; DRM, FDM, TM1
  • Update the financial close journals and adjustment templates; providing conditional validations
  • Develop test plans, UAT test cases and coordinate test execution - utilizing ALM, Remedy, DOORs
  • Design and develop an Access/VB solution to capture percentage of capitalization by project; producing project cost reports for over 60 project managers

Applications: HFM, FDM, Hyperion Reporting, Essbase, Smartview, Business Objects, Business Warehouse, Cognos/TMI, Workday, Access, VBA, SQL

Confidential, McLean, VA



  • Liaison with business and technical leads to gather business requirements; develop and manage SDLC artifacts
  • Lead the redesign of the reporting hierarchies to align with the corporate reorganization; Consolidated 10-K by legal entity, business segment and geographical region
  • Lead the redesign of the Essbase hierarchies to synchronize with the large-scale restructure of the SAP/BW application
  • Develop the Planning application to collect revenue and expense forecasts by legal entity, business segment product, geographical location and other custom views
  • Develop the Planning forms, hierarchies, planning units, review cycle, business rules, validations and security
  • Utilized MS Access to facilitate in data modeling, organization, data cleansing and transformation
  • Address legacy system data flows and conversion into Hyperion
  • Train Users with Smartview and Hyperion Planning forms, review cycle and related task lists; Smartview Planning exports and ad hoc reporting
  • Data Analysis; DRM, Cognos/TMI, BW, SQL, Smartview, Advanced Excel, VBA
  • Lead UAT

Applications: Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion Reporting, EPM Workspace, SAP, Business Warehouse, Cognos/TM1, Access, VB, SQL

Confidential, Washington, DC



  • Work with business leads to build reporting requirements and use cases for the Salesforce dashboard, user interface and other functional enhancements to Salesforce
  • Overhaul an extensive set of internal reports utilizing Hyperion Interactive Reporting covering 600 chapters
  • Develop the test plan, strategy, test scripts and requirements traceability
  • Coordinate the UAT effort, guiding test leads in test execution, defect processing, recording and retests
  • Rework SQL to extract legacy data from Oracle tables
  • Review and streamline business processes
  • Establish a management report distribution solution via Sharepoint

Applications: Oracle DB, Hyperion Interactive Reports, Salesforce, Visio, MS Access

Confidential, Washington, DC



  • Build the Hyperion 10-K consolidated Balance Sheet and P/L by legal entity, business segment and tax by legal entity
  • Overhaul internal management reporting packages associated with the private equity business and underlying operations: (Hyperion Reporting, Smartview and OBIEE)
  • Develop/Change business rules and calc scripts in Essbase and HFM, utilizing EPMA and Calculation Manager modules
  • Build VB interfaces to facilitate the distribution of monthly reporting packages across the global management hierarchy
  • Expand Workforce Planning for newly acquired businesses
  • Design an Access database to source data from the legacy database, perform transformation and reduce data redundancy
  • Assist corporate management and users with Hyperion Planning forms, tasks lists, review cycles, and overall procedural flow
  • Train Senior Managers and financial analysts in Hyperion Planning review cycle and developing ad hoc Smartview reports

Applications: Hyperion Essbase, Planning, Reporting, HFM, EAS, FDM, Peoplesoft, Cognos/TM1, Smartview, Tableau, Excel, VB, SQL

Confidential, Washington, DC



  • Work with Corporate Finance to implement enhancements to Essbase cubes and the Hyperion Reports serving the 10-K
  • Provide enhancements for management reporting and ad hoc analysis via OBIEE, Hyperion Reporting and Smartview; budget vs actuals, planning and forecasting
  • Develop or change calc scripts, business rules, Essbase Outline structure, HFM hierarchy, DRM versions and hierarchies
  • Upgrade Hyperion Planning. Develop forms, planning unit hierarchy, review cycle, task lists, security groups and access
  • Train Senior Managers and financial analysts in their Hyperion Planning roles; developing Smartview reports and navigating Workspace
  • Develop the test plan, strategy, test scripts and RTM for Hyperion Planning and Reporting; coordinate UAT
  • Work with business analysts and technical analysts to document process flows

Applications: Hyperion Essbase, Planning, Reporting, OBIEE, EAS, FDM, Peoplesoft, Excel, Smartview, SQL


Hyperion Reporting Developer


  • Serve as technical lead to overhaul the reporting associated with the Single Family REO accounting operations unit
  • Implement Hyperion Reporting and Planning across one of Confidential ’s major business segments (Single Family Mortgage)
  • Design static, ad hoc and confidential reporting packages for both corporate and HR
  • Address GAAP related changes to the 10-K as a result of the ongoing housing and banking crisis; rework business rules and calc scripts in Essbase, HFR and Planning
  • Implement large-scale business process and system enhancement strategy to address the dynamic changes in the housing market

Applications: Oracle, OBIEE, Hyperion Reporting, Hyperion Planning, Peoplesoft G/L, Access, Excel, VB, SQL


Business Analyst/Reporting Developer


  • Partnered with a cross-section of business leaders to identify, analyze and translate business needs into technical requirements for originating data, business processes, system dependencies, controls and reporting requirements
  • Gather data requirements, assess current data models across various business functions and reporting units
  • Analyze the interactions among the enterprise systems and architecture, develop a strategic system plan source feeds from Oracle RDW, Peoplesoft and SAS to the Hyperion BI applications
  • Utilize CA Erwin to design and diagram the future state model; design physical and logical shemas, data types and attributes, tables and all other model artifacts to meet the strategic system plan
  • Develop reporting solutions associated with Confidential ’s FY2006 Corporate Restatement of the 10-K, utilizing Hyperion Reporting and Excel based EUCs
  • Reviewed and analyzed 13 existing financial models and underlying Hyperion Essbase cubes, load rules and calc scripts

Applications: Oracle, Hyperion Planning, Essbase, SAS, Peoplesoft G/L, Smartview, Visio, Excel EUCs

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