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Data Scientist-analytics Resume

San, FranciscO


  • 9+ Years of experience in Data Analytics/Data Science.
  • Master’s degree in Analytics.
  • Skilled in quantitative analysis, data wrangling, analyze, predict and effectively communicate insights.
  • 4+ years experience in Tableau developing KPI Metrics & Efficiency of Programs for C - level executives.
  • Proficient in requirement gathering, gap analysis, functional & technical artifacts creation.
  • Proficiency in Customer segments, user research, profit optimization, researches on SurveyMonkey etc.
  • Hands on experience in SQL, Hive, Python (scikit learn, numpy, pandas), R, Impala, Pig, SAS, SPSS, Tableau 10.5, Tableau Prep, Power BI and Excel Macros (LOOKUPs, Pivot tables, Charts, Formulas-IF ELSE etc.), SFDC.
  • Thorough understanding of Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning algorithms - Classification, Decision Trees, Regression Analysis, Clustering, Sentiment Analysis, Text Analytics using NLTK, stemming, lemmatization etc.
  • Experienced in Probability, Statistical modeling, Bayesian methods, Time series analysis, ARIMA modeling, Forecasting, Hypothesis testing.
  • Excellent project management, agile development and consultative skills.


Business Intelligence: Visualization: Oracle SQL, Postgres, Tableau 10.5, Tableau Prep, Power BI, R, Excel, Python.Big Data Analytics - Hive, Python, Impala, Pig.

Predictive Analytics: Machine Learning with Decision Trees, Clustering, NLTK - Python, R, SAS, Minitab, Excel Solver.

Statistical Analysis: using Regression, Time Series Analysis, Forecasting using

ARIMA modeling.: Project Management and Personnel Management.


Data Scientist-Analytics

Confidential, San Francisco

  • Developed client centric predictive models like Customer Lifetime Value, Churn, Predicting Delivery Date etc using Logistic, Linear Regression, Naive Bayes Classification, Decision Tree in Microsoft Azure.
  • Worked on Model scoring, evaluation, tuning, training, performance monitoring, health monitoring etc.
  • Monitored model impact by A/B testing on Marketing campaigns, programs.
  • Developed and maintained dashboards, reports to give quick insights about model, customer metrics, trends etc.
  • Maintained dashboards as a Single Source of Truth for all Client led programs to show a customer 360 view.
  • Performed ad-hoc analysis to answer strategic business questions
  • Communicated insights to cross-functional teams to help in strategic decision making.

Environment : Microsoft Azure ML Server, Cosmos, Hado op Data Platform, Python, Hive, Tableau, Power BI, Excel.

Engineering Data Analyst

Confidential, Palo Alto

  • Pulled data from different data sources, cleaned, prepped, analyzed, presented insights as Tableau Dashboards.
  • Liaised with cross functional teams - Product, Engineering, Marketing, Customer Service, HW Certification, to discuss trends and patterns in data and advise teams on strategic business decisions for the product roadmap.
  • Interacted with the D ata Platform support teams to alert them of data flow issues and helped fix them.
  • Collaborated with End Users, Business Analysts/Architects to gather detailed requirements for data analysis.
  • Assisted functional teams on ad-hoc reports for Deal Support, Go-to-Market strategy based on trends.
  • Worked with geographically distributed teams spread over US, India, China, and Bulgaria.
  • Key Achievements: Developed Engineering Bug Metrics Dashboard, Customer Service Requests Metrics Dashboard, Marketing Insights Dashboard, Hardware Certification Process Dashboard and various Ad hoc reports.

Environment : Tableau 10.5, Oracle, Hive Server, Postgresql, Python, R, Excel, Bugzilla.

Data Analyst


  • Point person for the Tableau Metrics Dashboard, reports, data analysis of the IT projects in the office of CIO.
  • Pulled data from different sources like Trackit, SAP, FireEye, Sharepoint, Excel analyzed and developed Reports.
  • Lead the M onthly KPI Metrics meetings for the cross functional teams and helped them customize their reports.
  • Assisted with all aspects of data analysis with IT teams to help track progress in their functional projects.
  • Owned Tableau environment: decided on no. of licenses, architecture, and reporting rights.
  • Key Achievements: Owned the City’s Public data sets and published on Open Data Portal to make it available to public and showed growth trends, patterns of the City’s projects over time.

Environment : SQL Tableau 9.2 Desktop, Tableau Online, SharePoint, Excel Macros, Trackit, FireEye, SAP, Open Data

Reporting & Metrics Analyst


  • Developed Weekly, Monthly Metrics Reports and Dashboards for Office of the CIO to use in key decision making.
  • Collaborated with Engineering team to pull relevant data into Tableau to show QoQ trends.
  • Validated data quality to verify accuracy of reports.
  • Democratized data via publishing data sources, cataloging data di ctionary, process documentation in central wiki.
  • Developed formal release cycle and publishing strategy in Tableau server.
  • Key Achievements: Transitioned Excel based Reporting System to Tableau that refreshed daily and saved recurring executive man hours spent in report development.

Environment : Oracle DWH, SQL, Tableau 9.2, SharePoint, Excel Macros, MS PowerPoint.

Business Intelligence Analyst


  • Built 1 st Business Intelligence/Analytics platform for all Services, enabling generation of insights.
  • Led the 5-member team in architecting, designing, and implementing of Business Intelligence solutions that scaled to process data from digital assets and marketing programs.
  • Pioneered Data Dictionary for pre-existing data, speeding up data transformation by 100%.
  • Partnered with business, engineering and data sciences teams crystallizing data needs into automated feeds.
  • Spearheaded the Digital Presence Project to develop website, facebook, twitter accounts, pages, blog, forums and set up Google Analytics to monitor traction and generate insights.
  • Key Achievements: insights from digital media and campaign performance helped in key decisions that resulted in 42% jump in Lead generation.
  • Email Campaigns resulted in cost cutting to the tune of 48% resulting in huge improvement to bottom line.

Environment: SQL Server, Tableau, R, Excel, Google Analytics, Salesforce.com

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