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Program Officer Resume

Seattle, WA


Results - oriented, strategic senior-level d Confidential scientist / analyst with diverse and extensive experience in utilizing evidence and d Confidential to drive global research strategies and programs that expand impact and individuals’ access to markets, resources and opportunities. Passion for leveraging ‘big Confidential ’ to enable high-quality outcomes and impact for organizations from private and for-profit to NGOs in financial services,, health and agricultural sectors. Build trusted, collaborative relationships, partnerships and teams; engage effectively with all stakeholders. Identify opportunities for improvement; develop innovative processes, frameworks and tools; and manage and consult on implementation, to ensure maximum effectiveness. Customer-focused and self-driven problem-solver; lead thoughtfully, with focus on excellence and thoroughness.

  • Strategy Definition, Evaluation and Confidential Analytics
  • Measurement Innovation
  • Learning and Evaluation Best Practices
  • Research and D Confidential -Gathering Methodology Standardization
  • Building of High-Quality D Confidential Sources
  • Global Programs and Investments
  • Consultative Advisor and Subject Matter Expert
  • Actionable Business Insights and Intelligence
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced Statistical D Confidential Analysis


  • Language: English (highly proficient), Swahili (highly proficient), French (basic)
  • Computer software: Microsoft Office suite
  • Programming: Python, R, SPSS, ST Confidential, SQL
  • Time series, panel d Confidential, forecasting, mathematical and statistical modeling
  • Statistical experimental designs such as completely randomized designs, randomized block designs, Latin squares and factorial designs
  • Meta d Confidential management tools and d Confidential archiving
  • GPS and GIS applications - geostatistical modeling techniques
  • Advanced statistical d Confidential analysis using broad range of standard and complex analytical procedures for quantitative and descriptive research.


Confidential, Seattle, WA

Program Officer

  • Led strategy design for d Confidential, measurement, learning and evaluation efforts for FSP and directed implementation of these strategies in 8 focus countries
  • Built and managed $60M+ portfolio of research, d Confidential and measurement work streams in less than 5 years to support $500M+ strategy
  • Created global standards to assess progress in digital financial inclusion; developed customer journey framework and tools to support annual assessments in Africa and Asia
  • Developed and operationalized measurement innovation framework that reduced survey implementation times, improved d Confidential quality and cut surveys’ time and costs by 50%
  • Provided leadership, consultation and guidance to FSP team on digital financial inclusion policy research, emerging d Confidential collection technologies, and business models to expand improvements in delivery of financial services within developing markets.
  • Built evidence of digital impact on consumer welfare by formulating research and key learning questions executed in ~10 qualitative and quantitative projects annually; presented results to senior leadership, enabling strategic decision-making and more efficient portfolio distribution
  • Served as subject matter expert on research design methods, big d Confidential infrastructure and technologies, retail digital payments distribution, and micro and small environments’ social - economic impact assessment
  • Commissioned and managed large d Confidential initiatives globally and across focus countries; built communities of practice and networks with academic researchers, practitioners, government, bilateral and multilateral institutions to drive evidence-based decision-making in policy, program delivery and commercial strategies.
  • Conducted econometric d Confidential analysis, translated results into recommendations and partnered with colleagues (including those in policy advocacy and communications) to influence policies and regulations in: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.
  • Led and managed design and implementation teams for big-d Confidential platform (The D Confidential Stack) focused on aggregating real-time granular d Confidential on Financial Inclusion, Health and Agricultural Development in Africa and Asia, to deepen understanding of consumer behavior and to iteratively monitor and evaluate impact of policies and regulations in micro, meso and macro environments.

Confidential, Nairobi, Kenya

Knowledge Management Lead

  • Led design, development and implementation of monitoring and evaluation plans for 21 countries across 3 continents, for Purchase for Progress (P4P) program that invested in small businesses to improve productivity, access to structured markets, empowerment and household nutrition
  • Directed team of 21 country program officers, 5 program coordinators and 6 d Confidential analysts across implementation countries, leveraging tools and tailoring management style to strengthen team collaboration and improve operational efficiencies
  • Performed and documented formal, systematic annual reviews of program effectiveness, diagnosing adoption barriers in customer lifecycles; implemented course-correction recommendations to drive greater outcomes and intervention impact
  • Designed, developed and executed adaptive knowledge management strategy and platform with strong emphasis on learning and sharing lessons to increase end-to-end and seamless visibility and learning cross-functionally and regionally, creating systemic efficiencies and better tracking of d Confidential for real-time application
  • Created performance monitoring tools and systems to show how operational details and activities contribute to goal targets, for program managers to adjust appropriately
  • Conceptualized and led design, build-out and launch of open d Confidential platform to propagate d Confidential, information and insights from the program, leading to wide adoption by NGOs and governments as well as replication of knowledge products

Confidential, Rome, Italy

  • Led d Confidential cycle activities for all projects and programs: identifying and gathering d Confidential sources, supporting ETL, preparing d Confidential for analytical and modeling work streams, building and applying models, and deriving insights for decision-making
  • Synthesized d Confidential into insights and applied them to strategy development and course corrections, thus supporting WFP leadership in adopting d Confidential -driven decision-making
  • Initiated and executed knowledge management initiatives; propagated knowledge and insights to broad internal and external audiences using range of dissemination channels such as quarterly reports and newsletters, blogs and technical white paper series.
  • Served as WFP’s resident d Confidential expert, supporting 6 project teams with analytics requests, research design and implementation questions.

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