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Mid Gis Analyst Resume

Daphne, AlabamA


  • Through my 7 years of experience in the field of Geospatial Information Systems, I have a broad range of experiences from field collections to server and web and mobile application developments.
  • I excel in assisting clients with having the ability to access and edit geospatial data from the field using server developments of web and mobile applications.
  • High quality professionalism and being detail - oriented are qualities I pride myself in towards my work.
  • I am known for my dependability and dedication, both individually and as part of a team, while maintaining flexibility.
  • I possess excellent organizational and communication skills—both oral and written. While maintaining the scope of the "Big Picture," I thrive to reach every goal set before me.
  • Updated and standardized GIS database for utility infrastructure and maintenance data.
  • Processed high resolution imagery for analysis and basemaps.
  • Designed multi-software suite workflows for data manipulation.
  • Researched most efficient implementations of topology algorithms.
  • Developed SDE enterprise geodatabase with mobile applications that allow edits from field devices.


ArcGIS/Arc Catalog/ArcScene 10+ Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point * HTML GeoExpress 9 Erdas Imagine 9.2, 10.1 TauDEM * GoogleEarth * CSS * SimSuite * Model Builder GPS Pathfinder Office * Python (PythonWin) Basic level * Server Manager * ARC Objects, Visual Basics * SQL Familiarity with SQL server * GRASS * ArcGIS Online * AVSWAT/ArcSWAT/BASINS * Trimble (TerraSync) (TerraFlex) Web App Builder * 3-D Modeling * Geoprocessing (Desktop, Mobile Applications)


Confidential, Daphne, Alabama

MID GIS Analyst


  • Manage all GIS operations and developments
  • Data manipulation and reconstruction from shapefiles to geodatabases that are compatible with online mobile applications and web maps via PostgreSQL databases enterprise geodatabases and ArcGIS online.
  • Utilize ArcGIS online to construct web maps and mobile applications for field personnel to access and edit from mobile devises that are reflected on all GIS platforms (Desktop, ArcGIS online and mobile applications (IOS and Android)).
  • Create/update database with field data, hyperlink scanned PDF maps in attribute tables for each service (gas, water and sewer).
  • Publish layers to REST services that are linked through ArcGIS online and reflected on mobile application for editing and viewing via mobile devices.
  • Utilize ArcGIS server manager to manage the REST services for the mobile applications.
  • Work with engineer consultants to ensure the GIS data is accurate and up to date through all systems mobile, desktop and ArcGIS online.
  • Test and evaluate new GIS equipment for potential purchase.

Confidential, Alabama

GIS Intern


  • Collection and preparation of material quantity calculations, field investigations, relevant data and photographs of City Infrastructure(s) to be cataloged and displayed in GIS.
  • Provided coordination, oversight and other support services to Public Works and Environmental Programs personnel in field collecting, cataloging and/or mapping of infrastructure data (Project Management).
  • Reported writing and related correspondences of GIS data.
  • Execution of routine GIS entry, design, processing and mapping work assignments, as needed.
  • Assisted with analysis and reviews of geospatial and Trimble Survey data.
  • Transportation & Drainage Infrastructure Field Evaluations as it pertains to GIS related needs.
  • GIS support of environmental permitting review and application from the public.
  • Reconstructed/updated the following GIS databases: City roads database, fire hydrant digital inventory, storm water digital inventory, street sign digital inventory.

Confidential, Alabama

GIS Developer


  • In-house GIS professional.
  • Lead POC for the enhancement of GIS technology through replacing expired devices, trouble shooting or repairing.
  • Created technical documentation to support the creations of tutorials and video clips for and briefing.
  • Researched for GIS related data in support of civilian/military exercises.
  • Manipulate raw data into GIS formats to be visible via GIS related software.
  • Technical writer for the GIS software (SimSuite).
  • Technical support for military and civilian needs regarding field equipment, computer, or GIS related issues.
  • Correlate with other GIS personnel in other regions of the world to obtain data for exercise or real time usage.
  • Create hurricane and hazardous scenarios to depict through GIS software for civilian/military situational awareness and .

Confidential, Mississippi

Systems Application Specialist / GIS Specialist


  • Technical reachback personnel for military and civilian needs regarding field equipment or computer issues encountered in the field.
  • Served on a team for the creation of the Infrastructure Reconnaissance Information System (IRIS) software and deployment on multiple GPS field data collecting devices.
  • Lead the Confidential Mobile, AL office to become self-sufficient in creating their own documentations and media resources for to support field personnel rather than relying on home office for documentation.
  • Subject Matter Expert on all GIS related FEST (Forward Engineering Support Team) equipment.
  • Served on a development team to assist in the ongoing mission to support civilian and military GIS needs worldwide.
  • Served as lead personnel with the data transfer connection from the satellite office to the home office via database connectivity.
  • Technical writer for the uses of the GIS field devices.
  • Instructed military and civilian personnel at various locations throughout the US on the uses of the geospatial devices and the functionalities of the archived databases.
  • Edited geospatial vector files (roads, boundaries, buildings, etc.) based upon newly updated raster imagery and/or when new boundaries were assigned using ERIDAS Imagine and ArcMap software.
  • Performed GIS functionalities via ArcMap for field device and other decision-making applications.
  • Technical writer for all the "Step-by-Step" instructions of the various databases that are supported by the Confidential Corp of Engineers Reachback Operation Center.
  • Served as the POC for mass reimaging of computers and field devices for field .

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