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Senior Consultant/technical/business Analyst Resume

Fairfax, VirginiA


  • IT Consultant and Analyst with years of Information Technology experience.
  • Successfully manage projects with a proven record of guidance of technical staff, clients and stakeholders toward actionable goals, conversions and implementations.
  • Skilled strategist with an eye for attention to detail, research and decision analysis, software development, data analysis/management, creation of specifications/requirements, system/data tester, UAT, documentation, and reporting.


  • Technical Liaison
  • Team Builder, Trainer & Problem Solver
  • Highly Adaptable to client and company needs
  • Effective Communication Skills; both verbal and written


Programs/Languages/OS: ORACLE, UNIDATA, TOTAL, SUPRA, ADABASE, SUNSOLARIS 2.7, UNIX, Mainframe, DOS, Microsoft Products, Microsoft VISIO, JAVA script, PL/SQL, SQL+, ANCI C, Shell Scripting, COBOL, SAS, EASYTREIVE PLUS, MANTIS, NATURAL, PREDICT, CONSTRUCT, FORTRAN, UNIBASIC, UNIQUERY, ENVISION, Data Warehouse, Crystal Reports, ENTRINSIK INFORMER, BANNER, MS - Access, Developer 2000, Lotus Notes, FTP, JCL, Construct, Control-M, Query-Builder, IMAGE NOW, ECLIPSE, Colleague Studio, Data Orchestrator ODS, Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO), SharePoint, Webex Teams, 25Live Scheduler, Visio, Blackboard, Internet Native Banner (INB), MicroStrategy, JIRA, Agile IQ, Confluence, Zephyr, DIESEL and MOMENTUM.


Confidential, Fairfax, Virginia

Senior Consultant/Technical/Business Analyst


  • Write SQL scripts, trouble shoot ERP issues, create and assign security roles and rules, modify user passwords, create and execute Test Scripts, map data elements, perform data validation, create design documents, review data migration requirements, review data elements and files for migration and data cleansing in preparation for conversion of government client to ERP Momentum Financials as well as train and mentor Junior Analyst.

Confidential, Fairfax Virginia

Consultant/Business Analyst


  • Gather requirements, review and defined SQL scripts, tables, attributes, lead meetings, analyze and create business requirement specifications, matrix and reporting documents.
  • Provide technical assistance in the design and implementation of Dashboards and Data Marts for MicroStrategy.
  • Review and discussed FACT and Dimension tables.
  • Create and update backlog and iterations, attend sprint meetings, create Project Criteria Worksheets ( Confidential ’s), Charters, stoplight reports and control access documents.
  • Conduct workgroup sessions and stakeholder meetings as well as attend BI Steering Committee meetings and provide minutes/notes for all upper management
  • Provided care for sick family member.
  • Family member now has in home care/therapists.

Confidential, Arlington Virginia

Enterprise Application/Business Analyst


  • Served as Technical Project Leader on various short and long term projects using Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Guided clients in decision making for new requests and system enhancements.
  • Researched, analyzed and tested various software, reports, processes and systems; managed and monitored data transmission as well as performed ETL’s. Created and provided users test scripts, all aspects of user acceptance testing and user reporting.
  • Translated business and functional requirements into materials as well as trained a variety of audiences with different technical knowledge on ERP and COTS.
  • Assisted Auditors, Financial and Development offices with GL ACCTS, Reconciliation and monies.
  • Developed ADHOC and reports/code using ENVISION, JAVA script, Shell script, UNIQUERY and SQL.
  • Created and assigned security, foreign and remote keys needed for file access, created and modified computed columns, tables, data mapping/rules in order for customers to report on needed data.
  • Daily/weekly customer interface to provide production support and resolutions to business issues, customer challenges, requirement gathering and user stories/cases.

Database Specialist /Technical & Business Analyst



  • As Technical Leader I led a team through the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) to include requirements development, architecture design, testing and implementation to successfully convert over twenty five years of historical data from an antiquated system, Benefactor to an integrated system, Colleague Advancement.
  • Reviewed, tested software, data/reports, systems and installed new patch releases.
  • Performed data analysis, mapping, and ETL’s.
  • Developed and provided needed data/reports, computed columns, data dictionaries, files, screens, rules using ENVISION, JAVA and Shell Script, UNIQUERY and SQL.
  • Trained campus wide departments and outside agencies on ERP, COTS and Reporting Tools.
  • Created and implemented a campus wide CORE DATA STANDARDS team, to provide policies and procedural manuals/guidelines as to how to input data, properly name files, lists, and data extractions for functional and technical users.
  • Troubleshot and provided resolutions to business issues and customer challenges in Financials and Development.

Confidential, Norfolk VA

Systems Developer/Manager


  • As Technical Leader of Human Resource Module I provided guidance and assistance to over fifty customers for day to day technical needs on a UNIX platform and Oracle Database as well as provided 24/7 on call status.
  • Discussed with upper level management future projects, staff assignments and system requirements.
  • Programmed in SQL, PL/SQL, C and Crystal Reporting for new development efforts and enhancements to vendor baseline programs and customization of reports for customers.
  • Wrote project specifications and reviewed other IT staff members program coding, reviewed and tested new releases/upgrades and managed implementation in testing environments prior to migration to production environments.
  • Worked often on review committee to review all code changes prior to moving code to the production environment.
  • Created new reports and extracts to over ten outside agencies that met State and Federal Guidelines for Financials and Payroll.
  • Updated database by creating temporary tables, loaded data, coded SQL Scripts to update and correct incorrect customer’s data entry and performed ETL’s.
  • Assisted staff and customers with system issues and challenges to ensure that all university employees received a pay check biweekly.

Senior Programmer Analyst



  • Converted data, loaded tables and provided assistance to the Human Resource, Payroll, and Benefits Offices.
  • Daily duties included modification and review of new system components and implementation.
  • Trained backup team members and functional users on legacy system and new system.
  • Created comprehensive documentation for policies, procedures and naming standards.
  • Assisted Financial Offices of Accounts Payable and Account Receivables with processes and reports for Integrated Financial Information Systems (IFIS).
  • Wrote project specifications and reviewed other IT staff members program coding prior to moving code to the production environment as well as resolve daily technical and functional issues.

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