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Senior Business Analyst Resume


MBA in finance and accounting, with expertise in business intelligence and reporting analytics, seeking employment in a dynamic, nimble and evolutionary company. I am ready to apply top - tier skills in Excel, Access, MicroStrategy, and database development in furtherance of your corporate objectives.


Windows PC: Excel, Access, SQL, Word, PowerPoint, MicroStrategy, HanDBase Desktop

Mac OS/iOS: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HanDBase, SQL, Numbers, Notes, Objective-C, XCode, iOS SDK


Senior Business Analyst



  • Created and delivered monthly and ad-hoc reports for the Confidential, tracking and analyzing the efficiency of servicer audit programs
  • Translated disparate, complex and dynamic operational elements into logical, structured reports detailing servicers’ compliance rates and MHA-C’s operational effectiveness
  • Designed business strategies to monitor the status of servicer audits for inclusion in monthly reports
  • Built and maintained advanced accounting logs to manage a large backlog of unresolved compliance observations from historical servicer audits
  • Employed reporting media in MS Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and MicroStrategy
  • Prepared quarterly reports and real-time daily statements detailing changes in collateral portfolio values and loan balances for clients with structured lending instruments
  • Maintained detailed accounting records of clients’ equity positions, reporting the impact of price fluctuations, dividends, and major capital events on clients’ portfolios
  • Fielded all questions from clients and financial representatives regarding loan reports and supporting data
  • Managed season expenditures annually for Raiders youth hockey teams, maintaining a shared custodial account owned by team families
  • Crafted personalized account statements reporting each family’s cash and in-kind credits, corresponding expenses, and resulting equity share of the custodial account
  • Reports were made available to member families, on demand, through the Cloud

Business Intelligence, Database Development and Maintenance



  • Developed sophisticated, array-driven methodologies in Excel to organize chronological audit data into meaningful performance metrics
  • Accessed Sharepoint database via MicroStrategy interface to generate underlying support tables.
  • Contributed to design and deployment of Audit Report and Tracking (“ART”) user interface, improving data-capture integrity by 75%
  • Excel-based analytical systems were employed by management to improve efficiencies by 30%
  • Built and maintained MS Access databases to record loan terms and portfolio details for loan transactions
  • Designed all tables, queries, and report layouts to generate daily and quarterly reports
  • Developed advanced algorithms in MS Access to fully automate the quarterly reporting process, reducing the time to issue statements and other documents by more than 50%
  • Maintained supporting equity data in dynamic Excel spreadsheets, capturing daily price fluctuations, dividend distributions, and capital events
  • Queried database to calculate sensitivity of loan portfolio to changes in collateral value, helping SOF prepare for future liabilities
  • Exported reports from Access to Excel to evaluate changes in SOF’s market exposure and growth over time
  • Built accounting databases for team custodial funds in both MS Access and Excel
  • Databases captured all transactional events, crediting hockey team families’ accounts for cash and in-kind contributions, and fairly allocating team expenditures against members’ equity positions
  • Migrated the data capture process to iOS-enabled devices by building a parallel, relational database in DDH Software’s HanDBase, and then synchronized .hdb data with .mdb and .accdb tables via wifi
  • Migrated entire database to the Cloud to increase transparency, enabling all families to view the budget and accounting data in real time
  • Reconciled database query results with bank activity on a daily basis
  • Compiled disparate sources of election data from all 50 secretaries of state for the two most recent federal and state election cycles
  • Restructured the data elements into consistent formats for ready in corporation into a comprehensive, candidate-centric database called The Vote Project
  • Documented status of at-risk loans in a complex Access database
  • Helped design and debug the supporting VBA code and structure of the Access database
  • Exported reports from Access to Excel to monitor and review progress of compliance backlog

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