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Senior Business System Analyst Resume

TECHNICAL SKILLS,LANGUAGES & TOOLS Create Technical Specifications: Production Problem Analysis System Analysis Data Analysis & Mapping Project Life Cycle (SDLC) Program & Data Conversion COBOL, COBOL II, COBOL 390 JCL, IMS DB/DC, MFS, CICS (command & macro) SYNCSORT, PROCS, Assorted Utilities and IDCAMS DB2, SPUFI, QMF, FILEAID, ENDEAVOR, PANVALET EZTRIEVE, VSAM, EXPEDITER, INTERTEST BMS, MQ SERIES, SQL, TELON, XICS, VANTAGE DATA BASE VANTAGE I/O, FTP


Project Management Microsoft Suite of Products On-shore & off-shore management of resources Work load management Training & mentoring in programming, analysis, and testing skills Mercury tools Ralley iRise


(Note 6/85 to Present; IT Consultant, thru Confidential, my own company)

10/11 – Confidential Senior Business System Analyst

  • Conversion of Commerce P&C systems to Mapfre’s TronWeb
  • Participate in JAD sessions to capture business requirement
  • DB2, SQL queries for analysis
  • Examine both systems for gap analysis, data mapping, & process mapping
  • iRise used to proto type new (replacement processes)
  • Produced Gap analysis reports
  • Produced Functional specifications
  • interview SME with regards to Mass Auto
01/11 – 07/11 Confidential Business System Analyst

  • Team member on the initiative to update the WEB portal supporting CIGNAs provider
  • Use of Story Writing and Agile philosophy with the project life cycle
  • Data and process flow documented
  • Creation of Functional and Technical specifications
  • Creation of test plans with Use Case
  • Technical environment – DB2, Rally, AGILE
  • DB2, SQL queries for analysis

04/10 - 10/10 Confidential Business System Analyst

  • Part of a major effort to replace current Claims System, primary focus is pricing on the contracts supported.
  • Conversion of CIGNA data to HP/EDS MetaVance system which will be replacing current system.
  • Claim process with emphasis on Pricing
  • DB2, SQL queries for analysis
  • JAD Interviewer/participant, data mapping and its documentation with regards to the conversion activities needed
  • Organization of multiple sources of input to single output for a data warehouse repository
  • Technical environment – Informatica, Micro Soft suite of tools, Quality Center, SDLC/EDGE, CaliberRM

10/07 – 10/09 Confidential Independent IT Consultant Business Systems Analyst/Developer

  • General supports to the compensation system for agents
  • Design, built, and implemented process to handle ROTH (similar to 401K)
  • Design, built, and implemented process for Agent’s valuation. Agent retention based on future earnings from residuals.
  • Re-write agent’s pension’s process to comply with 409 regulations concerning qualified and non qualified compensation.
  • Provided business and system analysis into enhancements and problem resolution.
  • Roth was a major enhancement, SDLC processes were followed, a successful implementation
  • Supported Vantage system as well as home grown systems, online and batch.
  • Technical environment: TSO/ISPF, CICS, COBOL, JCL, DB2, VSAM, EZtrieve, and Vantage

10/06 – 9/07 Confidential Independent IT Consultant

  • Worked with several small to medium businesses with regards to hardware and software solutions, Business Analyst agenda was adhered to.
  • Train personnel in software or procedures to become more productive.
  • Recommended new or updated current software and hardware updates.
  • Utilized business intelligent operatives of process modeling and data modeling to develop a more efficient organization.
  • Customize software to business needs.
  • Suggested IT and business solutions to accomplish business needs; general ledger, mailing, reporting

04/06 – 10/06 Confidential Quality Assurance Analyst/ Systems Business Analyst

  • Developed, created, and implemented a series of test plans critical to the pharmacy system with regards to a new business entity.
  • Process modeling was used to gain knowledge currently ascertained, then a new company code was introduced. This new code followed the old process, yet at the same time was unique for reporting.
  • Medicare enhancements investigated as to system requirements mandated by law.
  • Utilized Test Director for the logging of defects and the history in solving them.
  • Utilized my technical abilities to investigate CIGNA systems and data.
  • Based on project requirements and specifications, created test data for IT staff.
  • Technical environment – DB2, SQL, FILEAID, data comparison utilities, COBOL, EZtrieve, FOCUS

03/06 – 04/06 Confidential Senior Systems Business Analyst

  • Key team member doing a feasibility study into developing a more productive process into fixing current production problems within the auto system
  • Reviewed ratabase code and legacy code with respect to problem.
  • Utilized Test Director for the logging of defects as well as their history,
  • Developed and documented methodology with working out problems.
  • Trained personnel in auto insurance and ratabase process

07/02 – 11/05 Confidential Business Systems Analyst/Developer(programmer)

Confidential , State of Texas Auto Insurance Business Systems Analyst/Developer (programmer)

Confidential, Underwriting Rules/ RUP/ Blaze Advisor Business Systems Analyst/Developer (programmer)

08/98 – 07/02 Confidential (Manufacturing, shipping, time & material systems/ SAP) Business Systems Analyst/Developer (programmer)

  • SAP introduced as the new software to process and control aero manufacturing data. Business Intelligence using data modeling and processing modeling was used to establish the current environment and add a basis for conversion.
  • IMS data was analyzed, rationalized, and modeled. This preceded the loading of the relational data base utilized by SAP.
  • SAP process is canned and generic, process modeling was used to compare and add additional logic
  • Worked heavily in managing overseas personnel in the timely development of new code
  • Identified gaps within the new SAP process and current legacy process
  • Develop, tested, and implemented interfaces with SAP and the legacy databases
  • Develop and utilize a test plan, full cycle and verify results
  • Designed, coded, and tested interface modules bridging SAP with the mainframe
  • Utilization of MQSERIES for communication to the SAP environment on the mid tier machines
  • Provide user enhancement to the legacy system with regards to bar coding of parts, printing, and reporting
  • Technical environment - IMS DB/DC, DB2, SQL, MQSERIES, COBOL370, SAP, ENDEAVOR, FILEAID

06/90 – 08/98 Confidential Project Lead/Business System Analyst/Developer

01/90 – 06/90 Confidential Senior System Consultant/Developer

06/89 – 12/89 Confidential Senior System Consultant/Developer

01/88 – 06/89 Confidential System Consultant/Developer

05/87 – 12/87 Confidential System Consultant/Developer

12/86 – 04/87 Confidential System Consultant/Developer

12/85 – 11/86 Confidential PROGRAMMER

6/85 – 11/85 Confidential Consultant/Developer

Preceding 6/85 I was employed by the following companies as a Programmer

4/83 – 6/85 Confidential

4/81 - 3/83 Confidential

1/80 - 4/81 Confidential


B.A. Psychology Business Programming MBA courses Small Business Administration Classes Assorted formal technical classes in C, PowerBuilder, SAP ABAP, Delphi, Oracle, Erwin, DB2, MySQL, IMS DB/DC, Micro Focus Cobol and Animator, COBOL 390, Fileaid, and Technical Writing

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