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Edi Analyst / Integration Developer Resume

Durham, NC


  • 20 + years of EDI integration experience working on cross - functional teams in deadline-driven, project-oriented environments
  • Results oriented professional with experience in data implementation, analysis and management
  • Ability to quickly assess problem areas and offer recommendations for process improvements to functional business units, including Senior Management, which result in increased productivity and profitability
  • Excellent analytical, conceptual and problem solving skills
  • Excellent Communication skills
  • Able to learn quickly and retain training
  • Training and development experience
  • Middleware integration experience
  • Innovative and solutions-minded


Accounting Software: WMS, ASW, Oracle, Mas 90/200, QualEDI, CoreSense, Edge 6.3, OnTrack, SAP

EDI Translation/ Integration Software: Gentran Server, GIS, IBM Websphere Partnership Gateway (WPG), Gentran Server NT, Harbinger Trusted Link, Harbinger STX, webMethods Trading Networks, Seeburger, Dell Boomi

Other Software: MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, MS Access, MS Visio, Lotus Smart Suite, Lotus Notes, Sametime, PC Anywhere, Citrix, Loftware, Label Matrix, AS400, V-Edit, Ultra-Edit, J-Edit, EDI Notepad, Monarch, Toad 7.5 SQL editor, MYSQL, PLSQL Developer, Turbo XML, Cognos Reports, HTML, ANSI X12, EDIFACT, UPC Catalog, Unix, Windows, BizRate Reporting, AGIIS, JIRA, Sales Force, Google Docs, Mocha Soft, Ariba, GMillenia, PeopleSoft, Citix GoToMeeting, SalesForce, Edifecs Specbuilder, SQL Server, familiarity with Visual C and Java

IOS Apps: Evernote, Dropbox, LogMeIn, Scanner Pro, Eternity Time Log, iCal, Slack

Connectivity: Sterling Commerce, GXS, Inovis, Epicor TDX, Axway Cyclone, AS2, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, SMTP, OAuth 2.0, API Webservice

Data Sets/Types: 110, 210, 214, 410, 810, 812, 816, 820, 824, 832, 837, 838, 846, 850, 852, 855, 858, 860, 864, 856, 867, 940, 943, 997, TA1, XML PMR (product movement report), XML IAU(inventory actual usage), XML schema’s, DTD’s, flat files, record oriented data, cXML, HTML, PunchOutSetupRequest, PunchOutSetupResponse, PunchOutOrderMessage, OrderRequest, ConfirmationRequest, ShipNoticeRequest, NACHA, HIPAA 5010, JSON, IDocs


Confidential, Durham, NC

EDI Analyst / Integration Developer


  • Identify, analyze, gather and document business requirements
  • Perform EDI mapping and end to end testing
  • Facilitate EDI error resolution by coordinating resources from SAP, Seeburger and trading partners
  • Monitor daily processes and report/assist in resolving issues
  • Act as a liaison between departments, lines of business and various vendors or customers
  • Document EDI specifications using Edifecs Specbuilder
  • Develop, test and deploy middleware integrations and API’s using Dell Boomi

Environment: EDI ANSI X12 v5010, AS2, FTP, Office 365, Seeburger, 810, 850, 837, 940, 943, 944, 945, 946, 947, 852, 867, 888, JIRA, SAP iDOCs, Dell Boomi, HIPAA 5010, SQL Server 2016, Marketo, SOAP, ReSt, Web Services, API, JsOn, XML, HTTP, HTTPS, Oath 2.0, Postman, Microsoft Dynamics CrM, Flat Files

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Lead Functional Ecommerce Analyst


  • Identified objectives for B2B program and act as project lead on resulting initiatives
  • Wrote detailed business requirements for B2B solutions
  • Prepared B2B specifications for use by trading partners
  • Implemented new B2B transactions and new trading partners
  • Conducted user acceptance testing and coordinate production cut over
  • Provided internal users and external trading partners with second level support
  • Wrote and distributed status reports on a regular basis including progress against objectives and metrics on partner implementations.

Environment: EDI ANSI X12, AS2, FTP, Oracle, Google Docs, AS400, 810, 850, 997, XML, DTD, Sterling Integrator, Slack, EDIFACT, Orders, Invoic

Confidential, Boca Raton, FL

Lead Functional Ecommerce Analyst


  • Responsible for customer on-boarding
  • Managed external interface integration projects with company’s B2B customers from kick-off through go-live following the B2B integration life-cycle
  • Gathered initial requirements and architecture information from Confidential ’s B2B customers such as document types, system software, market sites and technical details via phone conversations
  • Create business requirement/mapping documents
  • Provide technical requirements to B2B IT team for custom mapping, enhancements and/or fixes
  • Manage, create test cases and execute customer testing on integrations, enhancements and/or fixes
  • Troubleshoot and resolve B2B integration related issues with customer and Third-Party Vendors

Environment: EDI ANSI X12, cXML, xCBL, XML, JIRA, webMethods, AS2, FTP, PunchOutSetupRequest, PunchOutSetupResponse, PunchOutOrderMessage, OrderRequest, ConfirmationRequest, ShipNoticeRequest, UNSPSC, Sales Force, Oracle, Google Docs, AS400, Mocha Soft, Ariba, GMillenia, SalesForce, Retail

Confidential, Durham NC

Senior E-Commerce Analyst / Developer


  • Initiated and successfully managed VAN migration of over 500 trading partners, cutting data transmission costs by over 90%
  • Cut costs by increasing both 810, 850 + 849 EDI data volume by 200% in the first 4 months
  • Reengineered EDI processes and introduced companywide self-service web tools
  • Developed ActiveX Outlook translation maps to provide business users with real-time alerts
  • Developed, updated and standardized EDI specification documents / implementation guidelines
  • Implemented the following transaction sets: 812, 824 + 855
  • Worked remotely as the single EDI expert for the entire organization

Environment: EDI ANSI X12, Gentran Server for Windows, SQL Server, Windows Server, ODBC Maps, Flat file to EDI Maps, ActiveX Maps, Light VB Programming, Transactions: 810, 812, 824, 820, 832, 844, 845, 855, 856, 849, 850, Windows 2000/ 2003, Oracle 9i, Axway/Cyclone, AS2, MDN, FTP, Unix, WMS, Supply Chain, SQL Server

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

EDI Business Analyst II


  • Determined business needs by identifying, analyzing, gathering and documenting business requirements
  • Implemented best practices, streamlined existing processes and trained new hires
  • Acted as EDI Developer and EDI liaison for the company’s 2 largest national accounts
  • Effectively analyzed usability and determined functional gaps in processes
  • Developed, tested and deployed XML to EDI translation maps + FTP scripting
  • Created comprehensive EDI function guides, implementation guides and scope of work documents
  • Performed daily, weekly and monthly EDI auditing

Environment: EDI X12, Certified IBM Web Sphere Partner Gateway Training, Websphere Partnership Gateway (WPG) 6/6.1, Websphere DIS Mapper 6/6.1, Unix, Monarch, J-Edit, Regular Expressions, Windows 2003, Supply Chain, XML to EDI mapping, Transactions: 810 + 820, XML schema’s + DTD’s, FTP, AS2, Retail, Edifecs Specbuilder, NACHA file formats

Confidential, RTP, NC

Electronic Data Interchange Analyst


  • Generated, distributed and reconciled sales and inventory reports for over 150 distributors on a monthly basis
  • Analyzed data integrity to identify logical errs and error trends
  • Created and maintained EDI maps and trading partners using Sterling Gentran Server NT
  • Implemented an e-commerce helpdesk to ensure departmental compliance of internal and external service level agreements
  • Performed user acceptance testing with EDI and XML DTD’s
  • Created and maintained vendor non-compliance reports / score cards
  • Assisted with re-designed of departmental intranet navigation, usability and appearance

Environment: EDI X12, Gentran Server NT, Toad 7.5 SQL, AGIIS, Cognos, XML PMR (product movement report), XML IAU (inventory actual usage), MS Access, Lotus Smart Suite, Lotus Notes, Sametime, PC Anywhere, Supply Chain, Cognos, TOAD SQL, MS Access, ODBC

Confidential, Cary, NC

E-Commerce Analyst


  • Designed and maintained weekly, monthly, and year to date sales reports using BizRate, MS Excel
  • Created proposals for new John Deere licensed products based upon customer satisfaction surveys
  • Designed and launched marketing plans for promotions via e-newsletters
  • Maintained product images and specifications on the johndeergifts.com website
  • Managed inventory replenishment
  • Provided level II support to internal business groups
  • Performed user acceptance testing

Environment: Supply Chain, BizRate Reporting, Windows XP, MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, MS Access

Confidential, Iselin, NJ

Electronic Data Interchange Analyst


  • EDI team leader and EDI account manager for fortune 500 accounts
  • Designed and implemented profit / loss, accrual and general ledger reporting
  • Performed EDI testing with up to 300 trading partners at a time
  • Created EDI maps using proprietary translation software
  • Trained employees on departmental procedures
  • Traveled to client facilities to perform requirements gathering and determine business needs
  • Created and maintained documentation including technical implementation guidelines
  • Created pseudo-code programming for data validation and general ledger assignment based upon each client’s business rules and accounting requirements
  • Performed software integration and end to end systems testing

Environment: EDI X12, Harbinger STX, Unix, Windows 200, Transaction Sets: 110, 210, 214, 410, 810, 816, 820, 832, 838, 846, 856, Pseudo code programming logic, data dictionary, Mas 90/200, QualEDI

Confidential, Dayton, NJ

Electronic Data Coordinator / Analyst


  • Processed and audited all inbound and outbound EDI transactions using Harbinger STX / Trusted Link
  • Ensured timely transmission of advanced shipment notices (856 ASN’s) for over 20 distributors
  • Performed chargeback analysis and claim recovery processing
  • Designed and implemented UCC-128 barcodes labels (SKU’s) using Label Matrix and Loftware
  • Implemented QRS / UPC Catalog
  • Performed EDI troubleshooting, upgrades, testing and performed mapping development
  • Allocated daily picking sheets to warehouse staff
  • Promoted 3 times
  • Assisted with Y2K electronic data interchange system conversion

Environment: X12 EDI, Supply Chain, Harbinger Trusted Link, Harbinger STX, Partnership Network, Paramount EDI, PC Anywhere, Citrix, Loftware, Label Matrix, AS400, UPC Catalog, Unix, On-Track

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