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Data Architect Resume



  • 14 Years of experience in database design, data migration from legacy to SAP / Open systems, and data quality management.
  • Very well versed in SQL Scripting, Stored Procedures, Triggers and Views
  • Have done extensive work in complex SQL – including performance tuning
  • Ability to handle large volume data – in multi gigabytes / terabytes
  • Proficient in Systems Study, Requirements Gathering and System testing
  • Expert skills in all aspects of Data Migration -from planning, mapping, ETL design, development, loading and testing.
  • Expertise in multi dimension Data Warehouse and OLTP modeling
  • Domain Exposure : Manufacturing, Transportation / Logistics / Telecom / Finance
  • Technology Expertise : SQL Server, C++, C#, Dot Net Framework, Business Objects Data Services (BODS)


  • Saved 20 Person months’ worth of effort (USD 250,000 approx) by judicious ETL development methods and enhanced work hours for One-Kem SAP Project
  • Supported Kemisys – a custom Dot Net based ERP with 500 users single handedly and saved approx. $ 1.25 Million over 5 years.
  • Took over supporting the Financial System (Microsoft Great Plains) by integrating with Kemisys, thereby saving over USD 500,000 in support costs and maintenance over 5 years.

Education Master of Computer Applications Bachelors in Computer Science

Technical Skills

Operating Systems: Windows XP, 2000, NT, CE Programming Languages: C, C++, MFC, Win 32, Java Programming Tools: Visual Studio .NET, Visual C++, Visual Basic Internet Technologies: ASP.NET, SharePoint 2007, HTML 4.0, JavaScript, XML Technology Areas: Active-X, COM, DCOM Tools: Great Plains, Crystal Reports, Install Shield, Bounds, True Coverage Databases: SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 Project Management Tools: MS Project, Visual Source Safe

Professional Experience

Data Architect, Confidential, IL June 2005 - Present

Kemisys - Confidential, IL January, 2006 - Present

Technical: Visual Studio .NET, Windows 2000, SQL Server 2005, Great Plains

  • Architected, designed and managed the development and implementation of the system with various modules including Sales, Dispatch, Accounting and Invoicing.
  • User interaction and Requirements gathering of the customized Order to Cash System.
  • Day to day coordination with the offshore development team.
  • Building generic SQL queries to access the databases.
  • Data mapping and data migration from their old legacy system (EMS).
  • Rollout and Support and Maintenance over 600 users.

OneKem SAP Implementation - Confidential, GA December, 2007 - October, 2008

Technical: SAP Data Template, Visual Studio .NET, Windows 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2000, Great Plains

  • Data architect for the data extraction of implementation of SAP ECC 6.0 for USA and Canada companies.
  • Designing the SAP Data Templates for data extraction.
  • Data extraction from various legacy systems to SAP Data templates.
  • Data harmonization and data massaging before uploading to SAP; improved the data accuracy by 25%.
  • Automated the Change log implementation for all the legacy systems and distributed to the each module team lead.

Procurement Analysis - Confidential, IL July 2006 – August 2006

Technical: SQL Server 2000, Great Plains

  • Identify data and extraction from Microsoft Great Plains database.
  • Building SQL Stored Procedures and queries to join various tables including translation tables and creating reports.
  • Implemented a automatic Procurement data extraction.

EMS (Enterprise Management System) - Confidential, IL June 2005 – January 2006

Technical: Visual C++, MFC, Windows 2000, SQL Server 2000, Great Plains

The EMS System is an Order to Cash system with high emphasis on logistics. Various modules like Sales order, Dispatch, Rail car movement, Truck movement and Generate invoices were implemented.

  • Architected, designed and implemented the Rail Freight Accrual and integration with Microsoft Great Plains.
  • Requirements gathering and user interaction.
  • Automation of Rail Freight accrual and invoice integration with Microsoft Great Plains general ledger package.
  • Generation of reports using Crystal Reports such as Freight Revenue report, Sales by Customer Report.
  • Design and program the module for Rail movements and transloading activity.
  • In charge of complete unit testing and test procedure.

Project Leader, Confidential, CT January, 2003 - May, 2005

Technical: Visual C++, MFC, Embedded Visual Tools, Stingray, ASN.1 compiler, Windows 2000, AS/400

  • Designed and managed the Stolt Tanker Operator’s Workbench (STOW) that assists ship operators in the cargo stowing process and flicker free drag and drop feature.
  • Architected, designed and implemented the Zagat To Go PDA application and automatic updates. Involved in manpower selection, resource planning and coordinating the off shore development team. Interface for communicating between desktop and Pocket PC using RAPI.
  • WCDMA L3 messages are decoded and parsed using ASN.1 compiler in a multi threaded DLL; File transfer using Windows Sockets; GSM, Layer 1 and Layer 2 Message parsing. GUI development is handled using MFC and by using Stingray Rogue wave libraries. Thread safe generic library using windows sockets to handle file transfer.
  • Team Leader, Confidential, India October, 2001 - December, 2002

    Technical: Windows NT, Java Script, C, Bison, Flex

    • Requirement gathering and preparing the requirement book for the interpreter which inter-works with Motorola browser. Defining the interface control between the components and in high-level design of the system. Construction of HLD, LLD and actual implementation with respect to native object library modules; preparing test procedures. Identifying several system test cases and unit test cases and documenting it. Automatic generation of test scripts.

    Confidential, Gaithersburg, MD Senior Developer, Team Leader November, 1999 - June, 2001

    Technical: Windows NT and CE, Embedded Visual C++, Oracle Lite, Oracle 8i and HP Jornada

    • Requirements gathering and application architecture. Implementing the GUI using MFC and Windows CE API’s. Initial R&D on Database connectivity on HP Jornada mobile device. Implementing TAPI client for database Replication, which includes establishing connection, dialing to a service provider and replicating the DB.
    • Converting RS-232 to Socket communication with the peer. Counter implementation of this in Fog Detection System center computer software. Implementation of the real-time system that monitors the visibility condition; Designing various real-time device module and connectivity with the device; Tape backup utility module.

    Confidential, India Developer, Senior Developer October, 1997 - October, 1999

    Technical: Windows 95/98, Visual C++, MFC, MS-Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase

    • Implementing the logic for Finding Duplicates for the given table. Supports various databases such as Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, MS-Access and Fox Pro. UI screen for choosing the field to find duplicates and automatic deletion of duplicate records.
    • Enroll membership, Club Activity screen designs; Implementation of business logic for Accounts and Club enrollment; Database connection module with Oracle using ODBC and DAO methodology.

    Confidential, India November, 1996 - August, 1997

    Technical: Windows NT, C++, MFC

    • Implementation of UI screens using MFC. Reduced the internet traffic by 20% during peak hours by restricting bulk emails. Integration with their existing system, Khyber.

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