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Business Analyst Resume

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Jersey City New, JerseY

Profit-focused, team-oriented operations professional with proven business acumen who will utilize business knowledge, good character, positive attitude, well-rounded experience and a strong industry network to ensure smooth daily operations, aggressively resolve problems, foster impeccable relationships with clients and counterparts, and strengthen the performance and success of the operations team. Strong B/A knowledge ( Business Specification, Business Requirement Documents, Test Case scenarios created and defects researched and resolved.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of and experience in multiple businesses including securities lending operations and trading, as well as prime brokerage sales.
  • Relationship development expertise that will allow me to build strong daily network to ensure quick resolutions to problems, and success of day to day operations.


  • Converted Morgan Stanley Smith Barney onto Loanet full service platform.
  • Led acquisition conversions of four firms into First Clearing Corp.
  • Managed conversion of First Clearing Corp back office system to Loanet.

Professional Experience:

Confidential, Business AgentJune 2011 - Present
Holmdel, New Jersey

  • Solicit bank mortgage products to various real estate agencies, attorneys, and financial advisors.
  • Responsible for developing new business contacts.
  • Attend training for Federal and State Mortgage Lending Originator exams.

Confidential, Securities LendingBusiness Analyst ll(Consultant)May 2010 - December 2010
Jersey City, New Jersey

  • Assigned to lead team in conversion of present back office system to full service Loanet system.
  • Completed Business Requirement Documents in conjunction with technical support staff.
  • Worked closely with Stock Loan Trading Desk in supporting their daily needs.
  • Responsible for Book Keeping and Recall Test Script.
  • Implemented substitutions of Margin Securities.
  • Insured possession and control met the necessary requirements.
  • Tested and verified all entries against D.T.C Reconciliation and Book Keeping Ledger Records.
  • Reported any and all defects to department manager.
  • Reported to upper management all findings for review and sign off.
  • Assisted in updating current Stock Loan Procedures to reflect changes is daily activity.
  • Worked on the implementation of interest sharing program onto Loanet system.
  • Worked with settlements, buy ins, re-org department with procedural changes pertaining to stock loans and borrows.

Confidential, Liquidation SpecialistMarch 2009 - March 2010
Jersey City, New Jersey

  • Researched all domestic and foreign Cash Dividend breaks and allotted monies to proper customer accounts.
  • Investigated money wire breaks and applied them to correct bank account and/or customer account.
  • Handled all suspense accounts with statement and ledger breaks.
  • Assisted with Stock Loan suspense items (mark to market monies, cash and stock dividend breaks, stock record breaks). Met deadlines for liquidators and auditors for all breaks.
  • Assisted with aged fail to deliver and receive breaks for middle management, auditors, and liquidators.

Confidential, Securities LendingOperations Specialist / Business AnalystSeptember 2007 - March 2009
Whippany, New Jersey

  • Worked closely with management in streamlining lending processing activity.
  • Assisted manager in writing BRD and finalizing test scripts.
  • Reconciled contract breaks and aged billing differences.
  • Assisted in implementation and enforcing short sale procedures.
  • Assigned full responsibility of maintaining contract compare minimizing month end billing differences.
  • Assisted in daily balancing of department’s activities versus DTC.
  • Reported department’s overnight excess figures and defining reasons for overnight financing.
  • Controlled anomalies report, processing Re-orgs, Stock Splits and allocation of borrow returns.
  • Loanet knowledge (Mid-Month Billing, Month-End Billing, Contract Compare, Mark to Markets both receive and deliver, Borrow and Loan set ups, Callback Return Function, Unmatched borrows, loans, and mark to markets).
  • Assisted with Int’l Stock Loan activity with Global One System ( Borrow / Loan Set-ups, rate changes, DK’s ).

Confidential, Stock Loan Operations Consultant / Business AnalystMay 2006 - December 2006
New York City, New York

  • Worked with team of analysts in creating BRD for system enhancements
  • Finalized test scripts for testing and verification.
  • Reconciled contract breaks and aged billing differences
  • Assisted with borrow returns and allocating securities for callback.
  • Returned securities off the excess collateral report each morning and reported cost of financing to management.
  • Handled Financial Consultant’s requests for Short Selling Approvals.
  • Assisted with rates changes and contract comparison when needed.
  • Balanced Broker #’s 5284 and # 221 daily activity to D.T.C.
  • Resolved borrow return reclaims daily minimizing financing charges.
  • Checked daily positions intra-day, resolving pending deliveries differences ensuring delivery requirements were completed.
  • Completed and monitored all D.T.C. income tracking for Brokers #’s 221 $ 5284.
  • Assisted with international clearance when needed.

Confidential, Stock Loan Operations ConsultantOctober 2005 - April 2006
Princeton, New Jersey

  • Reconciled all aged billing issues.
  • Assigned control of contract comparisons report to reduce month end billing issues.
  • Assisted RE-Org and Dividend departments in cleaning up aged breaks.
  • Reported to management any and all anomalies on a daily basis.
  • Assisted with the department’s end of day balancing to D.T.C.

Confidential, Senior Vice President(Sales & Operations ) September 1987 - January 2004
New York City, New York

  • Managed a department of 7 full time employees
  • Managed Stock Loan Sales and Operations
  • Controlled the lending of margin debits in conjunction with the firms daily borrowing needs minimizing cost of financing margin debits.
  • Expanded the lending program from a 3 million dollar lender to a firm high of 1.5 billion dollars.
  • Initiated and maintained Stock Loan conduit business.
  • Assisted the Treasury Department in daily funding requirements.
  • Ensured all securities were borrowed covering customer short sales, fails to deliver and all firm requirements were met.
  • Set up short sale procedures in compliance with Security and Exchange rules and regulations
  • Managed credit limits within guide lines provided by the firm’s credit committee.
  • Reported monthly departmental profitability to upper management for review.
  • Initiated procedures to restrict the lending of customer margin debits over dividend record date complying with new legislation.
  • Directed four major conversions, including a new front end system for Stock Loan (Loanet)
  • Maintained a professional level of relations with all accounts. ( List of contacts furnished upon request)
  • Worked with several departments within the firm on issues pertaining to dividends, reorganization, compliance, delivery vs. payments, settlements etc.
  • Reported directly to upper management with regards to departmental budget.
  • Coordinated meetings in regards to system issues, compliance policy, and procedures.

Confidential, Operations SupervisorJanuary 1984 - September 1987
New York City, New York

Technical Skills:

  • DTC, Loanet, Global One, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Project
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