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Business Intelligence And Data Analyst Resume


  • Data and Business Analyst with 10+ years of experience in interpreting data, analyzing data, modeling and mining data, and marketing - sales analytics for developing businesses and driving business solutions. Special talent for acquiring data from various sources and develop data systems dat support analysis and reporting.
  • Skilled in statistics, analytics, and technical reports, with the strong background in IT, Financial and Payment services, e-commerce retail and FMCG industries.
  • Thorough understanding of finance, marketing, production and personnel management
  • Talented with the data management policies, procedures, and widespread technical tools
  • Strong logical, assessment and interpretation skills
  • Excellent planning and administrative abilities
  • Descriptive analytics, Diagnostic analytics, Predictive analytics, Prescriptive analytics
  • Ability to implement control the executed tasks with the planned activities
  • Strong Analytical, Quantitative skills and result analyzing
  • Project Management, Time Management, Risk Management, Task Prioritizing Management
  • Excellent in organization, interpersonal, initiating, communication, planning and technical skills


Statistics Technique/Data Mining and Segmentation, Regression, Forecasting: SPSS

Big Data Visualization (Business Intelligence Platforms): QlikView, Excel

Database Management Systems: SQL, MS Access

Software: Proficiency in Excel, MS Project, MS Access, MS Office Suite, MS Visio, MS PowerPoint, Prezi eCommerce Analysis: Google Analytics, eCommerce Analytics, OLAP

Business Analysis Methods: SWOT, PEST, BSC (Balanced Score Card)


Business Intelligence and Data Analyst



  • Analyzed monthly on big data as transaction rate data on 1.5M payment devices for modeling and developing solutions with data visualization, using Excel, QlikView, SQL.
  • Collected data from 1.5M payment devices holders (client) and over 200M card holders (consumer, debit/credit) for developing solutions with data analysis and make decisions to increased transaction rates by 28% and attract new client by 500K per year, using Excel, SPSS, Access.
  • Designed and developed loyalty program and customer club for over 1.8M clients by research at payment and retail market with data modeling and data analyzing, using Excel, SPSS.
  • Identified business models for launching e-commerce project by B2B and B2C, with data gathering and data analyzing from international e-commerce market, using Google Analytics, OLAP, e-commerce analytics.
  • Developed marketing plans to increase visit rate to 70% per day, and attract buyers by 25% per month with to measure e-business and KPI metrics, competitor’s performance investigation and e-commerce data analysis, using Alexa, tag management, Excel, KPI Dashboards & Scorecard, Analysis platforms, QlikView.
  • Analyzed business on two projects as e-commerce and payment, for evaluating the businesses situated in the market to capture 70% of the payment and 25% of e-commerce domestic markets, using SWOT, BSC, PEST, Excel.

Business Data Analyst



  • Managed on 2 e-payment projects with a budget of over $10M USD, including milestones, objectives, technical and commercial requirements, budget, staffing, infrastructure.
  • Developed business plans for increasing transaction rates by 85% annually on sales terminals to achieve revenue by 37.6%, using SWOT, Excel.
  • Established and managed on new department called "provincial affairs" to monitor the performance of e-payment projects, market trends investigation, collect and analyze market data, in over 30 branches, by 18 experts at head office, using MS Project, Visio, Excel, SQL
  • Analyzed monthly on huge data as transaction rate data by over 101K USD / 76M No. on 85K POS which is installed entirely the country for developing solutions with data visualization, using Excel, SQL.
  • Managed on the CRM department with 12 experts, to collect data from clients and card holders, using Excel, Access.

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