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Business Analyst Resume

Oak Brook, IL


  • Expertise in project management, business analysis, process decomposition, and documentation of stakeholder requirements and root cause analysis.
  • Unique me.T. Leadership wif experience from multiple SDLC perspectives. Full Stack IT Professional - Experience in every phase of teh lifecycle.
  • Superior technical writer, including use cases, user story modeling talents in agile (scrum) environments, and curriculum development .
  • Outstanding in teh area of written and verbal communication.
  • Strategic thought leader in teh areas of business development.
  • Core competencies and contributory highlights involve solution delivery in teh areas of me.T. Operations Management and Process Improvements.
  • Core organization development competencies include: Continuous Improvement wif regard to me.T . Support services and teh problem event lifecycle. Record of improv ing processes through rigorous review, data collection and root cause analysis.


  • Web Designer, Ruby on Rails Developer
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • ITIL Foundations Certified, Six Sigma GB & PMP Trained
  • 8+ years in Business Analysis and Project Management
  • Business Process Improvement specialist and End-to-End Ser­vice Manager
  • Waterfall & AGILE experience
  • Mentor, Coach, Brewer and Consummate Team Player


Confidential, Oak Brook, IL

Business Analyst, Project Management, SEO SME and Technology Consultant


  • A responsively built web application dat allows for clubs to upload profiles of their goods, and allows for those goods to be uniquely rated and tracked by their consumers. Stack: HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails Framework, some javascript, Bootstrap. Project was deployed to Amazon AWS using wif Nginix (Web), Unicorn (App), PostgreSQL (db) and deployed wif Github (version control) and Capistrano.
  • A first of its kind, responsively built, web-based mobile management and entertainment application for teh Karaoke industry dat includes user authentication and other features modeling real-life karaoke. Stack: HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails Framework, some javascript, Bootstrap. Project was deployed to Amazon AWS using wif Nginix (Web), Unicorn (App), PostgreSQL (db) and deployed wif Github (version control) and Capistrano.
  • Custom built responsively built application enabling users to match predic­tions wif actual draft picks. Stack: HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, deployed to Heroku.

Confidential, Westchester, IL

Service Delivery Manager - me.T. Operations


  • Managed daily operations for IT Operations team, acting as interim Operations Manager (Team of 7), working closely wif and assisting wif teh management of support teams.
  • Maintained root cause data (including noledge base) and analysis while leading RC investigations; doggedly pursing root cause for all enterprise events, and maintaining data and metrics.
  • Through metrics, and creation of a service delivery catalog, generated teh ability to maintain teh true cost of IT Ser­vices. Added value by helping IT Department significantly decrease year-to-year root cause percentage, based in­part on a well maintained noledge base.
  • Instituted Knowledge Sharing lunch sessions, facilitating teh transfer of noledge from infrastructure groups to teh Operations Team, theirfore increasing OPS’ ability to monitor systems and troubleshoot issues.
  • Added value by leading Lessons Learned/Post Mortem meetings as part of a comprehensive problem event and noledge sharing strategy.
  • Continuous improvement initiatives including teh drive to improve enterprise-wide communication strategies.
  • Created and maintained ITIL-inspired documentation including teh Service Catalog and CMDB.
  • Leading role wif migration from old ticketing system to new platform (Service Manager).
  • Responsible for publishing several enterprise-wide product and system health reports.
  • Added value by redesigning teh Beginning of Day report (B.O.D.) resulting in a more visual, easier to consume re­port accessible on desktop and mobile devices; Report was distributed at teh executive level.

Confidential, Westchester, IL

Business Systems Analyst - Project Manager


  • Advised decision makers on best technical focused business planning.
  • SMB tech evangelist promoting “no cost/low cost” (cloud and open source) business tech options.
  • Web design and small business web-based application development, data gathering and database normalization.
  • Mapped and documented “As-Is” and target departmental business and systems processes and custom ERP suite.
  • Project Management lead in teh development of IT consulting business, including strategic planning, market and competitor analysis and new sales compensation structure, marketing, advertising and impact branding;
  • Strategic thought leader, visionary; assisting wif teh re-shaping teh organization’s mission.

Confidential, Chicago IL

Systems Analyst


  • Conducted business process analysis, requirements gathering, process decomposition and technical writing.
  • Worked as part of teh GCA team during teh BankOne Merger to decompose and document mainframe business processes.
  • Worked as part of a team of analysts to map and document “As-Is” business and system processes in order to facili­tate merging systems; Facilitated requirement gathering and employee interviews via survey and questionnaire.


Project Manager/Technology Consultant


  • Project Manager on two major initiatives, including a new web-based maintenance and reporting tool for Head Start program management; Design & development of multi-faceted user registration process for training purposes.
  • Supervised a team of 10 providing training, technical guidance, troubleshooting and outreach to over 1000 end- users and staff. Project Managed deployment of a new data-driven training curriculum wif standardized lesson plans and revamping of support desk of teh support desk. Support desk project value add was teh new ability to track and quantify inci­dents and resources. As a result teh department was able to determine teh true cost of me.T. Support Service.

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