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Sr. Business Data Analyst Consultant Resume



  • Over 8 years of experience in analysis and modeling of both analytical and transactional systems
  • Data Migration / Conversion analyst with expertise, analyzing data from multiple source systems
  • Teradata V2R5 Certified / Implementation Specialist and Oracle 10g Certified Professional
  • Data Quality Analyst with strong understanding of Data Governance principles
  • Experience performing Data Analysis and developing source to target mapping document for migration
  • Experience working on Global Implementation projects for converting data from legacy–target systems
  • Experience interacting with business users and support teams across multiple nations for understanding both IT and business reporting requirements
  • Experience documenting business cases and leading multiple teams throughout the project cycle.
  • Experience communicating business and technical issues to both business users and technical users
  • Extensive experience in Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), gathering requirement, change management, analysis, reporting, project coordination and conflict resolution
  • Experience working in conventional and agile project development environments


  • Well versed in Normalization / Denormalization techniques for optimum performance in relational and dimensional database environments
  • Facilitated JAD / white board sessions to resolve revolving issues and understand data requirements
  • Knowledge of UML to understand business process for modelling OLTP and OLAP systems
  • Experience with data modeling and design of both OLTP and OLAP systems
  • Experience working with modeling tools such as Erwin, Power Designer, E-R Studio and Visio
  • Strong understanding of dimensional, relational and object oriented modeling techniques
  • Experience designing data models using star and snowflake schemas
  • Experience developing conceptual, logical and physical data models as per enterprise standards
  • Extensive experience developing source to target mapping documents
  • Experience developing data transformation and cleansing rules for migration using ETL tools
  • Proficient in developing complex SQL queries for reporting needs
  • Experience building reports using Crystal Reports, MicroStrategy, Business Objects and Cognos
  • Experience in using statistical analysis tools like SAS and SPSS for reporting needs
  • Experienced in integrating OLAP and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) reporting solutions
  • Experience working with ETL tools like Informatica, MicroStrategy and IBM Data stage.
  • Developed BTEQ, MLOAD, FLOAD and TPump scripts for loading data from source to Teradata
  • Experience working with SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, using SQL Server 2005.
  • Extensive experience in development of T-SQL, DTS, OLAP, Stored Procedures and Triggers for business logic implementation.
  • Experienced in handling XML, HTML, JavaScript, VB Script, Perl and ASP
  • Excellent analytical, and inter-personal skills with ability to interact with individuals at all levels

CERTIFICATIONS: Teradata V2R5 Certified Professional Teradata V2R5 Implementation Specialist Oracle 10g Certified Professional ITIL v3 Foundation Certified


Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA Sr. Business Data Analyst Consultant February 2012 – Present

  • Responsible for interacting client business users, project stake holders, and implementation team members to gather requirements and provide recommendations
  • Worked closely with the senior management to understand the business needs, to drive the requirements for migrating data out of JDE World to E1 system
  • Developed functional specifications document to driving data extraction and development in JDE
  • Analyzed the legacy data and documented data quality issues and recommended changes
  • Developed source to target mapping document for Item Master and Item Branch tables
  • Analyzed legacy master data for Items, Bulks, Formulas, BOM’s and Address Book
  • Developed multiple templates with default values for Item Master Data (F4101 & F4102 tables), that can be applied to legacy data accordingly during migration
  • Used datapath and databrowser extensively for analyzing legacy data
  • Responsible for running jobs / applications (like P5741020) for loading Item data
  • Responsible for running jobs to move data between Z tables to master tables in JDE
  • Responsible for keeping development, testing (PY), data validation (DV) / construction (DC) and production (PD) environment in sync
  • Responsible for running daily status reports in OBIE for business teams and senior management
  • Responsible for analyzing and cleansing legacy master data for migration
  • Responsible to review and approve any changes to master data in production
  • Used IBM iNavigator to query the legacy mainframe database to analyze the data quality issues
  • Responsible for leading the development effort and tracking the project status on a timely basis
  • Developed weekly status reports with project updates for senior management
  • Responsible for leading MDM initiative in JDE E1 system and migrating data out of JDE World

Duties: IBM OS, JD Edwards World, JDE E1, IBM DB2, IBM iSeries, IBM iNavigator, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g (OBIEE), SQL, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA Business Data Analyst Consultant / Team Lead October 2011 – February, 2012

  • Responsible for interacting with client business users, project stake holders, acting as a liaison
  • Responsible for loading Employee Group Waiver Plan (EGWP) claims data for State of Louisiana (STLA) and Missouri (MPSERS)
  • Responsible for understanding SXC claims adjudication processing system
  • Analyzed all the possible scenarios for paid, reversed, rejected and adjusted claims from Medco
  • Responsible for translating user & business requirements into functional and technical requirements
  • Responsible for understanding NCPDP, NPI, Pharmacy provider, Drug, and Eligibility data
  • Performed analysis on provider data to ensure we establish a relationship with Medco claims data
  • Analyzed drug data from both MediSpan and First Data Bank (FDB)
  • Designed end-to-end ETL process to load the data from client extracts into data warehouse
  • Recommended necessary changes to the existing data model, to be able to maintain raw history claims and processed claims data for reconciliation
  • Developed the process for doing balancing on header and trailer, on client extracts for ETL process
  • Responsible for translating the data from MEDCO PAL and Supplemental files into D.0 layout
  • Responsible for developing mappings using Abnitio BRE (Business Rules Environment) for both PAL & Supplemental files to be able to load the data into casted claims table.
  • Developed source to target mapping documents for multiple subject area
  • Responsible for understanding pharmacy benefit management (PBM) and pharmacy claims data
  • Analyzed the impacts to the client extracts and made necessary recommendations
  • Responsible for leading development & testing teams, and acted as SME for Rx claims data
  • Responsible for setting up all the FTP transmissions with Medco for receiving the client extracts
  • Validated all the encryption and decryption keys for exchanging data in PGP format
  • Responsible for analyzing data from client extracts and identifying data quality issues
  • Owned end-to-end UAT testing process and provided signoff for the business
  • Developed sql and unix scripts to create extracts for CABOODLE CRM system
  • Worked with the business for Finance, FBO and Audit data validations and approvals
  • Analyzed Lynx reporting cube for facilitate reporting requirements for EGWP claims data
  • Owned data validation plan to assist business IT teams team for signoff
  • Responsible for tracking data defects in footprints defect tracking system.

Duties: Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2008. Abnitio BRE v1.16, SQL, UNIX, FoorPrints, Erwin, Excel, Microsoft SharePoint, PGP, Oracle SQL Assistant, SQL Server Management Studio, Putty, UltraEdit

Confidential, Baltimore, MD Sr. Data Conversion Analyst / Lead Business Analyst Consultant March 2011 – October 2011

  • Analyzed multiple source system to identify the data for migration
  • Interacted with the business users and IT support teams across US, Canada, Puerto Rico and India to understand both data and reporting requirements
  • Perform classification / trending analysis by understanding the source data
  • Assisted in design & development of reconciliation report for tracking the data during conversions
  • Developed source to target mapping documents for multiple subject area
  • Worked closely with the ETL team to coordinate data mapping during code development
  • Responsible for coordinating with multiple teams to perform both unit and integration testing
  • Responsible for loading production scrubbed data into multiple dev / qa environments
  • Responsible for performing both logical and physical data quality scans
  • Responsible for coordinating data cleanup to fix the errors identified during data quality scans
  • Developed data validation plan to assist business readiness and legal compliance team for signoff
  • Responsible for providing sensitive credit data to the business readiness team, to support data migration from legacy to target systems.
  • Provided production support to resolve the defects identified during the conversion process.
  • Responsible for coordinating with DBA’s for rebuilding indexes and collecting stats
  • Responsible for monitoring performance on Symphony loan application web portal using Adlex
  • Responsible for generating daily / weekly performance and incident reports for senior IT leadership
  • Responsible for tracking data defects in Quality Center and provide resolutions to fix the defects.
  • Duties: Oracle 10g, Teradata, Abnitio, SQL, UNIX, HP Quality Center 10, Autosys, ClearCase, Erwin, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SharePoint, Adlex, HP Business Availability Center

    Confidential, Richmond, VA Sr. Data Analyst Consultant March 2010 – February 2011 Project: Teradata Platform Management

    • Responsible for design and development of Teradata system capacity and forecast process
    • Responsible to review and provide approvals for project space request in prod, dev and test environment.
    • Responsible for understanding online, nearline and offline data retention requirements
    • Acted as a SME to identify any space reclaim opportunities on production containers in Teradata
    • Played a major role in planning / performing teradata system capacity expansion from 18 nodes/85 TB to 33 nodes/150 TB
    • Coordinated data migration from old to new system during Teradata system capacity expansion
    • Designed automated reports using business objects to identify skewing issues at the table level and worked with the individual project teams for resolution
    • Responsible for rolling out quarterly teradata forecast process and worked with individual LOB’s to understand their space requirements
    • Worked closely with DBA’s/architects in review and approval process for creating new databases
    • Acted as a single point of contact with strong understanding of weekly/monthly and quarterly growth on the teradata system.
    • Provided technical support to multiple data warehouse development teams.
    • Assisted in developing resource estimates to understand future needs for cost analysis / budgeting
    • Worked with data stewardship for remediating legacy roles in prod, dev and test environments
    • Designed and implemented database replication strategies for both internal and Disaster Recovery
    • Responsible for reporting chargeback numbers on individual cost centers to the higher management
    • Designed reports using business objects for emailing daily growth numbers on teradata system.
    • Managed Analytic Platform mailbox, and responded to users requests in a timely fashion.
    • Collaborate with Production Support and end users to troubleshoot performance using ViewPoint and implement fixes.

    Duties: Teradata 12, ViewPoint 13, Oracle 10g, SQL, UNIX, SAS, Erwin, Business Objects XIR3, Rochade, HP Service Manager, Clear Quest

    Confidential, Richmond, VA Sr. Data Analyst Consultant May 2009 – February 2010 Project / Team: Technology Automation Of Stewardship (TAOS) / Card Data Stewardship

    • Supported Fraud, Anti Money Laundering and Corporate Security applications in DAPROD, during the migration from FRM to DDE environment
    • Actively participated in design and development of Technology Automation Of Stewardship Data Mart.
    • Conducted JAD sessions with the stewardship team, for gathering functional and data requirements
    • Developed short-term tactical solutions to achieve long-term objectives and to promote the enterprise data architecture vision.
    • Developed BTEQ, MLOAD, FLOAD and TPump scripts for data migration, and automated them in Unix using shell (ksh) scripts
    • Responsible for identifying data quality issues and downstream impact to the data warehouse
    • Designed reports to analyze end user data for compliance with teradata governance standards.
    • Developed ksh scripts to capture file system usage both on SASDOME & PEARL unix servers
    • Performed data mapping of Business Objects universes in XIR2 for reporting end user data
    • Developed bobj reports to analyze space usage by end users/groups on unix servers.
    • Responsible for testing bobj reports and providing the signoff to the BI team, during the migration of Business Objects from XIR2 to XIR3
    • Responsible for communicating with end users for cleanup of files on unix servers as a BAU.
    • Designed a process in Unix to send space alert notifications by email.
    • Developed documentation for end users, to help get familiar with TAOS data mart
    • Responsible for submitting work orders for code promotion, enhancements and job scheduling.

    Duties: Teradata 12, Oracle 10g, SQL, UNIX, Business Objects XIR2/XIR3, Rochade, HP Service Manager, Clear Quest

    Confidential, Cleveland, OH Data Modeler / Analyst Consultant August 2008- April 2009

    • Responsible for interviewing business users for gathering functional and data requirements
    • Responsible for preparing technical specification document, with functional definitions
    • Developed Logical data model using Erwin 7.2 and created physical data models using forward engineering
    • Worked with DBA group to create Best-Fit Physical Data Model from the Logical Data Model
    • Identified and tracked slowly changing dimensions and determined the hierarchies in dimensions.
    • Developed source to target mapping document, with all the transformation rules
    • Responsible for handling requirements by documenting them using Rational Requisite Pro
    • Used utilities such as Fast Export, MLOAD and TPump for bringing data into target system
    • Analyzed the data requirements and identified the Facts and Dimensions for the proposed model
    • Developed data migration strategies and impact analysis for both teradata and oracle database systems.
    • Employed process for data analysis to model a Customer Information Business System.
    • Responsible for handling / assisting project development at various stages using MS Project
    • Used DataFlux dfPower Profile tool for data profiling needs.
    • Used DataFlux dfPower Quality tool to analyze and improve the data quality and integrity.
    • Responsible for maintaining / updating Meta data repository using Rochade.
    • Work closely with Business to design weekly reports using a combination of Cognos Impromptu and Power play, to deliver reports to CEL and Marketing groups.
    • Design complex reports for aging analysis, invoices generation, profit/loss, and balance sheet
    • Involved in overall data mart testing and different team reviews and status meetings

    Duties: Teradata V2R5, Oracle 10g, Unix, SQL, Rational Requisite Pro, Unix, DataFlux, Cognos Impromptu 7.2, Cognos PowerPlay 7.2, Erwin 7.2, XML, MS Project, ASG Rochade, Microsoft Excel

    Confidential, Springfield, IL Data Analyst / BI Report Developer Consultant August 2007- July 2008

    • Worked closely with business analysts in gathering data requirements
    • Responsible primarily for generating reports for Illinois Health Women program
    • Designed and maintained program tracker, also provided bi-weekly status updates
    • Assisted executive leaders in defining reporting requirements and developed mockup reports
    • Used Teradata SQL Assistant for writing SQL queries to access data from Illinois healthcare data warehouse.
    • Developed complex queries to retrieve data from multiple sources, charts, tables and crosstabs using BI Query.
    • Assisted in designing process for setting up new clients / providers into the production environment
    • Responsible for analyzing large datasets of healthcare and pharmaceutical claims from multiple providers.
    • Responsible for setting provider data standards including business, technical, coding, and privacy requirements
    • Generated reports for the business to show the top providers by region using claims data
    • Studied OLAP data models graphical representation of underlying database structures to access and analyze enterprise data source, with access to Illinois data warehouse
    • Experience working with Business Object IX for complex reporting needs.
    • Handled multiple data related projects using Teradata V2R5, Microsoft Access & Excel.
    • Designed presentations, brochures for various Illinois healthcare programs.
    • Documented project reports & maintained confidential information on a regular basis
    • Developed Logical Data Models for Integration of prescription and major medical benefit systems
    • Worked with Business owners to develop and improve rule-sets for internal Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM).
    • Developed Data Mapping Documents to depict Data Flow between Pharmacy+ and SMART systems, with all the transformation rules.
    • Responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Master Reference data (MDM)

    Duties: Teradata V2R5, SQL Server 2005, T-SQL , Unix, Hummingbird BI Query, Business Object IX , Informatica, Test Director, XML, Microsoft Access, Excel, Power Point

    Confidential, New York, NY Data Analyst Consultant Jan 2006 – July 2007

    • Working closed with business analyst in gathering reporting requirements
    • Conducted JAD sessions and performed data analysis for documented data quality standards
    • Documented Technical & Business User Requirements during requirements gathering sessions using Rational Requisite Pro
    • Involved in modeling business processes through UML diagrams using Rational Rose.
    • Experience using test director, conducting walkthroughs of data cleansing rules, and test case validations working with the QA team
    • Conducted logical data model walkthroughs and peer review sessions for validation
    • Facilitated transition of logical data models into the physical database design and recommended approaches for good data management practices
    • Worked with DBA group to create Best-Fit physical model from the Logical Data Model
    • Created DDL scripts for static dimensions and ETL Mappings using DataStage
    • Developed Data Migration and Cleansing rules for the Integration Architecture (OLTP, ODS, DW), considering data linkage and data transformation rules
    • Developed data mapping documents between Legacy, Production, and User Interface Systems
    • Responsible for performing changes to provider data using the incoming data feeds
    • Developed data quality script to analyze and report on provider data to the MDM team.
    • Developed reports using Crystal Reports 9 to meet business requirements, and migrated and deployed them in QA and production
    • Used SPSS analysis services to analyze the data loaded into the target system

    Duties: Sybase 12, T-SQL, Sybase Power Designer, Rational RequisitePro, SPSS, DataStage, XML, Microsoft Access, IBM ClearQuest, Informatica 6.2, Test Director, Crystal Reports 9

    Confidential, Bangalore, India Database Designer / Developer June 2005- Dec 2005

    • Worked with Business users for gathering functional and data requirements
    • Designed, develop, and implemented a configuration based business rules engine for interface processing between various HR systems
    • Created backend meta data schema for store business rules and provided GUI tool for maintenance
    • Responsible for developing business test cases for analysis and project coordination
    • Established standards and guidelines to be used in the areas data access, stored procedure development, ETL processing
    • Created tables, views, triggers, stored procedures, indexes and partitions
    • Developed PL/SQL stored procedures and triggers for BAU database activities
    • Integrated new data sources with the existing data sources to handle the changing needs
    • Developed process for capturing and maintaining metadata from all data repository components.
    • Responsible for complete software configuration management using IBM ClearCase
    • Tasked with writing Unix shell scripts on various occasions
    • Created Function relationship and data flow diagrams, for enforcing referential integrity constraints
    • Tasked with developing complex SQL queries for reporting needs.
    • Involved in the mapping of data sources and analytics, with the goal of ensuring data quality.
    • Developed reports using Crystal Reports 8.0 to meet the complex reporting needs.
    • Tasked to Identify and develop opportunities for data reuse, migration, or retirement.

    Duties: Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Unix, SQL Server 2000, SQL, Analysis Services, Microstrategy, Rational Rose, IBM ClearCase 6.0, Crystal Reports 8.0, Erwin, Microsoft Visio, XML

    Confidential, Hyderabad, India SQL Server Developer, DTS Feb 2004- May 2005

    • Installed, designed and developed the SQL Server database.
    • Created a logical design of the central relational database using Erwin2.5
    • Configured the DTS packages to run in periodic intervals
    • Develop custom scripts to automate various database management processes
    • Extensively worked with DTS to load the data from source systems, and run in periodic intervals
    • Worked with data transformations in both normalized and de-normalized data environments
    • Involved in data manipulation using stored procedures and Integration Services.
    • Responsible for tracking change management using IBM ClearQuest
    • Worked on query optimization, stored procedures, views, and triggers.
    • Tasked with developing complex SQL queries for reporting needs
    • Assisted in OLAP and Data Warehouse environment when assigned.
    • Created tables, views, triggers, stored procedures and indexes.
    • Created FTP connections, database connections for the sources and targets.
    • Maintained security and data integrity of the database.
    • Developed several forms & reports using Crystal Reports.

    Duties: Windows 2000, SQL server 7.0, IBM ClearQuest UNIX, Erwin 2.5, Crystal Reports 6.0

    EDUCATION: Bachelor’s of Information Technology

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