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Business Analyst Resume


  • Business Process Analysis (Production, Inventory, SCM)
  • "AS IS' & "TO BE' Systems study along with SDLC cycle
  • GAP Analysis, ROI Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Cost Benefit Analysis
  • JAD Session, Design SOA, CMMI
  • Documentation (FRS, SRS, BRD), Case Analysis and diagram, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Fishbone Diagram, DFD, ERD, Logic Flow Diagrams, High Level Design Specifications, Test case generation & Impact Analysis
  • Code testing (Unit testing, Module testing & Integration testing and UAT)


Inventory: Bin Management, Replenishment, VMI, WMS, Safety stock and Procurement, Cycle Count, Inventory Valuation & Auto Pricing, WIP
Production: Operations Management, Product Development & life cycle, Production Planning, MRP-I,II,III, Facility & Layout Planning, Project Management, Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing
Supply Chain: Distribution Requirement Planning(DRP), Truck booking and routing, 3PL, FTL, LTL, TL, TMS, Demand & Supply Analysis, Strategic Network Design, SCOR INCOTERMS 2008
Others: MS Office, MS Project, MS Visio, Marketing & Sales Promotion, Strong Mathematical, Analytical, Lateral thinking skills, SDLC, Oracle 10g/9i, VB 6.0, Forms 6i. Supplier Negotiation, ERP

EDUCATION: MBA (Marketing/ SCM), B.S. (Production Engineering), Diploma in Advance Computing (C-DAC)


Confidential Bristol, PA Jan 2010 - Present
Sr. Operations Analyst

Confidential is our flagship Store Management Solution here at Confidential. It seamlessly integrates with all leading ERP - SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, WebERP and CRM - Siebel, Microsoft CRM solutions. Confidential provides store management, store performance and store analytics tools using latest open source technologies while effectively leveraging the significance of Internet. It is a highly secure web platform for any franchise to jump start operations, establish business process and improve productivity. Confidential will launch with a strategic partnership with Dunkin Donuts Franchise Owners and then expand to other franchises such as Confidential


  • Established Retail product development strategy & understand the market needs
  • With JAD session with small retail business owners I understand SCM process for small business and their market demand
  • Study the demand fluctuation on retail business depends on season and prepares cost Vs profit matrix.
  • Perform "To Be' System/Market study and understand the Demand of the Software
  • Since we are capturing small retail business, the Market study for software development was performed based on following points.
  • Vision / Mission Statement of the small retail business, Location of retail shops, warehouse & corporate Office, Organization Structure, Number of Employees and Names of Key Decision Makers, Size of the Industry, Position within the Industry, Key Competitors, Typical Customer Profiles, Key Industry Pressures/Issues, Specific Threats posed to the company by e-commerce, Annual Revenue (Historical, Current and Forecasts), Financial Performance information ((Historical, Current and Forecasts),IT / e-Commerce short term budget, Description of Products, Distribution Channels, Market size and locations, Company's Internet Strategy, Any recent news/press statements, IT Infrastructure, Name of the people from the organization who featured in the press, Have any of our partners claimed the client as their customer.
  • Involved in Functional and Technical aspect of Software and developed SRS, FRS, DFD & ERD documents. Also design database structure for the software.
  • While product is under development stage I define the Strategic plan and Cost analysis for marketing the Confidential
  • Manage a team of 10 people and perform functional testing on developing modules.
  • Define Case scenario on various product based on their demand fluctuation and study their effect with the help of cost analysis matrix

Confidential, Rocky Mount NC Nov 2008 - Dec 2009
Sr. SCM Analyst (VMI)
Confidential, a global power leader, is a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems.


  • Perform detailed inventory study and production capacity. Analyze safety stock, lead time, replenishment quantity per order and supplier.
  • Prepare the process flow of the TO BE VMI system and to integrate it with current production system
  • Define safety stock for each any every item and set a reorder point in VMI system.
  • Streamline accounts payable and reducing paper work and number of invoice. Set up a standard once a month invoicing process.
  • Manage WIP and shop floor operations to optimize 6M(Man, Method, Machine, Material, Money & Management)resource
  • Inventory replenishment of actually used items, this avoids storage of unnecessary items.
  • Re defines BOM and upgrade in VMI system for accurate backflush and eliminating raw material wastage.
  • Prepare the process flow diagram and sequence diagram for new VMI system with Visio
  • Reduce third party job order work and increase quality of product
  • Keep track of full delivery or partial delivery for orders


  • Reduce Inventory from 8M to 1.6M and inventory holding cost by 60%.
  • Eliminate stock out and shortage of material.
  • On time delivery to customer and Increase demand visibility without worried about inventory.
  • Reduce rejection of raw material by 15%.

Confidential, TX Sep 2007 - Oct 2008
Sr. SCM Analyst (3PL)
Confidential is a supply chain services leader, delivering more than 10 billion pounds of merchandise to customers every year. Company provides proven, third-party supply chain management solutions that can not only lower operating costs, but also increase productivity and sales to the retail business.


  • Performed a detail study for 3PL & Third Party Supply Chain solution system at Confidential and Understand the business process
  • Analyze key aspect of Retail SCM process specially more then 3000 Items per store(Wawa, 7-Eleven)
  • Identify potential SKU's for faster delivery and implement cross docking where ever required
  • Performed TO BE Study for implementing new Design network for faster and efficient Supply Chain
  • Optimize Supply Chain cost and time for more then 600 stores of Wawa in Pennsylvania
  • Forecast the demand and update the order cycle in Third Party Supply Chain system
  • Reduce delivery cost by using FTL and minimum inventory holding cost
  • Implement reverse logistics along with TL delivery to reduce cost of operation
  • Use typical SCM process (Buy-Make/Process-Move-Store-Sell) for food and Grocery items
  • Document Process flow activity and diagram with Visio


  • Reduce Truck delivery ratio from 12 to 3 trucks a week
  • Improve customer delivery on time ratio by 10% reduce stock out ratio by 5%
  • Save up to 30M on Third party Supply Chain per year
  • Over 15% cost reduction on Transportation and Delivery.

Confidential, MI Jan 2007 - Sep 2007
Sr. Analyst (MFG)

  • Holcim is the world's second largest cement manufacturing group. Having plants and offices more then 20 countries. I was involved in SMPPO (Stock Model Production Planning Operation) model. The model was define in such a way that it generates Plant wise, Shift wise, day wise, machine wise, cement type wise production schedule for next 3 months on a given particular day based on the plant production capacity, plant storage capacity, plant dispatch capacity and demand forecasting of cement for the respective plant.


  • Bifurcating Yearly demand into Quarterly to Monthly to daily (Plant wise, Cement type wise, Clinker type wise).
  • Further segregate daily demand into Plant wise, machine capacity wise and storage capacity wise.
  • Cement production schedule depends on various parameters like (Type of cement, Type of clinker, machine capacity/OEE(Original Equipment Efficiency), kiln capacity, machine combination with kiln, storage capacity of silos, Off peak and On peak hours, electricity cost and labor availability)
  • Along with Cement production schedule we define clinker production schedule also to maintain stock level of clinker as clinker production is a continuous process.
  • Keeping various constraints into consideration we generate 5 scenarios to study the impact on cost and production for cement products.
  • What if one of the plant shuts down
  • What if cement demand increase by 10%
  • What if cement demand decrease by 10%
  • What if clinker demand increase by 5%
  • What if clinker demand decrease by 5%
  • Prepare FRS, DFD & technical documents and had JAD session with technical team
  • Manage customer's Order through EDI and generate Production schedule.
  • Daily understand the forecasted/projected production with actual production and adjust the difference for to rest of the month, considering required production should not exceed the plant capacity per day.
  • Also define Dispatch/export schedule for cement type via Sea, rail road, trucks and airways.


  • Reduce Production cost by 27% and saves up-to $15M per year by optimizing off peak hours time
  • SMPPO gives exact production schedule for next 3 months at any given day for any plant or machine
  • Simplify daily production and dispatch schedule.
  • Reduce overstocked of cement and clinker inventory
  • Equally distributed daily production to all machines reduces late delivery and overtime cost.

Confidential. Thailand Mar 2006 - Nov 2006
Business Analyst

Confidential is the leading cement manufacturing company in Asian countries. Having 3 plants, Confidential was able to supply different kind of cement across whole Asian region. ASOP (Asian Sales Operation Planning) system is developed to prepare Dispatch schedule for cement from each plant.


  • Perform detail study of operations and cement plants, Understand basic terms and production process
  • Prepare "TO BE' proposed system documentation and identify key business area
  • Major role involves in Preparing Dispatch schedule of various cement types from different plant.
  • Integrate ASOP with Production system to balance Inventory levels
  • Design and implement new Network design for shipping various cement products
  • Analyze and prepare report on Plant production capacity, dispatch capacity, storage capacity.
  • Minimize transportation cost by optimizing SCM.
  • Define export (Domestic / international) schedule for Cement based on following parameter
  • Total export demand for the day
  • Plant production capacity
  • Cement and Clinker storage capacity in their respective silos
  • Plant dispatch capacity
  • Region wise demand and availability of stock in respective warehouse.
  • Priority of order
  • Also involved in production schedule of various types of cement based on daily demand.
  • Monitoring production & dispatch schedule to avoid any uncertainty.


  • Reduce transportation cost by 30% saves $10M per year.
  • On time delivery of goods. (export or domestic)
  • Equally distributed stock leads to never stock out situation.

Confidential. Ahmedabad, India June 2005 - Feb 2006
IT Analyst

In 1992, the formal establishment of Confidential was effected through a concerted decision to give a new identity to the flagship company Essen Tele-communications. After 1996 company involves in Automatic data capture industry, Industrial Scanner, Bar code solutions, RFID Hand Held Terminals, Verity of printers.


  • Did the AS IS systems study and re-engineered with TO BE system study and documented.
  • Plot all the business process activity on the paper in terms of BRD,FRS and Process flow diagram
  • Primary goal is to Implement SAP Business One to integrate various department, corporate branches and plant.
  • Involved in Day to day business process activity and Implementation of SAP software with the help of HP (Hewlett-Packard implementation team).
  • Analyze key Functional area (Financial, Sales & Distribution, Production, Inventory, Supply chain) and make HP team better understand our business process to configure software modules to optimize and eliminates paper work.


  • Running optimized smooth operation with SAP B1 and increase productivity.
  • Reduce duplication of paper work and save time and cost
  • All the departments from various branch office and plant have same information at same time.

Confidential. Ahmedabad, India May 2004 - June 2005
IT Analyst

Launched in 1988, Confidential has established as a world leader in evaporative air coolers, also well-known in air conditioner and water heater with sensitivity and too good design. Confidential global popularity is testament to his sentiment. Its products are already being sold in USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.


  • Implemented VMI system for faster and accurate supply of goods at various warehouse and dealers.
  • Performed system study and collect data for VMI system
  • Gathered information about various product and their sizes, also study geographical location of warehouse and dealers for optimize transportation cost and truck booking.
  • Negotiate with truck dealer to have truck available for on-time shipment.
  • Implement auto invoice to customer and
  • Integrate all inventory data to the centralize server for faster result
  • Engage in truck routing and network design, booking and order priority.
  • Preparing Dispatch schedule to minimize Transportation cost, taking such parameters like (FTL/ LTL., Priority of Order, Area wise distribution center, Store pick up)


  • Improve customer relationships and gain business profit
  • Improve on-time delivery and customer satisfaction level by 92%.
  • Increase ATP(Available to Promise) ration from 85% to 98%

Confidential, GOA, India Oct 2001 - May 2004
Programmer/Business Analyst

Confidential is basically one of the busiest ports in India which accommodates 100 Ships Daily. To cater the growing business needs, The Port Operations Management System comes into picture. This Port Operation Management system comprises of following Modules - Signal Station -Marine Department, Traffic Department, Planning and Management System, Cargo Handling labor department, Chief Mechanical Department-Shipping & Receiving, Central Documentation Centre -Electronic data interchange, Estate Management System, and Executive Information System.


  • I was involved in TO BE system study of port business activity, re design business process and plotted them on paper.
  • Prepare FRS, SRS, DFD's, ERD's and activity flow diagram.
  • Also involve in Planning and Scheduling of ships for loading and unloading or iron ore based on (allocation meeting, weather season, availability of workers, open and close storage area, and domestic export order for ironore).
  • Study the past Demand of iron ore and prepare demand forecasting chart for next 3 months.
  • Involved in Database design and coding of various modules.

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