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Business Analyst Resume

Columbus, OH


  • While I do not have a 4 year degree, I do have technical training that approaches the levels one would attain from pursuit of a Master’s degree.
  • My training is a result of military service, and classes offered that pertained to the civilian jobs I had after leaving the Confidential .
  • I have ample experience with Microsoft Office Suite offerings, particularly Access, Excel and Outlook.
  • If you require results using those tools, I will deliver more than you ask for, in less time than you expect.
  • Over the past 20 years as a contractor, I have delivered applications to the following companies, which suggests that I am not an expert in any of the industries represented, but capable of translating their business needs into better - than-expected results.


Business Analyst

Confidential - Columbus, OH


  • I was converted from a contractor to a full time employee. Since being converted, I have continued to build more and more Access databases, with more and more automated interaction between Access and Excel, SharePoint and Outlook.
  • I have significantly reduced, and in some cases eliminated entirely, the time spent on manual processes previously completed using Excel. The results from the manual processes were made available on a weekly basis, as the process itself required that much time to complete.
  • Most involved a group of people to complete, as each person was responsible for only a portion of the process. Once the "processing" of the data was transferred to Access, results became available daily.
  • The results were more reliable, repeatable and accurate, as there was no more "cutting and pasting " or massive VLookup's, or unintended transposition of numbers, or other human errors in the process.

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