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Information Technology Analyst Resume


  • Enovia and MatrixOne
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Industrial process improvements
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems
  • Computer programming and scripting: HTML, Java, JavaScript, TCL/TK and others
  • Proficient with Matrix Query Language (MQL) and Tool Command Language (TCL)
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Linux and UNIX proficient
  • Windows proficient
  • Microsoft Office proficient
  • Physically proficient and capable with tools and machines
  • Proficient with Pro/ENGINEER CAD software
  • Proficient with AutoCAD software
  • Web page design, development, and support
  • Technical support, training, and customer service
  • Manufacturing simulation using ProModel simulation software
  • Lean Manufacturing (an operational strategy oriented toward achieving the shortest possible cycle time by eliminating waste)
  • Linear Programming (a mathematical technique for maximizing or minimizing a desired outcome)
  • Design of Experiments (A systematic, rigorous approach to engineering problem - solving)
  • CNC programming
  • Cycling enthusiast





  • Support and a dministrator for Confidential Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems including Enovia 2012x, 2013x and 2016x.
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving for end user PLM issues.
  • Corrections and problem solving for metadata and file store related issues.
  • Special access to ITAR and Export Controlled documents and data.
  • Team leader for Enovia IT support team.


Confidential, Marshall, MI


  • Installation and configuration of Enovia 2015x including application server installations, File Collaboration Servers (FCS), CAD Integrations, custom scripts and custom integrations.
  • Administrator and architect for Enovia and MatrixOne Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems. Experience with Enovia 2015x, 2012x, 2011x, 2009x and MatrixOne 10.6.
  • Administrator of four production Enovia PLM environments. Each production environment includes QA, Development, and multiple Sandbox systems. Every production environment includes a worldwide user base of several thousand active accounts.
  • Installation and configuration of Enovia Live Collaboration Studio software including Matrix, Business, System, and MQL tools for multiple environments.
  • Installation, configuration, and administration of over 50 Enovia File Collaboration Servers (FCS) worldwide. FCS setup and installation includes Enovia Live Collaboration Server, Tomcat, Java, and FTP/file systems.
  • Installation and configuration of the Enovia VueLink module and AutoVue viewing software on over 50 FCS servers worldwide.
  • Disk space monitoring and maintenance of FCS file systems and files. Oversee approximately ten terabytes of Enovia data files on over 50 servers worldwide.
  • Installation and configuration of Enovia Web Applications for Linux hosts. Installation of Enovia Live Collaboration software and multiple Enovia modules for four production Enovia environments.
  • Software upgrades and maintenance on Linux and Windows servers.
  • Administration of eight Linux Enovia application host servers and 16 Tomcat Java Virtual Machines (JVM) for four production environments.
  • Upgrade Enovia environments to newer software releases, including web servers and FCS systems.
  • Conform to and enforce documented Change Management processes for multiple Enovia environments and systems.
  • Enovia “war file” generation and deployments for multiple Enovia environments and systems.
  • Proficient and experienced with Matrix Query Language (MQL) and Tool Command Langue (TCL) scripting.
  • Generation of MQL/TCL scripts for data migrations, metadata corrections/adjustments, data extractions, and automated maintenance jobs.
  • Coding and scripting for Interface programs between Enovia and other ERP systems (i.e. MfgPro).
  • Special solutions and metadata repairs of Enovia data for Enovia users.
  • Coordinate Oracle databases with database administrators.
  • Utilization of Remedy software for IT incident and change control.
  • Migration projects of legacy engineering data into the Enovia PLM systems.
  • ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) sensitive data management for US military and aerospace components.
  • Engage with worldwide information technology and engineering teams.
  • Project initiation and project management.
  • Technical support for PLM and CAD related issues.
  • Special support for Enovia MxPro and ProEngineer related user problems.


Confidential, Galesburg, MI


  • Custom MatrixOne coding for manufacturing engineering software systems.
  • Development of custom web based step - by-step machining and assembly process instructions using MatrixOne software.
  • Development and maintenance of software systems for tooling and machine maintenance.
  • Development of custom TCL/TK code for machining process instructions, drawings, and documentation. Use of MatrixOne and TCL/TK for custom GUI tools.
  • MQL/TCL scripting and programming for customized manufacturing process and quality control applications using MatrixOne.
  • Scripting and coding for MatrixOne metadata adjustments of manufacturing and assembly data.
  • Projects for improvements to manufacturing processing, assembly, and quality systems.
  • Manufacturing simulation and lean manufacturing projects using ProModel simulation software for reduced costs and improved efficiencies.
  • Technical support for engineers using custom MatrixOne based manufacturing systems.
  • CAD helpdesk support for ProENGINEER and AutoCAD users.
  • Author of instructional engineering documentation and training materials.
  • Classroom instructor for manufacturing and process engineers using MatrixOne.


Confidential, MI


  • Leadership for cell teams devoted to work cell problem solving and production improvements.
  • Design of manufacturing cell layouts. Improvements to existing cells for machining, welding, and manufacturing processes.
  • Established plant manufacturing protocol standards for QA9000 certification.
  • Generated CNC code for automated machining centers and manufacturing equipment.
  • Designed and built functional gauges and fixtures for manufactured parts and assemblies.
  • Tool room and shop floor experience building and modifying production fixtures. Use of welding equipment, Bridgeport mills, plasma cutters, grinders, lathes, band saws, drill presses, and other equipment/tools.
  • Machine cell layout and manufacturing process improvements.
  • Designed plant layouts, machine footprints and process flow layouts.


Confidential, Kalamazoo, MI


  • Designing, coding and maintenance of WMU Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department web site.
  • Plastic injection molding research projects.
  • Classroom instructor for undergraduate CAD and drafting courses.

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