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Business It Analyst Resume

Monterey, CA


  • Professional Business IT Analyst, Data Reporting, Database Administrator, and Software Engineer with a variety of accomplished responsibilities for exceptional companies throughout my career.
  • Well versed in developing unique custom reports using multiple platforms and tools, performing data requirements and complex analytics, evaluating data models, engineering software in several programming languages for application development, and specifically an applied knowledge of industry and government standards to articulate effectively and efficiently solutions for specific corporate needs.


Industry Software: Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe, Borland, Macromedia, and Rational

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, and Oracle server

Programming Languages: OOAD, UML, SQL, JAVA, FLASH, XML, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CGI, ASP, JDBC, ODBC, Pascal, C, C++, ADA 95, Visual Basic, MS Office Suite, Advanced MS Excel, and Sales Force


Confidential, Monterey, CA

Business IT Analyst


  • Oracle SQL code and use of VBA in the Microsoft Excel
  • Gather and organize billable files from vendors, bill charges back to clients, support vendors’ specific needs, and internal products billing using Sales Force and corporate developed tools
  • Custom billing includes transfers to client servers, frequent emailing of production files, completing and uploading client specific templates on agreed contractual due dates
  • Reports and ad - hoc reporting to validate charges, show data trending models, research internal and client issues, and mine key data on a monthly and quarterly basis
  • Generate and maintain complex calculations for key clients’ contractual agreements (SLA credits/debits)
  • Optimize and construct data solutions requested as new issues arise in timely manner
  • Focus on communicating key business information and optimal solutions to team members and executives

Confidential, Monterey, CA

Database Administrator


  • Develop and maintain specific custom CRM systems for improving overall revenue and profit margins
  • Optimize CRM with POS system on hand using Access/Visual Basic, and SQL code for database operations
  • Develop GMROI custom reports to efficiently retrieve inventory status, and for management to effectively use at multiple retail locations

Confidential, Houston, TX

Database Developer & Administrator - Business Manager


  • Application development in JAVA technologies and Oracle (RDBMS) designer
  • Develop new data modeling concepts in UML, analyze data structures and perform relational database design
  • Manage the installation and configuration using Microsoft Access, writing SQL statements and programming in Visual Basic for database operations
  • Evaluate and identify a POS system for improving the company’s overall efficiencies in processing business transactions

Confidential, McLean, VA

Software Engineer


  • Entered the Center for Advanced Aviation System Development (CAASD), Weather Department, with a confidential security clearance to develop software products used by the United States FAA, DOD, and IRS
  • Application development in JAVA technologies and Oracle (RDBMS) designer
  • Develop an efficient and effective data modeling concepts in UML, analyze data structures and perform relational database design
  • Create graphical user interfaces (GUI) to process weather data (NEXRAD) in real time using SQL statements in Oracle that are used in aviation applications
  • Develop JAVA applications in UNIX to monitor the health of archived files
  • Develop JAVA applications with Global Broadcast Transceiver (GBT) and Ground Broadcast Server (GBS) in real time for FAA Capstone Project

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