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Senior Defined Benefits Technical Analyst Resume

Little Falls, NJ


Languages: Microsoft Visual C, Oracle Pro*C for Windows, IBM 370 C, PL/1, REXXPC - REXX, EXEC2, EXEC1, FORTRAN, VSBASIC, PC-BASIC, SAS, BenXL, COBOLAssembler, Korn Shell, DEC BASIC, Visual Basic in Microsoft Excel

Hardware: IBM 360/370, TELEX Terminals, IBM Compatible PCs, VAX, DEC ALPHA

Software: Novelle Netware, Microsoft LAN Manager, Lotus 123 (MACROS), Oracle SQL*Plus, Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, Microsoft Office, Lotus NotesReach, PROFS/Office Vision, Mercury Test Director, Sybase Rapid SQL

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows/XP, Open VMS, VM/CMS, MS-DOS/DOS, UNIX


Confidential, Little Falls, NJ

Senior Defined Benefits Technical Analyst


  • Managed all aspects of Initial and annually recalculated Required Minimum
  • Distributions for 20 plus Defined Benefit (Pension) plans and operations support.
  • Quality Assured administration and illustration systems calculations and enhancements for Pension Protection Act and 409(a) non - qualified Pension plans.
  • Coordinated numerous large volume conversion data clean-up and research projects.

Confidential, Bridgewater, NJ

Senior Product Consultant


  • Managed all aspects of Individual and Multi - Life (Group) Long-Term Care insurance illustrations projects including release coordination, running weekly status meetings, serving as liaison between business partners and vendors and managing
  • Quality Assurance staff to introduce new products to Windows Desktop and World
  • Wide Web-based illustration systems.
  • Developed specifications for Graphic User Interfaces, calculations and reports for Annuities, Long-Term Care and Life insurance products including automated
  • GUIs written in Visual Basic in Excel.
  • Quality assured illustration systems calculations, developed actuarial calculations testing spreadsheets in Excel.

Confidential, Verona, NJ

Assistant Actuary


  • Maintained source save library of Executables, Sub - Routines and COM files.
  • Created search and fix programs for administration system data problems.
  • Created, maintained, enhanced and updated actuarial calculation programs written in DEC
  • BASIC utilizing indexed files in Datatrieve for Traditional Whole Life second-to-die and
  • Variable and Universal Whole Life second-to-die and single Life Insurance products as well as supplementary benefits and riders for these products in several transaction- based administration systems.

Confidential, Somerset, NJ

Systems Engineer


  • Performed the system liaison function between programmers and end users to develop systems requirements and specifications that met client plan needs.
  • Designed, coded and maintained Pension administration and illustration systems for various client organization applications using BenXL (a proprietary object - oriented C-like scripting language) in the Windows NT environment.
  • Developed and helped implement testing procedures and documentation procedures for all actuarial programming. Designed Oracle Database tables and maintained (time based) actuarial rates and values on these tables.
  • Performed verification of final Pension plan benefits through hand calculations and worksheet design for various types of Pension plans for various client organizations.
  • Scripted, flow-charted and helped implement Voice Response Systems for these plans.

Confidential, Parsippany, NJ



  • Designed, coded and maintained Pension administration, valuation, voice response and illustration system actuarial calculations Confidential Libraries for various client plans using Visual C and Oracle Pro*C in the Windows environment.
  • Conducted code reviews and in - depth instructional sessions on benefits and benefit calculations for new employees and direct reports.
  • Designed, Coded and maintained 401(k) and ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan) Interactive
  • Voice Response System applications using C in UNIX.

Confidential, Newark, NJ

Assistant Programming Analyst


  • Created and conducted training classes and presentations on Life Insurance productsconcepts, principles, mathematics and programming techniques.
  • Assisted Actuaries with the design of Confidential Decreasing Term product.
  • Created methodology and specifications for Supplementary Life Insurance benefits.
  • Authored company - wide product specification memos and administrated the on-line facility for holding these memos.
  • Maintained VM/CMS accounts for users and set up new accounts.
  • Responsible for the billing of the accounts for the actuarial product development department. Produced monthly company-wide CMS tips and set up and maintained project disks for the
  • corporate actuarial and regional home offices.
  • Created, maintained, enhanced and updated actuarial calculation programs written in C, REXX, PL/1, FORTRAN, VSBASIC, EXEC2, EXEC1, PC-BASIC and DMS panels for traditional

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