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Business Analyst Resume

Technical Skills

Hardware: PC’s and Compatibles, IBM AS/400,I5

Software: RPGIII,CL, DDS, Embedded SQL,RPGILE, RPG Free, COBOL, C++, World, Edwards One World Report Writing, FASTR,One World Forms Design, AS400 Query, DBU, Questview, Hawkeye, RDA, SDA, Rumba, Netsoft, Aldon CMS, Showcase Query, NGS, Turnover Change Management,Loftware Label Software, Lotus notes, PSION, Microsoft office skills.


Confidential, 04/09 12/23/10
Business Analyst

Provided functional and technical support on the A7.3 system which included Financials, Manufacturing and the Distribution Systems. Main duties included IT Service Desk support. Answered and resolved any problems or questions that were entered into the IT service Desk GWI Isupport system related to . supported Showcase Query applications, made several modification to the DCLink Data Collections System. Supported the PSION Inventory management system, used to transfer data Between SAP and .

Confidential, 06/08 03/09
Edwards Implementation Team Member

Provided technical support on the A7.3 Distribution and Procurement systems. Assisted in moving existing clients from the A2.2 software release on to the A7.3 release. Team member on bringing new clients on to the A7.3 environment. Answered any questions and provided direction to some of the more junior developers on staff. Created reports in both RPGLE and Showcase Query and NGS. These report and Excels, were used to assist the clients with their everyday use of the system.

Confidential, 03/08 06/08
Edwards Functional Analyst

Provided user support for A7.3 Financials, Accounts Payable, Distribution and Equipment Plant Management. Answer any questions and addressed any issues that were related to any of the above mentioned area. Investigate and make recommendations and offer solutions to any problems related to the A7.3 Software. Created and fixed bugs related to the Showcase Query software. Participated in identifying any issues related to the EDI interface.

Confidential, 05/07 01/08
Edwards Programmer Analyst

Provided the technical resource required for implementing a Customer Chargeback Contract Pricing process at the item detail level in the A7.3 environment. The clients’ current customer chargeback process did not utilize effective and expiration date processing. The new process which I helped create, allowed the client the ability to maintain the items by effective and expiration date, maintain an audit trails of when the price for the item had changed. In addition to this, it gave the client the ability to view the items pricing history, Other duties included, supporting the Financial Module which included A/P and A/R, creating new programs using Clone, fixing existing program bugs, emergency program fixes, creating World Writers reports, modifying existing RPGLE and embedded SQL RPG programs. Supporting the Advance Pricing systems by streamlining user interfaces to increase productivity.

Confidential, 10/06- 04/07
Edwards Programmer Analyst

Team member in moving part of the client’s Medical business to a newly acquired company, in the A7.3 environment. wrote several conversion programs to convert the Business unit master, AAI’s and DMAAI’s, Chart of accounts, Accounts Payable, G/L, Address book, Job cost, Fixed Assets, Payroll Constants, Journal entries and Fixed Assets account balances. Wrote several program using ILE to assist in the converting some of the companies employees to the new companies payroll system, which interfaces with the KRONOS time keeping system.

Confidential, 03/06- 10/06
Edwards Programmer Analyst

Provide the technical support to assist the client in implementing and modifying a custom program package in the Home building industry, in the A7.3 environment. Wrote a number of custom programs to streamline the clients customer’s options process. Options meaning, the choices home buyers have when buying a new home, for instance, the color of the tile, or the material a counter top is made of. Wrote several programs to give the sales people better visibility of what option were available, at different stages of construction, such as at the Plan stage verses the Project stage. Supported customers financial systems

Confidential, 01/05 03/06
Edwards Functional/Technical Analyst

Provided the functional and technical support in the A7.3 environment in the Produce industry. Provided the support for migrating the clients newly acquired companies, on to the Edwards Distribution and Equipment Plant Management systems. Advised and made recommendations on the setup and use of the Chart of Accounts, for both the AAI and DMAAI’s. Setting up Menus, Dreamwriters, Processing options, user Action code security. Trained personnel on the setup and use of the Item Master, Branch Plant Constants, UDC tables, Location master, Company constants, Entering blanket, requisition and purchase orders, receiving, posting inventory, the setup and use of the approval routes for purchasing. Trained end users in Equipment Plant Maintenance on how to create work orders, add new equipment, setup PM schedules, create model work orders, perform PM updates, issue inventory, and perform cycle counts. Also trained end users in Accounts Payable on how to match and post vouchers, andhow to process A/P checks using Check Write.

Confidential, 07/00 01/05
Sr. Programmer Analyst

Assisted in converting the companies’ legacy inventory management systemto the Edwards A7.3 Distribution system. Supported One World Forecasting Module. Wrote maintained and modified, Edwards programs to fit business requirements. Supported the Edwards Financial system. Team member in converting eight business regions on to the Edwards Procurement system. Wrote a batch version of the online A/P three way match process to allow invoices received from vendors to be automatically redistributed and posted to the correct G/L accounts. Wrote custom processes utilizing user indexes and user spaces to automatically create and receive credit purchase orders, for invoices that were received prior to the credit order being entered into the system. Team member in creating custom processes for taking a Physical and Cycle Count inventories for different locations without implementing inventory location process. Created a custom process to place items into a physical inventory location called Notready, while the item was being repaired or serviced, this allowed the visibility of the item, without having the item actually included in the on hand Inventory Stock location. Handle all of the help desk call regarding A/P, G/L Inventory, Purchasing, GENTRAN EDI and MQ series support.

Confidential, 11/96-03/00
Edwards Programmer Analyst

Maintained RPG programs including analysis, performed upgrades for new and existing clients of World Software release A7.3. Performed general programming duties that which included maintenance and customization of existing Edwards programs. Wrote new programs using Edwards programming standards and utilities for streamlining and/or increasing performance. Team leader for several A7.3 Reinstalls. Handled program modifications, to the Sales Order entry system, Manufacturing system and Advanced pricing, wrote several programs for converting World Writer versions into RPG program to improve system performance, conducted conference room pilots(CRP’s) to interface with user groups during test pilots for new software changes. Clients supported included Universal Studios Music Group, Unocal 76, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Master Halco, Petersen Tractor and Oro America, to name a few.

EDUCATION: Confidential

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