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Sr. Business System Analyst Resume

Boston, MA


  • Qualified Business Systems Analyst with around 8 years of experience in successful delivery of high - quality IT solutions in Capital Markets, Wealth Management, Stock Trading, Asset Planning, Portfolio Management and related Banking Services industry .
  • In depth knowledge in equity & debt based financial instruments - Fixed income, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Fund (ETFs), hedge funds (Global, macro, Directional, Event Driven), money market instruments (T-bills, commercial paper, repos), FOREX, Derivatives (Swaps, options and Futures), and Risk analysis of Investments using Monte Carlo simulation and Option Greeks.
  • Thorough understanding of CCAR, FINRA, SEC, US-GAAP, BASEL I, BASEL II, BASEL III, Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA), Bank Secrecy Act, Dodd Frank Act, Sarbanes Oxley Act, NYSE Regulations, FinCEN, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and compliances such as Anti Money Laundering(AML), Know your Customer(KYC), CIP, Customer Due Diligence(CDD).
  • Extensive knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle with different methodologies, such as Waterfall, Scrum, Agile, RUP, Extreme Programming, Scrum-Waterfall Hybrid, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Kanban and Scrumban.
  • Promoted software engineering best practices like Continuous Integration/Continuous Development, DevOps, Six Sigma, lean startup, TDD (Test Driven Development), BDD (Behavior Driven Development) and pair programing.
  • Highly proficient in capturing requirements from business stakeholders through conducting requirement elicitation techniques such as JAD sessions, Focus groups, Brainstorming, Interviews, Prototyping, Interface Analysis and Document Analysis.
  • Conducted detailed project analysis of Business Processes by GAP analysis (AS-IS & TO-BE), Risk analysis, Impact assessment, Cause and effect analysis (Root cause analysis), Effort estimation, Cost-Benefit analysis, SWOT analysis and Feasibility Analysis.
  • Proficiency in documenting artifacts by gathering requirements such as Business Requirements Document (BRD), Functional Requirement Document (FRD), Software Requirement Specification (SRS), Use Case Document (USD), Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM), Change Request Document, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Risk Register and Project Charter.
  • Experience in creating Wireframes and Mockups using MS Visio and Balsamiq to visualize Graphical User Interface (GUI) as Well as acquainted with Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams including Use Cases, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams.
  • Designed and implemented SQL queries using joins, unions, outer joins, group by and aggregate functions to extract data from different databases (Oracle, SQL Server) for timely reporting and Validation as well as used functions like Select, Join and view.
  • Well versed in Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and Online Analytical Processing (OLTP) operations like slicing, dicing, roll-up, drill down and pivot on various OLAP cubes and good understanding of different OLAPs like MOLAP and ROLAP.
  • Significant experience of working on Application Programming Interface (API) Documentation using Swagger and API Testing using POSTMAN and SOAPUI to test the request and responses of APIs in JSON and XML format.
  • Strong functional knowledge of various Amazon Warehouse Services (AWS) modules for cloud computing including AWS Lambda, AWS EC2, AWS S3, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Cache service, AWS Redshift and Amazon Dynamo DB.
  • Accomplished in Data Warehousing tasks like creating data flow diagrams, dimensional modeling schema’s, conceptual modeling schema’s, logical modeling schema’s, physical modeling schema’s; performing data mapping, data profiling; identifying data quality issues, updating data dictionary, creating E-R Diagrams for better understand and development of Data Model and creating source to target Data Mapping Documents indicating the source tables, data types, transformations required and business rules to be applied in Data Migration process using Informatica Power Center tool .
  • Managed ETL (Extract, Transform and Loading) testing, data cleansing, transformation testing, data profiling in databases.
  • Adept at using different data modelling techniques for generating reports, creating various diagrams, analytical dashboard’s and business insights using different BI tools like Tableau, Excel, Power BI, QlikView, Crystal Reports.
  • Extensive experience in manual, automated, functional and non-functional testing - system testing, integration testing, regression testing, GUI, user acceptance testing (UAT), load/stress testing and performance testing.
  • Assisted testing team in creating test cases, test scenario’s and reviewed test plans for both black-box and white-box testing.
  • Knowledge on STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle) and hands-on experience creating Test plans, Test Scripts, Test cases, Test Scenarios, Test reports and maintaining Requirements Traceability Matrix to track test cases against the requirements.
  • Used HP QC, Load Runner, J-unit to test the system and report defects/bugs/Errors and to performed bug-fixing lifecycle.
  • Expert in performing Vertical and Horizontal slicing of user stories, writing INVEST stories, SMART tasks, refining product backlog using prioritization techniques like MoSCoW & KANO and estimation techniques like planning poker and t-shirt sizing.
  • Conducted agile ceremonies like Release Planning, backlog grooming, sprint planning, daily stand-up meeting, sprint review and sprint retrospective. Used Sprint Burndown Chart to track velocity and assisted Product Owner with various tasks.
  • Assisted ART (Agile Release Train) and scrum teams in resolving dependencies and Empowering the teams with the Pillars of Scrum such as increasing Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation to deliver the PSPI at the end of every Iteration.
  • Experienced with issue creation, resolution and bug tracking using Atlassian JIRA. Facilitated the team and created Scrum artifacts like Product Backlog and helped define the User Acceptance Criteria, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and MRF (Minimum releasable features) to assist with an overall release and feature plan for the products.


SDLC Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile-Scrum, Waterfall-Scrum hybrid, XP, SAFe, Kanban.

Business Modelling & Designing Tool: MS VISIO, Balsamiq, Lucid Chart, Adobe XD.

Project Management & Business Tool: JIRA, MS Project, MS Office, Office 365, SharePoint, Confluence.

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux

Database & Data Analysis tools: MySQL, MS SQL server, HDFS, Tableau, Oracle, DB2, MS Access, Informatica Power Center .

Reporting/BI: SSRS, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, IBM Cognos, Quick view.

Defect Tracking/ Testing Tools: HP ALM, Load Runner, POSTMAN, Soap UI, Cucumber, Selenium, HP QC.


Confidential, Boston, MA

Sr. Business system Analyst


  • Worked in agile framework and scrum environment to allow for rapid development of a cloud-based architecture application.
  • Identified Business Rules for Retirement planning method by conducting extensive one-to-one interviews with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), by analyzing the Business Documents as well as by conducting Joint Application Development session.
  • Developed fine understanding among the entire project team about related financial concepts like funded ratio, Net Present Value of Assets and Liabilities, annual cashflows, Retirement Income Model Strategy(RIMS), asset classes, Counterparty Risk, Defined benefit plan, Real interest rate, Zero coupon bond, annuity period and indication of funded ratio.
  • Conducted Gap Analysis by mapping existing As-Is systems to future To-Be systems while analyzing dependency risks and handled Requirements Churn by coordination with Product Owner and Development Team considering Scope Creep constraint.
  • Gathered requirements using techniques such as interviews, JAD Sessions, document analysis, brainstorming and focus groups to build a satisfactory application capable of matching the project scope and stakeholder expectations.
  • Created high fidelity Mock-Up Screens and Wireframes using UI components such as Data-Entry Fields, Check Boxes, Drop-Down Lists to retrieve data for Client-Side Verification and GUI also involved in feature prototyping using MS Visio and Tableau .
  • Performed risk analysis, feasibility analysis and Cost-Benefit analysis, trend analysis to find the required places of improvement, practicality of the modifications and to calculate an approximate budget and function feasibility with requirements.
  • Delivered precise functional specifications to include functional hierarchy, workflow, business rules, interface design and definitions, outstanding issues, data analysis, and data mapping to clients and development team.
  • Used Jira for the Backlog Grooming, Estimations and Status Reporting, while maintaining the Kanban Board to visualize the Workflow and assisted the Product Owner with Definition of Ready (DOR) and Definition of Done (DOD) for the sprints.
  • Assisted Scrum Master maintain the capacity plan, iteration board, sprint backlog, velocity charts and burn down charts.
  • Assisted Scrum Master facilitate all aspects of the scrum framework, including sprint-planning sessions, backlog-grooming session, daily scrums product demos, spring backlog grooming, sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives.
  • Worked together with the team in defining acceptance criteria for user stories and aided with estimation and prioritization using MoSCoW for prioritization and Planning Poker for estimation while following Fibonacci series for story point estimations.
  • Attended daily scrum sessions to firmly understand project status and resolved potential conflicts and challenges.
  • Developed different Unified Modelling Language Diagrams like activity diagrams, sequence diagrams and use case diagrams using Lucid Chart and Balsamiq to analyze and design structure, behavior and interactions in the system design.
  • Used different ad-hoc analysis, the Reports assist in defining strategy for each investment strategy and to create static reports.
  • Applied Top-down approach for system design based on various Functional requirements, Non-functional requirements and Data requirements and assisted the technical team to design the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Facilitated Data Architects in Analyzing Source system, figuring out Target Databases and further DataMart for different modules to perform ETL and draft data mapping document using Informatica power center.
  • Performed Create, Read, Update, delete (CRUD) operations in SQL using S ELECT & JOIN for drill downs to pull data while being actively involved in reading data from varied file types, created Confidential and ad-hoc reports using Tableau.
  • Involved in API Reviews, baseline and documentation for REST/SOAP APIs and documented XML request and responses. Documented API using Swagger tool and tested the functionality of API endpoints and REST API calls using Postman and SOAP UI .
  • Assisted in creation of Test Cases , Test Plans , Test Scenarios , and updated Requirements Traceability Matrix .
  • Assisted testing team in User Interface and User Experience testing and documented the defects in the QC and used ALM tool to Manage Defects/Bugs. Also assisted team to identify test Cases that can be rectified later if needed.
  • Conducted User Acceptance (UAT) and actively participated and facilitated testing of the system during Smoke Testing, Black Box Testing and Regression Testing, complete system testing and integration testing.
  • Logged and tracked the defects using HP ALM and created an error repository to support QA team in testing and tracking.

Environment: Agile-Scrum, JIRA v7.0, MS Visio v16.0, MS office suite 2019, Informatica Power Center, HP ALM, Confluence v6.5, Tableau v10.0, Lucid chart, MS SQL Server v2017, Postman v4.1.1, Swagger.

Confidential, Morrisville, NC

Sr. Business system Analyst


  • Designed and implemented Portfolio Supervisory System, including trend analysis, forecasting returns and interfaces for risk management, assisted financial advisors and analysts and predicted Portfolio’s returns using Monte Carlo Simulation.
  • Interviewed Traders, Analysts and Portfolio Managers to create a list of Functional and Non-Functional Specifications.
  • Designed and implemented interaction with Portfolio Risk Management Analysis System to automate updating of various investment portfolios with respect to Contractual Agreements and simultaneously included new computing metrics.
  • Analyzed existing source systems through collaborating with system experts to prepare Data Mapping Specification.
  • Conducted interviews and JAD sessions and captured various OLAP queries targeted to identify Data for reporting.
  • Created prototype models like conceptual model and logical model to allow for improved understanding of the application architecture and to confirm with business clients, to ensure the application satisfies their needs and meets their expectations.
  • Monitored progress of the overall project, tracked individual issues such as user stories, defects and technical debt using JIRA, allowing for improved visibility of project status and accurate forecasts for project completion.
  • Worked together with the team in defining acceptance criteria for user stories and aided with estimation and prioritization using MoSCoW for prioritization and Planning Poker for estimation of user story sizes.
  • Attended daily scrum sessions to firmly understand project status and resolved potential conflicts and challenges.
  • Co-ordinated with Business Manager, Sr. Architect and Product Owners eliciting their requirements for the Release Plan. Arranged Release Planning session with the Scrum Master for stakeholders and Scrum Teams.
  • Reviewed, Baselined and Documented APIs using Swagger and tested CRUD operations with HTTP requests and verified that response, response time and error codes were within expectations while using Postman as a tool.
  • Facilitated automated testing for APIs with SoapUI for load, error, functional and performance and rectified the issues.
  • Used PowerBI to allow for report generation for real time Business Intelligence (BI).
  • Aided developers to in corporate business logic in DynamoDB for better analytics and performance of the application.
  • Performed smoke testing to ensure the modules are connected in the required manner and performed load and performance testing to understand application functioning and diagnose potential issues.
  • Aided testers with test plans, test scenarios and test results to ensure all requirements were tested for satisfactory quality.
  • Facilitated user acceptance testing, invited business users and catalogued reviews to ensure the application was user friendly, error free and met the expectations and needs of the end user, as well as collected user feedback and discussed with entire team.
  • Collaborated with team members by sharing information and files using Sharepoint to allow for better visibility.
  • Created various types of reports/ad hoc reports, visualizations and dashboards like Confidential and cross tab-reports with bar chart, pie chart, line chart, heatmaps for analytics using Tableau.

Environment: Agile-Scrum, Windows server 2016, Oracle, MS Office, JIRA v7.0, Informatica PowerCenter, Balsamiq, Postman, PowerBI, Oracle RDBMS, Confluence v6.1, MS Visio v15.0

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Business system Analyst


  • Conducted various interviews (including one to one and one to many), JAD (Joint Application Development) sessions with the Business Stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts to further elicit and analyze the Requirements.
  • Involved with technical team and generated Software Development Lifecycle business requirement documentation (i.e. User Requirements Specifications, Functional specifications, Test Scripts, Remediation Plans) including technical documentation such as Design specification, Configuration specifications, Technical Data Sheet (TDS), Product Specification Sheet etc.
  • Identified and documented Business Process Workflows and UML diagrams such as Use Case and Sequence diagrams.
  • Extensively used JIRA to capture and manage large Epics, User stories, granular tasks and actively participated in all the Scrum Ceremonies starting from sprint planning, daily standups, sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives.
  • Assisted in identifying important and relevant data from data sources like Bloomberg (B-pipe) and Yahoo finance and Thomson Reuters, which provides historical and real time stock market data through streaming APIs.
  • Created Data Mapping Document to capture Source to Target Mappings and ensured required datasets were present.
  • Used Web methods of GET, POST, DELETE & PUT for testing API endpoints and validated the response, response time & error code by executing HTTP requests using Postman, to ensure that API aligns with expectations.
  • Used SQL queries (select, insert, update, delete, sub-queries, joins, etc.) to manipulate the data in the databases.
  • Created high and low fidelity Mockups, Wireframes to prototype the User Interface using Balsamiq .
  • Assisted in performing Data Normalization process to eliminate data redundancy and improve query processing speed.
  • Validated data integrity and quality through exhaustive assistance in formulation of OLAP cube based on required OLAP queries performing various operations such as drill down, roll up, slice, dice and pivot in order to create further reports.
  • Collaborated with the Scrum team in preparing test data for positive and negative test scenarios as per application specifications.
  • Developed Test Plans, Test Cases and Test Scripts to assist testing team in smoke and sanity test, System Integration, Performance Tests, User Acceptance Test as well as Functional and Non-functional tests.
  • Kept track of bugs and defects using JIRA, maintained issue logs and handled the change requests efficiently.
  • Conducted User Acceptance Testing (both Alpha & Beta) along with Portfolio Managers and registered representatives.

Environment: Agile-Scrum, JIRA v6.0, Amazon Web Services, Team Foundation Server, XML, Tableau v9.0, SharePoint, Lucid Chart, PowerBI, MS SQL Server.


Business Analyst


  • Analyzed existing source systems through collaborating with system experts to prepare Data Mapping Specification.
  • Conducted interviews and JAD sessions and captured various OLAP queries targeted to identify Data Marts.
  • Assisted the Product Owner in defining KPI’s for the project like resource estimation, effort estimation and conducted feasibility study and performed analysis like Scope Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis and Risk Analysis.
  • Formulated data migration approach through assisting DB architects in modelling Bus Architecture, designing Galaxy Schema and preparing ER Diagrams to comprehend targeted data warehouse and relationships among data tables.
  • Captured data from various sources to collate, analyze, improve quality and prepare for staging area using MS Access.
  • Performed GAP analysis to identify redundant source fields, additional target fields and transformation logics.
  • Consistently involved in Extract, Transform, loading (ETL) process using Informatica PowerCenter assisting ETL developers in applying designer transformation logics, preparing workflow sessions and monitoring the process results.
  • Proficiently used different Informatica Workspace (Source Analyzer, Target Designer, Mapping Designer, Mapplet Designer, and Transformation Developer) to transform the data from source system to target system while maintaining Data integrity.
  • Assisted in performing Data Normalization process to eliminate data redundancy and improve process query speed.
  • Generated various dashboards and adhoc reports using Tableau promoting business insights and trend analysis.

Environment: Waterfall-Scrum Hybrid Environment, Informatica PowerCenter,Jira v(6.0) MS Access, Tableau, SQL, Oracle, HP ALM, MS Outlook, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, LucidChart.


Junior Business Analyst


  • Analyzed tuning rules on initial threshold values by reviewing existing alert quality and relevant data analysis of cash management, compliance division and anti-money laundering AML requirements.
  • Involved in creating multiple reports starting from Project Vision doc, Project Scope Doc, Project Charter, Project Plan, BRD, FRD, SRS, System Design Doc, Risk Management Plan, Test Plan, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Integration Doc, Bug Report, Readiness Doc, In-Progress Report, Disposition Plan, Project Closure report and Decommission report.
  • Conducted extensive GAP analysis by identifying AS-IS analysis and TO-BE analysis process which needed to be addressed.
  • Worked with the Project Manager in creating Project Charter, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), project budget allocation and the project scope using the MS Project Tool and used Confluence for team collaboration and team communication.
  • Under the guidance of the Product Owner used MoSCoW technique for prioritizing features ensuring they are divided to User story with the desired business value to fulfill the INVEST criteria to prepare Product Backlog Items (PBIs).
  • Facilitated testing team in performing Unit testing, Integration testing, System testing and performance testing and creation of testing artifacts like test cases, test scripts and test scenarios. Drafted and executed Quality Assurance test plans and validation strategies on various environments including User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and system integration test.
  • Managed the project with JIRA and confluence by constantly tracking defects and bugs. Not only coordinated with the team for defect redemption activities but also educated the development team members to use the required test management tool.
  • Generated reports using Tableau for Visualization, creating heat maps, dashboards for Business Intelligence (BI).

Environment: Waterfall, MS Visio, MS Office Suite, JIRA, Confluence, MS SQL Server, Tableau, HTML


Quality Assurance Analyst


  • Reviewed System Requirement Specification, Technical Specification and functional design documents to achieve better understanding of the project.
  • Wrote new functional and GUI test scripts in Microsoft Test Manager - Team Foundation Server.
  • Maintained QA documentation pages with visual metrics, procedural steps, and contact information and Collaborated with other QA team members during smoke and regression suite execution.
  • Involved with Functional, interface, Regression, Integration, Unit, system and User Acceptance Testing on the Web Application.
  • Performed backend testing using SQL statements to check database tables for validity of various business transactions as well as thoroughly tested database integrity.
  • Managed the testing process, bug reporting, test results, track the progress of the testing and provided daily status to test lead.
  • Involved in creating various test reports after analyzing results and revised test cases for new and revised features & capabilities.
  • Responsible for entering bugs into QC to track defect status and co-ordinate defect resolution with the developers.

Environment: Waterfall Methodology, Oracle-8, HTML, Java script, Java, Windows XP, Quality Center, MS Office Suite, Windows 7/XP.

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