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Business Analyst/senior Systems Analyst/programing Manager Resume


  • I have over 30 years of information systems experience, from operations, systems, programming and analysis/design.
  • I am the lead person of a team that designed, wrote, supported and enhanced a system that supported a 300 million dollar plus business.
  • I am involved in all IT aspects of the company from purchasing, manufacturing, order entry, sales, shipping, invoicing, accounts receivable and accounting.
  • I have been instrumental in automating the processes throughout the system to make communications from one group to another automatic.
  • I have been involved in SOx, disaster recovery, EDI, bar coding and data passing between platforms.
  • I have a great working relationship with the whole user community, and am very capable of turning their desired changes into functional code that they are very pleased with.
  • I have a full understanding of what make a business work, and how to turn the desires of people into usable, efficient processes.


HARDWARE: IBM Mainframes from System 370 to z/9.

OS & UTILITIES: zVSE, Bim - Edit, BSI TCP/IP tools, TN3270, Westinghouse dump/restore, SYSBII, WebTec, BimTransfer, BisCom, GenTran director (EDI), FAQS, RAPS, BisCom, Excel, Word, Visio

LANGUAGES: COBOL II, COBOL, RPG, Gener/Ol, Vision 60, ZPL, and other PCL’s including bar code generation.




Business Analyst/Senior Systems Analyst/Programing manager



  • Confidential has about 1200 COBOL programs, many of which I wrote or changed over the years. I designed many of the systems, wrote or directed the writing of the programs, tested them, wrote the documentation, and turned them production after user acceptance and operational system tests.
  • Much of our data is contained in VSAM datasets. Confidential has hundreds of them, some have been used for over twenty years.
  • I have written many programs utilizing VSAM datasets to retrieve data and to also add/change/delete records.
  • I have always worked with the users at Confidential to find out what their needs are, and to design systems or suggest what changes should be made to fulfill their needs. In many cases I am the one that made those changes to the code or wrote new code.
  • I know how to read code and dumps and I have never been unable to find a problem and the means to fix it.
  • There is no detail level on a mainframe I have not delved into to fix a problem or meet a user requirement.
  • Was the lead for a team that put together the requirements for a new sales order entry system.
  • I then took those needs, and along with developers working under my direction, designed and wrote an on line real time order entry system that has met all the business needs since.
  • As part of order entry I designed a shipping system that utilized those orders to schedule shipping using time phased available to promise.
  • The team wrote the programs to perform the shipping using bar code devices to speed up the process and reduce shipping errors.
  • Lead the effort and monitored the progress of converting all in house programs to conform to Y2K standards without any increase in staff.
  • Used copy books and system tools to eliminate all issues from causing any down time in 2000. This was all done ahead of schedule with no extra resources.
  • When business need arose, I found, brought in and integrated software into our system for activities such as E-mails and faxes directly from the mainframe.
  • As real time needs arose in the manufacturing plant, I led the effort to take our MRP batch system and produced screens and data to give us an on line real time inventory flow with lot tracking capabilities.
  • Transactions are captured via 3270 screens on hand held devices with bar codes.
  • Brought in Confidential printers for creating bar code labels and integrated them into the business system for producing labels to aid in tracking material through the shop.
  • Brought in EDI software on a PC and integrated it into the mainframe to receive purchase orders from our distributors and be sent directly to the mainframe to be copied into a sales order with minimal key strokes.
  • Used EDI to send our shipping orders to remote field warehouses to perform shipping.
  • Then took the advance shipping notices from them to update our sales orders to mark them for shipping and create the invoice, unattended.
  • In years past I was a systems programmer here, and I still work as the buffer between my current company and our outsourced systems programmer.
  • I identify problems to make sure where the responsibility lies, and if it is for him or software vendors.
  • Gather all information and initiate the call to get the problem fixed.
  • Helped with the procedures and requirements for disaster recovery.
  • Performed the first test with 100% success.
  • Was instrumental in the development of procedures used to enable Confidential Marinette to pass the SOx audits since its inception.
  • In order to get our part supply vendors to be more responsive to Confidential ’s business needs
  • I led the effort to web enable the mainframe to allow vendors to verify receipt and acceptance of purchase orders.
  • They also have the ability to change their own contact information in our system.
  • This is all done on an on line real time basis, with automated E-mails from us to notify them to look at the web site when they have information.
  • Have been quite active in generating data from the mainframe for input into Excel or other flat files for users, and feeds into SAP.
  • Most mainframe reports go out electronically automatically when the job runs. Only those that the users need in hard copy are printed.
  • Integrated a Traffic management solution (Lean Logistics) into our order entry system using HTML from the mainframe programs.
  • Created and automated the process to send order data to an outside firm (Logility) that created forecast data for the entire Confidential business.
  • Took data they sent back and created forecast transactions into our MRP system to drive requirements for the planners.
  • I have never missed a deadline or been unable to turn a requirement into a working solution.
  • Have always provided on call support, 24x7.


Senior Systems Analyst/Business Analyst


  • I worked at many different levels through the years, from operator to the titles above.
  • I have always taken on more involved roles, depending on the needs of the company.
  • I did whatever was necessary to keep the business going forward, in a stable environment.


Program Manager


  • As they discovered they needed my expertise, HCLA hired me and assigned me to the Confidential account.

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