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Senior Business Analyst / It Consultant Resume

Pittsburgh, PA


  • Senior Business Analyst with cross - functional experience and expertise including:
  • Project Management, Quality Management, Systems Analyst, Programmer/Analyst and Programmer.
  • 30+ years successful experience as an IT Professional, including Business Analyst
  • Takes personal ownership of projects, from start-to-finish with no excuses
  • Demonstrated success in developing time-saving applications
  • Developed and implemented Confidential SDLC applications
  • Duquesne University, Business Administration; Minor: Computer Science
  • Associates Degree in Computer Management - ICM School of Business
  • Project Management Certification Training through PMI
  • Applied Knowledge & Demonstrated Strengths


  • Time Management Skills
  • Excellent Communication
  • Prioritize Multiple Projects
  • Customer/User Focused
  • Excellent Detail Oriented
  • Ability to Work Independently
  • Timely Completion of Objectives


Programming Languages: SQLScripts for Oracle Database 10g and 11g COBOL ... COBOL II ... JCL ... CICS ... SQL IDEAL ... EZtrieve ... EZtrieve Plus ... PLI ... Visual Cafe for JAVA Java ...C++ ... Mercator ... Smalltalk ... Object Oriented Data Structures using C++ Cold Fusion ... Active Server Pages ... PERL

Databases: DB2 .. Oracle .. IMS DB .. Datacomm/DB .. IDMS ..

Tools: DEBUG ... Devtech

Testing Tools: Xpeditor ... Debug

Utility Tools: SDSF ... Endevor ... CA7 ... SPUFI ... QMF ... File - Aid TSO/ISPF ... Insync

Hardware: IBM 3090 ... IBM ES9000 ... Unix

Operating Systems: OS MVS/ESA ... UNIX ... Windows 2007/2003/XP/NT

Other Software: MS Project ... MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) Lotus Notes ... Visio ... Shaw Systems Installment Loan Package ... VSAM Cincom Products (Mantis, Easy, Spectra, Control M, and Supra


Senior Business Analyst / IT Consultant

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA


  • Managed six (6) Projects simultaneously for six distinct applications.
  • Facilitated Meetings with high ranking Officials, Subject Matter Experts(SMEs) and Management Users of Confidential from Pittsburgh, Pa., Confidential cities within U.S.A. and Worldwide cities via teleconferencing WebEx method to develop either a Confidential or Database Views to feed production into Confidential Security Entitlements software named SAILPOINT and utilized SHAREPOINT.
  • Sent out Questionnaires to each team member of each application, scheduled meetings, facilitated meeting by reviewing documents and group decisions were made to move to the next level and achieved successful sign off.
  • Sent out Entitlements Specification Document to each team member of each application, scheduled meetings, facilitated meeting by reviewing document and group decisions were made to move to the next level and achieved successful sign off.
  • Developed Mockup to illustrate how the current production data will be viewed and utilized in SAILPOINT.
  • Sent out Mockup to each team member of each application, scheduled meetings, facilitated meeting by reviewing document and group decisions were made to move to the next level and achieved successful sign off.
  • Completed Project with success and on time.

Senior Business Analyst/IT Consultant

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA


  • Lead a team of at least one Oracle Developer and one Powerbuilder Developer to successful Completion and Implementation of two Confidential programs.
  • Leader of the development of Phase Two named Cost Savings for both programs implemented.
  • Developed the following documents for each of the abovementioned programs to include, but, not limited to:
  • As abovementioned, facilitated Meetings with high ranking Officials and Management Users to develop this document commonly referred to as Business Requirements and achieved successful sign off.
  • Utilized for Powerbuilder Developer to develop new screens or modify existing ones;
  • Utilized for any and all changes to database tables or such tasks as additional error or exception codes;
  • Developed Pseudo Code as a tool, for Oracle Developer to develop the Program.
  • Developed in Visio, as a tool, for Developer to code program;
  • Created and was responsible for overseeing testing of both Programs.
  • Utilized for the Implementation of both Programs.
  • Called upon to assist in the implementation from Oracle 10g to 11g to assist with testing and verifying results as parallel runs are being performed.

Business Analyst / IT Consultant

Confidential, Pgh, PA


  • Developed detailed Business Requirements Documentation (BRD) and System Requirements
  • Involved in creating the Functional Design Documents (FDD) / Functional Specification Document (FSD) based on the business documents
  • Collaborated in team meetings to develop full - scale project plans
  • Logged defect in to the Quality Center ...
  • Collected metrics, created status reports, and executed business development initiatives
  • Implemented plans using MS Office

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA


  • Performed internal modifications to a date program.
  • Developed Detail Systems
  • Design document for the functional requirements for
  • Developed a field to the ISO3 Export Customer Order Outbound
  • Logistics Menu to allow International Customer Service Specialist (ICSS) to separate freight designated for different shipping methods
  • Developed and implemented enhancements for ISO3 transaction as part of the International Order Management System.

Environment: IBM Mainframe, COBOL, JCL, CICS, Endevor, VSAM, TSO/ISPF, and File-Aid

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Programmer/Business Analyst


  • Assisted with the development of the Preliminary
  • System Design and Detail System
  • Design documents including utilizing Visio and PowerPoint
  • Collaborated in high level meetings
  • Developed one of the major programs
  • In Claims Component, which is a sub-program that establishes a Claims Processing
  • Unit tested program with new unit testing tool.
  • Served in lead role for full life cycle development, testing and implementation of four new auto insurance plans for a major auto and homeowners insurance company
  • Assisted
  • Project Manager in managing project scope and overall project schedule
  • Collaborated with business personnel to gather detailed project requirements
  • Worked closely with Systems Architect and Systems Analyst in converting business requirements to technical specifications
  • Worked with business areas to develop test cases
  • Effectively resolved customer issues
  • Continually analyzed the big picture and project milestones to ensure timely project completion
  • Utilized COBOL, COBOL II, DB2, CICS and SQL on IBM mainframe

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

IT Consultant for Claims Processing


  • Utilized IBM Mainframe with COBOL, COBOL II, DB2, Mercator
  • Worked with Mercator software ...
  • Performed in-depth analysis and created a confirmation report for file level rejections submission summary report at batch level rejections and submission report at file level rejections for Confidential
  • Collaborated with claim edit rejection codes electronic media claim submission file structure
  • Developed business requirements and executed SDLC development
  • Created test strategies and user acceptance test documents within the EDI Services Group.

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Project Manager


  • Spearheaded the migration of Web applications from the old environment to the new infrastructure
  • Developed the process for all new Web applications from development
  • QA to production
  • Developed QA standards and procedures for new Web applications
  • Responsible for Web administration tasks
  • Utilized Web Development technology, Mainframe technology, COBOL, CICS, DB2, JCL, COBOL/DL, IDEAL, REXX, Easytrieve
  • Plus and 3 - tier applications
  • Exposed to Server-side Web technologies: Cold Fusion Active Server Pages, and PERL.

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