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Business Analyst Resume


I offer an array of financial experience and am able to provide creative and versatile budget and financial forecasting for both business and individuals.


  • Microsoft Office Products
  • Knowledge of Asset Classes
  • Accounting Principles(GAAP/LIFO/FIFO)
  • Building and Maintaining Relationships with Clients
  • Knowledge of current laws(ERISA, AML of 2001)
  • QuickBooks
  • Oracle Siebel
  • Oracle Stellent
  • SQL
  • SAP ERP Central Component


Business Analyst



  • Reviewed and analyzed data from business and personal clients’ financial statements.
  • Use of SAP ERP Central Component and Microsoft Office Products in analyze, design and presentation of reports of clients and prospective clients financial positions in order to achieve their goals; Utilizing strategies for tax reduction, wealth accumulation, and estate preservation as needed for the clients objectives.
  • Scheduled, coordinate and prepared teleconferences with clients as well as distributed follow up information to both clients and colleagues.
  • Assisted clients in gathering of financial documents for year - end activities.
  • Worked with outside administrators and business clients to compare and analyze payroll and retirement plan data against projections that were made.
  • Understanding and application of accounting principles and methods during review business clients tax documents and annual budgeting.
  • Implemented solutions to rectify any financial mismanagement with the use of financial products the company offered.
  • Consolidation of client’s financial position offered from other companies using Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks.
  • Monitoring of client in-house financial position using Oracle suite of programs.
  • Serviced clients’ financial needs on an on-going base after implementation of all recommended financial solutions building a strong rapport and solid relationship.
  • Used SQL queries in Microsoft Access in order to manage client information and data.
  • Collaborated Clients and other advisory teams to insure business activities and transactions were in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud laws.

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