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Business Analyst Resume


  • Skilled Business Analyst with more than ten years' experience in the field of Information Technology in both government and private sectors.
  • Possesses strong client service focus that involves identifying, evaluation of and delivery on client needs utilizing the following: excellent communication skills to build trusted relationships with high - profile clients who have sophisticated technology needs; leadership and organizational skills with co-workers to ensure all team members remain focused on delivery of on-time, and on-budget product; and industry expertise to serve as client liaison with vendors to ensure creation and implementation of efficient and cost-effective technology-based solutions that satisfy client needs and objectives.
  • By leveraging leadership, organizational and communication skills, candidate desires to move to a project that supports a strong one-on-one client service model based on a team approach with experts in clearly defined roles who are committed to ensuring clients' needs and goals are satisfied in a timely manner.


Operating Systems: Windows 2003 Server, Windows 7.0, XP, Vista Server, Novell Netware 6.5, Linux, Ubuntu, NT 4.0, MS-DOS.

Networking: LAN, WAN, TCP/IP, WINS, DHCP, DNS, DSL, T1, Fax Server,E Veritas, WS FTP, Ghost, Alloy.

Programming Languages: HTML, DB2, COBOL, COBOL II, JCL, MVS/TSO, PL/SQL, Visual Basic 6.0, Lexicon, Access, Batch Scripting.

Hardware: Macintosh, Confidential, HP, Dell, Compaq, VAX, Digibox, Unisys, Lexmark, switches, remote access, storage devices, printers, and scanners for county government.

Application Software: Microsoft Office Suite 2010, Microsoft Project 2010, Windows SUS, Microsoft Windows SharePoint 2010, Visio 2010, GroupWise Client 5.0, Microstation, AutoCAD, GIS, Arc Info, Arc View.


Business Analyst



  • Develop Request for Proposals; Enabling a broader and creative range of solutions to be considered; Leverage the State’s purchasing power to obtain a more cost efficient contract for the client; Assess information to permit sound business decisions to be made; Create a strategic procurement process.
  • Conduct and direct the analysis of complex business problems to be solved when implementing logical processes.
  • Provide analytical and technical assistance in developing requirements matrices, gap analysis models; and identifying, evaluating, and developing processes to meet business requirements.
  • Function as a liaison between the business customer and technical community to effectively translate business strategies into technical requirements.
  • Work with cross functional teams to address business/system issues and provide consultation and strategic direction.
  • Indentify opportunities for improving business process, organizational design, and corporate culture.
  • Provide techniques for organization design, process improvement, technology assimilation, organizational change, and process modeling.
  • Develop and maintain team SharePoint sites that interface interactively with the customers.

Support Tools: Microsoft Viso, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel.

Business/Security Analyst



  • Develop, implement and test disaster recovery plans and procedures, along with the backup systems, for all corporate business services.
  • Improve and develop the current Business Continuity Plans which requires a structured analysis of the organization.
  • Coordinate team member activities by scheduling work assignments, setting priorities, and directing the work of team members.
  • Implement and manage the consolidation of business computing systems, applying virtualization technologies to improve utilization, provide better disaster recovery capabilities, and reduce electrical and cooling requirements.
  • Act as strategic liaison by helping communicate business strategies into technical requirements.
  • Develop operational policies and procedures to drive performance improvement and increase consistency throughout the organization.
  • Identify areas for improving business processes and work flow.

Support Tools: SharePoint, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Server.

Technical Analyst



  • Elicit requirements and provide strategy for an electronic document management system.
  • Evaluate organizations effectiveness, goal determination, in order to make recommendations for improvement.
  • Develop and deliver documentation deliverables to accommodate project milestones.
  • Monitor and evaluate operations, programs, processes and practices for quality and effectiveness.
  • Be a strong advocate for improving processes to deliver documentation in the most time-sensitive and cost-effective manner.
  • Facilitate meetings and work groups to encourage participation, build mutual trust, respect and cooperation among team members.
  • Review existing documents relative to a standardized defined format and in corporate comments into these documents to help resolve inconsistencies.

Support Tools: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft WSUS, Dell OpenManage, CA Unicenter.

Systems Analyst/Administrator



  • Review, analyze and evaluate business technology and organizational work flow for enterprise imaging system.
  • Analyze program functions and document business operations for high-volume networking environments.
  • Administer requirements engineering activities to document program functions and required modifications of computer programs.
  • Conduct systems integration and for system users.
  • Implement client/server based organizational asset management systems.
  • Supervise and coordinate technical network / hardware analysis and document operational issues.
  • Analyze network connectivity requirements and implement business solutions for the integration of new functionality.
  • Strategic consulting with senior executive team on long term network technology plans and long term Web strategies
  • Direct the analysis of systems administration activities for Novell/Microsoft client environments.

Support Tools: Microsoft Server, Novell Netware, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Norton Security, Cisco VPN client, Cisco Call Center Manager, LGnet, Alchemy Server, Alloy Audit Server, Magic, and AIS.

Professional Services Consultant



  • Senior consultant engaged in the management of vendor telecommunications solutions.
  • Directed personnel for various hardware and administrative programs.
  • Document user requirements and program functionality for both new development and system improvement projects in support of technical support initiatives.
  • Resolved vendor conflicts and directed analysis of hardware and network upgrades.
  • Strategic liaison between the state and local government Information Technology Departments.
  • Managed federally mandated networking initiative for the State of Michigan Network.
  • Created technical installation manuals for hardware and software applications.
  • Designed technical documentation and use case manuals for Quality Assurance purposes.

Support Tools: Microsoft Server, Microsoft Operating Systems (XP, NT, 2000), Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Norton Security, and Digital VAX/VMS.

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