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Information Security Engineer Resume Profile


  • 4 years of Managing and configuring Cisco and Fortinet firewalls and gateway devices
  • 3 years risk assessment and mitigation planning
  • 3 years IDS
  • 5 years Windows administration servers 2003-2012 and clients XP, 7, 8
  • 4 years employee management and training
  • 5 years network infrastructure design, implementation, and monitoring
  • 3 years incident handling, and disaster response

Work Experience


Information Security Engineer

  • Was responsible for discovering and disabling misused vendor account prior to data loss or unauthorized access.
  • Intercepted numerous incidents of internal and external threats to company assets and lead response to malware analysis, virus infection, and potentially malicious website content with the aid of NGFW technology.
  • Wrote configuration changes and maintenance to a new group of cyber security appliances, and applications.
  • Monitored all data in motions and at rest with the help of RSA's Data Loss Prevention and Security Analytics, took advantage of these tools to write whitelists and run packet analysis of suspect traffic or activity.
  • Wrote the company's management policy for GLBA, SOX and PCI-DSS, including mitigation strategies for incidents of varying severity levels and business impact.
  • Gained familiarity with infrastructure security appliances, and monitoring software such as Imperva's Secure Sphere to monitor various SQL databases, and Beyond Insight which captured patch reports and system health.
  • Monitored intrusion utilizing RSA's Security Analytics tools to verify source identity and deep packet inspection.
  • Lead network access review, identified individuals, hardware, and software for intended access and verify all actions are within the limits of the security policy.
  • Was responsible for user training, this included new hires, ongoing phishing tests, office inspections etc.


Network Engineer

  • Maintained technical oversight for security-based software applications, coordinating deployments, upgrades, tests, and risk mitigations.
  • Configured and maintained various Cisco appliances, configured firewall rules and monitored access.
  • Functioned as change management representative for security systems group and point of contact for client escalations.
  • Network Design: Outline hardware and software required to accomplish goals established by the client within the budget provided. Deliver and configure all devices outlined. Demonstrate the operation, and support users as they become familiar with all new and existing systems affected. Continue support with regular visits or as needed with support of a help desk.
  • Maintained security requirements for various clients in medical, law, and money management industries including but not limited to full disc encryption, VPN configuration, and disaster recovery plans.
  • Support customers using remote desktop or screen sharing over VPN country-wide or local onsite support and traveled longer distances when needed.
  • General support of entire computer network including creating user accounts, write or edit login scripts, manage data stores, software installs, build or upgrade servers, configure routers, switches and modems, update customers with new hardware software and services as they become available to the market.
  • Trained help desk staff, and helped create policy for procedure and protocols for new staff and training existing members.


LAN Specialist, Desktop Support, Web Developer

  • Led network management in reviewing, installing, upgrading, and maintaining all network and server monitoring-based application products and service contracts.
  • Organized special tools, products, and implementation of rollouts.
  • Administered reports generated by product, showing all utilizations for routers, relay connections, and traffic patterns throughout network.
  • Aided the deployments of network MFP's and working with customer's PC's and Servers.
  • Installed network drivers, secure encrypted PDF scanning, troubleshot LAN errors, and an array of appliances.
  • Designed new web site for company for a more modern look using mostly HTML, CSS, and Java Script.
  • Became extremely proficient in network discovery, protocols, policies, and various network infrastructures.


IT Service

  • Began working with network security, security policies, as well as high level OS flaws and updates.
  • Worked with owner as in house technical support as well as support over the phone and web.
  • Improved operational efficiency with implementation of scorecard evaluations for security events, compiling security data into rolled-up quarterly reports for IT management.
  • Increased productivity with perimeter network redesign and launch of Internet-facing firewalls and IPS.



  • Manager of Parts Department and Warranty
  • Maintained inventory, regulated prices, coordinated with venders for best quality cost effective supplies.
  • Planned and deployed small office network for the service and parts departments
  • Responsible for supporting workstations, state inspection machine, and any employee PC needs.
  • Planned network topology, ran bulk cat-5e cable to specified length, made RJ-45 connections.
  • Coordinated with ISP and MASS DMV to create system specific to DMV regulations.


  • Worked the help desk to provide detailed technical assistance to an average of 10-20 people daily. Provided technical support and analysis of classroom and faculty computers, as well as audio visual systems.
  • Class room support consisted of video projectors, computer console with a/v switch, and other media playback and display devices.
  • Auditorium a/v equipment included acoustic testing and setup of theatre PA system.
  • Gained experience with PC and network debugging and deployment fundamentals.

Professional Tools and Services:

RSA: Archer, Data Loss Prevention, Security Analytics, BeyondTrust: BeyondInsight, Imperva: SecureShpere, Dell KACE, WSUS Update Services, SilverSky firewall service , VMware ESXi with VSphere and conversions, Hyper-V, Parallel Desktop, Cisco Aeronet tools as well as CLI and ROMon, Deep Freeze, Citrix Suite, AS400, Proxy Master, Drobo Dashboard and other NAS systems, regedit, gpedit, secpol, DHCP, DNS, Active Directory, Terminal Services with Thin Clients or internet port forwarding, FortiExplorer, Iron Mountain Backups and many others solutions, all logmein products, VNC, Teamviewer, Ghost, etc.

Operating Systems:

  • Windows Client All versions and revisions from Win98 through Windows 8
  • Windows Servers 2003, 2008 all versions , 2011SBS, 2012 Essentials and STD, Exchange '07, '10 and '13
  • Mac All revisions of OSX from 10.5 through 10.9 client and OSX 10.7 and 10.8 Server
  • Linux Kali, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Knoppix, GRUB and some Unix familiarity.

Programming Languages:

VB scripting, C , HTML 5 , XML, CSS 3 , Java Script, Java, SQL, Cisco IOS commands

Personal Interests and Volunteer Work

Appalachian Tail Club

Maintain a three mile section of trail in Great Barrington, MA and when needed hike to shelters to maintain the structures and verify clean water availability, also help any hikers that need medical or navigational assistance.


  • Summer: mountain biking, trail running, lacrosse, softball.
  • Winter: snowboarding, indoor rock climbing, indoor soccer.

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