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Business Analyst Resume



Business Analyst with 7 years of extensive and diversified experience in the financial industry. A Leader who offers in-depth experience in project management, financial management (Fixed Income/ Credit Card/Equities/ Investment), business administration, information technology applications, customer service, planning, purchasing, and asset control.

Professional Profile:

  • A Business Analyst with over 7 years of experience in the field of Finance Industry, Mortgage Industry, Insurance Sector, Retail Banking, Investment Banking etc.
  • Excellent knowledge of industry standard methodologies like Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), IterativeSoftware Development Life Cycle Process as per Rational Unified Process (RUP), CMM (Capability Maturity Models) and Rational Tools used during various phases of RUP.
  • In Depth understanding of the AS-IS and TO-BE business processes and experience in converting these requirements into technical specifications for preparing test plans.
  • Excellent Analytical skills to understand the business process and Functionality, Requirements and to translate them to system requirement specifications.
  • Experience in conducting Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions for requirements gathering, analysis, design and Rapid Application Development (RAD) sessions to converge early toward a design acceptable to the customer and feasible for the developers and to limit a project’s exposure to the forces of change
  • Proficient in customizing already existing business practices, workflows, activities and deliverables. Preparing graphical depictions of use cases including Sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, use case diagrams including the business workflow.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Experience in conducting GAP analysis, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), SWOT analysis, Cost benefit analysis and ROI analysis.
  • Knowledge of Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), BASEL II, and Tax accounting rules.
  • Hands on experience with investment systems including vendor trading systems or trade order management systems, such as Bloomberg etc
  • Experienced with various asset types including in-depth knowledge of Fixed Income securities and derivatives.
  • Project experience with commercial and retail banking, investments, FX Trading, brokerage and mortgage industry.


Graduated with Masters in Accounting(MS Accounting)


  • Project Management: MS Project, MS Excel, MS Access Issue Management, CMM, Six-Sigma
  • Business Process Modeling: Action Workflow, CASE wise, UML, Rational Rose, MS-Visio
  • Software Lifecycle Management Methods: Quality Function Deployment (QFD) for Software Development, Joint Application Development (JAD), Rapid Prototyping, Rational Unified Process (RUP) And Traditional Waterfall model.
  • Facilitation Techniques:QFD, Affinity Diagram, Cause and Effect Fishbone, Force Field, Radar, Tree Diagram, Customer Focus Groups.
  • Full Lifecycle Software Development Tools & Methods:Object Modeling Technique, Use Case Method, basic data modeling techniques, Exposure to Rational tool suite
  • Presentation and General Business Tools: MS PowerPoint 97/2000, MS Word, MS Excel and Word Perfect, Crystal Reports, Business Objects, Borland Caliber Requirements Tool.
  • Testing Tools: Rational Enterprise, Test Director, SQL, Mercury Quality Center


Treasury (Bonds, Notes, Bill), Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMO), Asset Backed Securities (ABS), MBS Futures, Options on MBS, Interest Only (IO), Principal Only (PO), Whole Loan Mortgages, Interest Rate Derivatives (Caps, Collar, Floors), Municipal Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Junk Bonds, Commercial Paper, Credit Hedges, and Convertible Bonds. Fed Funds, Trust and Custody Overdraft (Domestic and Global), Demand Deposit Accounts, 835/837 Claims, Banking Products: Commercial Loans, Trade Finance (Letters of Credit)

Professional Experience:

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN September 2011-Present Business Analyst

Wells Fargo purchases single-family and multifamily residential mortgages and mortgage-related securities, which is financed by issuing debt instruments in the capital markets. The project involved developing a risk analysis and modeling system for the collateral pools that are to be securitized. It was intended to help the business users to structure the securities based on collateral pool characteristics. Credit Risk and Prepayment Risk could be assessed and the system could also determine loss provisions based on the expected range of loss estimated by foreclosure frequencies and loss severity of the mortgages. The rating criteria used by the various Credit Rating Agencies such as Fitch, Moody’s and Standard and Poor's could be applied to calculate the level of Credit Enhancement required for the various trenches of securities.


  • Conducted brainstorming sessions to extrapolate the requirements that are not stated.
  • Worked with business sponsors to elicit business/functional requirements and generated use cases in accordance with RUP Best Practices.
  • Extensively used Rational Requisite Pro to document, review and analyze the requirements.
  • Used UML and RUP methodology to capture, analyze and translate business requirements
  • Developed business Use Case scenarios, sequence diagrams and class diagrams
  • Prepared Rational Suite (Clear Quest and Requisite Pro) training materials for user and administrators and trained nearly thirty of them in the branch office.
  • Structured flexible test plans, test cases and test scripts to test entire application based on business requirements, technical specifications, and product knowledge and use case scenarios.
  • Addressed all aspects of the loan life cycle, starting from identifying a prospective client to the loan closure
  • Participated in project review meetings to resolve defect related issues.
  • Revised existing documentation comprehensively to enhance the ability of the stakeholders to proceed with the next major phase of developing the application.
  • Performed User Acceptance Testing on behalf of end-user to ensure that the user requirements are satisfied and properly tested.
  • Assisted in implementation and deployment of the best SCM processes with seamless integration among various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as Change Request and Product Life Cycle Management utilizing UCM component of Rational Suite.

Environment:Rational Requisite Pro, Rational Clear Quest, Rational Clear Case, JAVA, Oracle, UML, Test Director, VB, .NET, Windows 2000, UNIX, Microsoft Office suite, MS Visio, SQL server 2005.

Confidential, New York City, NY December 2010 –September 2011 Business Analyst

The project is to manage product development and enhancement process for a broker-dealer operating an electronic and browser-based trading and operations platform supporting securities lending transactions in global equity and fixed income products.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for managing and maintaining relationships with clients as they pertained to new enhancements, GAP analysis, monthly reporting, and current expectations.
  • Responsible for the gathering of requirements, from clients, completing business analysis, and writing of the Data Dictionary, Preliminary and Final Function
  • Wrote Functional Specifications for a large domestic fixed income system.
  • Responsible for the management of the software process from requirements gathering, documentation, management approval, client approval, development, to testing and final presentation to the client.
  • Defined program and project goals, objectives, products, services, constraints, assumptions, risks and facilitated processes by working with the project team, sponsor, and stakeholders to baseline the scope of the work and enable development of the plan.
  • Conducted user interviews at both in-house and client locations.
  • Monitored and assisted in designing and development of Use Cases, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, OOD using UML
  • Identified, researched, investigated, analyzed, defined and documented business processes and Use Case Scenarios.
  • Acted as the liaison between the business (Fixed Income- General Ledger) and the technology area to implement software upgrades, create new reports, document business use cases, conduct user acceptance testing, and design future enhancements for the trading platform.
  • Worked closely with traders, portfolio managers, the equity and fixed income support team, project managers and developers to enhance functionality and to correct problems with fixed income, equity and derivative trade related systems
  • Worked with Portfolio Management/Accounting system and handled Corporate, Municipal, Treasury, Agencies and High Yield Traders.
  • Worked with Fixed Income Trading System: Bloomberg Portfolio System and handled Corporate Bonds, Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), Asset Backed Securities (ABS), Inflation-Linked Treasury Bonds (TIPS), Municipal Bonds, Warrants and Preferred Stock,
  • Work includes enhancement topics such as: Uploads, downloads, Auto Pair off of Financing (repurchase agreement / Repo) transactions, and the calculation of Interest, Expense, Accretion, Amortization & cost of carry, as they pertain to Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) and Management Reporting

Environment:Rational Rose, RUP, UML, SQL, MS-Office, MS Project, MS Visio. ETI Extract, Data Junction.

Confidential, Charlotte,NC February 2008 – November 2010 Business Analyst

Bank of America Corporation is a financial services company, the largest bank holding company in the United States, by assets, and the second largest bank by market capitalization. We were responsible for launching new software for mortgage unit. I was also involved in designing various annuities from fixed income and Equity portfolio.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Analyze business requirements and segregated them into high level and low level Use Cases, Activity and Sequence Diagrams using Rational Rose according to UML methodology.
  • Analyzed financial performance of equity fund holdings in Asia and Eastern Europe.
  • Derived Functional Requirement Specifications (FRS) based on User Requirement Specification URS. Understand and articulate business requirements from user interviews and then convert requirements into technical specifications.
  • Reviewed Test plans, Test cases, Test case execution using specification documents and Rational Test Manager.
  • Created Data Dictionary for often used retail and technical terminology for benefit of developers and customers respectively.
  • Created Entity Relation Diagrams to represent the relationships existing between design the internal schema of a database, depicting the data tables, the data columns of those tables, and the relationships between the tables.
  • Performed Smoke Testing to ensure that the compiled software components of the Applications adhere to Project Standards, Performance Criteria and Functional specifications to ensure feasibility of testing effort.
  • Conducted highly interactive JAD sessions with project’s stakeholders such as users, QA analysts, and project management team, identifying and resolving issues.
  • Facilitated User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with the stakeholders and the business users, and the errors discovered were fixed and then verified via regression testing.
  • Frequently updated the requirement and defect status as per the current status of the testing project in the Clear Quest.
  • Used Rational Clear Case as Version Control System for any changes to common documents related to project like Use Case documents and Activity/Sequence Diagrams.
  • Project management update and controlling to ensure on time delivery using MS project
  • Derived Functional Requirement Specifications (FRS) based on User Requirement Specification (URS). Understand and articulate business requirements from user interviews and then convert requirements into technical specifications

Environment: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, Rational Requisite Pro, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/ Vista, MS- Access

Confidential, Ridgewood, NJ July 2007 – January2008 Business Analyst

The Citizen Community Bank online services will provide a web-based product to allow external and internal users to make mortgage & personal loan payments, advances on lines of credit, allow access to loan transaction history, deliver online billing. This project involved implementing an online database for the users to enter technical support and request service. The software allotted the requests to the technical staff depending on their areas of expertise and recorded the amount of time required to service the requests. Online summary of the various requests and time taken for each were provided to facilitate faster response to future customer requests. The system allowed users to check the status of their requests using an online interface and provided notifications to the user via email once the request is satisfied.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conducting user interviews at both in-house and client locations, gathering and analyzing requirements using Microsoft Visio using spiral methodology.
  • Designed and developed ERD, Use Cases, Activity Diagrams, Cross Functional Diagrams, OOD using UML .Identify, research, Realize, investigate, analyze, define and Document Business Processes and Use Case Scenarios.
  • Used MS Visio to design and create ERD. Perform Gap Analysis by identifying existing technologies, documenting the enhancements to meet the end state requirements.
  • Conduct Workflow, Process Diagram and Gap Analyses to derive requirements for existing systems enhancements.
  • Prepared Business Requirement Documents (BRD),Functional Specification Document(FSD) and Requirement Traceability Matrix(RTM).
  • Assist with User Testing of Systems (UAT), developing and maintaining quality procedures and ensuring that appropriate documentation is in place.
  • Responsible for identifying and documenting business rules and creating detailed Use Case Conduct User Acceptance Testing.
  • Worked with development and testing teams to accomplish timely release objectives. Using detailed knowledge of application features and functions assess scope and impact of business needs throughout analysis and completion of all enhancement specifications.
  • Liaison for projects with other corporate departments, including Executive, Legal and Information Services as well as vendor relationships. Assisted in maintaining vendor data bases and carrying out vendor ratings.

Environment: UML, UAT, Requisite Pro, Test Cases, MS Visio, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, SQL, MS Project, Sequence diagrams, Activity diagrams.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA November 2006 – June 2007

Fifth Third Bank is a leading global investment bank with a strong and profitable private client franchise. Basel II compliance system was developed to calculate more accurately the capital provisions against credit, commercial and operational risk that allows greater business agility, lower programming costs, more visibility and control over how business decisions are being made.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for gathering business requirements and interacting with the business community and worked in the RUP environment.
  • Performed comprehensive feasibility analysis study in terms of technology and economical feasibility.
  • Identification of the process flaws in the current system and recommended business process automation in the new system after analyzing and documenting as-is system and to-be system.
  • Developed needs analysis document, User Requirement Specification and functional requirement specification documents.
  • Worked on Rational Requisite Pro in Requirements Tractability Matrix (RTM) for functional coverage.
  • Developed business use cases textually and using Rational Rose, generated UML based diagrams for a better understanding of the user community.
  • Developed Analysis Model that includes entity classes, use case diagram, sequence diagrams, object collaboration diagram that provided the development team a view of the requirement.
  • Worked as a liaison between developers and users.
  • Used Rational Clear Case LT for version control of development assets.
  • Involved in the regression, stress and integration testing of the application.
  • Helped the testing team in tracing the requirements from RTM and involved in the UAT.
  • Checked Business Readiness and determined activities of flow.
  • Wrote Procedure Manuals and was responsible for continuity preparedness.
  • Managed various tests, stored test information, reviewed and analyzed test results.
  • Conducted presentations of the Q/A test results with analysis to the stakeholders and users and documented modifications and requirements.

Environment:RUP, Rational Requisite Pro, UML, Rational Rose, Sequence diagrams, Object collaboration diagram, Mainframes, MS PowerPoint, Win runner, Load runner, MS Office Suite, MS Project, Rational Clear Case

Confidential, Mumbai, India May 2004 - October2006 Business/Quality Analyst

ICICI, India's second-largest bank, offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and through its specialized subsidiaries in the areas of investment banking, life and non-life insurance, venture capital and asset management. The project assigned was to work with a team to create a web based trade management system for customers to access their online accounts, trade online, look up real time stock prices, analyze charts and evaluate their investments.


  • Interacted with clients to finalize the Business Requirements for the application.
  • Closely interacted with designers and software developers to understand application functionality, navigational flow and updated them about end-user sentiments.
  • Defined system requirements to Use Case, Use case scenario and Use Case narrative using the UML Methodologies
  • Developed detailed BRDs and FRDs using modeling tools following the SDLC structure
  • Performed Risk Analysis of the requirements to identify the key business risk areas for the project and prioritized the application development and testing.
  • Performed feasibility and adaptability study to identify the business critical areas from User perspective
  • Used PowerPoint presentations for conducting walkthroughs with the stakeholders.
  • Conducted walkthroughs with the end users and stakeholders to gather the modification requests from the user to upgrade or change the business specifications for the product.
  • Followed a structured approach to organize requirements into logical groupings of essential business process, business rules, information needs and insured that critical requirements are not missed.
  • Conducted JAD sessions to allow different stakeholders to communicate their perspectives with each other, resolve any issues and come to an agreement quickly.

Environment:Unified Modeling Language (UML), MS Office, MS Visio, MS Project, MS SQL, HTML

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