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Software Engineer / Business Analyst Resume



  • Six Sigma certified Business Analyst including overall experience for reviewing, modifying, & developing specified business requirements including solutions upon SDLC projects or Agile/Waterfall environments.
  • Compiling, developing and documenting business, system(s), functional and non - functional requirements including alignment with business projecting goals.
  • Analyzing and solving problems, while implementing quality improvements with Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Collaborates with architecture, development and testing teams in creating and validating business solutions.
  • Leads high functioning project teams including concise delivery of technical projecting goals.


Leadership Business Analysis Systems Analysis Application Development Reporting Project Planning / Management SDLC Methodologies Six Sigma Methodologies Architectural Design Infrastructure Development Process Development / Improvements Programming Migration Relationship Building Documentation



Databases: IMS/IDMS RDBMS MS Access

Platforms: WinVISTA/XP/2000/ME/NT/98/95 IBM 360/370/390/zOS Architecture 3090 Mainframe RS6000 AS/400 RPG/400 SQL/400 UNIX

Software: IBM Utilities MS Office Suite MS Project MS Visio PeopleSoft PowerBuilder Power Designer Rational-ClearCase/ClearQuest/ObjectTechnology/RationalRose/UseCase TSO/ISPF MVS/XA UNIX AbendAid Adabas Crystal Reports Endevor EZTrieve File-AID MQSeries Panvalet SyncSort Tesseract Test Director WinRunner Xpediter EDI ERP FTP JES QMF RUMBA SAP SAS SPUFI UML


Confidential, PA

Software Engineer / Business Analyst


  • Examining & mediating specified software/dataset requirements and/or Operating Systems changes upon specified clients, while fully presenting Agile/Waterfall issues and/or strategies that can also be taken place within Facilitating meetings.
  • Reviewed, modified & tested Hardware/Software configurations including Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) upon specified businesses & private facilities.
  • Designed and implemented Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) applications with ERP upon Internal OS including External Clients.
  • Created UAT plans including use cases, system validations and modifications.
  • Improved key business areas including Six Sigma procedures for enhancing overall experiences.

Confidential, Buffalo, NY

Programmer Analyst / Business Systems Analyst


  • Designed, mediated and implemented ERP batch cycle programs, including application development and Agile maintenance upon IMS/IDMS configurations with external & International dataset conversions.
  • Managed specified projects & establishing priorities upon individual plans, while conducting JAD methods including stakeholder resolutions within SDLC.
  • Assisted in preparation and defining project scope(s) coordinating with project staff for ensuring completion of IT projects; including communicating progress upon specified project stakeholders.
  • Assisted development of workflows, use cases, and system designs using Visio, in addition for developing conversion requirements including test plans.
  • Manage and track progress of project plans in conjunction for resolving, tracing, and escalating Agile/Critical issues while minimizing project risk.
  • Developed and deployed VMS production supports, including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with extractions, transforms and loading (ETL) standards.

Confidential, Media, Pennsylvania

Application Developer / Business Analyst


  • SOA Management - designed, mediated, developed, assembled, integrated & tested VMS software/dataset configurations, including ERP & EDI extractions with Agile scenarios upon current & oncoming UDB support.
  • Manage and tracking progress of project plan in conjunction for resolving, tracing, and escalating specified issues while minimizing project risk.
  • Architectural design, enhancing SOP’s & SLA’s including Project Management upon individual software configurations.
  • Created UAD including UAT plans - upon specified 1use cases for system validation & modifications.
  • Enhancing key business structures including Six Sigma procedures upon SDLC processing improvements.
  • Analyzing & managing project validations with development for legacy business solutions, including problem solving capacities with overall VMS & FTP capabilities.

Confidential, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Application Developer / Senior Specialist


  • Reviewed ERP while mediating production support by designing & documenting jobs for Rational Unified Process (RUP) including Unified Modeling Language (UML) conversions and upgrades - upon Treasury Project Validations.
  • UAD & UAT plans included for added quality assurance while established SOA approaches including Project Management upon 3-person team.
  • Designed and implemented Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) applications for treasury project validations including Agile/Waterfall scenarios.
  • Instituted infrastructure routines including Business Process Modeling Notations (BPMN), and with support facilitating systems including business analysis validations.
  • Created architectural design, including archive and current dataset creations with program conversions.
  • Led project validations, developing legacy business solutions with Virtual Memory System (VMS) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) functionality.
  • Implemented & managed quality assurance processes by developing test scripts with defined cases including functional and integrated systems as well as UAT (with payroll, AR & AP controls).

Confidential, Media, Pennsylvania

Business Analyst / System Analyst


  • Project Management upon evaluation of IT SDLC methods, including redevelopment of external data upon reconfiguration with current or oncoming transactions.
  • Interfaced with customers providing needed assessments, while reviewing external IT operating system needs & correlated with overall cycle objectives.
  • Drove GAP with SWOT analysis including documentation for front end users & chaired client meetings determining business requirements.
  • Interfaced stakeholders to analyze business processes and gather requirements upon develop specifications to fulfill reporting and business needs.
  • Employed BPMN to determine appropriate architectural software for filling gaps in client/user needs.
  • Established UML applications that filled gaps.
  • Developed and deployed VMS production support including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) while extracting, transforming and loading (ETL) standards including SQL functionality.
  • Created UAT plans such as use cases for system validations and modifications.

Confidential, Baltimore, Maryland

Senior Computer Systems Analyst / Programmer


  • Reviewing ERP & directing SOA methodology for mediation of our Confidential - Medicare plan changes in alignment with Medicare Modernization Act for the Office of Retirement and Survivors Insurance System (ORSIS).
  • Performed comprehensive analysis including Project Management upon 5-person team, led conversions with configured applications upon Legacy OS including spearheaded testing, and produced all including external business analysis reports presented to every individual United States.
  • Evaluated software redevelopment including specified cycles needed to be addressed - while preparing Agile/Waterfall scenarios that could also be taken place.
  • Acquired a Secret Security Clearance.
  • Sanitation of VMS with EDI & ETL for USA production level changes.
  • Led reverse engineering activities
  • Implemented and managed quality assurance processes by developing test scripts and defined cases for functional and integrated systems as well as user acceptance testing.
  • Developed forecasted IT needs for future SSA requirement updates.

Confidential, Columbus, Georgia

Senior Business Analyst / Client, Server Testing


  • Reviewing ERP while e nhanced and assembled client/server with mainframe business applications for credit card facilities.
  • Partnered with team management in development of EDI through IMS DB/DC changes, and including VMS while meeting client needs improving batch cycle operations.
  • Created and modified COBOL II programs, VSAM/DB2 datasets, and utilized rational software utilities including Project Management upon creation of test plans, scripts and methodologies.
  • Expedited improved business analysis reporting and processes and procedures with the implementation of modified software.
  • Turned around a highly visible and behind schedule project into an on-time success by working closely with users, vendors and the data warehousing team to finalize requirements and develop/test major enhancements while including interfaces.
  • Boosted system availability by consolidating and standardizing multi-location IT operations with network infrastructure.
  • Augmented software modifications including Jr. Project Management with reorganization testing phases and redeveloping effective processes, procedures & reporting documentations.

Confidential, Malvern, Pennsylvania

Software Engineer / Business Analyst


  • Implemented targeted hospital COMEPR and WEBEPR system, web and patient record software upgrades in alignment with SOA for organizational needs.
  • Supervised, trained and coached 4 quality assurance (QA) professional during UAT and software implementations.
  • Developed, modified, integrated and supported SDLC Applications including BPMN & Rational software utilities for specified medical facilities.
  • Reorganized software phases by creating new test plans and scripts for individual hospitals using rational utilities.

Confidential, Pennsylvania

Senior Programmer / Analyst


  • Charged with path review for engineering software programs, and the development of a method for conversions from other nuclear facilities.
  • Employed SOA for the institution of Confidential ’s with SDLC configurations & including upgrades.
  • Produced Business Analyst reports including presentation with oncoming approvals, and before changes conclusively taken place.
  • Cooperated with Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Virtual Memory System (VMS) Assembler, LAN / WAN Operations, CICS and Plant Management Information Systems (PMIS).
  • Reviewed numerous IT paths, and recommended adjustments and new structure development.

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