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Systems Analyst/technical Lead/project Lead Resume


  • EDI Business Analyst/System Analyst with 5+ years of experience in the software industry, predominantly on EDI, ETL and EAI product.
  • More than Five Years of experience on Healthcare Domain with experience on Providers, Payers and Clearing house modules.
  • Hands on experience on all aspects of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Extensively worked on EDI Mapping tools.
  • Worked on All Healthcare transactions(HIPAA) like Claims(837), Remittance(835), Payments(820), Eligibility(270 & 271), Status(276 & 277), Authorization(278), Acknowledgements, etc.,
  • Three years extensive experience in Informatica Power Center with strong business understanding and knowledge of Healthcare management projects.
  • Interacted with Vendors/Clients for requirements gathering, business analysis and project coordination.
  • Did Impact analysis for projects like NPI, 5010 Remediation, ICD 10, etc., and created Assessment/Specification documents & Impact Analysis documents.
  • Extensive experience in writing PL/SQL programming units like Triggers, Procedures, Functions and packages.
  • Created POC for the new 5010 proposal using Informatica B2B.
  • Extensively worked on Informatica Data Transformation and Data Exchange (B2B) for transformation and mapping process.
  • Extensively worked on Parser, Mapper, Serializer of Informatica Data Transformation.
  • Trained on Informatica Data Transformation and Informatica Data Exchange by Informatica Professionals Services.
  • Extensively worked on Informatica Web Services for Real time transactions.
  • Extensively involved in ETL Data warehousing using Informatica Power Center 8.x/9.x, Repository Manager, Server Manager, Workflow Manager, Mapping Designer, Transformation Designer, Mapplet Designer and Reusable Transformations.
  • Extensively worked on transformations such as Source Qualifier, Joiner, Filter, Router, Expression, Lookup, Aggregator, Sorter, Normalizer, Update Strategy, Sequence Generator and Stored Procedure transformations.
  • Extensively worked on GXS AI, DEC/EDI & IBM WTX mapping tool.
  • Experience in Optimizing the Performance of SQL scripts and Oracle database/application tuning.
  • Developed Batch Jobs using UNIX Shell scripts (csh, bash, ksh) to automate the process of loading, pushing and pulling data from different servers.
  • Developed Perl scripts for to run multiple Informatica workflows.
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills, has clear understanding of business procedures and ability to work as an individual or as a part of team.


EAI Products: Informatica B2B Informatica Data Transformation (DT), Informatica Data Exchange (DX), Informatica Power Center 8.6.1, 9.1, 9.5, GXS AI, DEC/EDI, Ascential Data Stage TX 7.5, IBM Web Sphere Transformation Extender 8.1

Programming languages: PL/SQL, UNIX shell scripting and Perl scripting

Database technologies: SQL Server 2000/2005, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g

Mapping Tools: Informatica B2B, GXS AI, DEC/EDI, IBM WTX

Other Utilities: Visual Source Safe

EDI Standards: X12, HL7, UB92, NSF and UCS

IDE & App Server: Mercator, Beyond Compare, Edit Plus

Software Engineering: Design, Development, Unit testing, Configuration



Systems Analyst/Technical Lead/Project Lead

Technology: Informatica Power Center, Oracle 11g, Stored Procedure, Unix and Perl Scripting


  • Designed Data Warehouse Data Vault model for Patients, Charges using Oracle Data Modeler
  • Migrating from SQL Server DB to Oracle
  • Designed, Developed, Deployed and implemented ETL mappings using Informatica.
  • Transformed business requirements into effective technology solutions by creating Technical Specifications for the ETL from the Functional Specifications
  • Informatica Admin connection strings setup and authentication
  • Gathered business requirements, analyzing the requirements and writing detail design documents.
  • Using Informatica ETL tool created detailed mappings to load data from multiple source databases (SQL server, Oracle) and flat files to target Oracle Database. Implemented Aggregator, Joiner, Sorter, Router, Lookup, Update Strategy and Stored procedure transformations to optimize mappings
  • Created tables of similar structure in Oracle DB from SQL Server
  • FTP the flat files from GE and TIGER data sources
  • Provide solutions to the team and help them understand the concepts.
  • Coordinate with offshore team and sharing the work with offshore.


Associate/Technical Lead/ Team Lead

Technology: Informatica Power Center, Informatica Data Transformation, Informatica Data Exchange, GXS, DEC/EDI, Oracle 9i, 10g, SQL Server, Perl scripts and Shell script


  • Implemented EDI 5010 in Healthnet EDI module, from Design to Production Support worked on all phases of the process.
  • Project lead for 5010 EDI Mapping Transformation Program for all EDI Transactions, which involves analysis on the existing 4010 codes in legacy system and create specification and technical design for the 5010 program.
  • Project lead for ICD10 Program for EDI Transactions, this involves analysis on the impact of ICD10 in the current system and provide the impact analysis and estimates.
  • Module lead in AZ Migration and Duals Pilot program for claims transaction in post translation process, which involves edits on providers, patients, etc., using Oracle Stored Procedures.
  • Project lead of production support team for 4010 and 5010 Healthnet EDI module
  • Design and documentation for the new projects. Creating Work orders and estimations for the approval from client.
  • Tasks involve analysis of basic process of existing 4010 EDI post translation process and come up with the design for 5010
  • Allocates tasks on a daily basis to the team and ensures that all the deliverables are delivered as per the project schedule
  • Effectively communicate with onsite team and get the issues resolved as and when it occurs.
  • Technically expertise in Informatica, GXS and Oracle enables the team members to accomplish the task with effective trouble shooting.
  • Effectively trouble shoots and recovery mechanism followed as and when a failure occurs.
  • Worked on minor enhancements for generating various reports and mail alerts.


Systems Engineer/Team member

Technology: PL/SQL, UNIX Scripting


  • Worked on Transactions 837, 835, 277, 997 and TA1.
  • Preparation of mapping specification document and areas of impact.
  • Have interacted with onsite coordinator regarding project related activities.
  • Analyzed and validated technical and non - functional requirements pertaining to the application in-scope.
  • Preparation of the following various technical and functional documents (where applicable depending on the request types) Technical Design Document
  • Executed all type of scenarios.
  • Enforce the team adherence to the company's Quality processes and procedures.


Systems Engineer/Team member

Technology: Mercator, IBM WTX, Oracle and UNIX Scripting


  • Developed scripts in UNIX for NPI.
  • Created & modified oracle tables for NPI.
  • Created various WTX maps for NPI.
  • Have interacted with onsite coordinator regarding project related activities (NPI).
  • Handled NPI applications as a team member.
  • Analyzed and validated technical and non-functional requirements pertaining to the application in-scope
  • Preparation of the following various technical and functional documents (where applicable depending on the request types) Technical Design Document, Test cases document.

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