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Edi Programmer/analyst Resume


Software: OS/400, Confidential ILE, Confidential Free, Confidential /400, SQL, CLP, Query400, SDA, SEU, Remote Desktop Connection, Hawkeye, Heat, Visual Basic, HTML, PHP, MySQL, Javascript

Hardware: iSeries, AS/400, S36, Personal computers Applications

Manufacturing and Wholesale: Order Entry, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Inventory, Sales, EDI

Transportation: Import, Export, Logistics, EDI

Retail: Website design

Financial: Credit collections


EDI Programmer/Analyst



  • Analyzed, created and revised programs to enable transaction communication
  • Compliancy testing
  • Created programs to retrieve and manipulate data for new EDI transactions
  • Created CLP for API call to upload data to partners’ servers
  • Analyzed and revised programs to eliminate exceptions
  • Created maintenance and inquiry programs for EDI orders

EDI Support Programmer/Analyst



  • Analyzed and updated CLPs & programs to correct the flow of a batch procedure
  • Analyzed and updated programs to eliminate exceptions
  • Created programs for new EDI transactions as per clients’ requests
  • Created and maintained Trusted Link maps (TLi and TLw)
  • Continual status updates within ticket resolution software
  • Installed Trusted Link version upgrade

Senior Programmer/Analyst



  • Analyzed and revised current processes according to B/A specifications
  • Analyzed and modified the structure of a program flow to eliminate exception
  • Created artificial intelligence program to extract and write address portions
  • Analyzed programs for documentation

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