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Safe Scrum Master Resume

Plano, TX


  • 7 years of cumulative working experience across, Retail, Health Care, Aviation, Finance and IT industry with strong domain knowledge including:
  • Investments such as stocks, bonds, retirement and non - retirement accounts (estate accounts, custodial accounts, partnership accounts etc.), asset movements etc.
  • Banking and credit related services such as credit cards, mortgage, auto loans, investment banking, and other lines of credit.
  • 3+ years working within a SAFe environment and being involved in the following ceremonies/activities:
  • Coordinating team towards preparing and participating in PI planning.
  • Liaising with other scrum master both in and out of Scrum of Scrum meetings.
  • Determining appropriate capacity and load for PI.
  • Running breakout sessions to ensure features are broken, risks, issues and dependencies are identified.
  • Knowledge of various Agile frameworks: Scrum, Kanban Principles, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Lean waterfall.
  • Utilize the following tool for project tracking: Jira, Rally, Version One, and TFS.
  • Experienced in Agile techniques: User Stories, TDD, and Continuous Integration.
  • Strong knowledge of agile methodologies and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Experienced at reviewing and assessing information gathered, defining key facts and issues, identifying potential problems and facilitating problem resolution.
  • Strong presentation skills and ability to tailor presentations towards different functional areas of business.
  • Developed training materials and trained users on newly developed and existing applications.
  • Profound written and oral communication skills.
  • Experienced at coaching teams undergoing transformation from Waterfall to agile.
  • Experience in leading both high performing teams and teams new to agile.
  • Experience preparing reports for management within strict deadlines.
  • I am an experienced Scrum Master with a history of delivering high-quality software within deadline and budget.


Confidential, Plano, TX

SAFe Scrum Master


  • Facilitating various scrum ceremonies to ensure objectives are met.
  • Ensuring proper understanding of both user story and feature requirements.
  • Working with Product Owner to ensure user story requirements such as descriptions and acceptance criteria are accurately articulated.
  • Working with Product Owner to ensure 2 weeks’ worth of healthy backlog exist.
  • Working with product owner to ensure a reasonable understanding of feature ahead of the next PI planning.
  • Running PI breakout sessions to ensure features are properly broken down with risks, issues and dependencies identified.
  • Ensuring the team takes appropriate load for the PI that accommodates future unplanned work.
  • Guiding the team towards archiving PI objectives by constantly making their progress visible.
  • Looking out as well as encourage the team to raise impediments for resolution.
  • Resolving and guiding the team towards resolving impediments.
  • Facilitating team level ceremonies including but not limited to backlog refinement, iteration planning, daily standups, iteration review and retrospective.
  • Monitoring the burndown chart, velocity, % defect metrics and a host of other metrics to measure team success.

Confidential, Westlake, TX

SAFe Scrum Master


  • Created a healthy atmosphere of transparency, learning and improvement.
  • Accessed the overall health of the scrum team’s agile practices and created opportunities of continuous improvement.
  • Fostered value driven delivery by implementing appropriate metrics (velocity, defect leakage, predictability ratio...) and helped the team to understand them.
  • Develop customized agile training as needed by the team.
  • Collaborated with other scrum masters and agile coaches to building a mature agile organization.
  • Shielded the scrum teams from external distraction and unplanned work.
  • Assisted the product owner in writing user stories and prioritizing the backlog.
  • Planned for and facilitated various scrum ceremonies including but not limited to backlog refinement, sprint planning, daily standup, sprint review and sprint retrospective.
  • Made sure core agile principles of visibility, accountability and self-organization is maintained within the team.
  • Resolved, managed and escalated impediments to appropriate personnel or department as necessary.
  • Liaised with other Scrum Masters in Scrum of Scrum meetings and PI planning.
  • Worked with the RTE to ensure the work of my team integrates with that of other teams.
  • Worked with the product owner to plan for future sprints and prioritizing the backlog.
  • Coordinated my team towards PI planning and other program events like System Demo.

Confidential, Irving TX

Scrum Master


  • Facilitated effective backlog refinements, sprint planning sessions, daily stand-ups, sprint reviews, and retrospectives.
  • Worked closely with Product owner in facilitating sprint review to ensure best practices and techniques are utilized to ensure maximum stakeholders’ feedback.
  • Coached the teams to interact in ways that ensure clear communication of product requirements and team commitments.
  • Cleared the team's impediments and ensured team is raising and clearing impediments on a daily basis.
  • Resolved disputes among team members to ensure a healthy working relation within the team.
  • Identified gaps in knowledge and addressed them through teaching, mentoring, and coaching of best practices across the team.
  • Tracked and managed the burn-down chart, velocity and task break-down.
  • Coached the team and product owner on Agile/Scrum concepts and principles to ensure team is continually improving.
  • Documented and furnished the team’s definition of done/commitment to all team members as a reminder of the sprint goals.

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