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Application System Analyst Resume

Omaha, NE


Thorough Professional with experience in completing complex assignments and meet deadlines. Applies strong system analysis and planning with communication skills to business and management areas on process and timelines for system requirements, testing and installs.


Software, Tools: COBOL, JCL, DFSORT, Syncsort, Control - M, MQ, SFTP, FTP, CICS, FILEAID, CA7 Scheduling, DYL, Microsoft Windows, IBM MVS z/OS, UNIX, Linux, AIX, SAS, SuperSession, TN 3270 Emulator, NDM, Grails, Groovy, JAVA, SVN, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Docker, Kubernetes, Oracle SQL, JavaScript, HTML, Perl, Shell scripting


Confidential, Omaha, NE

Application System Analyst


  • Work in output services maintaining Windows and Linux servers, Z/OS Mainframe
  • Set up new servers for print upgrade requesting ID’s and setting up groups and permissions
  • Maintain and update processes for interaction between Mainframe and servers for print
  • Maintain and update servers and software as needed.
  • Maintain jar file for the process of extracting images from Content library to mainframe
  • Updated mainframe batch process to pull records off VSAM backup file and create temp VSAM file for processing only records in job using SORT, freeing up space and saving CPU
  • Set up new workflows in Process Director to send Policy output to Content Navigator for edelivery for customers
  • Add process to SFTP AFP images to mainframe PDS library, reblock and load to EDL then delete images from server
  • Upgraded IQ inserter application to new Windows and SQL server platform and updating connections to application server and mainframe, Linux servers using Control-M and SFTP.
  • Established process to use SFTP to move GDG files to aix server for print. Identify current GDG using Listcat, create steps using SORT to create cards and files to move data.

Business Intelligence Developer



  • Maintain and update tools utilizing Grails
  • Analyze tools and work with Business to enhance functionality and views

Confidential, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Systems Analyst, Lead Analyst


  • System Analyst position for 4 years.
  • Estimate IT work levels and document assumptions when sizing projects.
  • Involve and engage appropriate IT groups needed for projects
  • Design, develop, and maintain mainframe software application and components working in close collaboration with cross functional business groups and vendors to implement project deliverables.
  • Work and implement process improvements to update and improve processes within the Accounts Receivable area improving efficiencies and reducing costs.
  • Perform web file transmissions to and from mainframe using Network Data Mover (NDM) and other file transfer tools.
  • Collaborated with business groups and repricing team on the revision and updating of credit card repricing and changes in terms; added new processing for punitive and curing functions.
  • Maintained records of files and reports created during project life cycle; tracked changes in process testing to ensure expected results; created spreadsheets for use in analysis by business groups.
  • Technical Analyst Lead for new cards for a major cell phone carrier partnering with Citibank
  • Gathers estimates and establish assumptions for different IT groups
  • Set up products for new cards (establish pricing, fees, term agreements)
  • Wrote High Level Design for project
  • Help define and establish connections between Citi and partner.
  • Automated Purge process of Archived files and related purge processing of other system files.
  • Update job scheduling for once a year on second Sunday of June
  • Update COBOL logic for seamless interaction in Production or Test environment by identifying job name in logic
  • Create cross reference file of accounts purged from Master file to purge records from other files thus freeing up space and speeding up jobs by having fewer records.
  • Create process to use temp files until purge occurs so not creating multiple generations every month. Check temp files and copy to Production file when containing records
  • Update process for purge of Fraud VSAM files by downloading to flat file, purge records by cross reference file and repro back to VSAM file
  • Fixed initialization process for newly formatted master file records
  • Multiple segment records were being initialized for each master record, increasing CPU
  • Developed process to initialize one segment at beginning or processing and moving to work field, then move total length onto master file by multiplying length of one segment work area times number of segments (Occurs clause), cutting CPU significantly
  • Adding tabling logic in working storage to split our membership fees for processing on the billing statement
  • Current process accumulates all membership fees into one field on master file
  • Developed table to hold each users fee on the account. This information is then written out in separate summary files for statements to break out on billing statement
  • Fees are then accumulated onto single field on master file for storage
  • Automated web-mainframe return mail system to improve performance and increase capacity.
  • Reengineered return mail processes to have Paper group scan bar codes onto system and trigger process to NDM file down to mainframe once a week.
  • Automate process to identify records from return mail and process accordingly.
  • Worked on Change in Terms team at Citibank when I first started.
  • Update COBOL modules to select accounts based on business criteria.
  • Assigned new Purchase or Cash rates, or adjust Fees and Terms based on selection mapping.
  • Test and create reporting for verifications between IT and Business to ensure projections were in line with expectations.
  • Develop reissue pricing as key participant in critical cost saving credit card account project at end of 2009.

Confidential, Omaha, Nebraska

Senior Application Developer, Project Manager


  • Participated in multiple credit card account and file conversion processing projects to include:
  • Project manager and analyst with responsibility for client and internal relationships; mapped and tested data for conversion to Confidential system.
  • Lead programmer for 11 million account conversion from client back-up tapes; loaded accounts, tested data, validated settings, edited, and created passer reports.
  • Assisted lead programmer with backups and passer reports; tested and verified data, performed segment coding, created and edited reports.
  • Provided programming support for first Canadian conversion and first mainframe expanded addressing implementation; loaded/tested accounts prior to conversion.
  • Provided programming support to Confidential system from client in house system.

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