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It Pm / Business Analyst Resume

Glen Allen, VA


  • Accomplished and performance - driven Information Technology leader with extensive expertise in developing, deploying, and supporting innovative applications and infrastructure across various industries.
  • Expertise in leveraging technology to address and resolve issues, resulting in substantial gains in technical and business operations performance.
  • I am an innovative leader able to take a project from initial startup and analysis through completion of production deployment and support.
  • I am adept in team collaboration using the Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC), Agile, and Scrum Methodologies.
  • Establish metrics and monitor progress to assure contract compliance, customer satisfaction and attainment of company commitments, goals and objective; reports progress to appropriate levels of management and customers.
  • Create an Acquisition plan, conduct market research, develop SOW/PWS/SOO, and prepare government cost estimate for IT projects and software hardware.
  • Accountable for delivery of defined scopes of work in adherence to customer satisfaction goal, quality standards for service.
  • Collecting updates for and preparing contact deliverables.
  • Ensuring teams compliance with government requests and expectations, and encourage project teams to follow best practices for task management and documentation.
  • Conducting project accounting and preparing financial reports.
  • Prepare any other necessary documentation as defined by the Government COR or Software Lead.
  • Draft and adapt, as needed, materials for onboarding in different media (print, electronic, video)
  • Manage onboarding and offboarding process/security clearances and government systems access.



SAP (SRM) Supplier Relationship Management

End User Security Awareness

Information Systems 1 & 2



Agile & Waterfall Methodologies


ITIL Foundation

Microsoft Project

Grant Chart/WBS

(PeopleTrak) Telework Dashboard

(IPS) Requester Integrated Procurement System

(BOE) Report Access

(AMS) Account Management Service

(PPS) Procurement for Public

(IFS) Integrated Financial System

(FBMS) Financial Business & Management Systems





Confidential, Glen Allen, VA

IT PM / Business Analyst


  • Coordinate project schedules, manage project meetings, uncover, and resolve technical issues, increasing customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Manage the full project management lifecycle (PMLC), including defining technical and functional requirements, quality control planning, implementation, upgrades, and integration through Agile Process methodologies.
  • Create weekly reports of users and systems access, creating Excel sheets to send to management to control the need and usage of service accounts and privileged accounts.
  • Manage project operations with the use of systems development and project management methodologies accepted by the industry.
  • Deliver project plans following project management framework standards and procedures. Identify ongoing issues and gaps within project plans to eliminate implementation issues.
  • Provide administrative and coordination support to project managers on projects through the entire project lifecycle.
  • Analyze, document, and assess project risks and develop mitigation strategies in collaboration with sponsors, stakeholders, and owners.
  • Collaborate with senior management to review project data, and establish opportunities for improvement, improved compliance to enhance project methodology.
  • Produce executive-level presentations and other supporting materials to drive and promote the identification, communication, and implementation of project management improvement processes.
  • Review and assess architecture design, implementation, testing, and deployment needs to verify project requirements and costs, streamlining efficiency.
  • Interviewed business clients to analyze requirements and recommend and design technological improvements to the business processes and operational procedures.
  • Formulated project plans by project management framework standards and guidelines, identified ongoing issues and gaps in project plans, eliminated implementation issues.
  • Cross-functional collaboration in the Scrum team environment from time to time, and participated in backlog review and Sprint planning sessions, following Agile methodology.
  • Improved timeframes for more than 15% of projects by successfully maintaining the change management process.
  • Mitigated defects by 20% by creating metrics to determine inefficiencies and areas of improvement across systems.
  • Strengthened ongoing relationships with IT vendors, allowing significant migration of data from legacy programs and procedures supporting future research.
  • Evaluated consistency and importance of different business intelligence data against needs to establish optimal courses of action.

Confidential, Ajo, AZ

Program Assistant/Financial Analyst


  • Developed detailed forecast models against budgets based on critical indicators, increased accuracy of short- and long-term earnings estimates by 15%.
  • Produced financial reports evaluating completed projects, clarified current trends, and assessing variances, saved 4-8K$ for the fiscal year.
  • Executed financial transactions and track activities with less than a 3-5% error in the accounting for the annual expenditure of funds allocated to the refuge at the end of the fiscal year.
  • Reconciled refuge budget for the fiscal year, and the refuge finishes the fiscal year with less than 1% remaining and ensured being below cost target.
  • Facilitated new forecasting tracking and management reporting system, improved availability and accuracy of financial data, and resulted in a 6-10% increase in inaccuracy.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Secretary Automation/Analyst


  • Enter client’s checks in TRAC financial system .
  • Perform accounting research as required.
  • Prepares a variety of documents, such as: correspondence, forms, reports, and spread sheets.
  • Managed data collection, data analysis and drafting of deliverables.
  • Strong analytical skills including ability to analyse data and reconcile financial accounts.
  • Collect, consolidate, and merge data from database to enter to excel spreadsheet.
  • Auditing and generating monthly reports 4.1 Table, ETTRs, Overage IVL, Pending Statute reports (code reports, redact data, add comments before sending to GM).
  • Informed program managers of the status and availability of funds to use towards operational budgets.
  • Estimated future financial needs for project operations.
  • Combined a total of three program and department budgets together into a single, consolidated organizational budget. Reviewed all funding requests and observed all spending to justify monetary usage.
  • Educated or advised taxpayers of tax law responsibilities to alleviate any compliance issues which may arise in daily operations.
  • Verified (VCP) voluntary compliance program fee with Form 5500.
  • Updated one hundred TRAC records and assisted EP in searching for a record and locating a case.
  • Prepared and mailed 21-Day Letters to provide notice of investigation to individuals. These investigations delved into activities like instances of ERISA violations while requesting corrections be made by said individuals.
  • Processed Appendix F, Schedule 1 and 2 Cases utilizing streamlined application procedures such as using Appendix F if there is a flaw in the plan proposed by a sponsor.

Confidential, BROOKHAVEN, NY



  • Exhibited independent judgment and comprehensive knowledge regarding which future actions were necessary to achieve voluntary compliance. This was achieved by computing and/or advising on tax liability and probable assessment of taxes.
  • Successfully resolved between twelve to twenty-five inquires which involved laws, rules, and regulations. Reported requirements or other regulatory provisions for individual tax payers and their representatives, professional stakeholders, and other government officials.
  • Developed, analyzed, and evaluated information involving the research of records and the nature of each inquiry.
  • Utilized comprehensive knowledge and constantly stayed current on all regulations and policies subject to frequent legislative changes and amendments or precedent decisions that affect specifics conditions.
  • Identifies problems; determines accuracy and relevance of information; uses sound judgment to generate and evaluate alternatives, and to make recommendations

Confidential, ST. LOUIS, MO



  • Resolved multiple accounting discrepancies to reduce issues by eighty percent.
  • Developed metrics utilized to trace and monitor A/R to reduce delinquent payments by sixty-five percent.
  • Handled the monthly processing and reconciliation of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.
  • Executed daily cash application of all cash receipts & twenty client invoices.
  • Implemented excellent attention to detail in creation and upkeep of spreadsheet analyses along with financial charts, month-end closings, and payroll entry and bank deposits.
  • Entered numerous records in QuickBooks, including all supplies ordered.
  • Served as time keeper and auditor of time reports.
  • Gathered and analyzing facts and figures, and presented the information or conclusions in clear oral and written language.

Confidential, ST. LOUIS, MO



  • Minimized unmanageable debt loss for the company through risk assessment of all financial transactions.
  • Accountable for monthly forecasting and issuance of notification letters of repossession to owners.
  • Utilized excellent communication skills by acting as a liaison between customer and repossession agents and B2B situations.
  • Communicated action steps with twelve parties involved and maintain corrected data for future queries.
  • Experienced in the acceptance, review, adjudication, or authorization of claims for the payment of benefits to individuals under law, contract, or governmental order.
  • Demonstrated the ability to develop and evaluate pertinent facts and evidence, apply and interpret laws, rules, regulations, policies, and precedents, and make decisions on issues of fact and law in the allowance or disallowance of claims.

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