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Subject Matter Expert Resume


  • Nine+ years of experience in administration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, IBM AIX, VMware ESXi and Oracle Virtual Machine Server.
  • Configured DHCP, Xinetd, HTTP server to enable kickstart methodology for mass deployment of RHEL and SUSE servers
  • Installed security patches and updated RHEL and SUSE servers using utilities like yum, yast and zipper
  • Configured clusters using Red Hat Cluster Suite and utilities like ricci, luci and gfs2
  • Created PVs, VGs, LVs and resized file systems using RHEL’s Logical Volume Management
  • Migrated PVs between storage arrays using pvmove
  • Recovered file system using fschk
  • Configured infrastructure services like DNS, NIS, NFS, LDAP, Send Mail, FTP, SSH on RHEL
  • Experience in installation and configuration of Network Print Servers on Red Hat Linux
  • Updated the kernel releases of RHEL and Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel of OEL
  • Proficient in installation and configuration of Oracle on OEL and RHEL
  • Patched and updated RHEL from version 5.x to 5.11 and 6.x to 6.7
  • Added users and groups on linux servers using utilities like luseradd and lgroupadd
  • Extensively worked on system monitoring using syslogd
  • Took weekly online backups of the database using TSM
  • Ensured system security by hardening and auditing the systems as per guidelines in Red Hat Linux
  • Experience in system analysis, troubleshooting and performance tuning of RHEL
  • Fine - tuned kernel parameters as per the applications’ requirements
  • Configured samba server on RHEL to exports Linux file systems on to the windows platform
  • Configured iptables to block ports on RHEL as per the security protocols
  • Configured multipath using utilities like DM-MPIO and EMC PowerPath
  • Analyzed network traffic using utilities like tcpdump and wireshark
  • Troubleshot RHEL servers through the maintenance mode, rescue mode and single user mode
  • Analyzed performance through performance monitoring tools like vmstat, iostat, sar, nmon, topas, iperf


Operating Systems: Linux (Red Hat 8/9/AS4, SUSE 10, SLES 9/10 & Debian), RHEL 5.x/6.x/7.x, Windows NT, Solaris 9/10/11, Ubuntu 10.04

Virtualization: VMware ESX server, VMware Workstation, VirtualBox, OVM Server

Storage: VERITAS Volume manager, Logical Volume Manager, Tivoli (TSM), VERITAS NetBackup, EMC Power Path, EMC Symmetrix, Hitachi, IBM arrays, Storage-TEK L700

Cluster: HACMP, Veritas Cluster Server (VCS), RHCS


Servers: HP ProLiant Gen8/Gen9, HP BladeSystem c3000, HP BladeSystem c7000, Dell PowerEdge T320 Tower server, Dell PowerEdge R320 Rack server, Dell R810, Dell R815, Dell R910

Databases: Oracle 11g, Oracle 12c

Programming languages: C, C++, java, JavaScript, HTML programming.

Scripting: Bash, Korn, KSH, CSH, Perl Scripting, Python, Ruby, PHP, Shell Scripting on Red Hat Linux.



Subject Matter Expert


  • Performed AIX to RHEL migrations
  • Installed OVM Server, OVM Manager, configured server pools, NFS share and iSCSI for OVM Servers
  • Worked as a team on implementation of Vmware Vrealize infrastructure to automate the RHEL builds
  • Installed and updated ESX hosts
  • Engineered Oracle real application cluster and worked closely with DB team
  • Deployed the major components of the puppet infrastructure like puppet server, facter, hiera, MCollective and puppetDB
  • Wrote various puppet modules to add users to hundreds of servers, add new logical volumes and increase the size of the filesystem
  • Provided support for 600+ production RHEL servers, patched and upgraded Red Hat Enterprise Servers, both physical and virtual
  • Setup Virtual Test Environment using VMware ESXi on Cisco UCS blades
  • Implemented PXE boot and kickstart
  • Successfully setup and managed oracle dataguard on Exadata utilizing multiple networks
  • Created physical clusters for critical applications using Red Hat Cluster Suite
  • Hands on experience with server management related to changes, incidents, problems, upgrade, and release
  • Worked with Oracle 10g, 11g in creating database and logical domain after partitions
  • Proven ability to automate server builds using kickstart, management and configuration of system services using Puppet
  • Configured different systems such as ext4, ext3, Oracle ASM (RAC), GFS2
  • Provided remote support for Linux servers and maintaining SLAs, Performance tuning and enhancing
  • Migrated Physical Volumes from VMAX to VMAX3
  • Troubleshot network issues using ubiquitous tools like ping, netstat, iperf, tracepath and traceroute
  • Updated ILO, HP’s remote console access software, using HP smart update manager
  • Configured different RAID level by using HP Smart Array Controller
  • Configured multipath, added SAN LUNs, created PVs, VGs and LVs
  • Resized the file systems using resize2fs utility
  • Designed firewall rules for new servers to enable communication within applications
  • Configured NFS server which acted as a central software repository
  • Fine-tuned kernel parameters as per the specifications provided by oracle
  • Patched RHEL servers using yum utility


Linux Administrator


  • Installed, maintained, administered and troubleshot Linux, AIX systems and VMware ESX hosts
  • Performed automated installations of Operating System using kickstart for Linux
  • Extensively worked on Logical Volume Management and disk space allocation per user (Quotas)
  • Configured DNS, NFS, NIS, NIS+, SAMBA, LDAP, SSH, SSL, SFTP, SMTP, SNMP using TCP/IP protocols
  • Dealt with installation of packages, patches, maintenance and RPM updates on Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Worked with configuration management tool Chef and gained good understanding on Puppet
  • Wrote and tested chef recipes, cookbooks and automated the deployment processes
  • Experience in SUSE NFS Clustering, configuration and File System maintenance
  • Expert in Upgrades, installs, configuration and administration security and monitoring tools on Linux
  • Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure with automation and configuration management tools such as Puppet, or custom-built designing cloud-hosted solutions, specific AWS product suite experience
  • Installed, configured and managed Puppet Master and Agent. Wrote custom Modules and Manifests, downloaded pre-written modules from puppet-forge
  • Upgraded or migrated Puppet Community and Enterprise
  • Deployed and monitored scalable infrastructure on Amazon web services (AWS) & configuration management using puppet
  • Worked with Puppet Enterprise tool for patch updates and stopping and starting various services and daemon’s
  • Setup NFS file systems and shared them to clients
  • Troubleshot network, application, and server related issues
  • Created RPM packages using RPMBUILD, verifying the new build packages and distributing the package
  • Dealt with user id deletion with removing entries from CRONTAB
  • Configured network connections (NIB) and IP network adapters in AIX
  • OS mirror to hard drives in AIX with using commands such as mirrorvg
  • Completed alternate boot update
  • Extensive experience in the concept of LVM, User & System Resource Management and Job Scheduling
  • Responsible for patching and upgrading RHEL servers from 5.x to 5.11 and 6.x to 6.5
  • RPM and YUM package installations, patch and other server management
  • Experience in Shell scripting (bash, ksh) to automate system administration jobs
  • Performed common system administration task including adding users, creating file systems, configuring volumes weekly mksysb


Linux Administrator


  • Developed long term Linux strategies to meet the enterprise requirements
  • Patched RHEL servers using yum utility
  • Created RAID partition using HP smart array controller
  • Installed and configured various infrastructure services such as DNS, DHCP, NFS, SMTP, Apache Server, NIS, Samba, SSH, Telnet, sendmail
  • Managed and resolved system monitoring alerts
  • Reviewed system health by using utilities like uptime, netstat, top, free, multipath, vmstat, iostat and dmesg
  • Troubleshot and resolved system performance and networking issue by using utility like iostat and iperf
  • Managed user accounts by enabling netgroup on the RHEL servers
  • Used NetApp servers to mount NFS shares on RHEL
  • Used Nagios and Splunk to automate monitoring and alert setup
  • Performed partition of volume for Oracle ASM
  • Provided remote support for Linux and AIX servers while maintaining SLAs
  • Engineered the client’s requirements and recommended appropriate design for Infrastructure implementation

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