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Workday Integration Consultant Resume

Burbank, CA


  • Around 4 years of experience in implementation of software applications using Client/Server and ERP technologies in customization and implementation of Workday HCM (Human Capital Management).
  • Around 4 years of experience as Workday Integration Consultant and involved in two full implementation projects.
  • Experience in all phases of the Workday implementation lifecycle namely - Requirement gathering, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing.
  • Hands on experience in inbound/outbound integrations Using Core Connector, Workday Studio, managing business processes, working with EIB, Report Writer, Creating Workday Calculated Fields and Custom Reports.
  • Good understanding of Integrations including Web Services, SaaS, Workday Architecture, Business Process Framework.
  • Experience in conducting discovery sessions for Workday Integrations.
  • Good understanding of business process and experience in Implementation Projects for Core HCM processes including Staffing, Compensation, Talent Management, Time Tracking and Absence Management.
  • Experience with XML, XPATH and XSLT.
  • Key Expertise in compensation - Configuring compensation framework, providing support and guidance to a geographically distributed workforce and/or HR Business Community to meet customer requirements.
  • Expert in designing/development of Interfaces with legacy and third-party systems.
  • Good Problem solving, Client Interaction, Training and Team building skills.
  • Proficient in analyzing and translating business requirements to technical requirements and architecture.
  • Excellent analytical and logical programming skills with a good understanding at the conceptual level.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with a strong desire to achieve specified goals.
  • Versatile team player with ability to perform under stress.
  • Mainly used in Finance and payroll modules where data keeps changing always, to get the maximum results with real time data.


  • Workday HCM
  • Workday Integration Developer
  • Languages/Tools: EIB, Document Transformation, CCB, Core Connector/Cloud Connectors
  • Workday Studio, XML, XSLT, XPath, Report Writer/Designer, Web Services SOAP & REST, DT, loads, People Tools.
  • Modules: Workday Core HR, Compensation, Benefits, Time Tracking
  • Payroll and Security, NA Payroll, Benefits, Manager Self-Service, Employee Self-Service modules


Workday Integration Consultant

Confidential, Burbank, CA


  • Hands on Experience in Core Connectors, EIB, Document Transformation and Complex Studio Integrations
  • Hands on experience in Packaged Integrations.
  • Hands on experience in Complex calculated fields in HCM domain.
  • Hands on experience in busines process configuration, business process notifications and business process security.
  • Hands on experience in integration system security groups, domain security policies.
  • Hands on experience in authentication policies
  • Extensive expertise in xslt 2.0 and mid-level in xslt 3.0.
  • Extensive experience in Workday Web Services (WWS) in HCM and recruiting domain.
  • Created pgp encryptions key, x509 key pair for ssh authentication in document delivery.
  • Hands on experience with Core HCM, Benefits, Payroll, Compensation and Recruiting.
  • Worked on rest services when updating non-effective custom objects from third party applications without using studio integration.
  • Configured various notifications and translations with all major languages to integrations.
  • Created custom object both effective and non-effective.
  • Experience in creating and maintenance of Supervisory Organizations, Cost Centers, Cost Center Hierarchies, Location, Location Hierarchies
  • Worked on absence and time tracking outbound integration involving complex studio integration
  • Worked on Workday recruiting issues like Job Requisitions, Candidates, Merging, Offers, Positions and Hire/ Pre-Hire Records, Offer Letters and Job Posting.
  • Developed and provided support in payroll integrations both inbound and outbound
  • Extensive experience in advance reporting for integrations and management dashboards.
  • Hands on experience in OX configuration packages and issues resolution during migrations.
  • Worked on mass upload for different objects. e.g. to populate new hire, Change Job and Compensation data.
  • Perform maintenance of Workday structures such as supervisory organization, location organization, talent organization, etc. Assist with testing for updates or other purposes.

Workday HCM Consultant

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Hands on experience with Core HCM, Benefits, Payroll, Compensation and Recruiting.
  • Created Supervisory Organizations, Cost Centers, Cost Center Hierarchies, and location Hierarchies' maintenances, and modification of Workday Business Processes and definitions .
  • Worked on Workday recruiting issues like Job Requisitions, Candidates, Merging, Offers, Positions and Hire/ Pre-Hire Records, Offer Letters and Job Posting.
  • Created, enhanced existing reports. Worked with standard and custom reports, assigning security to the reports primary and related business objects.
  • Built and managed integration using Calculated Fields, EIB, Document Transformation, XML, XSLT and Web Services technologies.
  • Involved in loading company acquisition details from one tenant to another tenant.
  • Experience in moving, scheduling and maintaining custom reports to different Workday Tenants and Validating Data between Tenants.
  • Experience in using the XML, XSLT, WSDL and XSD. Expertise in XSLT transformations to transform the web service (SOAP) requests to meet the requirements.
  • Involved in analyzation of business process and developing specified documents accordingly
  • Experience in working on synchronization of both the Tenants by considering one Tenant as the Master Tenant.
  • Created many calculate fields and used them in the creation of custom reports for the integrations in EIB.
  • Loaded Mass upload EIB’s as a part of company acquisition as all employees into the master company tenant.
  • Developed a good number of inbound EIBS to populate new hire, Change Job and Compensation data.
  • Involved in creating and updating of workday business processes like Hire Business Process, Terminate Business process, create new Supervisory Organization Business process etc.
  • Perform maintenance of Work day structures such as supervisory organization, location organization, talent organization, etc. Assist with testing for updates or other purposes.
  • Developed various calculated fields on specific reports to pull the required data.
  • Supporting Existing Integration and building new integration based on the client requirements.
  • Created new hire integration to pull the new hire information using core connectors.
  • Configured various notifications and translations with all major languages to integrations.
  • Worked on different types of advanced and complex reports using calculated fields.

Workday Integration Developer

Confidential, Houston, TX


  • Involved in Development, Enhancement, Upgrade and Maintenance of Workday HR, Base Benefits, Benefits Administration, Absence Management, Payroll and Time & Labour.
  • Performed Fit/Gap analysis in the system and interacted with Business Analysts to figure out the Process flow in HR various Business processes.
  • Developed several Inbound and Outbound Integration using EIB, WD Studio and Cloud Connectors etc.
  • Created Custom reports using Workday Report Writer and BIRT for Merit Statement, Pay Check Statement.
  • Proposed Compensation for New Hire, Involved in Editing Government Ids and workday Account.
  • EIB's - outbound and inbound with custom transformation using XML, XSLT and XPath.
  • Responsible for driving Implementation which includes Configuring system, Security, Roles, Business Processes, Payroll Testing, Reporting, Data Integrity, & Upgrades.
  • Developed comprehensive testing collateral, built test logs, gathered, audited, formatted and loaded test scenarios, facilitated preparation, kick-off, status testing meetings & UAT sessions, managed Change/Defect documentation and processes from testing output.
  • Configured Workday Compensation Packages including salary, bonus, allowance, commission, and merit plans for multiple countries including merit and bonus plan processing.
  • Responsible for leading Business System Analysis for Global Workday Compensation, Benefits, Stock, Bonus, Merit, Core HR, etc modules.
  • Experience in creating Security groups for the integration like Benefits and payroll and maintained them with other groups like Employee as self and Intersection type security groups.
  • Created Technical Design Document from Functional Design Documents in Core HR, Benefits, Payroll and Time Tracking.
  • Configured workday Business processes for Staffing, Hire, Core compensation, Organization, Benefits, Personal Data and Payroll Interfaces.
  • Created XSLT and Document Transformation Scripts to Transforms the XML Data.
  • Created XSLT scripts for Integration to transform XML data.
  • Created Integration System Security Groups and Role based security groups per requirements.
  • Provided mentorship, End User Guidance for Reports and Integration.
  • Fixed Production issue varying from employee access, Creation of new Role, Single Sign On issues etc.
  • Created Workday Studio Inbound Integration to Populate the Payroll data from Kronos into Workday.

Workday Integration Consultant



  • Responsible for gathering and documenting requirements, designing, tracking, reporting and analyzing key organizational and operational reports. Served, as HR Workday Report Developer for new implementation to ensure Workday Report and interface testing was complete.
  • Initial responsibilities were to convert and load data from PeopleSoft's HCM to Workday's HCM system as part of the implementation.
  • Designing and building the integrations both inbound and outbound.
  • Prepared EIBs (Enterprise Information Builder) to perform mass data updates like organization changes, compensation changes, Change Job Scheduled hours etc.
  • Created outbound EIBs to send benefits data to external vendors like Wage Works and Your Cause.
  • Created Inbound Studio integrations to update external payroll deductions data coming from external vendors Wage Works, Your Cause and ABC
  • Configured PICOFs to integrate with payroll vendors.
  • Expertise in setting up the compensation Framework which includes assigning of compensation elements, compensation packages, compensation grades and merit.
  • Configured various notifications to integrations.
  • Designed regression-testing scenarios for the integrations during upgrades.
  • Created custom reports and calculated fields to fetch the required data from the tenant.
  • Configured Custom Reports into Work lets and Related Actions of Workday Objects
  • Deployed workday objects using Solutions from implementation to UAT, production tenants by following the change management process.
  • Worked on Document Transformations and applied XSLT transformations
  • Transformed fixed-width files into XML using XSD.
  • Configured business process and created notifications.
  • Monitoring the integration jobs configured in Workday on daily basis.
  • Testing the new features in Workday for all the existing integrations in each upgrade and letting the users know about new features.
  • Worked on various integration enhancements based on the new requirements (Such as adding prorated salary in integration file, Adding time off date after Workday 23 upgrade)
  • Configuring new EIBs based on the requirements.
  • Creating validation rules for different business processes and moving them to production after testing them in sandbox. (Creating validation rule for required identifiers at the time of hire, Validation rules for Time off plans)
  • Created reports with Workday Report Writer and creating custom integrations with third party applications using Workday Cloud Connect and Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB).

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