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Technical Project Coordinator Resume


  • IT Professional with experience in the role of Business Analyst, Project Coordinator, Technical Writer in multiple IT Domains (Life Sciences, E - Commerce, Retail, Mobile, Healthcare and Travel)
  • Interface regularly with all levels of senior management, internal and external product vendors.
  • Manage projects and assignments for business requirement documentation to meet associated deliverables and stake holder expectation.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), having thorough understanding of Agile methodology.
  • Experience in creating and maintaining Requirement Traceability Matrices (RTM), conducting GAP Analysis, SWOT Analysis.
  • Conducted Requirement Gathering Sessions and interviewed Business users and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) through the use of different techniques like Brainstorming, Focus group, Question and Answer, shadowing.
  • Experience in facilitating JRP sessions with Business User Groups and conducting JAD sessions with IT Groups for Conflict resolutions
  • Coordinated with Scrum Master for Project Progress and Release Management. Managed Product and Sprint Backlog to achieve the Sprint objectives in Agile methodology.
  • Excellent Knowledge of Business Requirement Document(BRD), Web Design, Functional Requirement Document(FRD), Functional Specification Document (FSD), UX, UI Design, Prototype Creations
  • Project Life cycle with Business Analysis, Project Planning, Workflow, Execution and control with ability to support multiple simultaneous short term projects.
  • Worked closely with Project Managers and Delivery heads in managing teams, client interaction, project planning, scheduling and development teams
  • Experience in soliciting client requirements through interviews, workshops, and existing systems documentation or procedures.
  • Expertise with conducting User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to validate all the business requirements.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills with ability to effectively communicate to diverse technical and non-technical audience
  • Developed training materials and trained users on newly developed and existing applications.
  • Consistently meet time-sensitive, high-impact business requirements, budgets and establishing strong relationships between business practices and IT.
  • Strong presentation skills with the ability to tailor presentations towards different functional areas of the business.
  • Proven ability as a team player and to work independently with excellent communication and people skills and presentation skills.
  • Experienced in a laboratory environment, both for quality assurance applications and R&D applications.
  • Experienced in product development and R&D.
  • Familiar with FDA rules and regulations along with intellectual property compliance.
  • Strong leadership and experienced in people management and project management.


Business Modeling: UML, MS Visio, SnagIt

Processes: SDLC, SCRUM Methodology, JAD, Agile

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows (2000, NT, XP, VISTA)

Project Management: MS Office Suite, MS Project, JIRA, Confluence, Asana, Trello

Other Tools: Visio, MS Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Axure, Draw.io, SharePoint, G-Suite, HubSpot

Data Base: Oracle/MySQL, Product Information Management (PIM, STIBO, MDM)

Technologies: Java, J2EE, .Net, HTML, MATLAB, Ethereum, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, AI and Machine Learning, Algorithms, Bot, Data Mapping, Data Mining, Data Science, Deep Learning.



Technical Project Coordinator


  • Tracked status of deals with clients and partners using HubSpot
  • Conducted business requirements gathering with clients
  • Learned about the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), specifically in the Waterfall and Agile method. Involved in the Planning stage.
  • Conducted various research projects as relating to client needs or opportunities for Confidential .
  • Coordinated potential investment opportunities with African start up enterprises with the African Funding Tour.
  • Gather detailed business and technical requirements and participate in the definitions of business rules and data standards.
  • Involved in the requirement gathering/implementation phase of the projects involving Blockchain Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Learning.
  • Involved in Web design, UX, UI and Prototype using various tools and used activity diagrams and Data models for use cases and procedural logic for the deliverables.
  • Actively involved with the offshore DEV and QA team in the implementation of the project and created various dashboards with regards to the UI specifications.
  • Gathered analyzed, documented business and technical requirements from both formal and informal sessions and validate the needs of the business.
  • Conducted the weekly meetings for deciding the Policies and procedures to be followed while implementing new functionalities in different phases.
  • Reviewed the Joint Requirement Documents (JRD) with cross functional team to analyze the high-level requirement.
  • Conducted interviews, meetings and JAD sessions during the process of Requirement Gathering.
  • Prepared Functional Design specifications (FDS) employing Use case scenarios, sequence diagrams, and prepared dashboards using various design tools.
  • Assisted in user acceptance testing (UAT) of the system liaising between the development team and the testing team.
  • Assisted the PM in coordinating meetings, calendar, note making

Environment: s: Agile, Waterfall, SDLC, HubSpot, Sales Navigator, Asana, Blockchain, System Flows, Interfaces, Use Cases, User Stories and Business Rules, Trello Board, AI, ML, PHP


Quality Assurance Intern


  • Adapted to a work environment where the primary language was Mandarin. Used basic knowledge of mandarin to communicate with coworkers.
  • Prepared reagents for iodine absorption tests via manual titration. Iodine absorption indicated surface area to volume ratio.
  • Conducted light absorption test to test for the ‘blackness’ of the product. Results were reported on internal data collection tools to track quality of product.
  • Performed data analysis with the head Process Engineer, employing process control concepts.
  • Limited training on the use of a Scanning Electron Microscope, for detailed visual analysis of fine carbon black products.
  • Performed leadership training programs with the Quality Assurance Department Manager.

Environment: s: Laboratory, Data Collection Tools, Data Analysis tools, Multilingual


Senior Design Project


  • Coordinated project agendas and action items via google drive.
  • Performed weekly reports to submit with the Medline team
  • Performed user research to identify the needs and problems of users
  • Designed prototypes on SolidWorks
  • Lead the effort on conducting research on FDA regulations
  • Confirmed FDA compliance of our product
  • Conducted research on existing patents related to bandages to avoid patent infringement
  • Performed monthly presentations updating project status, obstacle, and goals.
  • Built physical prototypes, tested for quality and functionality.

Environment: s: Google Drive, FDA, Patent law, SolidWorks, Product Development, Product design, Use cases.


3D Imaging Microscope Project


  • Conducted research on different types of polymers including horse collagen based gelatins and agar based gelatins
  • Performed tests on the clarity of different gels at different concentrations.
  • Studied the effects of UV light on the polymers and the potential of cross polymerization that could reduce the clarity of the gel over time as the microscope images the sample.
  • Performed tests on the rigidity of the gels as the sample rotates during scanning, and any jiggling would compromise the quality of the image.
  • Determined best type of polymer and concentration for best results
  • Designed a mount for the gel on SolidWorks and 3D printed the mount
  • Performed weekly presentations on project status, action items, and obstacles.
  • Collaborated with other teams working on other aspects of the microscope which included software to stitch the images and the imaging scanner itself.

Environment: s: Laboratory, SolidWorks, Google Drive, Imaging, 3D printing.


Supplemental Instructor


  • Collaborated with professor’s to better understand concepts such that I could convey them to students properly.
  • Collaborated with students to schedule ideal times for group tutoring sessions.
  • Planned materials for sessions.
  • Helped students bridge the gap between theory and concepts learned in class and applying them to problems in their homework, quizzes, and tests.
  • Helped underperforming students increase their grades by at least 1 letter grade.
  • Reported attendance and course plans for each session to the academic resource center coordinator.
  • Used Smart Board technology to enhance learning.

Environment: s: Classroom, Teaching, Tutoring.


VP of Finances


  • Created semesterly budgets for the fraternity
  • Coordinated budgets with other executive board members such that they could operate under normal circumstances while keeping expenditure to a minimum.
  • Switched over to QuickBooks to increase efficiency of the position.
  • Introduced reimbursement forms to keep better track of spending and to avoid embezzling.
  • Conducted analysis of our income and expenditure and raised dues by 200$ per member to account for inflation and rising costs (Dues had not been increased for over 5 years).
  • Involved in both Executive and Alumni board meetings to discuss short- and long-term goals for the fraternity
  • Acted as a leader for younger members and instilled fraternity values.
  • Paid all bills and taxes.
  • Collected all monies owed.
  • Developed payment plans for members with financial hardships.

Environment: s: Executive Board, QuickBooks, Budgeting

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