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Agile Coach/ Delivery Lead Resume


  • 9+ years in the IT field, a bilingual, articulate Scrum Master and Agile Delivery lead, promoting 6+ years career in Agility. Demonstrated ability to coach, build self - oganising and cross functional Agile teams, with an 80% proven success rate of meeting deadlines and a 35% rate of reducing project cost in an Agile environment. Energetic individual with advanced programming skill and a hardworking mentality, seeking to apply expertise and extensive challenging new role with a growing Agile team.


  • Jira, ALM, Confluence,Azure Devops, Tally, Teams, Skype, Zoom,Visio
  • Power Point, Octopus, Splunk, Dynatrace, Daptive, Fortify on Demand,Tableau,Outlook
  • Excel, Microsoft Word, Version Control, Quality Assurance's Server, Test manager
  • One Note, FileZilla, WinSCP, Sentinel, Wireshark, Microsoft Project, TFS, Java
  • HTML, virtual box, GPP, Linux, team city, MongoDB, Xp, Scrumban, TDD,Deltek Costpoint 7


Agile Coach/ Delivery Lead



  • Help the team in selforganisation while coaching the teams in 1:1, workshops and on-the-spot coaching.
  • Organize training sessions new team members to think the Agile way and SAFe processes.
  • Organise ad hoc refreshers with teams on topics of interest and on demand.
  • Coach Scrum masters on how to facilitate value driven meetings. The need to prepare for the meeting ahead of time and communicate the objectives and clear meeting structures.
  • Help my teams to see the bigget picture that some times gets lost in daily routine.
  • Coaching my teams on how best to optimize the flow of information among themselves, management and vice versa.
  • Facilitate creating visibility to the Agile way while building bridges to push agility in the organisation.
  • Conduct quarterly team health assessment to identify areas of improvement and coach Scrum Master on how best to improve the process.
  • Facilitate Bi-Weekly management/stakeholders meetings, to create structures and aligments that enables an effective and efficeients collaboration between all involved parties.
  • Coach both teams to adopt the practice of increasing quality by 5% every iteration, NFR, security and compliance into the definition of DONE.
  • Help the Product owner to create and share the product vision and create a product backlog
  • Assist team in the adoption and understanding of BDD and TDD concepts
  • Identify ares of improvement through discovery and observing team interactions during ceremonies.
  • Facilitate SOS meetings with Scrum teams to track teams progress and avoid steping on each others toes, while coaching Scrum Masters to adopt SOS best practices.
  • Paticipate in PI(Program Increament) Pre-Planning, helping the department better plan and have all logistics and material in place for a successful PI.
  • Coach the teams during their transition from a 3 week to a 2 weeks Sprint within my first 2 months on the Job.
  • Help the teams to create information raders so as to gather in time feedback and enable transparency.
  • Organize and facilitated ad-hoc risk management meeting with technology manager and the team.
  • Collaborate with other teams to better track and manage shared backlog items so as to avoid steping on each others toes thus avoinding the cost of delay.
  • Facilitate all Scrum events and backlog refinement meetings, to ensure all team members are familiar with work that is coming down the pipeline and familiar with the backlog.
  • Facilitate Jira and confluence training to new team members and created self training documents for the team.
  • Empower team members on the value of self management and how to explore all existing options before escalating issues to Scrum Master.
  • Coach my teams to interact more with Jira and Confluence thus increasing the rate of Sprint backlog transparency by 10% every Sprint.
  • Successfully maintained program and stakeholder relationships, expectations, and communication across value streams
  • Develop a high-level milestone plan for the project and manages program change in accordance with the change management plan to control scope quality, schedule,cost and contracts
  • Facilitate program plan execution, captures and communicate program status and data in order to maintain accurate and current program information for stakeholders consumption.
  • I facilitate the scrum process on both teams, with cross-functional impacts that involve moderately complex project.
  • Coach my scrum teams and my COP/SOS to follow generally accepted Agile/Scrum practices and daily activities to actively promote prioritization, team readiness, and commitment for each Sprint.
  • Uses empirical data to help the teams assess their Scrum Maturity, optimize scrum team velocity to organizational KPIs, and share improvement opportunities with my teams to achieve higher level performance.
  • Proactively addresses systemic impediments to team agility and guides the teams on methods to escalate when needed to prevent challenges from becoming blockers.
  • Partner with Product Owner to ensure continuous refinement of backlog, which may include stories from multiple value streams.

Agile Delivery Manager

Confidential - Miami, FL


  • Charged with ensuring agile principles and values were used in developing 2 complex projects from inception to “Go Live” in 5 months, while maintaining a continuous feedback loop between the stakeholders and the team.
  • Responsible for increasing the rate of solution delivery from 65 % to 85% with the team, while adopting customer centric mindset and design thinking tools like persona and empathy.
  • Coach both teams to adopt the practice of increasing quality every iteration, including security and compliance into the definition of DONE.
  • Coach my teams to adopt best practices in Microservices/Rest API development.
  • Engage management in system thinking session and how make the process transparent an better communicate project objectives.
  • Facilitated Community of practice (COP) sessions with Scrum Masters and Agile lovers, reflecting on best Agile/Scum practices while sharing our difficulties and planning on new hythopesis to try with our various teams to collect data.
  • Coach both teams to adopted daily integration of code as best practice, which reduced build failure and bugs by 30% over a 3 month period. This increasing build deployment speed by 15%, because the code became more stable and ready to be deployed.
  • Responsible to facilitat multiples stakeholder engagement sessions with the scrum teams. Helping the stakeholders understand the value, rapid feedback loop brings to the project. Getting stakeholders buyin on what the team is thinking of the project, thus increasing the rate of feedback about 30% . This process closed the existing delays,contributing to an increasing rate of feedback and delivery of quality solutions.
  • Coach and partner with Product Owner to evaluate project roadmaps, update delivery/release plans, and ensure the backlog is always ready and healthy.
  • Responsible for facilitating tradeoffs and ad-hoc sessions aimed at bringing clarity to teams concerns, ensuring that the team has enough information to make the best informed decisions at the last possible moments.
  • Coach the teams to estimate stories based on requirements, and not expectations by asking intriguing and open-ended questions to ascertain the team has a good understanding of the requirements and the effort it will take to deliver value.
  • Leverage iterative delivery to inspect, adapt, fast learning, and support team risk management while providing visibility into Sprint goals and commitments.
  • Coach both teams on embedding security and compliance in delivery to minimize operational, and reputational risk (technical debts).
  • Have good domain knowledge of business problems/opportunities my teams are working on to strategize best practices that will help the teams deliver the project on time and under budget.
  • Have a high-level domain architecture understanding and targets to identify upstream and downstream dependencies to support the team in drafting risk management strategies.
  • Proactively identifies impediments and appropriately resolve them using the network of peers and formal channels (including escalation if required)
  • Balance data with other factors when influencing delivery and advancing decision ideas that will help the team be highly performing.
  • Coach teams daily on improvement, collaboration, and self-organization thus being more accountable to the process,by adopting scrum pillar of transparency, which increased overall team performance by 20% because team members felt comfortable with each other.
  • Always Integrating Agile and Lean principles into team best practices
  • Facilitated the teams continouse deployment and project delivery phases until Go Live .
  • Interface with other departments to resolve impediments or presents the teams status and roadmap.
  • Facilitates teams interaction with DevOps, Performance and security departments to ensure a healthy delivery with an efficient flow of communication to better equip the team with tools and information to meet their goals

Agile Coach/Sr, Scrum Master

Confidential - Davie, FL


  • Monitor and facilitate Scrum processes and team meetings for product delivery
  • Partner with stakeholders to define scope, budget and draw a roadmap for the telecommunication project. Support business objectives and align with company goals. This lead to a 75% increase in company profit margins because the organization adopted agility and close perfected the feedback loop with stakeholders.
  • Coach product owner and team on backlog refinement and preparing user stories for Sprint Planning.
  • Assist team in the adoption and understanding of BDD and TDD concepts
  • Identify ares of improvement through discovery and observing team interactions during ceremonies.
  • Facilitated the creation of VoIP infrastructure and network design artifacts.
  • Monitor, identify and make recommendations on correcting any system capacities and any performance issues with the telecom infrastructure. Coached team to take corrective actions to ensure a reliable and stable platform across our enterprise.
  • Coaching cross functional team members, on scrum process as a mentor/facilitator
  • Facilitates the team's adoption of story points, definition of done, used at the end of each sprint.
  • Coach team members through some continouse improvement scrum practices and develop an Agile Mindset. Some of these efford included among others, tracking improvement, implementing measurements and developing team work afreement.
  • Help identify, remove impediments and block external distraction from teams, to allow the team to focus on achieving sprint goals
  • Partnered with Business staff to manage and deliver customer projects on time and within budget.
  • Managed major internal product enhancements improving internal processing as well an internal business process
  • Developed and established Agile development within the department, while initiating peer-to-peer reviews, which reduced by 40% bugs and build failures.
  • Gathered functional specifications from the clients
  • Managed and set client expectations
  • Led daily scrum stand-ups and Agile development sprint planning meetings for multiple, concurrent projects
  • Coordinate reviews, product grooming, product backlog refinement, sprint planning meetings, sprint retrospective meetings for multiple software and hardware teams.
  • Updating and monitoring sprint progress daily and monitored team velocity at the end of the sprint or iteration.
  • Delegate and prioritize workflow for programmers, troubleshoot and resolve technical issues, and diligently maintain company's response tracking database
  • Lead in the establishment of Agile team guidelines and best practices.
  • Deliver classroom presentation to stakeholder, team members and newly hired to enhance productivity, transparency, accountability, quality product and increase self-sufficiency
  • Coaching and training the teams and leaders on Agile methodologies such as SAFe, Scrum, KANBAN, Alongside Devops, Continuous Integration/Deployment Cucumber, Gherkins statements
  • Trained and mentored team members on best and most effective ways to use Scrum processes to improve efficiency and reduce production times
  • Conducted release planning (SAFe) involving multiple component teams, to plan for 5-6 weeks. Aligned teams’ objectives with strategic objectives and displayed progress using release and burndown charts
  • Innovated new processes and workflows that realized 85+% improvement in efficiency of delivery team
  • Worked with teams in facilitating their decision in adopting different agile frameworks such as SAFe, SCRUM,KANBAN and XP which best suit their projects.
  • Assist the product owner in converting high level requirements features into small user stories.
  • Facilitate team in playing Planning Poker to help define story points for user stories during sprint planning session
  • Managed multiple internal and external scrum teams, ensuring effective collaboration and communication during the project
  • Facilitates teams understanding and adoption of the definition of Done as described in the Scrum guide
  • Extensively apply the best use of TFS features in keeping track of User Stories, Tasks and work progress by tracking the Velocity and calculating team Capacity, constantly monitoring and updating Burn Down and Burn Up Charts for evaluation.
  • Work with Product Owner on artifacts Such as Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Sprint and Release Burnup/Burndown charts
  • Play a pivotal role in setting up Acceptance Criteria, creating test plans, recording test result for all user stories
  • Worked with project owners and end users to prioritize feature development and enhancements based on critical paths and business needs
  • Increasing process efficiency and process enhancements through retrospective meetings
  • Ensure enough resources allocation to execute the project within deadlines and under budget
  • Facilitate team access to documents and references in Confluence
  • Organize meetings with developers to identify interfaces and sort out confusions
  • Conduct sprint planning, create agenda, prioritize and estimate stories pints (with development team), plan what needs to be done within the sprint, update the same in TFS and assign the tasks
  • Conduct sprint review/demo to show increment to business and product owners
  • Take complete responsibility of sprint success/failure and keep the team collaborating
  • Assessed team metrics and worked to drive improvements and innovate new approaches

Devops/Manual Tester



  • Worked with Business Analysts, developers and users of the application team to resolve usability issues and gather defects or feature requests and logged them in TFS
  • Analyzed and reviewed the software requirements, Business Requirement Documents, Data Dictionary, functional specifications and design documents
  • Executed manual tests to verify actual results with expected results for different portals and provide detailed feedback for functional bugs or usability issues
  • Developed Test Strategy, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Test Data and Test Matrix
  • Worked with the team Manager and technical Leads in developing Responsibility Matrices for Team Members, Executed Test cases and participated actively in smog testing, system testing, functional testing, GUI testing, Ad-hoc testing, End to End testing and regression testing for windows application
  • Attended design review conference meetings with on-site and off-site team.
  • Prepared timely test reports and status update documents for management
  • Performed Sanity, Regression, Cross-Browser testing to ensure consistency
  • Collaborated with BA and App Dev Group to determine requirements and timelines for new projects
  • Smog testing on all production update in various environments
  • Worked closely with team Lead in testing requirements from the BRD, Data Dictionary and communicated daily progress/ deviation on testing
  • Executed test cases and reported defects defect status
  • Organized bi -weekly team meetings with Business Analyst, Development Team, and management to review team members' progress, list of open defects and to go over any deviations in respect to the application
  • Prepared manual test cases for automation based on usability
  • Executed automation scripts
  • Responsible for Resource assignment and providing expected test completion dates to management
  • Task with preparing Integration Data for testing
  • Presented bug status to management on during bug scrubs
  • Developed and Executed Test Cases as new features are being developed and ready for production.
  • Used TFS to track, report, manage defect throughout the test life cycle and attended Defect Status meetings
  • Setup and maintain a continuous delivery pipeline in team city
  • Setup Selenium Testing with Serenity for developers to validate code before pushing to build agents
  • Administer CI/CD tools such as Team City, Confluence
  • Collaborate with teammates to provide an understanding of build server, Confluence and Team city
  • Automated routine manual tasks such as login across multiple servers

Java Developer



  • Developed 3-tier web application using Spring MVC Framework
  • Used Agile / Scrum Methodology for the application to produce quality deliverables within he expected time frame
  • Used core Java features such as Collections, Generics, Exception handling, Multithreading in enhancing daily customer transaction while developing a more user-friendly system
  • Used Spring IOC and DI features to design and implement UI, Service and DAO layer. The three layers are wired together using spring's Dependency Injection
  • Used Spring Security to provide authentication, authorization, and access-control features for this application
  • Used Hibernate framework to implement Object Relational Mapping of the POJO classes to the MySQL database
  • Used Hibernate Query Language (HQL), Session Class, and Criteria to implement CRUD operations.
  • Configured Hibernate cache to increase application performance and reduce the rate of database hits
  • Involved in front-end development using frameworks such as JSP, JQuery, HTML, and CSS.
  • Used MVC design pattern in the application
  • Used SOAP web service with WSDL to facilitate communication over the web with other services.
  • Used Java Mail API to generate and activate messages when transactions occur in the system.
  • Used Apache Log4j to record the system log
  • Deployed the application on Tomcat server
  • Used Jira for work flow and defect tracking
  • Used Eclipse Mars IDE to develop the application
  • Involved in Unit testing (Junit) and Integration Testing of the application

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