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Product Owner Resume

Malvern, PA


  • Worked with business, cross - functional project teams, and vendors in both Agile (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe) and traditional Waterfall environments within the Financial and Capital Markets domain
  • Capable of bringing overwhelming enthusiasm to projects, applying expert judgment to the removal of impediments, keeping teams focused, Conflict Resolution, and delivering success in dynamic environments
  • Helped develop Product Vision by identifying market segments to target, highlighting customer pain points of existing solutions, and articulating the product’s value proposition
  • Well versed in prioritizing different features based on feasibility and cost-benefit analysis of value delivered v/s effort required for development
  • Knowledge of feature and user story prioritization techniques such as MoSCoW, Kano, and WSJF as well as estimation techniques such as Planning Poker, T-shirt sizing, Bucket sizing, Relative Mass Valuation
  • Familiar with various Agile ceremonies such as daily stand-up, sprint planning, backlog grooming, and demos to enhance team’s self-organization and cross-functional capabilities
  • Experienced in formulating Date-driven and Feature-driven Release Planning
  • Organized meaningful status meetings by fostering a culture of transparency and accountability and apprised the business and IT leadership of the progress achieved on the product development
  • Hands on experience with writing EPICS and user stories based on INVEST criteria and ensuring that the user stories meet the definition of ready (DOR) before sprint planning
  • Acquainted with user story slicing based on different criteria such as workflow, user roles, etc.
  • Adept at gathering Business Requirements using various elicitation techniques such as surveys, structured and unstructured interviews, GAP analysis, Focus groups, JAD sessions, etc.
  • Reviewed and baselined requirements artifacts such as BRD, FRD, SRS, RTM as well as system design documents (SDD) and testing related artifacts such as Test Plan, Test scenarios/cases and Reports
  • Co-ordinated with the UI team to develop low and high fidelity prototypes such as Wireframes and Mockups using tools such as Balsamiq and MS Visio
  • Proficient in Business Process Modeling of both AS-IS and TO-BE processes using UML diagrams such as Use case diagrams, Activity diagrams, and Sequence diagrams leveraging tools like Lucid chart
  • In-depth knowledge of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with experience in creating test cases and test plans.
  • Wide exposure to Data Warehousing Architectures, implementation approaches, schemas, dimensional modeling and translating business requirements into various dimensions
  • Deep familiarity with Investment theory, Asset Pricing Models such as CAPM and Fama French Multi-Factor Model, Markowitz Portfolio Optimization; well versed with capital market instruments such as Equities, Fixed Income, and Derivative Securities as well as Greek (alpha and gamma) hedging strategies
  • Working knowledge of different system architectures such as N-tier, SOA and Microservices
  • Familiar with API testing and validation and API documentation using tools like Postman, Swagger Editor


Business Skills: Financial Modelling, DCF Analysis and Business Valuation, ROI Analysis, Business Development, User/Market Research, Forecasting and Budgeting, Release Planning, Change Management, Risk Management, User Testing, Competitive Analysis, Conflict Resolution

SDLC Methodologies: Agile-Scrum, Agile hybrid, Waterfall, Scale Agile (SAFe), and Kanban

Requirement Elicitation: Surveys, JAD Sessions, Interviews

Finance Domain Knowledge: Portfolio Management/ optimization, Asset Price Modeling, Equities, Fixed Income and Derivative securities, Retirement Planning, 401(k)

Business Modeling tools: MS Visio, Balsamiq, Lucid Chart

Project Management Tools: JIRA, HP ALM, HP-QC, MS Project, MS SharePoint, Confluence, JMeter, Jenkins, Swagger, Postman

BI and Reporting Tools: Tableau, MS Power BI, MS Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Databases and ETL Tools: MS SQL Server, My SQL, Informatica Power Center

Data warehousing: Data Warehouse, Data Modeling, ETL


Confidential | Malvern, PA

Product Owner


  • Actively kept track of project development v/s SOW Milestones, and drafted Change Requests (CRs) to the SOW whenever needed
  • Monitored and controlled the execution phase through various Agile ceremonies such as Daily Stand ups, Sprint demos, and Sprint Planning sessions
  • Prioritized user stories during Backlog Grooming sessions to align the development and delivery of features with the larger Program timeline
  • Coordinated with SMEs, Journey Owners, and Tech Lead to clarify requirements and finalized Definition of Done (DoD) for various user stories
  • Made judgement calls on various user stories delivered at the end of each sprint and accordingly categorized them as ready to be released
  • Ensured all Release prerequisites mandated by PE Release team were satisfied before each Release, documented evidence for audit, and represented team during Release status meetings
  • Lead the project status reports in scrum of scrums / PO Sync meetings to keep all program stakeholders abreast of the progress on a weekly basis
  • Separate weekly status meetings to highlight progress, impediments, and project scorecard review and sign-off with the IT Delivery Manager
  • Oversaw the documentation of API contracts using Swagger Editor and was the point of contact for the API consumers for change requests, clarifications, etc.
  • Coordinated the triaging of issues observed by FE teams (consumers) with the APIs delivered, helping resolve errors or document change requests as the case may be
  • Documented and reviewed with Journey owners and SMEs before signing off on various Test Artifacts such as API Test results in Test environment (SAT), Level 1 Performance reports, etc.
  • Documented procedures and the Test Scenarios for end to end testing effort for the APIs developed, including the back end processes to be processed in batch jobs after transactions
  • Refined the features to be delivered into different user stories, assigned resources after agile estimation and mapped project milestones with published Program Release milestones
  • Collaborated with Tech Lead to forecast delivery timelines for various features to help inform various program stakeholders and facilitate Release Planning at the larger program level

Environment: Agile-Scrum environment, Jira, Confluence, MS Visio, MS PowerPoint, AWS, Postman, Swagger

Confidential | Phoenix, AZ

Product Owner


  • Defined the market segment targeted, enumerated customer pain points and the product value proposition during the Vision Meeting
  • Contributed to the development of a shared vision for the product by resolving conflicts among different stakeholders
  • Led the efforts to identify the MVP/MRF features by synthesizing multiple inputs and participating in relative value analysis in order to develop a roadmap to guide the release of different features
  • Identified and mapped various stakeholders of the project and developed Stakeholder Communication Plan and RACI Matrices to manage the mode and frequency of engagements throughout the life cycle of the project
  • Quantified, categorized, and prioritized risks associated with the project by monitoring and actively updating the Risk Register, while undertaking re-evaluation of risk exposures and impacts during different stages of development
  • Facilitated the initial backlog grooming efforts by Product Owners of different teams and Technical leads to gather the latter’s initial estimates on different EPIC level features (SWAGs) to enable Date-driven Release Planning
  • Synchronized development efforts across multiple Scrum and non-scrum teams by holding regular co-ordination meetings to iron out task and cross-feature dependencies, so that the overall effort adhered to timeline in the Release Plan
  • Led project status meetings with project stakeholders and IT leadership, highlighting the progress using information radiators like sprint burndown/ release burnup charts while also apprising them of risks to delivery
  • Participated in scrum ceremonies such as Sprint Review and ensured that feature improvements requests got translated into new product backlog items (PBIs) as either improvement stories or technical debt items to be taken up in subsequent sprints
  • Followed up with project stakeholders regularly after Grooming sessions and communicated any updates/changes to the product backlog or re-prioritization of different features
  • Ensured in co-ordination with the Product Owners that acceptance criteria were defined for all user stories in order to promote a shared understanding of user requirements across the project team and promote Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
  • Conducted effective Sprint Retrospective meetings to help improve productivity and to promote greater inter-team communication using techniques such as Happiness Histogram, ORID technique, etc.
  • Resolved impediments that were beyond the purview of individual teams by escalating issues to appropriate authorities
  • Tracked with inputs from the Scrum Masters the average velocity of multiple teams using JIRA tools like velocity charts in order to facilitate the transition from capacity-based to velocity-based sprint planning
  • Managed Resources across teams during the project, augmenting resources in conjunction with Functional Managers in case of temporary capacity constraints to ensure development efforts kept abreast with the Release Plan Roadmap
  • Ensured Knowledge Management during the project by updating confluence pages to promote feature re-usability
  • Helped perform sanity checks for various teams during each Sprint Planning Meetings to verify that the teams had not under-committed or overcommitted with respect to velocity achieved during previous sprints.

Environment: Agile-Scrum environment, Jira, Confluence, Informatica PowerCenter, Bloomberg B-Pipe, Balsamiq, MS Visio, AWS, Hadoop ecosystem, SOAP UI, Swagger, Tableau

Confidential | Phoenix, AZ

Product Owner


  • Ensured synchronization between development across multiple scrum teams by facilitating Scrum of scrums and PO Sync Meetings and in visualizing the inter-team dependencies via the Program Board
  • Participated in the Pre-PI and post-PI Planning activities to help draw up Vision, Roadmap, Milestones, and top priority features
  • Encouraged adoption of a consistent Definition of Done (DOD) standard for the entire process and Acceptance Criteria for specific user stories to ensure the PSPIs met quality standards
  • Participated in continuous backlog grooming and PBI re-prioritization following any improvement request from stakeholders, discovery of technical debt, partially developed user stories, etc.
  • Organized Hackathons, Problem solving Workshops, System PI demos (ART Movie) during Inspect & Adapt (I&A) Workshop
  • Co-ordinated with Release Train Engineers (RTE) to compile team PI Performance Measures (TPPM) by taking note of committed and stretch PI objectives to showcase the delivery reliability of various teams on the Agile Release Train (ART)
  • Tackled team owned impediments by augmenting temporary resource constraints by escalating issues to functional managers, so that the development efforts adhered to the Release Roadmap
  • Reported status to Business owners on a weekly and monthly basis using tools like MS Project, JIRA Velocity charts to keep them in the loop and highlighting risks to delivery, if any z Use cases from the Functional Requirements, business process models - Activity diagrams, Sequence diagrams, and Use Case Diagrams in MS Visio on ad-hoc basis to help clarify expected system behavior from a business perspective
  • Assisted the UI team in analyzing, designing Graphical User Interface (GUI) by creating mock-ups to get better understanding
  • Communicated Data Warehousing needs by detailing the different OLAP queries after understanding analytic requirements of end users and reviewed data warehouse design like the schema, architecture, and granularity as well as Report Specification Document
  • Ensured accurate deployment of builds to Test and Production environments through impediment resolution and constant collaboration between QA, developers and Deployment team members using DevOps tools like Jenkins
  • Participated in Triage meetings and documented the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Plan for the project and worked with the UAT Team to ensure every acceptance criterion for the requirements was included in the UAT task plan

Environment: Scaled Agile (SAFe), Jira, SharePoint, MS Visio, SQL Server, Tableau, Selenium, HTML5/CSS3, REST, XML, SoapUI, MS Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook), Jenkins

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