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Scrum Master Resume

Las Vegas, NV


  • Performance - driven scrum master with over 6 years of proven experience managing and delivering software projects within the banking and healthcare sector.
  • Skilled in leading cross-functional and offshore teams through collaborative, open communications, and scope management while delivering valuable software solutions.
  • A dynamic servant leader with excellent communication, problem-solving, analytical and conflict-resolution skills.
  • Seeking a new position where a strong work ethic and exemplary people's management skills will be appreciated.


  • Scrum Master
  • Project coordinator
  • SDLC
  • Agile lead
  • Agile coaching
  • Business & IT planning
  • Problem-solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Requirements analysis
  • Strong Communication
  • Servant Leadership
  • Project risk management
  • Documentation management
  • Client relations & presentations
  • Quality Analysis
  • Team bonding/mentoring
  • Capacity planning/velocity
  • Project scheduling


Scrum Master

Confidential - Las Vegas, NV


  • Responsible for Process Reviews, Monthly Metrics data, Defect Reviews, Look ahead and Lessons Learned
  • Communicated with all Project stakeholders, keeping them informed about project status reports, issues and milestones.
  • Facilitated scrum ceremonies for 2 teams, which included; sprint planning, daily scrums, backlog groomings, sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives
  • Extensively involved in Agile Scrum calls to review epic user stories with business stakeholders, product owners, and end users to enhance GCP Interfaces using APIs/Web Services for Service delivery and Service assurance telehealth projects.
  • Collaborated with Product owners, Product Management, Developers, and System Architects to understand business epics and futures.
  • Provided feedback on writing ready user stories/epics to ensure alignment with best agile user stories standards
  • Assisted Product owners in grooming and refining backlog items before sprint to ensure clear understanding and priority of all requirements.
  • Coached and motivated teams to be high performing and work towards continuous improvement and always deliver products that deliver business value every sprint
  • Coached teams in Agile best practices and provided necessary trainings and case studies to create a positive mindset to Agile methodologies.
  • Resolved project issues and removed impediments hindering project progress and team performance.
  • Closely collaborated with project members to identify and quickly address problems and resolve conflicts.
  • Utilized jira/confluence/slack to plan, track and collaborate during project lifecycle. Used jira metrics like burn-down and velocity reports to improve performance and optimize delivery.

Scrum Master/Agile Lead

Confidential - Tempe, AZ


  • Served as a Scrum master and agile lead for multiple projects impacting SVB's payments platform applications. Worked with 2 application teams delivering solutions for Digital Payment Processing, KYC, & Dispute Resolutions (chargeback).
  • Assisted teams in effective internal and external communication, improving transparency, and radiating information managers when needed.
  • Facilitated scrum ceremonies for my teams in the likes of ;Scrum of scrums, 3 amigos, PIP, sprint reviews, sprint retrospectives, sprint plannings and daily stand-ups.
  • Worked with developers in translating business needs into operational software solutions.
  • Assisted teams in capacity planning to improve velocity and sprint commitment..
  • Facilitated the process of teams' transition to the SAFe framework via ETC (enterprise transition committee) engaging stakeholders, RTEs, system teams, and program managers .
  • Worked in implementing SAFe principles and helped my RTE plan PIs, Scrum of Scrum (S0S) meetings, and coordinate inspect and adapt (INA) .
  • Helped teams embrace SAFe Core Values, adapt and apply SAFe principles, and implement SAFe practices for high quality deliverables.
  • Participated in all Program Meetings, PI Planning sessions, release planning meetings, feature definition sessions and Scrum of Scrums SOS meetings.
  • Worked closely with RTEs, POs, Solution Architects and Systems Engineer to understand project goals and prioritize features for Iteration planning and delivery to meet client requirements.
  • Collaborated with RTE, Product Management, Product Owners and developers to create and organize backlog of epics, features and user stories with elaborate acceptance criteria.
  • Acted as liaison between engineers, product managers & other cross-functional teams to verify content and ensure project delivery
  • Ensured common features/deliverables across multiple projects are planned and delivered within committed timeframes.

Billing Specialist/Project Coordinator

Confidential - Henderson, NV


  • Reviewed operative reports to appropriately assign the correct ICD-10 codes and CPT procedures
  • Provided patients with clarity on their account balances and payments, ensuring they understood their charges.
  • Managed a high-volume caseload and organized the daily schedules of physical therapy assistants and patients.
  • Increased weekly average patient visit volume by 20% through improved scheduling and rapid insurance approval turnaround.
  • Used lytec, colaborateMD and office ally as the billing software
  • Utilized active listening, interpersonal and telephone etiquette skills when communicating with co-workers, physicians, insurance companies and patients
  • Trained as a project coordinator for a project where we had to develop and redesign HCP's web client to improve and advance proliferation of customer facing digital products and services.
  • Worked with project managers on pre-engagement and planning sessions, understanding product roadmaps, and monitoring project for effective execution .
  • Kept projects on schedule by managing deadlines and adjusting workflows as needed.
  • Assisted project managers with necessary documentations for project meetings
  • Coordinated presentations for customers and project members detailing project scope, progress and results, keeping all entities well-informed of milestones and goals
  • Collaborated daily with project members to identify and quickly address issues/problems.

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