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Business Analyst Resume

Richardson, TX


  • Confidential is an intellectual curious and customer - centric self-starter who tackles complex business issues by converting raw data into meaningful and actionable business insights.
  • An analyst who is able to discover hidden insights by using a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques such as regression, correlation, conjoint, factor analysis.


Analytics: SAS, Google Analytics, IBM SPSS, Tableau

Database: MS SQL Server, MySQL

Programming: Intermediate SQL, Beginner JAVA, Beginner PHP


Business Analyst



  • Export data from database to generate weekly and monthly reports for two product lines, perform sales forecast and present actionable insight and recommendations based on data results
  • Provide analytic support to the product managers and sales team
  • Analyze the customer purchase history and contribute to the CRM strategy
  • Evaluate the progress of the customer acquisition and new product launch

Data Analyst



  • According to the data mapping, selected and extracted samples from a list of raw datasets, eliminated duplicates, created a one-subject-per-row dataset with PROC SQL.
  • With given requirement, established a segmentation for the behavior of customer with PROC FORMAT based on their credit score. Applied this segmentation on all selected samples.
  • Defined new variables and assigned different designated values to them based on campaign matrix using CASE expression in PROC SQL, derived product information for each customer.
  • Created a Macro with keyword parameters of data cleansing process for future use, including PROC UNIVRIATE, PROC PRINT and DATA step.
  • As instructed, split the dataset into 3 different percentage with DATA step.

Risk Management



  • Imported raw data into a new dataset with DATA step, defined several new variables to calculate roll-rate (RR) of different time periods with LAG function.
  • Performed different calculation of RR for first appearance of every account and rest with First.
  • Performed 3-month moving average analysis of RRs. For first appearance of every account, assigned missing value to all RRs.
  • For rest of the records, utilized SUM, LAG and N function to achieve moving average calculation. Discrimination of first appearance and rest of the records was implemented by First.
  • Based on calculated moving average of RRs, converted original multiple-row-per-account dataset into a one-row-per-account dataset. Only last record of every account was kept with last.
  • Selected, extracted and combined variables with PROC SQL. Eliminated duplicates with distinct option.
  • For charge-off customers, calculated the time from the beginning of study to the time that they charged-off with INTCK function. For non-charge-off customers, assigned a constant for this variable.
  • To find out the potential relation between default behavior and the time, performed logistic regression with PROC LOGISTIC and figured out the regression equation.
  • Based on logistic regression analysis, forecasted a list of customers with different delinquency history to see the probability that they would default in the future.

Business Owner

Confidential, Richardson, TX


  • Designed e-marketing materials, brochures and advertisements, attracted 500+ followers on social media with low budget
  • Customer relationship management, achieved 90% customer satisfaction rate and over 70% customer retention rate
  • Created and analyzed sales data and user survey to identify customer demand, developed new marketing strategies to increase the customer base

Digital Marketing Analyst



  • Designed company’s website using WordPress
  • Monitored the website traffic, analyzed the IT recycling industry and competitors
  • Generated the AdWords based on the marketing research and the company’s services
  • Achieved an average click-through rate (CTR) of 2.55% by obtained 13,745 impressions and 351 clicks at an average cost-per-click (CPC) of $0.71 after a three-weeks AdWords campaign

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